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P.O. Box 340 Morrisville, VT 05661-0340 (802) 888-4541 (802) 888-6710 FAX April 24, 2009 To whom it may concern, I am writing in reference to Shaun Bryer. Shaun was hired by the Morristown school district in 2003 and served as an elementary teacher for the first 4 years of employment, This year, Shaun has been the literacy teacher leader for grades four through twelve. I have worked closely with Shaun in this role. ‘The goal of the teacher leader model is to improve the quality and equity of educational ‘opportunities provided to all students through internal leadership, collaboration, implementation of research proven strategies, and data analysis. ‘The literacy teacher leader is to provide support to the curriculum and assessment systems in the Morristown School District as part of this work. ‘Over the past 5 years, Morristown schoo! district has designed and implemented a robust literacy assessment system. ‘This includes our “On Demand Writing Prompt’ (ODWP) given twice a year to all students in grades 3-12. Shaun was responsible for maintaining the efficacy of this program by providing leadership and facilitation to a literacy steering committee. This steering committee makes necessary modifications to the writing prompts and scoring rubrics. He also managed the logistics of administering the assessment by working with administration to determine scoring teams, prepare calibration materials, provide training materials for principals to use with faculty, and review individual student pieces. In addition to ODWP, Shaun was a Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) trainer and used classroom and DRP data to determine the needs of individual students in reading, Shaun helped to coordinate several enrichment activities for elementary and middle level students including Wacky Word Week, Read Across America, Team Read and Extension groups, and Vermont Writes days. During his tenure with Morrisville School District, Shaun has also served as a member of the elementary steering committee, been the advisor for elementary student council, and a member of the Lamoille South Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction council Sincerely, s ; Inlet ASuthiy Vaal ip outlivan Curriculum Director Serving the students of ELMORE - MORRISTOWN - STOWE