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Sample Paper – 2013 Class – XII Subject – Physics EXAMINATION 2011-12 Roll No. • • •

Please check that this question paper contains printe ! pa"es. Please check that this question paper contains #0 questions. Please $rite o$n the serial nu%&er o' the question &e'ore atte%ptin" it. ()A** XII P+,*I(* -Theor./ Ma1i%u% Marks0 20

Ti%e allo$e 0 # hours

General Instructions: -i/ All questions are co%pulsor.. -ii/ There is no o3erall choice. +o$e3er an internal choice has &een pro3i e in one question o' t$o %arks4 one question o' three %arks an all three questions o' 'i3e %arks each. ,ou ha3e to atte%pt onl. one o' the choices in such questions. -iii/ 5uestions 1 to 8 are 3er. short ans$er an carr. one %ark each. -i3/ 5uestions 9 to18 are short ans$er an carr. two %arks each. -3/ 5uestions 19 to 27 are short ans$er an carr. three %arks each. -3i/ 5uestions 28 to 30 are lon" ans$er an carr. fi e %arks each. -3ii/ 6se o' calculators is not per%itte . -3iii/ ,ou %a. use the 'ollo$in" 3alues o' ph.sical constants $here3er necessar.0 c 7 # 1 10! %s-1 h 7 8.828 1 10-#9 :s e 7 1.802 1 10-1; ( <0 7 9= 1 10-2 T % A-1 1 7 ; 1 10; N %2 (2 9=>o Mass o' neutron %n 7 1.82? 1 10-22 k" @oltA%annBs constant k7 1.#!1 1 10-2# :C-1 A3o"a roBs nu%&er NA 7 8.022 1 102# D%ol-1 c 7 # 1 10! %s-1 h 7 8.828 1 10-#9 :s e 7 1.802 1 10-1; ( <0 7 9= 1 10-2 T % A-1 Other Educational Portals | | | | |


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5.1 Erite the Na%e o' 6ni3ersal lo"ic "ates.

1 7 ; 1 10; N %2 (2 9=>o %n 7 1.82? 1 10-22 k" k7 1.#!1 1 10-2# :C-1 NA 7 8.022 1 102# D%ol-1

5.2 In hal'- $a3e recti'ication4 $hat is the output 'requenc. i' the input 'requenc. is ?0 +A. 5.# Ma"netic 'iel lines can &e entirel. con'ine $ithin the core o' a toroi 4 &ut not $ithin a strai"ht solenoi . Eh.F

5.9- Erite one esira&le an one un esira&le e''ects o' e . currents.

5.?- A )a%p is connecte in series $ith a capacitor4 pre ict .our o&ser3ations 'or c an ac connections. 5.8- *tate the part o' the electro%a"netic spectru% to $hich $a3e len"th is 21 c%. 5.2- Ehat is the @re$ster an"le 'or air to "lass transitionF -Re'racti3e in e1 o' "lass 7 1.?/ 5.!- In the line spectru% o' the +. ro"en Ato%4 $hich series 'alls in 3isi&le re"ion o' Electro-%a"netic spectru%.

5.;- *tate Gauss Theore% an esta&lish an e1pression 'or 'iel char"e in'inite plane sheet.

ue to a uni'or%l.

5.10- *ho$ the 3ariation o' current 3ersus 3olta"e "raph 'or GaAs an %ark the Other Educational Portals | | | | |


-i/ Non- linear re"ion -ii/ Ne"ati3e resistance re"ion


5.11- Hra$ a circuit ia"ra% o' potentio%eter to 'in internal resistance o' a cell an Esta&lish 'or%ula 'or it.

5.12- T$o lon" an Parallel strai"ht $ires A an @" currents o' !.0 A an ?.0A in the sa%e irection are separate &. a istance o' 9 c%. Esti%ate the 'orce an irection on a 10 c.%. section o' $ire A. 5.1#- *uppose that the electric 'iel a%plitu e o' an electro%a"netic $a3e is Eo 7 120 ND( an that its 'requenc. is ?0 M+I. Heter%ine the 3alue o' @o4 J4 k an . K 5.19- Pro3e that K71.222 n%.

3 $here *.%&ols ha3e their usual %eanin". 5.1?- Esti%ate the istance 'or $hich ra. optics is "oo appro1i%ation 'or an aperture o' 9 %% an $a3e len"th 900 n%.

