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Semper Fit Basic Fitness Course

Semper Fit Basic Fitness Course


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Published by: United States Militia on Sep 18, 2009
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What is a Static

A static stretch is a stretch that is performed at a slow speed and held for 30
seconds. A static stretch involves the relaxation and simultaneous
lengthening of the stretched muscle.

Static stretching is perhaps the most commonly used method to increase

Injury Potential If static stretching is done correctly, the likelihood of injury is relatively low.
Additionally, there is little or no danger of soreness.

Although injury to muscles or connective tissue may result if the static stretch
is too intense, there are no real disadvantages to static stretching in terms of
injury potential as long as proper technique is used.

Is a Longer
Stretch Better?

A longer stretch is not always better. Holding the stretch for 60 seconds does
not improve flexibility any more than holding a stretch for 30 seconds does.

A Marine just starting a flexibility training program may find it difficult to
hold a stretch for 30 seconds. In these cases, the Marine may wish to start out
by holding the stretch for 15 or 20 seconds, and gradually progressing to 30
seconds as he gains experience and focus.

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