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Potholder Auto Emergency Kit and Bunsen Burner Supplies

Potholder Auto Emergency Kit and Bunsen Burner Supplies

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Published by Tamiroxie720

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Published by: Tamiroxie720 on Sep 17, 2009
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Potholder Auto Emergency Kit Supplies

Potholder: (needs to be square with loop in the middle) Walmart = 2/$1 Dollar Tree =(sometimes) 2/$1 Disposable Rain Jacket = Dollar Tree 2/$1 Whistles = Party Whistles Dollar Tree 6/$1 www.OrientalTrading.com approx. 12/$4 Accident Report Form (Tami can e-mail this to you) Bandaids at Walmart or Dollar Tree Best Deal Examination Gloves Approx. 50/ $5 at Walmart (in the painting aisle) 8 pairs/ $1 at Dollar Tree Hard Tack Candy (we used Jolly Ranchers) Buttons (variety in Walmart’s Ribbon Aisle) Snack Bags (each needs 10)=100/$2 at Walmart

Bunsen Burners Supplies:
Quart Paint can = KWAL Paint approx. $1.20/can Roll of Toilet Paper with cardboard removed 1 bottle of Rubbing Alcohol 1 box Matches (Walmart or Dollar Tree has them in bulk) Penny for outside (for ease of opening)

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