Youth@lll NewrletlerVolume2 lrue 8 by Genrd JeanGalang

20001 [September


Lastyeat principal Milagros Dr. San Juan had an amazing vision:to Eee SFHS at the 'Top 10' in l{AT (National Achievement Test). The vieionwas displayed a tarpauon lin in ftont of the gate for everyonsto ee+induding fie passera-by the nearbymall. At firat, doubt permeated of it quo: because waea longshotftom the Btratus SFHSwas in the "Bottom10" (41stamongfr€ 46 scfrools the diviin sion). However, aftera mockexamp'rt themon Topg, they realized the visionwas notan imposeible afteralll that feat The vieionthen becameeverybod/s battle cry whk$ refull sound€d of hope and excitemEnt the 2nd year stuas dents and tEacfiera dil[en0y devotedthemselves daily to reviewclagsos.Th€n$€ resulb came: SFHSrankedTop 18 in the 2009NATI Morethanskipping twenty{rree ranking epaces, SFHSprovedto the community as longas that the adultsshowthat hey believein the students'capacity to excel,the studentscould actuallyrise to the occasion and live up to highexpec{ations beforethem. This euc. s€t c€8swas Etfibutod to s'hat they call fi€ leacfior iador'teadrers commifrednot only to t€acfi but abo to care for their etudents'welfar€, Just as our LordJesusChristsaid in John 13:14, teachers expected go backto the the are to heartof teaching-teaching a gervant'e with heart. As an appreciation committed for teachers, partnership with CCBC, both the communityparfrers of SFHS,conduc'ted In-Service an TrainingSeminarfor the benefttof around40 SFHSteacherE a dozenof CCBC & voluntEerE August14,2009. Mrs.LauraSclrular, vetlast a eranteacherin Canada, facilitated TEAMS: A new way of leamingand beingtogether."As a followup, weeklysmall group discrlEsbnseseione are slated for those who expressedinterest leamingaboutJeeusChrist,the Master in Teacherwifrr CCBC'g Paetor Randolph VelaEquez. @

'If Jofin13:14, I tfie4your tortant tarcfier, furte wasfie{yaur

fUo*lng Togcdrr. CCBC, VOICE Phils pdfrersad fiiends mmmuandSFHS: in nity fansbrmalion. RilddphVdCIquez Pf. gn/saninspi,raliond mo6s.tgp Jesus on as ptfiRfpttlt. ho Maffi Tadler, SFHS Milagroe Juargned uswift herpe* San enca ryraiabd ho toadors vdad od yuafso Phils unben. VOICE dd & CGBC volunoryfrtuwasfi borEhdped he logirlicdregisfaton in and otu atntfrcr's gotacquainted hs SFHS vlifrr faailSrunbeninhEinteradirc baching seminar, @

A. By Myra Bansale
at as was of March 1998 mylastmonth a student Emeeto years agolI rememThat High Rondon $chool. waseleven I year8,prayed myAlmaMater' for I berin mycollege Word to God's use G-od asked onhowHecould meto bring that I Never expected in campus. thenextgeneration Srat about to be 07,200€,lwill invited speak onAugust (111) yearstudents. 2nd eleven to onehundred "courage' 'F$aus giants, stumble' your you Focus God,, giants on on been had and story frrrnbfo."The of David Goliath always overand the Reading story Bible Etories. oneof myfavorite into my my and uplifts spirit Ehifts paradigm . overagain greater HeWhoiein methanhewhois in is that thinking and had I theworld. seldom $ratkindof courage faih when in had We in highschool. nerrer anac'tivity Echoolthat lwag Word. So to listening God's through booetgouiconfidence to I by thatmoming, God's 91609,shared thestudenb perspedive God'e through onhowto lookattheirprobleme justlikeyoung Davld' gather every to ft wasan anewered Wayai soestudents And Word. it God's about to of themonth listen firstFriday and to waea greatexperience bebackto myAlmaMater ghare @ to Word trat generation. God'g I Motpplctrru tt hfrp:llurw,youthati l,mutdply.oom


Worken, tulyra and Jeanwlth ERHS Guidarw Counselor, Mrs, Nuflez (nlddle).

the (120)hyperE attended High twenty Onehundred a 30, HypelastAugust 2009.EMANWEL, FiliSchool to pinoRondalla RockBandwasinvited shotl,case inuse firoughthe indigenous of Filipino theirtalents the Mr. euchas banduria, JunEsteban, lead struments about heart(pueo) the algo vocalist Emanwel, talked of U-UgaliMo P-Posible (Attitude), Music: of Pinoy (Charac'ter), SinoangSikat(lnfluence)' SUmaasal o--oi,Oi,Oi (Lifestyle).

