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Dual Prep Lesson Plan Format

Based on Integrating Understanding By Design & Differentiated Instruction: Connecting Content and Kids Carol Ann Tomlinson & Jay McTighe, ASCD, 2006, and COE SPED De ar!men! "esson Plan #orma!

Teacher Candida!e $ame% Dere& Jones "esson Ti!le% To!em Pole CCSS-s.%

Cohor! '% ()(

Today*s Da!e% ))+),+20)2 Teaching Da!e% ))+20+20)2

/rade "e0el% )

Men!or Teacher% Celes!e 1a!ayama

Step 1Desired Results (what students will learn) A2 Brie# narra!i0e o0er0ie3 o# lesson4 s eci#y End5ring 6nders!andings and Essen!ial 75es!ions2

Each student will build a piece to a totem pole. They will use various colors of construction paper to cut out different animal head features (nose, ears, eyes, etc.) to paste to another off-setting color of construction paper. Upon completion, the students will put the pictures on top of one another to build a totem pole.
End5ring 6nders!andings% To com are 8a3aii9s Ti&i9s 3i!h !he $a!i0e American !ri:es o# !he Paci#ic $or!h3es!9s !o!em oles

Essen!ial 75es!ions% ;ha! do yo5 &no3 a:o5! Ti&i9s< ;ha! do yo5 &no3 a:o5! !o!em oles< Do yo5 &no3 3ha! !hey animals mean on !he oles<


S!andards% Benchmar& FA.1.1. Per#ormance =ndica!ors

The s!5den!% Com ares ar! o:>ec!s -e2g2, Ja anese screen, Me?ican !in ar!, A#rican mas&s. #rom 0ario5s c5l!5res and !he !hemes and s5:>ec! ma!!er !hey ha0e in common2

S!andard How the arts shape and reflect culture


/eneral "earner O5!come -/"O.% '2 Comm5ni!y Con!ri:5!or, !he s!5den!s m5s! 3or& !oge!her !o crea!e s!anding !o!em ole =nTASC S!andard -my #oc5s as a !eacher.% S!andard '@A =ns!r5c!ional S!ra!egies


@-d. The !eacher 0aries his+her role in !he ins!r5c!ional rocess -e2g2, ins!r5c!or, #acili!a!or, coach, a5dience. in rela!ion !o !he con!en! and 5r oses o# ins!r5c!ion and !he needs o# learners2
Step !Assessment "#idence (summati#e chec$ for learnin%)

A2 Per#ormance Tas&-s. -;ha! 3ill s!5den!s do !o demons!ra!e !heir learning<. S!5den!s 3ill crea!e a 5niB5e ar! iece !ha! re resen!s !hemsel0es or !heir comm5ni!y2

B2 Per#ormance Cri!eria -How good is good enough? Em:ed chec&lis!s, r5:rics, and cri!eria2. Performance &as$s Students will create a uni*ue art piece that represents themsel#es or their communit+ 'riteria ( 'omplete art piece usin% multiple materials (colored construction paper, cra+ons, etc.) 'riteria 'omplete art piece usin% onl+ one t+pe of material with assistance from instructor 'riteria ) Does not complete art piece

