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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wireless Communication Protocol for Collision Warning


Application Challenges State Transition Future Works Conclusion References 2 .Contents • • • • • • • • • Motivation Application Levels Overview of Vehicular Communications Needs and Assumptions Protocol for Vehicular Comm.

Patent No. 5.Motivation Accidents have been taking thousands of lives each year Study shows .US. 3 .039) Constraints of human drivers’ perception Line-of-sight limitation of brake light Large processing/forwarding delay for emergency events.“About 60% roadway collisions could be avoided if the operator of the vehicle was provided warning at least one-half second prior to a collision” (.613.

. roads would be safe and traveling on them would be more efficient Vehicle-to-Vehicle(V2V) and Vehicle-to-Roadside(V2R) Communication can bring out the following achievements.Application Levels Traffic Safety can be improved if drivers have the ability to see further down the road. Emergency Braking of a preceding vehicle. 4 . If traffic information was provided to Drivers. Electronic Toll Collection. Workshop etc. Nearest Petrol Pump. High Speed Internet Access. Parking Space locater in Cities. Information about Blind Crossing. Railway crossing etc… Entries to Highways. School proximity. Presence of obstacles on road. Police and other Authorities.

Position etc… Is able to obtain its own geographical location and determine the relative positions on the road. Speed. GPS) Is equipped with at least one wireless transceiver 5 .(Digital Maps.Needs and Assumptions for a vehicle participating in V2V communication Interested on Direction.

A new era is arriving where vehicles will communicate with each other. Protocol of Vehicular Comm.Conclusion An Overview of Vehicular Comm. Protocol Challenges are also analysed. and also with the world. 6 . making the next generation of vehicles into communication hubs. Is discussed. the devices within them. is given. 7 .9 GHz Dedicated Short-Range Communication Spectrum. no. Roy. IEEE Publication Date: Jan. Yang et al.References [1] S. Zhu and S.Bettstetter "Toward Internet-Based Car Communications: On Some System Architecture And Protocol Aspects" TUM... Mobile and Ubiquitous Syst: Networking and Services. 2006 Volume: 44. Conf.82 [2] X. Germany [6] J. vol. Issue: 1 page(s):74. Jiang. vol. R."IEEE Commun. Xu. Sengupta. 12. "Design and Analysis of Highway Safety Communication Protocol in 5. pp. no. 1st Annual Int’l." Proc. 2004 [3] G. " A Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Protocol for Cooperative Collision Warning. 41." Communications Magazine. "Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wireless Communication Protocols for Enhancing Highway Traffic Safety. IEEE VTC. "MAC for Dedicated Short Range Communications in Intelligent Transport Systems. 4. 2003. Biswas."Proc. Mag. 2451–55 [5] C.wustl. 2003 [7] http://www. and D. [4] "Inter/Intra-Vehicle Wireless Communication" at http://userfs.S Bickel.