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WHO_the World Health 2005

WHO_the World Health 2005

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Each year nearly 3.3 million babies are stillborn, and more than 4 million others die

within 28 days of coming into the world. Deaths of babies during this neonatal period

are as numerous as those in the next 11 months or those among children aged 1–4 years.

Until recently there has been little real effort to tackle the specific health problems of

newborns systematically; the care of the newborn has fallen through the cracks, as

the continuity between maternal and child health programmes is often inadequate.

Improving the health of newborns, however, does not just mean inserting a new

programme: rather, it means adapting the efforts of maternal and child programmes so

as to scale up services in a seamless continuum of care. This chapter ends by presenting

a set of benchmarks and scenarios for scaling up access to both maternal and newborn

care, with estimates of the costs that such scenarios would entail.

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