Step -Acti#e Learnin% Plan (detailed enou%h for another teacher to follow) ;ri!e a de!ailed seB5encing o# yo5r student.centered lesson. If students with severe disabilities are included in the grou ! e"bed individuali#ed ob$ectives into the general rocedures and describe the individuali#ed ro" ting! correction! and reinforce"ent rocedures %see attached for"at&. Use active verbs! Write more about what the students will do! Procedures Attendin% 'ue ) e2g2, 8o3 3ill !ransi!ion #rom rior ac!i0i!y :e made< 8o3 3ill s!5den!*s a!!en!ion :e ca !5red rior !o !he lesson< Anticipator+ Set ) =n!rod5ce desired res5l!s4 as& essen!ial B5es!ion4 connec! 3i!h s!5den! e? erience2 =s !his re0ie3 or ne3 in#o< 8o3 does lesson lin& !o re0io5s learning< =s reAassessmen! necessary< 8o3 3ill lesson :e resen!ed< /odelin% ) ;ha!+ho3 3ill yo5 model< 8o3 3ill yo5 s5 or! s!5den!s !o ac!i0a!e !heir o3n !hin&ing< Teacher 3illC Teacher 3ill ro0ide a :rie# :ac&gro5nd o# !ri:es !ha! crea!ed !o!em oles and 3ha! !hey re resen!ed2 ;ill sho3 !he s!5den!s a re ared iece o# !o!em ole as an e?am le2 There 3ill :e minor reA assessmen! !o e? lain !o!em oles and ar! conce ! !hro5gh s!ory and ic!5re2 S!andard and agenda 3ill :e 3ri!!en on !he :oard as 3ell2 = 3ill ro0ide my o3n iece !o !he !o!em ole2 ;ill as& s!5den!s 3ha! animals !hey may #eel re#lec!s !hemsel0es2 Students will 1uild totem poles after recei#in% instruction. &hose who ha#e 1een the most attenti#e and respectful durin% instruction will ha#e first choice of paper color 4nl+ %uide, not do the wor$ for them. &his portion wil not 1e assessed, it is a fun acti#it+ to %et them interested in 5ati#e American histor+ 2ith 16 minutes until final 1ell, will as$ students if the+ ha#e put more thou%ht into how their animal represents themsel#es and tell them to 1e read+ to clean in 7 minutes. S!5den! 3illC S!5den!s 3ill lis!en !o e?am les and as& B5es!ions i# !hey ha0e any

$e3 lesson2 This 3ill :e sho3n as an o or!5ni!y !o allo3 s!5den!s !o !hin& a:o5! !hemsel0es and !heir en0ironmen!2 This lesson 3ill coincide 3i!h a #5!5re lesson in $a!i0e American his!ory2 S!5den!s 3ill o:ser0e my iece !o !he !o!em ole and loo& a! ic!5res o# ac!5al oles

0uided Practice D 8o3 3ill s!5den!s rac!ice !he learning< 8o3 3ill yo5 rom !< ;ha! are yo5 doing #or #orma!i0e assessmen!< ;ha! correc!i0e #eed:ac& 3ill yo5 ro0ide<

Still will thin$ a1out how their totem poles represent them in a meanin%ful wa+, 2ill record thou%hts in the ensuin% lesson

3ndependent Practice D 8o3 3ill s!5den!s demons!ra!e a:ili!y !o er#orm s&ill inde enden!ly< Assessment "#idenceA S5mma!i0eE8o3 3ill yo5 do !he s5mma!i0e assessmen! !o de!ermine !o 3ha! degree lesson and =EP o:>ec!i0es ha0e :een accom lished< ;ha! ar! o# !heir learning 3ill s!5den!s sel#Aassess< 'losureE8o3 3ill yo5 s5mmariFe !he lesson, incl5ding re0isi!ing !he End5ring 6nders!andings and Essen!ial 75es!ions< 8o3 3ill yo5 connec! !his lesson !o #5!5re learning<

Students will wor$ independentl+ cuttin% shapes and %luin% them to 1ac$%round papers Students will fill out a small wor$sheet on totem poles and tri1es on future assi%nment

0en "d8 Di##eren!ia!ion Plan #or !he /eneral Ed5ca!ion classroom, nonA=EP s!5den!s -,0( Di##eren!ia!e !he learning
en0ironmen!, con!en!, rocess, or er#ormance !as& #or indi0id5als or small gro5 s -e2g2, gi#!ed, E"" s!5den!s, reading

gro5 s.2

=den!i#y !he !y e o# need -e2g2, E""s, gi#!ed s!5den!s, reading needs, ,0( s!5den!s,
enrichmen!, and o!her lans #or indi0id5al s!5den! learning.

