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SOCIAL EVILS IN PAKISTAN INTRODUCTION 1. Harmful for the people and society 2. Common in Pakistan REASONS 1. Lack of education 2. Lust for wealth and human greed 3. Feudal system and poor law and order 4. Developing country and progressing ethics 5. Ignorance to Islamic ideology DESCRIPTION OF EVILS 1. Poverty 2. Unemployment 3. Terrorism 4. Hoarding, bribery, corruption 5. Beggary, child labour, prostitution 6. Bad customs, nepotism, dowry SOLUTIONS 1. True spirit of Islam and rule of law 2. Mass awareness through media 3. Effective law and order 4. Reforms in judicial and police system CONCLUSION

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. MILTON Social evils are the bad habits or activities in the society and they cause harm the people and society. They also harm the person who is involved in these. Pakistan is a developing country. There are many evils in the society. There is a control of feudal system. The masses are poor in our country. The standards of morals are not high due to lack of education. The people have forgotten the true spirit of Islamic ideology which makes us pious. It gives us the spirit of unity and sacrifice for others. But alas! Man has demoralized due to materialism, lust for wealth and selfishness. Thus many social evils result. Man is the supreme creature of God. He is blessed with goodness and evil. Those who prefer goodness become beneficial for others but those who follow evils indulge into these social evils. Poverty, unemployment, terrorism, drug addictions, dowry, beggary, child labor, women harassment, prostitution, bad customs, dowry, falsehood, narrow-mindedness, rudeness, corruption, dishonesty, nepotism, hoarding, smuggling, profiteering are some of the evils that these people use as their tools to gain worldly comforts. Poverty is said to be the mother of all evils. A poor person can be harmful for the society. His morals become weak. It leads the poor people towards frustration and agitation. Thus, this frustration leads the young people towards the addiction of drugs or crimes. They start smuggling, commit thefts to snatch their rights and this leads towards societal insecurity and safety problems. Unemployment is also caused when there is poverty in the country. The jobless people are destructive. Empty mind is devils workshop. They start fights and committing suicide. The jobless youth develops rebellious attitude. They join terrorist groups, drug traffickers and smugglers. Terrorism is burning question of this time in the whole world. It has threatened world peace. Suicide attacks are common. Life has become uncertain. Religious, ethnic, economic and social differences are its causes. Hoarding, bribery, profiteering and corruption are the evils caused by the greed of man. He is selfish and wants to earn money by hook and by crook. He wants wealth and power. He finds his own benefits. He becomes an opportunist. He exploits others in difficult time. These three evils are strictly prohibited in Islamic system of business. They cause inflation and the social inequality. They discourage the talented youth. There is a lot capital and brain drain in our country. Beggary, child labour, prostitution and dishonesty result when there is social and economic difference among the people. These evils are common in our country. The children are forced to work for their livelihood. The society has spoiled morally. The poor women commit sins to fulfill their family needs. Theft, dishonesty and beggary also result. Nepotism, bad customs of karo kari, sati and wani, narrow mindedness and women harassment are caused by feudal system, poor law and order and lack of education. Democratic values are not developed in our country. Ethics are not of primary concern. Dowry is the result of shared living with the Hindus. Due to poverty fathers cannot afford it and the poor daughter remains unmarried and sometimes commits suicide by taking poison or burning. All these evils can be eliminated with the help of strong will, determination, courage, effective law and order, sincerity and education. The people can be taught religious morality. Many social evils can be eliminated with the help religious scholars by presenting true spirit of Islam. The masses can be made aware socially and politically through media. The judicial and police system can be reformed to ensure quick justice. Though the evils are greater, yet they can be controlled by developing common purpose. Life can be made happy with these steps. Life is neither good or evil, but only a place for good and evil.