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Matka Queen Jaya Bhagat ousted in coup at all-bookie conclave in Mount Abu

Matka operators have now shifted their loyalties from Jaya Bhagat alias Jaya Chheda, chief of
Kalyan Bazaar as it is termed in the betting fraternity, and have created a new market called
‘Suresh Kalyan’ to mark the second death anniversary of late matka king Suresh Bhagat.

Shockingly, the man behind this move is none other than matka baron, Pappu Savla, reliable
sources have claimed. Mumbai police estimate that the daily turnover of the matka business to the
tune of Rs.100 crore with Savla’s take home income alone being to the tune of Rs.5 crore.

The decision to shift loyalty was taken on June 13, at a five star hotel (Hilton) in Rajasthan’s Mount
Abu. The meeting was reportedly headed by Pappu Savla. Among those bookies and matka
operators reportedly present in the meeting, were Satish Mau, T K Mau, Murli, Prahlad Pisa, Paresh
Goa, Kiran Deolali, Taoji Ratlam, Malang Solapur, Tarachand Goa, Shanti Dadar, Vinod Bhagat and
Jayson Ajmer who flew in from Dubai to attend the meeting.

The meeting concluded with Ahmedabad being declared as the headquarters. It was reportedly
agreed that from June 14 a new Bazaar will be launched by a new name, ‘Syndicate bazaar,’
however after objections from those who found the name difficult, it was agreed that the Bazaar
would be named after the late matka king ‘Suresh Kalyan.’ Matka baron, Kalyanji’s son, Suresh
Bhagat was murdered on June 13 in Raigadh and his name for finalized for the new bazaar on the
date of his second death anniversary.

Trade sources confirmed that bookies from all over India and abroad were summoned for a meeting
and party at a Mount Abu hotel on June 9. Ahmedabad-based bookies Ghanshyam Patel alias Dholi
and Chandu Disa arranged the meet. Those who could not travel directly to Mount Abu were offered
air tickets to Ahmedabad and then transported to Mount Abu.

A source claimed, on condition of anonymity, ‘On June 12 there was a party which included dances
and stripping acts by around 10 bar dancers. Three of the girls were showered with beer while
Rs.16 lakh in notes of Rs.10 denomination were spent on the girls and the party.”

When contacted, Vinod Bhagat denied attending the party but confirmed the minutes, as known to
ADC, “Yes there was a party and bookies were summoned by Ghanshyam and Disa. Girls were
transported from a Mumbai bar and performed nude and were completely doused with beer. It is
the rule of the game, Jaya attempted to rule the matka business, Pappu now wants Jaya out of the

Ahmedabad is the main hub for matka business these days as the main matka bazaars ‘Milan,
Kalyan, Main, Star and Super’ are operate from the Gujarat based cities.

Matka Bazaars
*Main: Started by Ratan Khatri, now operated by Pappu Savla and Ghanshyam.
*Kalyan: Started by Kalyanji Bhagat, taken over by Suresh Bhagat, now reportedly operated by Jaya
Bhagat and Pappu Savla.
*Milan: Started by Vasant Shah, now operated by his wife.
*Star: Chandu Disa.
*Super: Ghanshyam Patel and Chandu Disa.
(Source: newspaper dated Thursday, July 01, 2010 an article name DETHRONED! By Santosh Mishra)

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