EXPRESS Libraries

Jacksonville Public Library System FY 09-10

What are they?
Express libraries  Will have business hours between 16 – 24 hours weekly;  Be managed and staffed by a larger unit;  Offer basic reference and circulation service;  Offer a limited popular collection - bestsellers; urban fiction; media (dvd’s, compact discs); children’s core collection  Limit programs to those that are library sponsored or in partnership with JPL  Accommodate scheduled class visits

Which units will be impacted?
    

Westbrook Branch -20 hrs/wk will be managed by Main Library/Reference Manager Maxville Branch -16 hrs/wk will be managed by West Regional Brown Eastside -20 hrs/wk will be managed by University Park Brentwood Branch -20 hrs/wk will be managed by Highlands Murray Hill Branch -24 hrs/wk will be managed by Webb Wesconnett

How and why did they originate?
 To

address a city mandated reduction in the system’s overall budget;  This restructure allows us to maintain services and a library presence in the community

How will Express Libraries work?
  

Each home unit will gain full time staff to assist with coverage; Part time budgets at home units will increase accordingly; Managers of the home unit are expected to
-set staff schedules; - oversee supply orders; -coordinate customer comments; -supervise collection development activity for both units; -facilitate building concerns; -complete monthly report for the home unit and one for the express branch; -assign tasks and responsibilities as appropriate and needed for the EXPRESS libraries;

How will Express Libraries work?
 Assigned


security for Express Libraries – EB, WBK, NS and MH will correspond with scheduled business hours;  Meeting rooms will be utilized at the discretion of management during business hours;  Oversight will be provided by the appropriate Administrative Supervisor

Changes in business/service

 System

will develop tools and methods to measure and evaluate changes and impact to business and services

What will we do about….?
 

 

Holds: collection exempt; Cash handling: cash registers removed - Credit card payments accepted for fines/fees; Supplies: drop ship to home unit; Contract services: e.g. Bennett’s; ADT; Custodial – these services will be adjusted as needed; ILL: customer pickup at another library location

What do we tell the customer?
  

Explain that reduced service and hours are a result of the overall city budget reduction Always be prepared to present reasonable alternatives for available library service Direct customers to share their concerns via -JPL’s counting opinions; -library website; -contact their district council member or council member at large


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