5.18- The total ener". o' an electron in the 'irst e1cite state o' the +. ro"en ato% is a&out -#.9 eL. -i/ Ehat is the kinetic ener". o' the electron in this stateF -ii/ Ehat is the potential ener". o' the electron in this stateF

5.12- Erite short notes on HALI**ON an GERMER EXPERIMENT. !" (alculate the -i/ %o%entu% an -ii/ e- &ro"lie $a3elen"th o' the electron accelerate throu"h the Potential i''erence o' ?8L 5.1!- A %assa"e si"nal o' 12 k+A an peak 3olta"e 20 L is use to %o ulate a carrier $a3e o' 'requenc. 12 M+A an peak 3olta"e #0L .(alculate the -i/ %o ulation in e1 -ii/ *i e M&an 'requencies. Other Educational Portals | | | | |


5.1;- -i/ Hra$ Equipotential sur'ace 'or a uni'or% electric 'iel . -ii/ T$o char"es ? 1 10-! ( an -# 110-! ( are locate 18 c% apart. At $hat point-s/ on the line Noinin" the t$o char"es is the electric potential AeroF Take the potential at In'init. to &e Aero. 5.20- He'ine Trans'or%er4 ho$ it help to step- up an step - o$n the applie 3olta"e o&tain e1pression 'or trans'or%ation ratio.

5.21- A *pherical sur'ace o' ra ius R4 *eparator a rarer an a enser %e iu% ra$ suita&le ia"ra% sho$in" the 'or%ation o' real i%a"e. +ence eri3e the relation connectin" o&Nect istance u4 I%a"e istance 34 Ra ius o' cur3ature R an the re'racti3e in e1 n1 an n2 o' the t$o %e ia. 5.22- Gi3e the principle o' a Lan- e Gra'' "enerator $ith the help o' suita&le ia"ra%4 escri&e its construction an $orkin". +o$ is the leaka"e o' char"e %ini%iAe 'ro% the "eneratorF !" O&tain the e1pression 'or the capacitance o' a Parallel plate capacitor. Three capacitors o' capacitances 2p'4 #p' an 9p' are connecte in Parallel. Ehat is the total capacitance o' the co%&ination.

5.2#- An alternatin" e%' is applie across a capacitor4 sho$ %athe%aticall. that current in it lea s the applie e%' &. a phase an"le o' =D2 .Ehat is its (apaciti3e reactanceF Hra$ a "raph sho$in" the 3ariation o' capaciti3e reactance $ith the 'requenc. o' the ac. source 5.29- O&tain the e1pression 'or %a"ni'ication 'or a co%poun %icroscope at nor%al a Nust%ent con ition 5.2?- He'ine Hri't 3elocit. an esta&lish its relation $ith Electric 'iel . 5.28- Plot the "raph 'or &in in" ener". per nucleon as a 'unction o' %ass nu%&er. Erite it %ain 'eatures. 5.22- Ehat o .ou %ean &. %o ulation4 ho$ it can &e one4 $rite its necessisit.. Other Educational Portals | | | | |


5.2!- *tate the @iot- *a3art la$ 'or the %a"netic 'iel ue to a current" ele%ent use this la$ to o&tain a 'or%ula 'or %a"netic 'iel at the centre o' a circular loop o' ra ius R" a stea . current I . !" Hra$ a neat an la&ele ia"ra% o' a c.clotron. *tate the un" principle an e1plain ho$ a positi3el. char"e particle "ets accelerate in this %achine sho$ %athe%aticall. that the c.clotron 'requenc. oes not epen upon the spee o' the particle. 5.2;- Ehat are ener". &an sF +o$ are these 'or%e F Histin"uish &et$een a con uctor4 an insulator an a se%icon uctor on the &asis o' ener". &an ia"ra%. !" E1plain the 'unction o' &ase re"ion o' a transistor. Eh. is this re"ion %a e thin an li"htl. ope F Hra$ a circuit ia"ra% to stu . the input an output characteristics o' n-p-n transistor in a co%%on e%itter -(E/ con'i"uration. *ho$ these characteristics "raphicall.. E1plain ho$ current a%pli'ication 'actor o' the transistor is calculate usin" output characteristics 5.#0- Ehat are coherent sources o' li"htF *tate t$o con itions 'or t$o li"ht sources to &e coherent. Heri3e a %athe%atical e1pression 'or the $i th o' inter'erence 'rin"es o&taine in ,oun"Bs ou&le slit e1peri%ent $ith the help o' a suita&le ia"ra%. !" *tate +u."ens B principle. 6sin" the "eo%etrical construction o' secon ar. $a3elets4 e1plain the re'raction o' a plane $a3e 'ront inci ent at a plane sur'ace. +ence 3eri'. *nellBs la$ o' re'raction. Illustrate $ith the help o' ia"ra% the action o' -i/ con3e1 lens an -ii/ conca3e %irror on a plane $a3e 'ront inci ent on it.

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