The 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association requires a doi at the end of a citation

if one is available.
Example: Anderson-Clark, T., Green, R. & Henley, T. !""#$. The relationshi% bet&een first na'es and teacher e(%ectations for achieve'ent 'otivation. )ournal of *an+ua+e & ,ocial

-sycholo+y, !., /0-//. doi12".22..3"!62/!.4".5"/620 To locate a doi1 7o you see a doi in the database citation, in the database record, or on the first %a+e of the article> Go to &&&.crossref.or+ , click on Guest :uery and enter the ART;C*< T;T*< and first authors= last na'e in ?search on Article title=


YES the ho'e%a+e the Aournal by

7id you find a doi>


*ocate @or

YES searchin+ the ;nternet. -aste the doi to the Aournal end of the citation. ho'e%a+e> ,ee e(a'%le above. -aste the doi to the end of the citation. ,ee e(a'%le above. YES Ty%e the BR* citation for the Aournal additional ho'e%a+e at the end of the citation infor'ation &ith no NO include 7oes the have a

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