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What Dream (Short Story) by Leon Basin

What Dream (Short Story) by Leon Basin

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Published by Leon Basin
4th Try in the Short Story Department.
4th Try in the Short Story Department.

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Published by: Leon Basin on Sep 18, 2009
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What Dream? Jai awoke because the waves would not stop hitting his body.

At first, it was annoying; however, as the hours continued to pass, he forgot all about it. When he was asleep, he had a dream. A dream so barbarous that it had to be stamped into his subconscious mind. He told himself that he would not repeat the dream when he awoke, but he always shared his dreams with his friend Von. Jai reached into his backpack for his cell phone. Trying desperately to stay calm, he stood up. “Where is it?” He asked himself. “Where the heck could it be?” After five min, Jai located the phone. He started dialing, but then realized, what if Von is not home? As he usually was not, he had three jobs and a wife to care for. “Forget it,” Jai said tossing the cell phone back into his backpack. “Damn, who else could I call?” said Jai while looking around the beach. About ten feet away from him, he saw some kind of movement. Jai looked a bit stunned as it was at least one AM. At first hesitant, Jai started walking towards the movement he saw a few seconds before. While walking, he was not sure if he should get out his knife, or first yell before walking any further. “Ehh, I guess I could get out a knife, just in-case.” As he continued walking towards the movement, he saw a body wrapped in blankets. Jai was not sure if it was a dead body or a homeless body, but he continued to get closer to it. Jai was a fellow full of curiosity. As Jai moved in closer, he saw the body move. “Oh, shit!” Jai yelled while holding tightly to his knife. As Jai got even closer, the body un-wrapped itself and started to scream. “Ahhh! Ahhhhhhh!” Jai freaked out and started to move a few steps backwards, not sure, if he should walk or run. The body got up and started yelling, “Who the hell are you?” “Why are you so damn close?” “I’m sorry; I did not mean to bother you.” “I just awoke myself, wanted to call my friend, to tell him about a dream I had, but I decided not to.” “Why?” “What do you mean what?” “I mean why you decided not to call your friend?” asked the body. “I’m not sure. Did not want to bother him, I suppose.” “Bother him? I wish I had friends who I could call.” said the body “Well, I tell you what. I will be your friend, if you care to listen to my dream?” “Oh! Um, sure”

“Do not worry, the dream is not long.” “Okay, great!” “May I sit down, right here?” Jai pointing his finger towards the blanket. “Sure, take a seat.” Jai slowly sits down. “Well, okay. It started like a good dream.” However, it became somewhat of a nightmare. At least that’s the way I look at it.” “What happened?” “Well…” “It was just so scary.” “At first I felt like I was on the beach. Just like, I am now. I met a homeless man there. Just like now. Then, the homeless man tells me to sit down. He tells me he is bored and wants someone to speak with. I do not discriminate, so I agree. He starts asking me questions about me. Are you married? If so, what does your wife look like and if I have a picture of her? I do not hesitate and respond accordingly.” “Yea, I’m indeed married and sure I do have a picture of her.” “I take out the picture and hold it out.” He grins and asks if he may hold it, because he cannot see from that far away.” “Of course you may.” “I hand him the picture and he starts smiling.” “Wow, she is quite pretty!” He tells me. Before I know it, he has his left hand on his crotch and starts rubbing it.” “I am awestruck and not sure what I should do next. I stand up and ask for the picture back. He tells me he wants to keep it for a bit. I cannot believe my ears. I ask him again to give it to me, as I have to go. The reason I am on the beach I tell him, is that my wife and I had a fight. I had far too many drinks and the beach was the only place I could release my tension. Before I could finish another word, the body starts looking through his garbage. He pulls out what looks like a picture of someone familiar. “Holy shit!” That is my fuckin wife.” “What the hell is going on here?” The body smiles while holding the picture out. I start looking through my backpack, hoping to locate my knife I dropped in my backpack before I approached. I continue searching for it, but cannot seem to locate it. I begin to yell and scream. Out of nowhere, something is touching me. I hear voices in the back of my mind. “Wake up, baby.” The voice seems to get louder. I continue searching for my knife. “Where is it? It has to be here somewhere.” “Wake up baby!” I hear it again. Then a pair of hands starts shaking me. “Wake up please!” I hear the voice again. I finally open my eyes and there in front of me is my wife. “What the fuck happened? I ask, while touching my sheets to see if its sand. “Baby, it is okay, it was just a dream.” My wife reassures me.

“Oh, damn baby. You won’t believe a dream I had.” I tell her while continuing to breathe heavily. “What happened?” she asks me I look around me once again, making sure this really was a dream. “Are you sure?” I ask her, while my head is moving into every direction. “Yes, baby!” “It definitely was a dream.” She reassures me again. “Hey Hun!” I say. “May I have some water?” “Sure!” My wife reaches behind her. There is that old cup of water. I tell myself. It was definitely a dream. I tell myself. As my wife starts to pick up the cup of water, there lays a piece of paper. “Hun, what is that piece of paper?” I ask bewilderingly. “What piece of paper? “Are you talking about this piece of paper?” “Yes babe! That piece of paper. She picks it up and hands it to me. I bring it closer to my face in order to take a closer look. Suddenly, my heart stops beating for a second. I look closer and there it is a photo of my wife. The photo that is always in my wallet. Leon Basin http://www.leonbasin.net

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