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Lucie O’Gara 2779 33435 Aquinas College AS Media Studies OCR G321: Foundation Portfolio

1) Who would be the audience for your media product?

Men and Women at the age of 16-22

People who listen too.. People who are influenced by..

I aimed my magazine at:

People who go to Gigs..

People who shop at..

The main primary audience for my media products would be as shown on the spider gram both sexes in the age gap of 16 onwards, I set the age to 16 because I believe that’s the most popular age when teenagers grow into a music genre and are sure who they are and what music describes them! Also 16 because i talked about gigs throughout my magazine and 16 onwards is the most popular age for people to go to gigs in my opinion! Secondly the magazine was for people who listen to ‘indie’ music such as The Fratellis, The Courteeners and Artic Monkeys. This is because the music mentioned throughout my media products is indie and these bands are stereotypically indie. Also I have aimed my magazine at people who shop at places such as Vintage shops, urban outfitters and Top shop as these places sell ‘Indie’ clothes and are the most popular for people shopping there for an indie fashion. Lastly the main thing that has influenced my media products is the magazines ‘Q’ and ‘NME’ this is because these are my favourite indie magazines and they inspired me to create my indie products in the shape of their magazines! Based on my audience research I believe there is a need for my magazine because in my opinion Indie Music needs to take over again like it did in the 1900’s when everyone was inspired by indie music when it took over the charts.
On the left is my mood board which I created to motivate and inspire myself in what kind of magazine I would want to create! I put down all pictures of what kind of music, fashion and symbols which describe my personality the most, and clearly you can see throughout the board is an indie theme therefore I thought that it was best to create an Indie magazine as it would reflect me the most.

2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

As you can see, my social group is 'Indie' themed, my media products represent this social group because as from looking at my front cover firstly my model is dressed in a grey jumper with a slogan printed on it, also with the collar popping out and the models hair all messy which is known as the 'typical' indie/edgy girl look which people who follow this particular social group dress like therefore it is very obvious that this Is the social group that the magazine is representing. In comparison a magazine that gave me inspiration with my media products is a magazine called 'INDIE' Which straight away reveals their social group, the model on the front of the cover gave me inspiration for my magazine as the picture is very unique which makes the magazine look interesting and makes the audience want to read all about this social group and find out about it as the cover draws you in so much that you want to find out just why this social group is so interesting! This is exactly the impact I wanted to create with my front cover.

This is a mood board that I created to show my class what sort of images/text/language I would be using in my magazine to see if they guessed the social group correctly, I did this because I wanted to see weather my social group would be obvious for my target audience to be interested.

Also with my media products I represented my social group by using a variation of texts/fonts throughout my products. This is because in most 'Indie' magazines the font they use is informal, therefore I followed this trend by using a variation of grunge looking fonts on my media products and also added a lot of slang and explanation marks. This helps me connect with the audience as they will be able to relate with the magazine and feel welcomed. Next, my media products represent my social group with the certain camera angles that I used, on other social group magazines I have noticed that on their front cover they put their model central but on all indie magazines the model has a unique pose and is either leaning towards the left or right. My model is slightly leaning towards the right and has a slight look to her of mystery and importance which is how most teenagers come across which is my main target audience! Most teenagers are mysterious in their activities and have a feel of importance as they are becoming an adult, the pose on my front cover represents this look. I wouldn't say that my scenery or location represents my social group but it does have a folk/indie look as these kind of bands tend to play at many festivals outside in the summer which the audience can relate too as it may take them back to a festival/event on a open area which may even make them want to buy the magazine if bands from the festivals they have been too are mentioned in the magazine!

3) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

A media institution is an established, and often profit based organisation, that are responsible for advertising, entertainment and information services. It helps in gathering information about different groups of people and their originality but also it promotes any media products in the industry. The media institution that I would like to distribute my media product is Twitter. This is because twitter has turned into the most popular social networking site on the internet! On twitter there are various things that would help promote my magazine. The first is a twitter page for my magazine which fans of the magazine could follow and on the page there could be recent updates and news on when the magazine is coming out and where they can buy the magazine from! The second thing which twitter could do to help promote my product is trend the name of the magazine, when you trend something on twitter it means that all people online can see what's the most popular things that people are talking about and if they see the name of my magazine they may want to click on the trend an see what the big hype is all about and if they read into the magazine they may be interested in buying the magazine themselves!

The next thing which could help promote my media product on twitter is how my tweets can get recognised and re tweeted by famous people who have many followers, therefore then their followers will be able to see our promotion and will be interested in reading the magazine if the idol they're following is interested in the magazine or even featuring in the magazine! Overall because Twitter is such a popular network, especially for my target audience as well, so the magazine could get a huge promotion on their and even get recognised by the biggest names and brands in the magazine industry!

The second media institution I would use to promote my final products is instagram. Instagram is an online photo-sharing, videosharing and social networking service that enables users to take pictures and videos then apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services. I would choose to use instagram because it is a massive social network with android and web presence and its growth will surely continue with its users expanding every single minute of the day. With it being a massive social networking site if I posted pictures of my media product on the site it can therefore be shared onto other social network sites such as twitter, Facebook and tumblr where uses on these services as well can see my media product. In April 2012, it was announced that over 30 million accounts were set up on Instagram. Therefore I could have the possibility too show over 30 million people my media product, this would help me in varies ways as I could get a mixed response which would both help me improve on either the next edition or any future projects.

4) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In the process of creating my media products (front cover, double page spread and contents page) I analysed indie magazines such as NME and Q. I choose these magazines to help give me inspiration and motivation because I was basing my media products on indie magazines and wanted mine too look just as creative, professional and realistic as these popular magazines!

Click to edit Master subtitle style

These three famous front covers are all under the genre of ‘Indie’ which I choose to use for my media products. I chose these three front covers in particular because in my opinion their use of codes and conventions took a real impact on my main products and made me believe creating Indie products would show off my best potential as the theme of each magazine represents what kind of music I listen too, what clothes I wear and mainly, my personality and my most importantly I wanted this to shine through and instantly tell the audience what genre the magazine was and I believe these codes and conventions helped me do this.

On the left you can see one of my media products; the Front Cover. The main codes and conventions that I used in this product are the font, the heading, the colours, the main image and the structure of the magazine. Firstly the heading for the magazine reads ‘Amplify’ The convention behind this heading is how Amplify simply means ‘make it louder’ or ‘Turn it up’ And I wanted to turn up Indie Music, In my opinion I believe the genre is underrated and could be much popular if more people gave it a listen, so simply I wanted to make this certain genre most popular again, and how else are you going to do that except from turning it up! Amplify also links in with Indie music. This is because most bands/artists use an Amplifier for their guitars, and most Indie artists use guitars for their music/performances.

On the bottom left you will be able to see the title for the famous indie rock magazine ‘NME’ Out of all of the front covers that I analysed in my opinion this heading is the one that helped me decide on my title and the font layout for it. As you can see the title is placed on the left hand side of the magazine similar to mine, I choose to use this placement because as NME will probably agree, placing the image central is the ‘normal’ and I wanted my magazine to be unique and edgy. Secondly the ‘NME’ heading is very bold and uses 1 colour throughout the title however with a white edge to it. On the other hand my title may use 1 main colour similar to NME and also have a white edge to it but my font isn't as sharp and structured as NME’ I choose to use a very dysfunctional, unique and messy look for my title, this is because ‘NME’ Are block letters they’re bound to use a simple font, but with the meaning behind my title I wanted to show a font that stranded out and represented Indie music just how ‘Amplify’ does as it makes music louder and more noticeable and I believe my font has achieved this main look as the font is messy, patchy and most importantly not perfect. With the font being patchy and messy this show’s that Indie music is far from perfect, its real.

The second code and convention I would like to talk about which is a main part of my front cover is the main image. With my main cover star (on the left) you can probably see she has the ‘indie’ look going on. With her collar showing over a slogan jumper this is the typical fan girl, indie punk look which I was going for. Her hair is slightly messy and blowing in the wind which links in too my background, Autumn weather. Even though the season has no impact on making the audience know it is an Indie magazine they will know that it is an Autumn Edition and is new out on the shelves and also I tried my best to link the cover star into the season by placing her in a jumper. The star is leaning towards the right hand side of the frame, the star is doing this because as you can see on other indie magazines such as NME, Lily Alan is leaning slightly off central almost as if she’s trying to make the title be seen which is exactly what inspired me for this structured layout. With placing the star on the right of the frame I believe that it gave me a better opportunity to play around with where to place the sub-headings and conventions such as the date, barcode and issue number.

This magazine has overall inspired my codes and conventions for my magazine because straight away out of the three magazines it caught my eye because it was so unique and felt fresh! If my magazine was on a shelf with three other different indie magazines I would want my magazine to have the exact same impact on the audience and that is why NME’s font, structure and main star inspired me to do the things I have done for this media product.


This is one of the contents pages which helped me develop my codes and conventions for one of my media products; the contents page. This is because firstly as you can see the arrow is pointing to the main title ‘NME THIS WEEK’ In bold block letters but the main thing which helped me develop my title is the box behind the title. Now take a look at the bottom right of the page, you can see my title ‘Amplify’ Has been placed inside of a box and the colour behind the box and the colour of the title merges in with the colour theme which is exactly what NME have chosen to do.

Lastly when I was looking at this contents page I realised that they had a news, radar, reviews, live and features box separate to their main index. I was struggling on what else to add to the contents page and it looked quite plain and boring with empty gaps. But this contents page made me realise that I can add separate boxes which are different to my features, therefore it helped me develop a regulars box and also a editors letter. NME used a different colour for their page number and their sub headings which addresses the audience where to go to see the stories they’re interested in, I loved this idea and develop on it by also changing the main title font and the sub heading font.

Secondly as you can see on the NME contents page there are 2 main image’s next to the index, this helped me develop my image and features as when I began too structure my contents page I was unsure where to place the main image, how big to have it and most importantly what image to use! As I began analysing this contents page it helped my develop on my structure, it inspired me to place the features on the left in a white box as the white will make it look the most effective, and secondly to place the main image next too the features as it links in with one of the main features.

Lastly for my media product I created a double page spread for my magazine! The main codes and conventions which are used in my double page spread are the quotes, the text, the image and the main title. When analysing these double page spreads I noticed that most of double page spreads there are quotes picked out from the text which challenged me to take on this code and convention! My quote reads ‘Im so excited to travel and see all my fans’ I picked this quote from my main text because I believed it involved the audience the most. I would want my audience to feel involved, welcome and appreciated by the main character ‘Lana Del Rey’ The second codes and convention I used on this media product is the 2 images I chose to place on the spread, I choose 2 different images because on most double page spreads only one main image is used, but for me I had only used one main image on my front cover and contents page so I felt challenged to show my potential and add in two images. The text is blocked and placed on the right of the text, this is because it looks very smart and professional. I choose for it too be blocked and quite plain so it is easy and clear for the audience to read. The questions are a different colour compared to the text/answers so the audience understand that the article is an interview! The introduction is set out in bold to catch the audiences eye as its important that they read what the interview is about and most of all, who I am interviewing,


5) How did you attract/address your audience?

First of all, the use of language I used was informal and chatty to connect with my audience because in my opinion that is the best way to attract them, if you used writing which my specific social group don't relate too normally then they aren't going to be interested, they like feeling like they're at 'home' Almost as if they have been considered in the magazine. Indie magazines seem to use a lot of slang, I used slang and also quite a lot of explanation marks so the audience may feel like the editor of the magazine is in the same age group and social group as them! Secondly the font I chose was a major contribution in attracting my audience, in the indie 'social group' they are edgy, unique and un-ordinary therefore the font I used was miss-shaped, faded and blocked, this is because I didn't want to use 'boring' text as I wanted to address my audience and I believe the font will keep them interested and I thought if I used unique fonts then my magazine would stand tall against all of the others!

