Scheduling SSIS job in SQL Server 2008

Fig. 1 starting SQL Server Agent Steps to remember while Scheduling the job • • • Connect SQL Server Database engine Right click SQL Server Agent if it’s disable then start the Agent service first as shown fig.1 You can see progress bar moving in fig. 3

Fig 2 Starting Agent service

Fig 3 Agent service Control • Schedule New job by right click on SQL Server Agent show in fig. 4

Fig 4 Scheduling New Job • Once we click on Job the following window will open show in fig. 5

• •

Fig. 5 New Job Window Click on General Page and set Name, owner, category and description Now choose Steps Page shown in fig 6 and Click on New tab

Fig 7 Steps Page

• •

Fig 8 New job Step window Now Provide the Step name ,Type ,Run asto New job step Now set General property for this New job step by adding Package source ,Server name ,Server logon and Package path shown in fig. 9

Fig 9 New Job Steps in General page

You can select package if it’s deployed on SQL Server or from File Store (Path where SSIS Packages are stored in your machine e.g. D:\DATAMART\DataMart CBQRAS\H_CRDB_TO_SQL\H_CRDB_TO_SQL\bin) I am choosing packages from SQL Server as shown in fig 10

Fig 10 Package Path in SQL Server

Fig 11 New job steps after adding package Path

Now choose various Actions and path where Log file has been created and ClickOK

Fig 11 New job Steps in Advanced Page

Fig 11 New job Steps Page after creating Steps

Fig 12 New Job Scheduler Page • New job scheduler provides automatically functionality for running schedule job .you just need to provide details how frequently job has to run. Fig 13 show how to configure that.

Fig 13 Configuring New Job Scheduler

Fig 14 New job scheduler after scheduling the Job

You can run job manually by Right click on schedule job and click start job at steps shown in fig 15 and fig 16

Fig 15 Running Schedule job manually

Fig 16 job running successfully

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