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To Whom It May Concern: When I think of and prepare to write a recommendation letter for any student I minister to, I find

myself a bit apprehensive; not because I feel they are somehow undeserving of the award, or even that I have very little to say in regards to recommending them. On the contrary, my apprehensiveness comes from the limited room that I have to share my high views of such fine, upstanding, and unique teenagers; Dylan Brooks is one of those individuals. The first thing that I notice about Dylan, as I’m sure any person who encounters him would notice, is his calm and quiet demeanor. From the moment you encounter Dylan there is a striking sense that he is not easily provoked or swayed by his emotions. He has a maturity about him that is both calming and welcoming. His level-headedness is an admirable quality that has provided success and will continue to do so in the future. In addition to his ability to maintain and bring a sense of calm to any situation, I have also witnessed a great deal of intellect and knowledge in Dylan over the years. Although he may not be particularly motivated to begin a project or task, it is quite apparent that he is full of intelligence and bursting with a potential to turn that intellect into wisdom that will serve as a guide for all of his future pursuits. While the qualities I have touched on in the previous paragraphs would suffice in my high recommendation of Dylan, I would like to highlight a strength that I discern in his character. Even if he would not readily admit seeing it in himself Dylan is, without a doubt, a quiet leader and model for those around him. Sure he’s not your typical leader in the sense that he doesn’t command it. But the fact remains that he is admired and loved by those around him. I could go on for several pages talking about how highly I think of Dylan. I have no doubt that whatever he chooses to do in life, academically, or personally, he will succeed. I have had the privilege of knowing and ministering to Dylan for 6 years now, and I look forward to the remaining time I have to share life with him. It is my distinct honor and privilege to extend this recommendation on Dylan's behalf. He will be a great asset and representative for your learning community, and bring a dedication and resolve that is in line with the expectations of your distinguished university. Sincerely,

Ryan Phelps (Youth Pastor, First Christian, Evansville)

2845 Beaumont Dr. Evansville IN 47725 | tel: 812-626-0500 | email: