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NASA Space Shuttle STS-51F Press Kit

NASA Space Shuttle STS-51F Press Kit

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NASA press kit for the STS-51F Space Shuttle mission. Published by NASA in 1985.

NASA press kit for the STS-51F Space Shuttle mission. Published by NASA in 1985.

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Published by: Orion2015 on Sep 16, 2009
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The two Spacelab 2 life science investigations examine human and plant biological processes in the space
environment. One investigation studies biochemical agents in human blood during space flight. The other is a
variation of a plant growth experiment previously flown on the third Shuttle mission.

Vitamin D Metabolites and Bone Demineralization -- Dr. Heinrich K. Schnoes, University of Wisconsin,
Madison. This investigation studies the link between bone mineral loss during space flight and the activity of
vitamin D in the human body. Blood samples are taken from crew members during flight, stored until landing
and then compared to samples taken from the crew before flight.

Edited by Richard W. Orloff, 01/2001/Page 30

Gravity-Influenced Lignification in Higher Plants/Plant Growth Unit (PGU) -- Dr. Joe R. Cowles,
University of Houston. Mung beans and pine seedlings, planted in the Plant Growth Unit before flight, are
flown to monitor the production of lignin, a structural rigidity tissue found in plants. The crew checks
temperatures daily, and takes gas samples and photographs twice during the mission.

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