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Class discussion about the early #mrkulo03, theme, colonists, agree,

colonial period. @mrkulowiec, more, land, conflict,
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@mrkulowiec Equality was mentioned, but I agree that inequality was way more prominent #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 18:06 | streco

@LittleFiddle05 no yelling at the teacher#mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 18:05 | Jiynxie

Inequality could also be a major theme. I'm not sure if it was mentioned yet.
17-Sep-09 18:05 | mrkulowiec

@mrkulowiec but wouldnt that be the same as determination in a way? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 18:05 | Jdizzelz

@mrkulowiec: How was determination a major problem? Without it they wouldnt have survived! #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 18:04 | LittleFiddle05

Survival would also be a theme, If the Natives or the colonist didn't have the power to survive we would have
nothing to discuss.#mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 18:04 | asgleason08

@TuckerUSHIST: what do you mean? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 18:04 | Cappy52

@mrkulowiec Bacon's Rebellion could fit into conflict and gold an land #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 18:04 | CaptainWoodward

Determination must have been with the indians and with the colonist thats why they fought over the land.
17-Sep-09 18:04 | chelsear30

@mrkulowiec Remember? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 18:03 | streco

No comments about Bacon's Rebellion. What theme could that fit into? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 18:02 | mrkulowiec

Couldn't determination also be a major problem. For the colonists, natives, western farmers & first Africans?
17-Sep-09 18:02 | mrkulowiec

@mrkulowiec i dont really see persistence as a theme because jtown is the only one that i can think of #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 18:02 | SMReynolds81

@chelsear30 I agree, determination is an important theme they wouldn't have gotten anywhere w/o that or the
motivation to survive. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 18:01 | acshean11

@chelsear30: i agree if they hadn't had the determination they would have died. Carry Nation one love
17-Sep-09 18:01 | TuckerUSHIST
conflict betwwen the colonists is also is just as important as the conlicts with the NA #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:58 | TuckerUSHIST

@acshean11 I agree that exploitation is a theme, because like you said, the NA's got taken advantage of when
they were drunk. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:58 | milofl

@ktmcnicholas13 yeah why were the slaves treated better during Jamestwon? It took a major leap from
indetured servant to slave. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:58 | Jiynxie

@ktmcnicholas13 the slaves at jamestown were not slaves but indentured servants after thier set time of work
they recived land #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:58 | Jdizzelz

@TuckerUSHIST can you give examples of the economic theme? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:57 | mrkulowiec

@jiynxie great point. Without courage the 1607ers wouldn't have made it past the starving time. #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:57 | mrkulowiec

the economy could also be a theme. like trading, fishing and trying to find gold. #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:56 | TuckerUSHIST

@achshean11 I agree, the colonist exploited the natives, aswell as abused them in oder to get the land they
wanted. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:56 | asgleason08

@acshean11 outstanding observation. Exploitation took place from colonists to natives as well as from colonist
to colonist. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:56 | mrkulowiec

@acshean11 that's a really good theme I never would have thought of that but I agree. #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:56 | MoniqueAlyse

@mrkulowiec conflict is where this would fit in with themes and possibly survival #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:56 | Jdizzelz

@mrkulowiec: the drunk thing definately would fit in with perspective. OOH! I FOUND ANOTHER THEME!
17-Sep-09 17:56 | LittleFiddle05

why were slaves treated better during Jamestown? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:55 | ktmcnicholas13

@chelsear30 hope is deffinatly a theme.But would you say courage would be a theme? If they had no
courage,they would not have come.#mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:55 | Jiynxie

William Penn took a completely different approach. How does his approach conflict with other themes of the
period? #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:55 | mrkulowiec
Does anyone remember the reference to getting the Natives drunk? How would that fit in? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:51 | mrkulowiec

@Killam_all true, it also mentioned in the book that all the older indians had peace with the colonists until that
generation died #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:51 | chelsear30

@ mrkulowiec Survival would be a solid theme the struggle that each colony had to push through reoccurs in the
chapter #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:50 | Jdizzelz

@chelsear30 i agree with that, people have hopes of starting a new life #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:50 | SMReynolds81

@chelsear30 Word yo #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:50 | Jdizzelz

@CaptainWoodward no #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:49 | TuckerUSHIST

Maybe hope was a theme, these colonists came to live on UNSETTLED land and had to go through hard times
and they needed hope #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:45 | chelsear30


17-Sep-09 17:41 | CaptainWoodward

@littlefiddle05 this is very true, you can always attemp something but never achieve it like they never achieved
equality. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:41 | chelsear30

@jdizzelz thats a good theme i never thought of survival but I would have to say thats one of the most important
ones. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:40 | chelsear30

@moniquealyse I agree with you, religion was pretty much the only reason Anne Hutchinson got kicked out, and
the men feared her #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:39 | chelsear30

Indentured servants and slaves were used when tobacco started growing in Virginia. The settlers didn't treat
either very well. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:38 | MoniqueAlyse

@TuckerUSHIST Yes but the Natives had greater numbers so in yo face #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:38 | CaptainWoodward

@killam_all: I disagree. It wasn't until William Penn that the natives were really acknowledged. 2nd generation
was worse though. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:38 | LittleFiddle05

@tuckerUSHist i agree strongly with you the colonists had the NA help them alot through the first couple of years
17-Sep-09 17:37 | Rmac34
@ Mrkulowiec Survival would be a solid theme the struggle that each colony had to push through reoccurs in the
chapter #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:36 | Jdizzelz

@killam_all Why do you think the 2nd generation took this approach? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:36 | mrkulowiec

yes. Rmac is correct they would present the colony as a godly place to get people to join. mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:36 | Cappy52