DiUy, Mr. 28, August 2009. Ghristopher ExecutivE lmpad,Inc./ CamInfluence/s rec'tor Community of about to was pusCrusade Christ invited speak for in of ine importancE participatingthe2010Elections wtriledoingso,VOTE cfioice an andm-ake informed was Change alsoin' for a RIGHT, Vote a Genuine and that leamed onevotecounts Chillers formed. generations. the wfiattheydo nowwillaffec't future

Youth@'l'll Prayer Galendar

Foraneryonewho receives, asks, who Everyone seer$, finds. who Andthe dooris orynedto everyone knocks, Matthew 7:8



JOT VEIISQUEZ: CI{RIS TARROJA: JI'8TIII DE RATOS: PTR, RANDOLPH Pt.,,' ptryfiellU!' ,,io,0 frEUiSClUEZ r.r h. Pray br her minirfy Pfusc pay for ny frru, uV r'4,nu/'Fii|i' h trrd lrla co.youb $cl(atr wi[r Wavanaken and Thesisand On$N6 ffi(''{,,',).Wetot J.m, A, tlm ud utlllt, Jot ttf oxaflr. W!|5flt aN sloy thdr .try h Arilqrr. Youth@1l'|. Pray abo Tninhry.
tturgir',t'lkac.t ff'',. dmy Pr.ybrgood h..l0r

ocT 03

ocT 10

KooKIEDERAtOSr tor Prsy ri,lsdom hcr for
ar rhc coordineta $€ Hlgh School Hype tomotrow.

ocT {7

lbr horfrnly and ilcno.



ocT 02

ocT 09
AIY IIRAI{DA: Pnico God for hsr to commitmant tsrch ralues to thc lst ycar rtudcnb,rec. 16.Prey for wildom and good h€.[h. - - -


UGABAII: CATHY CAYAXAT: ARtd-D BAIIEL: l'le IATIE Prrt b hrr rb mr C!|hy,.VCIFwlra.r wt$ be teacfikg vaF roc bttfilr Collet lbr 8rt Fmclo lltl b ucs b he 1ct yrar Cfil. Prly *o br hJ on hcr tllh ylr r r ery$otogy rltd.d. Pny rcc. 26 at 8:3{bm $. md |ht lhcb; rcdd bc.Ur b ltd.h ril ftr hff hra rtd ftd today. Pny br wicrhc'd br rbL b ftbfi tll dom and paticno. llcrdrool rlquff,||cnb.
thc achool rlqqffirNlnE=

]{ICE DAT{GAT{CAil: Pray that hcr rtudenb wouldcomsto know Jecur ar rho tsad|cc vrlucr .t today. SFHS

ocr 16

EHEAIIXE OI,EVARRA: PI..$ fqtudrnglhrrhr b.dr.. v.lta b fir td yt w. 17 rtudttr ey, Pr.y r|o ftr hc rtJdar.

TERRY LAPny b CAY iC* rtdoor rtd dutelh r

Oil{ DOil* Pnay TE38 ROftQtfLrO: JO6EPI{ REY VILI.A. tq her a8 she Prayfor wisdomag RtE: Pnythat0tctord contruc shet€achesvalueg vuould rrndto mold u,l0thb hb durrt Tcry bldnr vd|l. b teach€E values to y€arsec. cettcr, mhl$y, hfirlly the 1et year sec- to $e 1st trc ld tr .illmn (8rn Fr.ncbco HB), ffon 21 at 0:30am tion 14 at 11:50am end COC.Prry for utlrdon Indodrlonan*tng. rccdon 6 t 12. today. today.

ocT 01

ocT 08

ocT 15





XA}IDAP: IIIIXIE hrc God for h.r cqnmltncnt to lart through God 1 Youth@l1 dotCOMM'r Veluct Clacc,

BAI{8ALE: RUBY IJRDIZABAL: I vl b ts,'p'h/f'8 vcluat Shc go.f to San b 2 ffiaa t&y Pray Francrico ae carly HS lor ny tutatu, Pny for er 6:30am to t ech c&bbbA,&to valucato thc 2ndycar foaflrov vflt Ab ,ld, ,<un b, Jacl, N sn rcc. 16. Pnirc God hr hcrcommltncn{ MrRcyAv.

