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This Easyshoppie (which will be much useful for the shops which involves in buying and selling the

products) is a Software which is created using the Microsoft Flexgrid for handling datas, Microsoft Common Controls-2.5 (SP2),Microsoft common controls-2.6 and Microsoft Common controls -2.6.2 for handling Dates.

The Microsoft Flexgrid is used in such a way by which it can display as many records depending upon the items purchased by the customer In this Software I have also used to bill for the items purchased. The method used to rint the bill is quite different

The Microsoft Access Database Easyshoppie.mdb consists of many tables. The users comments are invited to correct the errors (if any) in this software.

Note : This software is created within a Ten days period of time. Please Mail your comments.

If you doesnot have crystal32.ocx in your computer copy this in the windows\system directory and then go to tools menu, components option and then add this to the components dialog box by clicking browse option