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Grand Ledge High School

Course Syllabus

Trimester Course Syllabus

Career Prep
Teacher Name: Mr. Lucas Schrauben Grand Ledge High School Office: 517.925.5815 Teacher’s Direct Phone Number: 517.925.5631 Contact Times: M – F (7:15 – 7:35 am or 2:45 – 3:45 pm) *or by appointment Email: *email is preferred and will allow for the quickest

Purpose/Course Description:
This class includes self-awareness activities and standardized assessments that focus on the areas of personality, interests, skills, and values. In addition, this course will explore researching career paths, market research, planning, goal setting, and decisionmaking. Students will leave with a better understanding of themselves, the various career paths, and our current job market. Always remember that you will only get out of this class what you put into it.

Topics, Key Concepts, and Units of Study:
This course includes planned learning experiences that develop a better understanding of the various career pathways. In addition, students will prepare a path to success in an occupational field that fits their skills set. They will learn about topics that relate to the professional environment of that occupation, for example topics covered in class will include: setting goals, understanding finances, considering career preparation choices, searching for a job, interviewing for a job, and succeeding in a career.

Materials Needed (Supplies Suggested):
! Lined paper ! Pencil ! Eraser ! Highlighter ! Binder / Folder* *Students who cannot obtain these items should see the teacher immediately.

Grand Ledge High School Methods of Instruction:
May include, but are not limited to: ! ! Lecture / Notes Presentations ! ! Guided practice Guest speakers

Course Syllabus

! !

Group work Online activities

Evaluation/Grade Calculations:
Trimester grades are calculated by using the following percents: Trimester Marking Period Grade: 90% Trimester Exam: 10%

Types of Evaluation and Assessment:
May include, but are not limited to: ! ! ! Daily assignments Homework Notes ! ! ! Quizzes Tests (Pre & Post) Online activities ! ! Online assessments Projects / Presentations

Quizzes: There will be at most two quizzes per unit. Quizzes demonstrate understanding of the content from the classwork. Tests: There will be a test over every unit studied.
** Quizzes and Tests remain in the classroom, but students may make arrangements to stay after school to go over assessments with the teacher at any time.

Final Exam: A cummulative presentation will serve as our final examination.
** All students must take the exam.

Test Retake: Students will be allowed to retake a maximum of two chapter tests if the student has: (1) reviewed the original test with the teacher and (2) has the chapter homework completed. The two grades (original & retake) will be averaged to calculate the final grade on the test.

Grading Scale:
93-100 90-92 87-89 83-86 80-82 77-79 A AB+ B BC+ 73-76 70-72 67-69 63-66 60-62 0-59 C CD+ D DF

Grand Ledge High School Assignment Expectations:

Course Syllabus

Assignments are expected to be properly labeled, neat, complete, and turned in on time. Late Assignments: Assignments not turned in on the due date will be given a zero grade. Although strongly discouraged, late assignments from a chapter can be turned in ONLY UNTIL the day of the chapter test. Any assignment not turned in on time will receive 80% OR less. If the student is absent on the day of a quiz or test, the student will receive a zero. The student is required to make arrangements with the teacher to make up the missed assessment within ONE WEEK of the absence. If the student does not attend the designated time for the make-up quiz or test, the student will receive a zero grade. **In the event of an emergency or extenuating circumstance you may request for other arrangements to be made.

Classroom Procedures
Student Responsibilities & Expectations:
! ! ! BE RESPECTFUL—respect yourself, others, and school property. BE PREPARED—bring your book, folder, paper, and pencil to every class. BE ON TIME—be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. ALWAYS USE COMMON SENSE :)

Students’ consequences for not carrying out the above listed responsibilities and expectations can include (but are not limited to) a written referral, after-school detention, in-school suspension, and/or out-of-school suspension, all of which will be accompanied by parent contact.

Passes will only be given for serious emergencies and will be given at the discretion of the teacher. The following are included in the policy but are not limited to: ! No passes during the first 15 minutes of class

Cheating is the act of obtaining answers or completing assignments in a fraudulent or deceitful manner. NEVER copy from another student! Copying or allowing another

Grand Ledge High School

Course Syllabus

student to copy will result in a “0” for the assignment, and possible suspension (one hour – three days). Staff and administrators will determine disciplinary action.

Additional Operational Information:
! ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONE USE ALLOWED AT ANY TIME IN THE CLASSROOM! Cell phones may be used during passing time, at lunch, before and after school, but NEVER in the classroom. It should be turned completely off and remain out of sight in the classroom. Electronic MUSIC devices may ONLY be used during designated INDEPENDENT WORK time at a respectable volume. Such devices may only be used for the purpose of listening to music. Students must actually be WORKING on something during independent WORK time in order to have the privilege of utilizing an electronic music device (otherwise it will not be allowed). NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE COMPUTER AREA. Beverages kept in the designated location will be the only exception. Students are highly recommended to have their own calculator. Students may NOT share calculators on quizzes or tests. IF CLASSROOM EQUIPMENT (COMPUTERS, PRINTERS, ETC.) IS USED INAPPROPRIATELY, PRIVILEGES TO USE THE EQUIPMENT WILL BE LOST.


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Grand Ledge High School

Course Syllabus