"is! !he !y e o# di##eren!ia!ion -learning en0ironmen!, con!en!,

rocess, or er#ormance !as&. and !ell ho3 yo5 3ill di##eren!ia!e -e2g2 change sea!ing, gi0e a more ad0anced+sim ler reading assignmen!, e!c2.

E""s SPED Accelera!ed "earners A2 Ma!erials !o ha0e ready%

8 !"" white paper, various colors construction paper, pencil, crayon, colored pencil, scissors, glue
B2 A ro?ima!e !ime needed #or lesson% ) 8o5r

C2 Geso5rces -3here = go! my ideas.% h!! %++!homaselemen!aryar!2:logs o!2com+20))+)0+(!hAgradeA!o!emA oles2h!ml

Step 9Reflection (re*uired) 3n +our written reflection, please respond to at least three of the fi#e facets (e.%., lesson structure, student interaction, etc.) of +our lesson (includin% all of the 1ulleted *uestions). :"#er+one needs to include ;Assessment< as one of the three facets discussed.


"ESSO$ STG6CT6GE% ;ha! 3ere some s!reng!hs o# yo5r lesson< ;ha! 3o5ld yo5 change< Did yo5r s!5den!s mee! !he S!andard+Benchmar& or =EP o:>ec!i0e yo5 chose #or !he lesson< ;hich di##eren!ia!ed ins!r5c!ional s!ra!egies and 0aried modali!ies did yo5 5se< 8o3 e##ec!i0e 3ere !hey< 8o3 e##ec!i0e 3ere !he indi0id5al or gro5 ada !a!ions and+or modi#ica!ions yo5 ro0ided< :ASS"SS/"5&8 ;ha! e0idence can yo5 sho3 a:o5! yo5r s!5den!s* learning< -=ncl5de s!5den! 3or& sam les2. Descri:e ho3 3ell aligned yo5r Assessmen! E0idence 3as in rela!ion !o !he Desired Ges5l!s -End5ring 6nders!andings and Essen!ial 75es!ions.2 Did !he Assessmen! yield !he da!a yo5 needed in order !o de!ermine ho3 3ell yo5r s!5den!s a!!ained !he Desired Ges5l!s< Descri:e !he Ine?! s!e * lesson !ha! yo5 designed #or yo5r s!5den!s !o #ollo3 5 on !his lesson2 ;ha! e0idence did yo5 ga!her #rom !he assessmen! !ha! led yo5 !o design !his Ine?! s!e * lesson< 8o3 did yo5 :5ild on !heir &no3ledge, s&ills, or dis osi!ions< ;ha! modi#ica!ions did yo5 ma&e #or yo5r di0erse learners d5ring !he #irs! and second lessons< ST6DE$T =$TEGACT=O$% 8o3 3ell did yo5 rela!e !he lesson !o s!5den!s* &no3ledge, e? eriences, and in!eres!s< ;ere yo5 leased 3i!h s!5den! res onses< Did yo5 modi#y !he lesson according !o s!5den!s* res onses< 8o3< Did yo5 address all s!5den!s eB5ally and incl5de each indi0id5al in disc5ssion+ans3ering B5es!ions<

BE8AJ=OG+MA$A/EME$T% 8o3 3ell did yo5 manage classroom :eha0ior< ;ha! !echniB5es 3or&ed :es! and 3ha! didn*!< ;hy< ;ha! o!her :eha0ioral !echniB5es co5ld yo5 ha0e 5sed< ;ere !here o##A!as& :eha0iors< =# yes, d5ring 3ha! or!ions o# class !ime 3ere s!5den!s* o##A!as&< ;ha! did yo5 do !o engage o##A!as& s!5den!s< CO""ABOGAT=O$% 8o3 did yo5 de0elo !his lesson< Did yo5 consider s!5den! in!eres!s< Did yo5 comm5nica!e and lan 3i!h yo5r Men!or Teacher or o!her ad5l!s #rom !he comm5ni!y -school and+or larger comm5ni!y.< Did yo5 ha0e comm5ni!y mem:ers ar!ici a!e in !he lesson< =# so, ho3<