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Paper thin and watered down 24 March 2012 | by David Miller (United Kingdo ! " #ee all y reviews

$he tro%ble with this ovie is that &' old eno%gh to have seen any o( its antecedents) #o be(ore $he $r% an #how* which is essentially the sa e idea as $he +%nger ,a es* we have -attle Royale* $he R%nning Man and o( co%rse* Rollerball) $hey all deal with ass entertain ent in a dystopian (%t%re society and they all have their (laws) .hat's really disappointing abo%t $he +%nger ,a es is that %nless yo%'ve read the boo/* the (il will give yo% only a (leeting gli pse into why the ga es are called that) $here's nothing else to help the naive reader a/e sense o( the plot and beca%se o( this* the involve ent o( children will see a bit odd to anyone who hasn't read the boo/) &n (act* that's so ething yo% sho%ld ta/e into acco%nt when reading any o( the reviews o( the (il as they're written by people who have read the boo/s and can (ill in the wide gaps in the (il witho%t even thin/ing abo%t it) #o e have said its plot line is ildy satirical* b%t in y view that's 0%st an e1c%se (or a poorly (illeted and disappointing adaptation o( a arvello%s boo/)