I(TPEE PAilCATIHcao playaa I manqc BAll : tlay thc tord nry llr'p wtrt '{,'p,al p- bc U€lrcd witfi hlr llb qutraments, mlnletry, and rtudbe. Pray for fnty Utp and COC.I hlr lchool ruqulrtd&,rd ste4gdt end wiodoner I do rnynalot mcnb md wbdom In decirlonmaklng. platee EUIflCE ilO{TI.LA:

ocr 07





ocT 06

ocT 13


HELOARO8EIATT: Pny fu widocr ar rhc gpcab SenFnlr dloo Hlgh Sdod todayto-bgdr vrluc! to fic lrt ycar rludcrltr.

8ilOl* ltb UEALfi BOYDOII: R TOUEL Thed( God for lpr ls 2N year to conrvall$lllty to mlt aE a Valuco vahnr to the lrl ycar toechcr. Prdrc God fos$rctrechia[,-$ialr,' w,.E.Pry cftldcnte, for patiarcc and good Uyin $c communlty. hcelth.

ANTAHUFEMA: TJ ORTEOA lloruqf JOY bdn..n and sfrengffl for .trd mlobfy, coc, .firdh. her as she teaches hmfly. GU|dhLh..tllho|n valu€e b the 2nd |nythhf th|t 'rodd hln&t Coryyear sec.-ilat Pny tor rrldom aa ha r..lcthc Lordl sil. l:@pm today.


Sh. r| brdr vel! to lh. ld 'w .ta zt d 6;30m hday. Pny abo br wbdomt! aha plarlr thc Co[cer Chil h Oclobcr.



IREIIE FIGUEROA:ETY BAWA.,A|{: Shotcedrcr valuc to hc ld ycr lcc. 19 rttr<lcnb Prgit th.t ficrc rtudcttb would comcb knowJccus.



ocT 05

ocT 12
MYK VELAEOUEZ; Thic remcrtcr haa bcena hry onc. Pny for rfaqilh and wlcdon al hc finlrhcsthc rcfioolruqulrqnentr.

QUEVARM: IRETIE CI-ESEilTE: Srfoty, good heal0t, She will b€ bacfiing vducc to 2lanb bday: wlsdom erd$ilghftr hcr ar rhc tcrdu lrt year lec. 18 & 2nd valusrto thc 2nd ycar yeer !co. A2. Prry lq rcc, 13 at 12:00nn good hceffi erd wi.' b
dlv d6fir


NIKEL CABLIIIG: ADRNil DE RATOS: JEAI{ GALAT{G: TARI( GARDET{A8:Al TOLEI{TII{O: Pnbc b he Tod.yb hbrccondr|ayAddan 0tc Coodtuialor Pralrc God for thc 4- Mey codrueto $l& God6r hermlnbfy. ilfay of Boad Exan. Pny d bda/r |frft sdlool day vacation time b thc Mertcr Dhdplcr lr rhc oontnucto E,vaHln and abo lbr wlrdsn al he nnc. ney br wirdom wih God in Antique. hc dbdplar frc yonfi. honorandpnbc rih hcr brohrs valucr to flrc andlflngfirrh3l6.d3 lJ3 Praybr a crft fip to Prry ftr hb rtudlc and llllrendmhlr0y.ftch l-ord Prsy ebo thc thet hc uouH l.|va ar ! bblr hcr moru 2d Y'sarrfrdcntr on ldr bffi. Flr da.h3 ftr gd Manila !tudLs. b tonight. deyrto oomc. light to hb pcct!. FrHey. iloh loor€shorEs.





ocr 11

Reeoltttion As per COMELEC No.8514& 85E5 o A qualifiedapplicantneedaonlyto at appoarpersonally the local Offco. COMELEC r The appllcanfeldentltyand (Briry a wlll resldenos be verifred. validlDwiilt pWognph and signafurc.) r Tlto apdicants statusof regirbation Your wiflafsobe vedf€d.(NOTE: statusmayalsoba Wi&rafron at vedfred W llwmla melec.,) o After a succeseful verlffcalion, the applicantshallbe givcn an form to fill up (in 3 applica$on copiee). i The bpfilbant'sbiomctrie willth€n be dhltally capturod, r An adcnodedgment Receiptwillbe gtuento the applicantafterwardg.

