What Yap needs to do to stay safe

n April 26th, 2009, the world identified a new kind of flu virus causing illness in Humans. he virus was first named "Swine Flu" because it previously caused illness in pigs.

ough unny Nose ore Throat ever ometimes diarrhea and vomiting.

his flu is different from what we usually call “the flu” in Yap. ust like we call all white people “Merikan,” even if they are not from America. ost of what we call “the flu” are cough’s and runny noses caused by weaker viruses.

he new H1N1 Flu is bad because it is new. This means our body’s immune system won’t know how to fight it. lso it means that we don’t have a vaccine to stop the spread of the new flu yet.

he H1N1 flu: preads twice as easily as the regular flu auses 4 times the hospitalizations of the regular flu auses death in .4% of

lthough not as deadly as the 1918 Influenza that killed about 40 million people in the world, the new H1N1 influenza has been compared to the 1957 “Asian Flu.” n 1957 many people died in Yap from the Asian Flu, especially in the

f we allow the virus to spread quickly throughout our islands, then we will be overwhelmed by people needing to stay in the hospital. here will be many more deaths than normal for our small community.

Percentage of the Community Affected

90% 75% 50% 30% 20%

Total number of cases (Est. Total pop 11780)

Total Number of Number Deaths Hospitalized (.4%) (4%)

10602 8835 5890 3534 2356

424 353 235 141 94

42 35 23 14 9

our Cases have been confirmed in Yap on August 18th. of the cases had no history of recent travel. his indicates that it is already here moving

he first step is to protect yourself. on’t let the virus into your body.

ake sure to call your CHC or the hospital is you think you have the Flu. f you are having difficulty breathing or are very sick, do come to the hospital for evaluation.

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