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Trail’s End Ski Lease

Contact Info: Ilya Voytov • • (212) 991-8544

Address: 1430 Pine Trail, Olympic Valley
Video walkthrough:

Members: 7; Ilya Voytov, Ilya Fushman, David Weekly, Rachel Masters, David
Fattal, 2 TBD

Significant Others: 3; Dan Mosedale, Ewa Sturgeon, Valeria Navarrete

Beds in the house: 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Twin, large flat couch; sleeps 6 total

Dates: December 15th - May 15th

Rent Cost: $1,625 per person or couple

Guest Fees: Free guests anytime (but please plan it in advance if bringing more
than 1 guest)

Expected Monthly Utilities: $52/member and $104/couple per month, to be
adjusted given actual usage
This is based on very conservative assumptions for gas/electric/spa, I expect
actual usage to be lower.

Deposit: $228/member or $455/couple

Upfront Payment: $2,000 for single member and $2,375 for couples
This covers rent, deposit, snow plow, firewood and HD cable/phone/internet

Move out expenses: $32/member and $64/couple for house and hot tub

Total All-in Cost per Weekend: $98/member and $119/couple (21 weekends in
the lease)

Trail’s End Ski Lease
Contact Info: Ilya Voytov • • (212) 991-8544

Estimated Costs:

Assumptions Source
months, Dec 15 -
Time of Lease 5 May 15
Price per month 2,275
Total rent $11,375

Broker estimate of
Gas / mo 250 $150-300
Electric / mo 200 Last season actual
Spa Service / mo 70 Broker
Internet included
Cable & phone / mo 75 Can't cancel phone
Utilities / mo $595
Total utilities $2,975

Snow Plow $750 Broker
Dump and scrub hottub $120 Broker
Cleaning at end $200 Estimated
Firewood $350 Broker
Total Misc $1,420

Total Cost $15,770
Memo: Total Non-Rent $4,395


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