Government of the District of Columbia

Washington DC 20001 - – twitter@anc5e

January 21, 2014 7PM – 9PM

Trinity University College Michigan & Franklin NE

5E01 Debbie Smith-Steiner 202.681-0095 5E02 Christy Love Davis Secretary ANC5e02christylovedavi 202-738-3683 5E03-Alex Underwood alexunderwood@ 202-498-4128 5E04- Sylvia Pinkney 202-269-4180 5E05 Joyce Robinson-Paul 202-330-7955 5E06 Teri Janine Quinn Vice Chair @TJQANC5E06 202-495-1177

Please limit your comments accordingly. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Part I: Opening (30 Minutes-7PM)


Call to Order Commissioner Barnes Election of Officers for 2014 Facilitator Nominations for Chair; V-Chair; Treasurer; Recording Secretary; Correspondence Secretary; and Appoint a Sargent of Arms Swearing In of 2014 Officers Councilman McDuffie Roll Call Secretary Approval of Agenda Commissioners Part II: Community Concerns (30 Minutes-7:30PM) Public Safety Reports/Q&A

PSA 501 & 502 Officers

Part III: Financial Status of ANC5E (30 Minutes-8PM) Approval of the Security Funds Approval of Ownership of Domain Name “” from January – December 2014 Approval of ANC5E FY2014 Budget Approval of Cell Phone Purchase for Commissioners’ Usage

5E07 Wanda Foster 202-455-0519 5E08 Mark Mueller Treasurer 202-200-3191 5E09-Dianne Barnes Chair 202-387-2497 5E10 Angela Blanks blanksangela52@ 202-904-3502 NEXT MEETINGS: COW –FEB 1st Harry Thomas RC PUBLIC - FEB 18TH Trinity College

Part IV: Business Administration (30 Minutes-8:30PM) Approval of December’s Minutes Approval of Monthly Public Meeting Location Schedule for Year 2014 Approval of a Web Master Job Description Request to rescind BACA’s Resolution Part V: On-Going Community Concerns/Information Status of Proposed ANC Office Space at The Triology Rock N Roll USA Marathon and Half Marathon scheduled to run Saturday, Mar 14, 2014

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