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Lovely by User

Lovely by User

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Published by emo_megz
short story by emo_megz
short story by emo_megz

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Published by: emo_megz on Sep 17, 2009
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LOVELY – short story I wish you were lovely. Come again? Oh, shut up! You’re only imaginary.

And why on Earth do you imagine something unlovely when you could create Adonis? Because I’ve never met Adonis. I don’t know what he’s like, how he thinks, speaks,…breathes,…stares…hesitates. …Good point. See, if you were lovely then I’d almost feel free to love all of you, to risk at it and try to kiss you and see how you respond because we really should go out. We really should be a couple. Yes, just today we were told that twice. Don’t joke about it. I’m serious. And I am too, even though I’m imaginary…See, there was our classmate when we were arguing on what to do about the movie and then your friends gossiping openly. Right…well, see, if you were lovely I’d love not only the inner you but the outer you, personality and physique. Hmm…thank you. See, we get along fine, because even though some might think we’re only bickering all day long it’s only because we’ve reached that level of confidence and comfort enough to poke fun at each other knowing how far to go and more or less how they’ll take it. Which is always badly…then smiling…Cynical bastards we are! Exactly!...So I look in at us from an outer point of view and we really should date, we compliment each other strangely well and we’re always together. We’ve done intimate, couple-like things together practically since the day we started talking: out to dinner together, out shopping together -even though it was comic books-, the movies, train rides, lunch and random pigging out…Plenty of things, you know. Yeah. But the problem is I can feel so attracted personality-wise, like we’re always together but why aren’t we together together? And then I can see someone else who attracts me physically and I’m being pulled by two strings…Is personality enough? …And I honestly don’t know and





honestly don’t want to hurt you so…I just wish you were lovely so I wouldn’t feel an impulse to find eye-candy…just lovely enough. Adonis actually isn’t my type. I’d never believe it. I wouldn’t trust my luck, I’d always be looking for the hidden door, the trick behind the illusion… But then again, sometimes I think about it, about if you’re physically attracting me somewhat and if that somewhat along with your personality is enough and I take you piece by piece and some parts do turn me on. Like if I watch carefully, in detail, a part of you I fall for you, for that part of you, physically… But it’s only sometimes… and some views…Like sometimes how your hair just falls over your forehead…I take your hair for instance and I love the length, not short but not too long, I want to run my hands through it but I have no worries of getting my fingers lost in knots or how it falls over your forehead. Falls, but doesn’t cover your eyes…Or I take the image sometimes of how your jeans look from behind, how they kind of sag, kind of hug you, and how the bottom of your shirt or jacket plays into that image…But then again I realize your eyes don’t melt me, I find them playful, yes, but not smittening…Or your goatee, three-day beard thing…it interrupts me, I don’t like it even though I’m usually fond of them…And I do like your lips…They’re surprisingly soft pink, and a soft looking texture…and they look moist…Yes, I like your lips… And that’s a pretty important part of the puzzle…But most of your body doesn’t tempt me at all…But I can see us kissing, if we ever do finally kiss…It’s not like I haven’t fallen for a guy just for personality before and kissed him and had really great kisses…We’d have great kisses, be really synchronized and improvised, we’d read each others next move before it was made and move in a way to compliment it… We’d drown in a kiss, like long-timing, eyes closing lazily, head swaying and dizzying, hands…I can’t seem to know how our hands would react…Would we hug?...Would we graze?...Would we touch?...Would we grope? And grab? And go crazy?...Or go slowly? Nervously? Looking for a final resting place? Hair? Neck? Face? Cheek? Back? Waist? Leg?...i have no idea…Because I still haven’t decided if it’s enough, if it would be enough to risk kissing you…If I can conform with being somewhat attracted or if it’s better to wish you were just …lovely?

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