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Handbook of Project Management

Handbook of Project Management


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Useful book on Project Management and its application, with incisive illustrations and practical examples.
Useful book on Project Management and its application, with incisive illustrations and practical examples.

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Published by: G on Sep 17, 2009
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Most management failures result from errors of omission and not errors of commission. One of the simplest
and yet most efficient ways to minimize the probability of missing something is to prepare a checklist for
each project, no matter how small. The checklist can be based on a generic list used by the engineer for all
projects, but the list must be modified to include the requirements of that specific project.

Since most claims arise as a result of errors of omission on the part of the professional, a good place to start is
to follow through on each of the following action items:
Check drawings for proper coordination between technical specialties.
Check to see that the information on the drawings conforms to the written word of the specifications.
Read the boilerplate language to see that it conforms, specifically and uniquely, to the project under
Enter into written agreement with consultants detailing exactly what their responsibilities are.
Review the work performed by consultants for conformance with agreements.
Check the finalized program against the estimate or budget to determine the current validity.
Communicate properly with consultants so that a change wrought by one that affects the work of
another is properly accounted for.
Include owners in the communications process to permit them the privilege of determining, in
advance, how their money will be spent.
Establish a reasonable time frame for review.
Establish reasonable durations for implementation.
Specify scheduling using one of the many available network scheduling techniques.
Review the specifications to determine whether items specified are still available (or, for that matter,
whether they have been available for the past X number of years).
Check whether the information given by a sales representative or sales engineer is valid or in
conformance with the specifications sheet prepared by the very company he or she represents.
Check the bids, quotations, or proposals for conformance with the contract documents.
Review the insurance requirements of the contract documents to assure compliance.
Review the schedule carefully, and react in a properly and timely manner.
Establish and adhere to an orderly system of controlling or keeping track of the documentation.
Retain the backup information or supporting data for the approval, modification, or rejection or
payment requests.
React in a timely manner to requests for clarification or interpretation of the project documents.
Monitor the progress of the project and report objectively to the owner as required.
Take responsibility for discrepancies and/or omissions in the project documents.
Issue clarifications and instructions in a timely fashion.

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