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101 Amazing Ways to Say I Love You

101 Amazing Ways to Say I Love You

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Amazing Book on Love.
Amazing Book on Love.

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Published by: Munaf on Sep 18, 2009
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On the other hand, if your partner is a woman and she’s interested in buying
clothes, maybe you can take her out for a day of shopping or give her free
reign of the credit card for a day.

Here’s how you can give this gift to her:

• Surprise her by taking her to her favorite stores on a day that you
were planning on spending with her.

• Give her a gift certificate to her favorite shop.

• Make a card for her that entitles her to one day of ‘shopping without
guilt’ and then let her redeem it whenever she wants it.

The key to this gift for your partner is to support anything that she might
purchase – compliment her new outfits and let her know that you think she’s
beautiful in anything she wears.

If she wonders why you did this for her, you can always say that you wanted
to make her feel as beautiful as you already see her.

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