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La lettre envoyée en 1919.

La lettre envoyée en 1919.

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Published by Radio-Canada
La lettre envoyée en 1919.
La lettre envoyée en 1919.

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Published by: Radio-Canada on Jan 10, 2014
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Transcript of letter from Violet Collier (& Geoff Collier), Box 115, Vulcan, Alberta To Miss Sc ol!

, of (presumabl") Sout Australia #ate$ %o&ember 15t , 1'1' on letter ea$ of t e Vulcan Suppl" Compan" ( M" $ear Miss Sc ol!, B" t e time t is reac es "ou ) *uess +mas ,on-t be far a,a", . ) ,is "ou all t e *oo$ t in*s of t e season/ Since ,ritin* last ) *uess "ou a&e Mr/ 0or Ms/1 %orman 0or %orma1 Sc ol! ,it "ou, . ) can ima*ine , at *reat times "ou a$ ,elcomin* all t e bo"s ome/ Geoff as is four brot ers ome no, (one ,as 2ille$, . one sent to Siberia for a "ear/ )t $oes not seem as t ou* t in*s ,ill e&er be t e same a*ain, since t is ,ar, e&er"t in* ere is upsi$e $o,n ,it stri2es, . t e 3nite$ States is in a $rea$ful state, ser&es t em ri* t t ou* t e" are al,a"s sa"in* 45o, t e" ,on t e ,ar,6 runnin* $o,n ot er 4%ations6, . t in2in* t e" rule t e ,orl$, "ou s oul$ feel t an2ful "ou a&e not *ot t em as nei* bours/ 7e a&e a$ a &er" $r" "ear (t e 8r$) a*ain, it-s ma2in* t in*s ba$, . an earl" ,inter as set in since 9ct 15 ,e a&e a$ : ft of sno, on t e *roun$ ,it !ero ,eat er cattle are $"in* for ,ant of fee$, a" is an a,ful price, . can scarcel" be *ot/ Go&t is tal2in* of elpin* out more t an as been/ Geoff as starte$ in business in t e 5ar$,are ()ronmon*er") ,it t,o ot er fello,s one , o an$les implements, . anot er, . in t e Sprin* t e" inten$ combinin* t e t ree, Geoffs o,n business t e 45arness6, 4)mplements6, . t e 45ar$,are6 if it-s a *oo$ "ear next "ear t e" s oul$ $o ,ell, . reall" ) $on-t see o, it possibl" can be anot er $r" "ear/ 7e a&e a$ t e 4;rince of 7ales6 out ere, ,e $ro&e '5 miles b" auto to see im, a$ a $an$" &ie,, e is suc a nice open face$ bo" e&er"bo$" is in lo&e ,it im/ 7e a$ anot er lon* ri$e b" auto t is summer 1<= miles to see a brot er of Geoffs, our li* t-s *a&e out comin* ome, a pitc $ar2 ni* t, but ,e *ot ome alri* t/ 5o, are "ou all 2eepin* . Mr Sc ol!> M" sister Mabel is ,ell, tal2s of comin* out to see me, s e is on eas" street, to , at ) am ?ust no,, er usban$s people seem to be fairl" ,ell connecte$/ Auntie @ulia in An*lan$ $oes not en?o" &er" *oo$ ealt s e is B5 next birt $a"/ Games on t e ice is t e or$er of t e $a" out ere no,, 4Curlin*6, 45oc2e"6 . S2atin*/ 5o, is Miss At2inson t ese $a"s/ )n cannot t in2 of more ne,s ?ust no,/ So ,ill close/ 5opin* all are in t e best of ealt / Cours sincerel" Violet Collier

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