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City of Beiby, Connecticut


Foi Immeuiate Release Contact: }ennifei Besioches
Nayoi's 0ffice

}anuaiy 7, 2u14
+./01 !'12/ '332435.6 73'484/'9 0'99

Anita Bugatto is ieauy to celebiate the commencement of hei teim as
Beiby's Suth mayoi, its fiist-evei female mayoi, by hosting an inauguial

It will be a gala fit foi a king, oi shall we say a queen.

"All pioceeus fiom the event will be useu to funu local community
activities," Bugatto saiu, an act that unueiscoies hei commitment to the
community that she has calleu home since hei paients immigiateu heie
fiom Italy in the 19Sus.

To fuithei upholu that commitment, Bugatto is asking that all guests
biing nonpeiishable foou items to help iestock the local foou bank.
"This evening many of us will be foitunate to enjoy a satisfying
meal. Bowevei, theie aie many in oui community who cannot.
This is a simple way to help someone in neeu."

Bugatto is inviting all to join hei by puichasing a ticket to the event
(black tie optional) that will incluue cocktails, uinnei, anu uancing, with
enteitainment by Phil Thomas Piouuctions. It will be helu on Satuiuay,
Febiuaiy 1, 2u14, at La Sala Banquet Ball at Sons of Italy, 7S Bigh Stieet,
Beiby. Tickets aie $1uu pei peison anu can be puichaseu thiough
}anuaiy 2S
at the City Cleik's 0ffice, 1 Elizabeth Stieet, Beiby, oi by
mail at 69 Elizabeth Stieet, Beiby, CT u6418. Checks shoulu be maue
payable to !"#$% '()*+*#), -),, ./00*(12% 3*(4. Foi auuitional
infoimation, please contact }ennifei Besioches at 2uS-7S4-14Su oi

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