The use of images that I used should attract the audience because on my front cover the model is clearly representing the 'indie' look and is also a teenager which my target audience can relate too! The pose the model is doing will also address the audience because she is looking directly into the camera. I have also used small images on the front cover and contents page that may attract the audience as there are previews of the bands which will be featured in the magazine, this will attract the audience because they will want to see the rest of the pictures inside! Also the pictures that I have used are either big or bright to yet again make the magazine stand out next too all the other indie magazines. Lastly the main thing that will attract/address the audience in my view is the layout, firstly with my front cover the main image is in the centre of the text therefore you cant miss the image as it is very striking and represents the social group the most. Also with my layout I have structured the text around the main image so the text is clear and mainly, readable. On my double paged spread the text is placed on the right of the page and the images on the left,

Master head


Features Eye Contact

The Background

Other Images

Strap Line

Bar Code/Issue Number/Date

The word ‘Free’ attracts the audience because it makes them feel like they’re getting rewarded for paying for the magazine and getting something in return!

The white button attracts the audience because it is bright so it will catch their eye and let them know that the information inside is important, the white contrasts with the background.

The master head for me stands out the most and will attract the audience because it is bold and the colour also contracts with the background and with it also having a white shadow it looks layered yet also messy which matches my genre.

Using little pictures emphases the articles and links to the features and draws the reader in to going to the main articles. And also with the page numbers being on the images this will address the audience where they can see the article which links in with the images.

I used the same font for my contents page text as it will attract the audience as straight away they will know from looking at the front cover what magazine they’re reading from recognising the font, this is known to make them feel at home, it is called ‘house style’.

The word ‘features’ addresses the audience in knowing where to find the main features of the magazine and what page number they can find the article on, it is a very important section of the contents page so this is why I have put the word in blue, blue contrast with the background and makes the section stand out from all of the other captions.

A pull quote will attract the audience because it picks out an interesting part of the interview and makes them want to read more.

The blocked text will also attract the audience because it will make the audience read the interview because it has a ‘clean’ and clear look to it as it is structured and easy to read.

‘Lana Del Rey’ is the biggest font on the page therefore this will address the audience that this article is based on her.

6) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

During the process of creating my media products I have learnt a lot about technologies and how they can help you show your full potential! This is because they have helped massively in improving my work, without them I wouldn’t have completed my media products or even this power point! There has been a range of technologies that have contributed, a few examples include:

Digital Camera Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft PowerPoint
Weebly Internet Explorer

First of all I used the digital camera for taking pictures for not only my preliminary task for my final products such as my music magazine. It helped massively that the college provided digital cameras that were up to date because it meant I could experiment with my angles and effects and most importantly I could see the picture straight away and could also choose if I wanted to keep it or not! Secondly I learnt that the camera is very important because it also let me store pictures and copy them onto a computer screen so I could use the pictures on my media products and therefore see the photos on a larger screen! Overall the main thing that I have learnt about the digital camera is how it offers so much! It offers you to be able to experiment with all different angles so my pictures could be unique instead of traditional and also it taught me that the features on the camera could give me a range of effects on my photos.

These are just a few examples of the range of photos/angles I took with the digital camera.

The second piece of technology that I learnt from was Microsoft Publisher/Power Point. I have learnt from these documents because mainly they have helped my produce all of my assignment and along the way of producing my products I have learnt an awful lot! Microsoft Publisher helped me produce my double paged spread, contents page and front cover for my music magazine but also my flat plans and my preliminary task (Aquinas Magazine) And Microsoft Power Point has helped me create this power point for you today! Both programmed have proved to me just how useful they’re, they have made my products both interesting and professional. They have been extremely easy to use during creating my products but I have also picked up a range of skills that will help me in any future assignments as I will now be able to produce my products even quicker as I know the skills to help me do this. They have both also made my media products and end power point high quality with their range of effects that are on offer! Overall I am thankful that I have had Microsoft to help me create my media products because they have helped make my front cover, contents page and double paged spread and mainly that have contributed in making my work a much higher quality and I am happy to take the numerous skills I have learnt with me! The skills I have learnt include being able to edit photos with effects, changing around my font’s and adding objects to my pieces such as shapes to make them more intriguing. Below are my final pieces which Microsoft Publisher had a great impact on as my work was edited and completed on this technology.

