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The First Invocation

The First Invocation

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Published by Pompy Joe
invocation of higherself
invocation of higherself

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Published by: Pompy Joe on Jan 10, 2014
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The First Invocation 'Come forth unto me, Thou that art my true Self: my Light: my Soul!

come forth unto me: Thou that art crowned with Glory: That art the Changeless: The Unnameable: The Immortal Godhead, whose Place is in the Unknown: and whose Dwelling is the Abode of the Undying Gods. Heart of my Soul; self-shining Flame, Glory of Light, Thee I invoke. Come forth unto me, my Lord: to me, who am Thy vain reflection in the mighty sea of Matter! Hear Thou, Angel and Lord! Hear Thou in the habitations of Eternity; come forth; and purify to Thy Glory My mind and Will! Without Thee am I nothing; in Thee am I All-self existing in Thy Selfhood to eternity!' ---[11] See Appendix III. [12] Augoeides is a Greek term corresponding to the Holy Guardian Angel. The type of invocation used is very much a matter of personal preference and intuition. [13] Of course there are also other magical practices where the reverse holds true. ---First purification and consecration 'Water: Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. 'Fire: O send forth Thy light and Thy Truth, let them lead me, let them guide me unto Thy Holy Hill, to Thy Dwellingplace! I stand before the Beautiful Gate: before the mighty Portal of the Universe: at my Right Hand a Pillar of Fire; and at my left a Pillar of Cloud. At their bases are the dark-rolling clouds of the Material Universe: and they pierce the Vault of the Heavens above. And ever upon their summits flame the Lamps of their Spiritual Essence! 'Thou that livest in the Glory beyond that Gate: Heart of my Soul; Thee I invoke! Come Thou forth unto me, who art my very Selfhood; mine Essence, my Light: and do Thou guard me and guide me through the Manifold Paths of Life: that I may at length become one with Thine Immortal and Imperishable Essence! 'Unto Thee, Sole Wise, Sole Mighty, and Sole Eternal One, be Praise and Glory for Ever; Who hast

cometh all good! from Thy Hands flow down all grace and blessing! The Characters of Heaven with Thy Finger hast thou traced: but none can read them save he that hath been taught in Thy school! Therefore. and His Name in the presence of the Ancient of Days. who submit themselves unto Thee! And whomsoever humbleth himself in dust and ashes before Thee. the meek-hearted and the poor. O Lord. but unto Thy name be the Glory! 'Let the influence of Thy Divine Ones descend upon my head. Lord of the Universe. whose dwelling is in Heaven and in the virtuous and God-fearing Heart! 'O God the Vast One! Thou art in all things! 'O Nature! Thou Self from Nothing .for what else can I call Thee! I. 'From Thy Hands. but that my Name may be written upon High. in myself. Let me be guided by the help of my Genius unto Thy Throne of Glory. who should not extol Thee! Unto whom there is none like. O Lord our God! Who should not extol Thee. even so our eyes look up unto Thee! For Thou alone art our help. and handmaids unto the hands of their mistresses. I am nothing! I. even as servants look unto the hands of their masters. and teach me the value of SelfSacrifice: so that I shrink not in the hour of trial. and that my Genius may stand in the Presence of the Holy One: in that hour when the Son of Man is evoked before the Lord of Spirits. O Lord of the Universe! grant Thou that upon me may shine forth the Light of my Higher Soul. for all things tend unto Thine Honour and Majesty! Thou art Lord alone. in . Not unto me.permitted me to enter so far in the Sanctuary of Thy Mysteries. O Lord of the Universe! Who should not praise Thee! All belongeth unto Thee! Either Thy love or Thine anger all must again re-enter! Nothing canst Thou lose. to such a one art Thou propitious! 'Who should not praise Thee then. Ineffable in the centre of the World of Life and Light. and there is none beside Thee! Thou dost what Thou wilt with Thy Mighty Arm: and none can escape from Thee! Thou alone helpest in their necessity the humble.

Thee. I am all Self: and exist in Thy Selfhood from nothing! Live Thou in me: and bring me unto that Self which is in Thee! For my victory is in the Cross and the Rose! 'The Voice of My Higher Soul said unto me: let me enter the path of Darkness: peradventure thus may I obtain the Light! I am the only being in an Abyss of Darkness: from the Darkness came I forth ere my birth. 'And the voice of ages answered unto my Soul: child of Earth! The Light shineth in the Darkness. but the Darkness comprehendeth it not!' . from the Silence of a primal sleep.

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