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Published by: John-Jack Holland on Jan 13, 2014
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The Unsolved Ritual Murders of Atlanta.

There are ominous rites occurring regularity that call forth immense powerful , demonic forces in the caves that exist beneath the populace of all great cities. Atlanta is no different. Its location in fact was chosen because of this immense system of underground grottoes simmering in the darkness. Only the initiated know the entrances into this Mephistophelean hell and have seen the fren ied and horrible rituals that take place there. Those that know can find one entrance right in the center of Midtown. There are signs and numbers on the street and edifice of a building standing at the corner of one of the busiest intersections in the city. If through research, or perhaps a fascination with the occult, you determine the location of this entrance, I beg you to not attempt to gain access through the basement into the deep darkness beneath. !O" #I$$ %&'&( )& *&&% A+AI%. This pamphlet will describe three of Atlanta,s most grisly unsolved ritual murders. I have seen frist hand the incredible power welded by our towns dark sorcerers. %ot only can they command beings from the Abyss, to do their evil bidding but this has given them incredible wealth and political power that they have welded for generations. %ot -ust here but worldwide. I have kept .uiet out of fear, but I can do so no longer. The last killing and the .uilt that bears heavily on my soul compels me to email silent no longer about The /ult of %ine *lit Throats. I know there have been many other ritual deaths. 0eople go missing forever all the time. I only have conclusive evidence linking these three deaths to The /ult. know there are others for the pact signed with the 1emon +AOT at the founding of Atlanta re.uires nine ritual deaths of year. I shudder at the knowledge of the horrible, depraved, and gruesome deaths they and the others endured. I shudder at the torments their should will suffer for eternity. The Atlanta 1ahlia Margret $ee *tillwell2 3456 The most famous ritual murder. Margret $ee *tillwell is Atlanta7s )lack 1alia, except for not being a whore, and better looking. *he was beautiful with neat brown hair ina buffont style and piercing green eyes. 1emons have a fondness for green eyes in their prey. *he went missing form $enox Mall on a warm, wet spring evening in May of 3455. 8er blood smeard car was found by mall security after a worried phone call from her employer when she didnt show up to work the next morning, after having dinner at an on site cafeteria with a co9worker. Inside the car was contradictory evidence that completely fooled the hapless A01. As it was intended to do.

The 1isembolwed 1ebutante2 /alire9Marie &llesworth 34:5 The tree she was bound to still stands. *he wasn7t the first to die there. The *pirit of the 0lace could tell you the history if you had mastered the skills to contact it. If not there is a historical marker denoting the battlefield off /ollier. ;ust listen for the sirens wail. 35 and an her way home from her first debutante ball. It was her cousins nite , but she new she was radiant in her gown. They knew her new *AA) ran out of gas. +as station attendant Milton , after the had begun to canvas the neighborhood, reported to A01 detectives that he had seen a teen matching her description exactly. </inderella walked into the store= was how he explained it. *he bought a gas can and a gallon of gas. >?.@A is what the receipt book said. The detective noyes indicated that he said 8e would have, locked the door and helped with the can but his boss would have been furious. #hen I intervened him. The sorrow and .uilt drippin in to his cocktail headmitted the reason he didnt was because he was scared. 8e was frughhten of the green eyed beauty . *he was never seen alive again.

8er *A)) on fire was what alerted authorities. 1ancing with 1emons2 The 1evoured Burry .

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