The next technology which I have learnt from in the process of creating my final media products is internet explorer. The internet has been extremely important for me because it didn’t just help me create my products but it also helped me during the research section of my assignment. This is because in the research section it let me look into indie magazines and gave me an extremely helpful outlook on how magazines should be presented and secondly because it helped me look into the codes and conventions of magazines and helped my knowledge as I learnt what I should be putting in my media products and why! Expanding on this the internet was very important during my coursework because it gave me access to my media blog on the website ‘Weebly’ On this blog I put all of my work on there and also analysis my work on there in a clear and professional way. Without the internet giving me access to my blog I would not have been able to store any of my work and most of all my teacher would not have been able to see all of my work and see where I am up to! It gave my teacher evidence that I was doing well in my subject and showed them that I am up to date and not behind on the final deadline! Weebly has also taught me that I myself am doing good in the subject and has gave me a massive boost of confidence as you can see where you have come by looking at your flat plans and seeing the final products! It helped me keep track of the skills and experience I have gained through the production and post production stages of my work.

7) Looking back at your preliminary task (Aquinas College magazine), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression to the full product?

The title i used is 'Amplify' this connects to the genre of the magazines; Indie. This is because Indie music mainly tends to consist of guitars, and as we all know you can use an 'Amp' to amplify the sound of the guitar. This is exactly what I wanted to base my theme on because I want to make Indie music more well known, and more of a statement as I believe it is underrated, 'Turn up the music' links in with this theme because 'Amplify' simply means 'increase the level of the music' The font I used for the title and tagline fits in with the indie genre because the font fades out, is smudged and isn't perfect as it has a white edging around the black line to show that the font is meant to be messy therefore eye catching. The image I have used for the main cover photo fits in well with not only the genre of the magazine but the Autumn Season. With the background of the star being the Autumn leaves it relates to the audience as they will see that the edition is new out therefore will have up to date gossip and information. The star is dressed in a jumper with a slogan on saying 'California' A slogan on an oversized jumper is the typical autumn indie look. Therefore straight away the audience will notice the star is trying to represent the indie fashion statement. The captions along both sides of the magazine all mention a band/artist which is famous for their indie./rock music. Therefore again, this will automatically inform the audience the genre of the magazine. I choose bands/artists such as Alex Turner, The Courteeners and Two Door Cinema Club because individually they all play a huge part in contributing to the indie./rock industry. All these certain artists are famous for representing this category as they're very popular. Tagline's such as 'Free HMV Voucher Inside' and 'Jake Bug Tickets To Be Won' play a huge impact on drawing the audience into buying the magazine, because they will feel like they aren't wasting their money because they're getting rewarded for buying the magazine as they get something back in return. With their being an option to win Jake Bug tickets this is also a good way to draw in the public because people will wonder exactly what they have to do to win the tickets and will be intrigued in wondering the details of the competition. Next, with how I have mentioned 'Vampire Weekend Photo shoot' and gave the audience a sneak preview of some of the images that they could view! This will gain the audiences attention because if they like the pictures on the front of the cover they may feel the need to see the other photo's that are inside the magazine. I used a range of fonts for all of these captions because I wanted to give each individual topic a unique style to separate each story from one an other as they're all different yet interesting! Lastly I stuck to basic colours such as black, white and blue, as I felt if I used a range of bright/pastel colours then people may start to get the impression that the theme was a pop magazine. Therefore sticking to basic colours indicates the genre of the magazine as Indie isn't represented by a certain group of colours.

