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Merchant Banking

Merchant Banking

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Published by: Pranav D. Potekar on Sep 18, 2009
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Making decisions relating to the investment of the cash resources of a
corporate enterprise in marketable securities by deciding the quantum, timing and
the type of security to be bought, is known as ‘Portfolio Management’. It involves
making the right choice of investment, aimed at obtaining an optimum investment
mix, taking into account factors such as the objectives of the investment, tax
bracket of the investor, need for maximizing yield and capital appreciation, etc.

The services covered are as follows:

1.Undertaking investment in securities

2.Undertaking investment for non-resident Indians, on both repatriation and
non-repatriation basis

3.Undertaking review of Provident fund Investment, Trust investment, etc

4.Safe custody of securities in India and overseas

5.Collection of return on investment and re-investment of the same in
profitable avenues, investment advisory services to the investors and
other related services on selection of investments

6.Providing advice on selection of investments

7.Carrying out a critical evaluation of investment portfolio

8.Securing approval from RBI for the purchase /sale of securities(for NRI


9.Maintaining investment records and complying with ceiling requirements

10.Collecting and remitting interest and dividend on investment

11.Providing tax counseling and filing tax returns through tax consultants

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