@Jdizzelz That is true, if there had been no conflict about land, there would have been no war. No despute=no
war=peace #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:35 | Jiynxie

@Rmac34 I agree. persuasion could be a theme #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:35 | streco

TheJamestown sttlers were incouraged to go back tothere home byother settlers along the coast shortly after
they developed tabacco #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:35 | ktmcnicholas13

@Rmac34 What groups were "lured" to the new colonies? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:35 | mrkulowiec

@mrkulowiec: yes it could be because colonizing a new world was a hard thing to do. the colonists had to rely on
the NA to survive #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:35 | TuckerUSHIST

A Utopian society was a constant theme, be it Winthrop or Penn, Everyone saw a new world and wanted to make
it a Perfect world. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:35 | LittleFiddle05

It seemed like the initial wave of colonists treated the natives nicely, but the next generation started more
conflicts. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:35 | killam_all

@streco solid observation. #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:35 | mrkulowiec

Tucker is right. Colonists had too much power over the Native Americans. #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:35 | Cappy52

the new colonies used alot of different ways to get people to settle in ther colony like saying any type of group is
welcome. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:34 | Rmac34

@mrkulowiec The rest of these themes - power, religious freedom, money, and land - contribute to the theme of
conflict. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:34 | streco

Land is a theme that causing multiple conflicts throughout the chapter Like King Philip's war between the natives
and the colonist #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:33 | Jdizzelz
@LittleFiddle05 I agree with you to a point about land. I don't think that was their primary goal but it was a top
priority. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:31 | MoniqueAlyse

@TuckerUSHIST When the colonists first came to the new world they were at the mercy of the Natives
17-Sep-09 17:31 | CaptainWoodward

@mrkulowiec: conflict would definately be another word to describe the relationship between the colonists and
NAs #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:31 | LittleFiddle05

@Littlefiddle05 Disagree. Those poor, unable to vote, lacking land, thinking differently, or native were treated
unfairly. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:31 | streco

@Rmac34. yes i agree with everything you just said. one love Carry Nation #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:31 | TuckerUSHIST

@mrkulowiec I feel that reglion was not only a more powerful theme but also a more recurring one aswell.
17-Sep-09 17:31 | asgleason08

@mrkulowiec Relegious freedom was more powerful, it was occuring as the main reason for colonization more
often than gold and land#mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:30 | CaptainWoodward

@mrkulowiec Conflict is definatly a major theme. With the conflict between the different religons to conflict with
the Natives.#mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:30 | Jiynxie

Most colonies advertized equality to get more people to join their colony #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:30 | SMReynolds81

@ktmcnicholas Didn't the joint stock companies fail? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:30 | mrkulowiec

the colonists always won these small conflicts. giving them more leverage in the new world. the NA couldn't do
anything to stop it.#mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:29 | TuckerUSHIST

Relationships between NAs and colonists recurred often in this chapter, whether in a peaceful way or not it was a
constant issue. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:29 | LittleFiddle05

I think most of the leaders of england just wanted to gain land, and would kick out anyone in the way.
17-Sep-09 17:29 | killam_all

@streco I agree with you but also they had to find ways to not fight with on another and work together. #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:29 | Rmac34

What about the theme of Conflict? #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:28 | mrkulowiec

@streco: Everyone thought they wanted equality in one way or another. Many just didnt see equality the way we
do now. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:27 | LittleFiddle05

@chelsear03 i agree aswell. In order to obtain relgious freedem the settlers who didn't agree had to leave their
homes. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:27 | asgleason08

Jamestown was more focused on getting gold and land but Plymouth and the Mass Bay Coloney was more
focused on relegious freedom #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:27 | CaptainWoodward

Leadership was a theme as well, John Smith "craved adventure" and he was the leader of the Jamestown
settlement #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:27 | chelsear30

A common theme during the colonial time period is power. Every new colony wanted power and equality through
out their society.#mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:27 | acshean11

A theme of the early colonial times was equality and justice, between the settlers themselves and the settlers
and the natives. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:26 | milofl

@chelsear30 i agree with you because the English moved to the New World to get away from the king.
17-Sep-09 17:26 | MoniqueAlyse

One theme of the early colonies was conflict between the NA and colonists.Jamestown was the first conflict
between colonists & NA.#mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:26 | TuckerUSHIST

A theme colonial periods is theology. Quakers attempted to begin their faith & were harassed by Puritans and
Anglicans alike. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:26 | aweeks11

@LittleFiddle05 Only Penn wanted equality. Natives and indentured servants were treated terribly. #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:26 | streco

I agree with you they the english want to keep taking land @ asgleason08 #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:25 | Rmac34

Land was another theme. Be it for the sake of having land of their own, or a place they could shape as the chose,
land was primary #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:25 | LittleFiddle05

@LittleFiddle05 i agree with you. If people didn't want equality, they would have stayed where they
17-Sep-09 17:25 | Jiynxie

The settlers wanted to get away from the King to go on with their beliefs and not be told what to do like
dictatorship. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:24 | chelsear30

Religion came up a lot in the chapter. Especially during Winthrop's speech and when the settlers kicked Anne
Hutchinson out. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:24 | MoniqueAlyse
Power - almost every new colony wanted to conquer and take advantage of the Native Americans. #mrkulo03

17-Sep-09 17:22 | streco

A desire for equality was a definate theme in the colonial society. Penn came to make a Quaker society, pilgrims
as puritans, etc. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:21 | LittleFiddle05

Read in your textbook & blog: What were the themes of early colonial society? And what are examples of those
themes? #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 17:09 | mrkulowiec

While listening to the lecture: post questions, comments, insights and anything else that help us understand the
colonial period. #mrkulo03
17-Sep-09 16:02 | mrkulowiec