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Published by: elskid on Sep 17, 2009
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[Dr. Jonathan Wright] According to Dr. Wright’s article
on his Tahoma Clinic Web site, hemorrhoids respond to

My colleague Richard Kunin, M.D. of San Francisco, is a
world class expert on the use of SSKI and other forms of
iodine. He has found that hemorrhoids will sometimes dis-
appear literally overnight, when SSKI (20 drops) mixed with

faxseed oil (one ounce) is rubbed in them at bedtime. He’s

also found that SSKI alone will do the same job, although it
really stings when applied to a hemorrhoid by itself.

From the Diagnose-Me Web site (www.diagnose-me.com):

Some doctors are using different forms of iodine (SSKI
or Lugol’s) to help shrink and relieve the pain of hemor-

rhoids. A drop, placed on a fnger and massaged into the

affected area, can be very effective, though it may sting
temporarily. Consider mixing 20 drops with an ounce of

fax oil and storing it in the refrigerator. Apply twice per

day; rapid relief should be on the way.

Are You Wondering How Lugol’s
Compares to SSKI?

Chapter 3 provides details about the potency of these
two iodine solutions and details about a recent ruling
that will affect your ability to buy Lugol’s.

Dr. Chris Robin


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