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Vessel: Distiller No.: No. of plates in Evaporator: No. of plates in condenser:

Date Time from To Difference min. Water clock to m3 From m3 Difference m3 3 Total output m /24h Evaporator section: Hot water inlet c Hot water outlet c Difference c Hot water flow m3/h Feed water temp. c Separator Vessel: Boiling temp. c Vaccum % Hot Water Pump: Suction pressure Bar Discharge pressure Bar Brine/air Ejector: Inlet pressure Bar Discharge Pressure Bar Condenser Section: Seawater inlet c Seawater outlet c Difference c Flow m3/h Ejector pump: Suction pressure Bar Discharge Pressure Bar Freshwater pump: Discharge pressure Bar Salinometer: Salinity ppm Diesel Engine Load: Eng No.:1 KW Eng No.:2 KW Eng No.:3 KW Eng No.:4 KW Eng No.:5 KW Comments:

Date: Type:

Location: Capacity: MT Date of latest cleaning: Date of latest cleaning:

(Draughts: F- A -)

(Draughts: F A)