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KNEA Media Response Team Application

Join the KNEA Media Response Team writers Thanks for your interest in becoming a KNEA Media Response Team writer. As a KNEA Media Response Team writer, you will be monitoring your local media and writing letters to the editor and guest columns. You may also be asked to talk to local journalists about the issues that affect you and your students. What do you get out of it? Experience, training and recognition. And fun. KNEA will recognize your work in our printed and online publications. You’ll get the opportunity to participate in special media, political and association events. You’ll receive writing/media guidance and coaching, not to mention lots of hands-on experience. The KNEA Media Response Team requires a minimum one-year commitment, including a daylong training in Topeka. KNEA Media Response Team writers will work closely with the KNEA Communications Department. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below. Send your answers to Cynthia Menzel at KNEA at (or bring it to the training tomorrow). Name: Local Association: Job title and work location: Years of experience in public education: Your position in your local association, if any: Work phone: Home phone:

Cell phone: Other e-mail addresses that you use besides this one: Mailing address: Name of your local daily and weekly newspapers: Your area of expertise, passion or interest regarding public education: Your previous media experience, if any (letters to the editor, media interviews, etc.): Why do you want to be a KNEA Media Response Team writer?