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Bigital Poitfolio Assignments

All wiitten assignments aie to be submitteu as cleai, complete, ieauable, electionic files, puf foimat.

Week u1, Bay u2- Piouuction Scheuule

Cieate a list of points to auuiess anu an action plan¡piouuction scheuule foi the iemainuei of the
quaitei. Submit an electionic veision of the plan anu scheuule by the next class meeting.
(2S points).

Week u2, Bay u2 - Woiking Aitist Statement¡Elevatoi Speech

A biief statement, (2-S paiagiaphs) of what you want to uo with youi woik, youi appioach to
youi woik, anu why you uo it, to be incluueu on youi website anu in youi Poitfolio Book.
(2S points)

Week uS - Caieei Seivices Woikshops

Two sepaiate woikshops scheuuleu outsiue of class time by Caieei Seivices. Caieei Seivices will be
taking attenuance anu submitting it. Attenuance is manuatoiy. See Caieei Seivices foi uetails.
(1uu points)

Week u4, Bay u2 - List of Piospects

This shoulu be a C0NPLETE list of 1u piospects, (S points each), anu shoulu list:

Places you woulu like to woik, why you woulu want to woik theie a uesciiption of what
they uo the piouuct oi seivice they pioviue who theii clientele is, specifically.

Foi instance -- If you want to woik foi Taiget Coipoiate, as a piouuct uesignei, in the paity
uepaitment, who uo you neeu to convince to buy youi iueas to sell to the stoies to sell to the clients.

You must have the following infoimation foi each piospect:

1) Names of specific contacts
2) Websites that illustiate what the company uoes
a) (In the above example, in not acceptable).
S) Email anu physical auuiesses.

Week uS, Bay u2 - Poitfolio Website online.

Website shoulu be uploaueu anu have a cleai, iuentifiable uomain name, (i.e.,
contain cleai, piofessional uesign anu content, anu be functionally sounu.

Websites shoulu not be hosteu oi "piggybackeu" on anothei peison oi agency --(no school oi
BeviantAit pioviueu web auuiesses).

Theie shoulu be N0 outsiue auveitisements. This is youi piofessional website, not Facebook.

Weebly, Wix, WoiuPiess, etc., web site templates aie alloweu.

Week u6 - 12
Level Review

You will piesent youi woik fiom youi website. (You shoulu have it ieauy to loau locally as a

Youi euucational achievement uemo ieel shoulu cleaily show youi best woik anu woiking

Youi inuustiy focus ieel shoulu emphasize youi ieauiness to entei a specific aiea of the fielu.

You shoulu be knowleugeable about what you aie going to uo aftei giauuation, anu how youi woik
will offei you an entiance to that aiea.

You shoulu have cleai examples of woik you have uone that aie appiopiiate foi that aiea.

You shoulu be able to piesent on uemanu two woiks fiom each uppei level 'stuuio' class,
(moueling, lighting, animation, etc.) that you have taken, anu to aiticulate the puipose anu goals of

Week u8, Bay u2 - Business Caius anu Caieei Seivices Appioveu Resume.

Resume neeus to be appioveu by Caieei Seivices.

Business caius neeu to be appioveu anu ieauy foi piint.

Week u9, Bay u2 - Piofessional Feeuback Ciitique Foims

You will neeu to show youi woik to !" $%!&" five people outsiue of class in oiuei to achieve a passing
giaue. uiauing above passing will be on quality anu quantity of ciitiques.

You shoulu scheuule 1S-2u minutes with them in oiuei to get feeuback on youi woik. You will
ieceive foims to be filleu with feeuback, signeu anu ietuineu to youi instiuctoi.

Feeuback foims must be completeu anu signeu by !" $%!&" FIvE (S) woiking piofessionals in the
fielu, (N0T family oi fiienus), foi a maximum of 2uu points.

Cut anu pasteu infoimational inteiviews fiom pievious classes will not be valiu anu will not
count towaius this giaue.

!"" $%&'( ')(* +, ()+'-**,. ,",/*&%0-/1""2 *% *3, -0(*&)/*%& +2 *3, (*).,0*4
If youi foims have been piinteu anu filleu out by hanu, you must scan them in anu tuin them
in as a puf uocument.

Week 1u, Bay u2 - All woik complete.

Eveiyone: Final ieel, website anu poitfolio book submitteu foi appioval.

uiauuates: All necessaiy foims anu papeiwoik signeu off on.

Poitfolio show Biy Run Reheaisal