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Handbook of Project Management

Handbook of Project Management


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Useful book on Project Management and its application, with incisive illustrations and practical examples.
Useful book on Project Management and its application, with incisive illustrations and practical examples.

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The two categories of project management performed for the government are professional engineering
services and professional technical services. Professional engineering services are performed by people
trained and experienced in the physical sciences. Professional technical services encompass all other work
areas performed by personnel with training in other disciplines.

Professional engineering services include studies of engineering requirements, critiques of technical
documentation, logistic analyses, cost estimating, and engineering feasibility studies. Common types of
professionals for engineering services are physicists, mathematicians, mechanical engineers, electronic
engineers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, and hydraulic engineers. (Life science disciplines, such as
medical doctors, veterinary doctors, and pharmacologists, are also contracted for by the U.S. government for
project management services, but they are not included in this study.)

Professional technical services include cost estimating, cost accounting, budgeting, financial analyses, project
scheduling, project planning, preparation of project communication documents, contract administration,
earned value analyses, and critiques of policy and procedure documentation. The performance of the technical
service tasks uses all the engineering and business disciplines, but with a concentration in the areas of
business management or business administration.

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