The font i used for the sub titles and caption are all the same throughout the magazine to create a house styles theme for recognition for the readers! However i used a different font for the main heading to make the name stand out and make people realise that Aquinas is known to stand out as its special and unique. My cover star is of a pupil in my class demonstrating an Aquinas student! I used this image because she looks happy and looks like she's proud that people know her for being on the Aquinas Magazine and secondly proud that she goes to that college! The image is slightly to the right so it works with the rule of thirds. This is also great because it works with the magazine as the headings and subheadings fit nicely around the image to make the image pop out, but the image also makes the writing look good because it makes the readers think they have to read the text as it must be important to be positioned around the image. My colour scheme is black and red. This is because these are Aquinas' colours that they use on the website, power points and leaflets so its recognisable. Next i chose the title to be red to make the name be more dramatic, i also used effects on the title to make an impact, i used the shadow effect to make it different from the tag line as the name of the magazine./college is most important. The use of space is varied, i put text around both sides of the image so there wasn't alot of blank space on the page and to make the magazine feel warming. My first content is how i asked if students want to join a battle of the bands competition. I mentioned this content because from my research it showed that there was a reasonable percentage that played an instrument! Secondly i offered a voucher to be won at Topshop or Topman depending on what sex won the competition. I did this because due to my research i did i discovered that topshop/topman was the most popular shop that the students shopped at. Lastly my criticism about the magazine is i am happy with how the text worked out around the image, also the fonts i used because they make the magazine look trendy and recognisable. Lastly i am not happy with how i couldn't really use any more shapes/boxes/images on the page to make it more exciting because of the restricted space on the page.

As you can see on the left of the page is my preliminary (Aquinas College) magazine, in comparison on the right is my final finished media product. My Aquinas magazine is blatantly not as advanced as my music magazine, this is because of varies reasons. Firstly: the text is used with publisher fonts which I was limited too however with my music magazine I had discovered ‘My Fonts’ when I was researching on the internet, my font has helped my extremely as you can see as my music magazine looks a lot more professional and up to date! However you can argue that my Aquinas magazine doesn’t have to be as advanced because it isn't being sold publically but just in the college area but I wanted them both to look just as advanced as one an other because I wanted nothing more than to impress my target audience, however I made my music magazine which a much better quality because I had gained and learnt some new skills to use during my progression. A main contrast between both of my magazines is on my music magazine I have added pull quotes however there aren’t any on my Aquinas magazine, I did this because on my music magazine with how quotes from famous people it will draw my audience in as they may be interested in what they have to say however they may have already heard the gossip around college.

This is my flat plan of both of my magazines, as you can see even from the flat plans that my skills have massively improved, I learnt a lot about music and magazines conventions which has reflected from my flat plans to my final products, as you can see my first flat plan isn't as advanced even though it may look it because of the colour scheme, I chose black and white because it fits in with my social group. However conventions such as the main title, the text and the objects such as the strap line have come across in my music magazine which shows you that I have learnt how to prevent and develop a professional, detailed and advanced magazine that would do well in pulling in a target audience.

This is my contents page for both my Aquinas magazine and music magazine. The first difference between my magazines is how my Aquinas one is on a double page and my music one is based on a single page. I did this because when I was producing my Aquinas contents page I was struggling to find information to put on the Aquinas Magazine because as you can see there are many empty spaces. However with the background being white it makes the contents page looks organised and structured. Secondly I like how I have followed on with the white background on my music magazine because it makes my images look clean as there is a few on the page, next to the images I also put page numbers so it addresses my audience where to find the article in the magazine. The last contrast between my contents page’s is how there is much less information on my music magazine, I made the editors letter a lot smaller and also the regulars box, this is because I was limited to a single page and I wanted to show my skills off with the auto shapes, new range of fonts and newly edited photos.

Looking back at my Aquinas College magazine I feel my knowledge in using technology has expanded immensely looking at my full product. I have learnt exactly what each tool is on Microsoft Publisher and Power Point and used them to their best ability. When completing my final product I used a website called 'My Font' which I didn't use in my preliminary task, this improved my final product because it made my products look a lot more professional than my preliminary ones. However despite technology the main thing in my opinion is how I've learnt to make my products appeal to my target audience. I did this by learning from my research how to layout and structure my products to make them look exciting and more filled with information and for me, I did a lot more research for my music magazine because I was interested in finding out about the music genre myself! Looking back at my Aquinas college magazine I have progressed massively which I think is because I went in much more depth with my research for my full product which helped improve my knowledge and skills. Overall my knowledge has improved a lot from the start to the finish, due to software such as my font, publisher and research off the internet.

Thank you for reading my PowerPoint, I hope you enjoyed it By Lucie O’Gara