IDEilNFEANON DOCUTEI{TS: o Employee'a identification card(lD) of or wih the signature the employer reprs$ntaliva authorlzed o PostallD o StudenfglD or libnry card,slgned by the c6oolauthotfty o SeniorCitizen'slD r Drivels llense r NBI/ PNPClearance o Passport o SSS/GSIS lD o Integrated Barof the Philippinec

Vob RIGHT For Change A Vote A Genuine
ng tagaPaano pipili mga tayo pamahala tutulong na upang makamang tanngatingbayan tunaynapagng Kami'y nagmumungkahi babago? gabay pagpili. Vote sa simpleng RIGHT. Pamamahala...ay R - eepomableng na Siya angtuwid pamumuno. ay modelo pagsa isang magandang ng sugpo kurapsiyon.

Tinutupad mga ang (rBP) I - ntogrldad. rD niya lpinamumuhay ang o Ucenge issued theProfeseional pangako. by (PRC) kanyang salita. Regulatory Commisekm
. Anyothervalkl lD.

SCHEDIJLE: o Duringoffie hours,fiom 8:00amto 5:00pm, o Mondaye-Saturdayslnduding QUALIFICATIONS: holklays. o at leaet18 yeaa old o WHEN: . 1 year reridcnoeIn the Phlllppincs Deember O2,2008 beginning o 6 monhr residcnceIn fn plae to Cfuecday) Odober 31, 2009 (Saturday) whcrclnhe Foporee to vols o WHERE at the officgof lh€ local DI9QUAUFICAflONS: Oficswhere you reaide, COMELEC o sentancsdby finalJu<lgtn€ttt eufier o HOW:perconally b of lmprieonment not lecsthan 1 year e COWRAOE; all ciffesand munido Adjudged byfinaljudgmentofa palitiec,exceptthe ARMM. compctent eourt pcnons es o Inseneor Incompctent gov. htQ omelec. ph SOURCE: :/hmrw. dadaredby cornp€bntauthofi

G -anepne K.kryeh.n. Tingnang ng abilldad kandidato. mabutiang tanagot n Dlyor KaH - endang nya mueta puso 8atao,8ebayan ang at sa Diyos? ang Anu-ano kanT - nk Rckord. yangnaga,va na? ka Kailangan Tandaan, RIGHTI Vote Maging samga isa ngating bayan. payaHuwag na kumikilos "tuwid'. gang ang 3e mangibabaw kasamaan pamamagitan pananahimlk. ng
Vo/crR GHT,llr. CrleUy. SOURCE:

(C8rl: rNvESTrGATrOl{
AJoumryndfiGod 1 UppcrRoom Sundayr,9:15rm




COLLEGE CHILL 16Scfinbcr2009 Fddey,6:00pm Dunamb CCBC

I I 1

208cptombcr2000 Sundey,1:30pm MIIN GGBC HAII

Jcaur'Sfrlcgy 2 UpprrRoom Sundayr,9;1fin


3ENDCCBC @@,nrvryanffie@@@@a@red@WWfuW@WMd


37 Phonr*:, 37*VE82, Y2o4,g Frx #; g7*2ffi Add: Emell youthatl1w$ I Iffe're on the WEB! Ofilc.Addrcs: lll CCBC WectAvcnue, Youthat I I l.multiply.conr Quezon CitY

Youtholll b tho youth enoupot c|pltol Clty Brpd.t Ghurdr rnd e ngb0rred otaanla$on of tfro llrrJlolnlllYotfrt Commlstron(NVC),


Pleqeecontac{: Dr.RrynrtloAvrnb (C@C*rWPado| Ptr.R.ndolphVdqua (volut@rYufrt Pa@ k.ilynBr!..|c (YauhrrhWy Asddarlt) tr. Jon Odrng (CanWtE O.tfrwchMretofl


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