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Procedure of the Experiment

Procedure of the Experiment

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Published by: j benjamim on Sep 16, 2009
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PROCEDURE OF THE EXPERIMENT. 1.The dandruff was breed in the PDA and the container was closed 2.

The PDA container was kept in a dark place for five days to enable the dandruff to breed 3.The picture of dandruff was taken on the fifth day 4.On the sixth day, the pineapple, peppermint, garlic and lemon extract was put in each container. 5.On ecah container, the same mount of pineapple were put in it. 6.The sample was kept in a dark place 7.Pictures of the dandruff in the PDA were taken during all the four days 8.On the tenth day, the PDA were opened and observed under a light microscope 9.The experiment was repeated three times by using the same materials, apparatus and procedure 10.The results were recorded.

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