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Published by: Khateeb Ul Islam Qadri on Jan 11, 2014
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Naseem Alsham

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d, our grandfather, the crown of our scholars:


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Back Fatwa Number 20986 11/09/2011 Sufism Can you add some information on Sufism and if it's from sunnah to follow paths such as the shadhali, the chisti, and nakshbendi orders and so on? Also does the majority of Muslims in the Arab world agree upon this Sufi teaching and how can we protect all the community from going out of Sunni Islam? Answered Dr. Muhammad Tawfiq Ramadan Al-Bouti by:

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Sufism is a kind of education that scholars adopted as derived from the principles of sacred law, and it was only called Sufism in a later stage. A lot of baseless bidas (innovations) were inserted in this origin, and the Imams of this approach warned from them including Abu al-Qasem alQusheiri in his treatise and Imam al-Ghazali in his Ihyah [Revival]. If you went back to the correct books of Sufism, you would find that it is derived from the Holy Quran and the Sunna and never deviate from them. Those references include: al-Hikam al-Ataeiya [Aphorisms of Ibn Ata'illah] by Ibn Ata'illah as-Sakandari, and al-Burhan al-Moayad [The Supported Proof] by Ahmad al-Rifaei.

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