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MANUFACTURE OF THE LINIMENT A topical liniment preparation is used with rubbing alcohol as the carrier oil.

Three concentrations of the volatile oil is prepared to determine the most effective concentration. This concentration is used for the quality control test, non-clinical tests and for the efficacy test. Formulation of the liniment The formulation consisted of an active ingredient (Piper betel oil) and excipients or inactive ingredients. The carrier oil will be rubbing alcohol, which will make up the bulk of the liniment. The cosmetic wax will be beeswax, which will slightly thicken the mixture and help blend the oils.

Procedure A cup of the rubbing alcohol is placed into a glass jar and then adding 5 teaspoons of the Piper betel oil. Stir the mixture while adding 1 teaspoon of melted beeswax. Place a secure lid on the glass jar and shake the jar well. Place in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and allow the liniment mixture to stand for one week. Shake the jar well once every day, except the last day. on the seventh day, decant the liniment into a dark-colored glass bottle. Place a funnel with filter paper in the top of the glass storage bottle to reduce spills and if any sediment makes its way to the top, the filter will catch it. Packaging The formulated liniment is filled into white plastic opague high density polyethylene containers. After determining the amount, the liniment is placed into containers and capped with a continuous thread plastic smooth unlined screw cap.