Sri Vidya Mantra

Sri Vidya mantra is the Mother Tripurasundari’s mula mantra (root or core – mantra). Sundari’s mantra is the famous Panchadashi or fifteen syllable mantra. It has three sections (kutas) each endin! "ith the mantra Hrim "hich mantra by itself can be used to "orship Tripura Sundari or #alita. KA E I LA HRIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SA KA LA HRIM The abo$e Pachadasi Mantra is deri$ed from the follo"in! $erse KAMOYONIH KAMLA VAJRAPANIR GUHA HASA MATRISHVABHRAMINDRA PUNAR GUHA SAKALA MAYEYA CHA PURUCHCHAIVA VISHVAMATADI VIDDYOM KAMA (KA) YONI(AYE) KAMLA (EEE) VAJRAPANI INDRA (LA) GUHA (HRING) HASA VARNAS MATRISHVA!VAYU (KA) ABHRA (HA) INDRA (LA) PUNAH GUHA HRING SAKALA VARNAS AND MAYA HRING There are many "ays to e%plain this sri $idya mantra. &hole books ha$e been "ritten on it. 'elo" is a short e%amination of its syllables (elati$e to the first of the three sections of the mantra) Ka is desire or the creator. E is Maya or the po"er of illusion. I is Vishnu or the *i$ine rulin! po"er. La is the po"er of bliss. (elati$e to the second section) Ha is space or breath+ Sa is time. Ka a!ain is creation. Ha is breath or spirit rene"ed in ener!y. La a!ain is bliss. (elati$e to the third section) Sa is time as eternity or totality

a the kin! of lo$e and the third to the ori!inal Shakti or po"er of transformation. The main te%t on "hich this tradition relies is Tripuropanisat. Tantra-raja-antra and Vamakesvara-tantra are its chief authorities. These three sections also relate to 'rahma Vishnu and Shi$a to the three Vedas((i! /a.Ka is ori!in and also the unkno"n.) Pr$+$r-ati'n(+t. This $ersion of sri $idya mantra that be!ins "ith Ka is kno"n as kadi vidya. There are se$eral other $ersions of the sri$idya mantra dependin! upon the main import that is sou!ht to be pro. There is another $ersion "hich omits some letters and !i$es letters in a sli!htly different order HA SA KA LA HRIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SA KA LA HRIM This alternati$e $ersion commences the sri$idya mantra "ith letter Ha and therefore kno"n as “Hadi Vidya”. La a!ain is bliss. Hri" repeated three times brin!s about a triple transformation of our nature. Sri"added at the end is the cro"nin! !lory and realisation The first set of sri $idya mantras is the head of the . The latter tradition !oes back to #opamudra "ife of 1!astya and "as pre$alent in -erala.rti) . The former tradition said to ha$e been promul!ated by Kama is ascribed to a line of teachers) Parama+Si$a *ur$asa 0aya!ri$a and 1!astya and it is more popular all o$er the country than the other one. That a !roup of fi$e $ersions kno"n as Panca-sundari.oddess the second from her neck to her hips and the third the re!ion belo" the hips.ur and Sama).iti) HA LA KA SA HRIM KA SA HA LA HRIM KA HA SA LA HRIM /) A%+'r0ti'n (+a". "as pre$alent at one time has been mentioned in some medie$al te%t) #) V$r%a& C'""(ni)ati'n(bhasa) HA KA LA SA HRIM KA E LA SA HRIM KA LA SA HA HRIM *) E"ananti'n(Sr+ti) HA SA KA LA HRIM HA LA KA HA SA HRIM SA KA LA HRIM . The first set relates to Vak the po"er of speech the second to -amara.ected.

da+a!-idya(#4 &$tt$r "antra) OM KA E I LA HRIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SA KA LA HRIM SRIM HAMSA A+tada+a!Vidya(#5 &$tt$r "antra) AIM KA E I LA HRIM HRIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SRIM SA KA LA HRIM Sidd.ya) LA KA SA HRIM SA HA KA LA HRIM HA SA SA HA KA HRIM S'da+i!Vidya(#3 &$tt$r "antra) The Sodasi is substantially the same as pancadasi usin! same letters in the same order but addin! the seed+syllable like S !" or #!" or K$!" at the end "hich is re!arded as 2secret3 OM KA E I LA HRIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SA KA LA HRIM SRIM 'r OM KA E I LA HRIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SA KA LA HRIM AIM 'r OM KA E I LA HRIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SA KA LA HRIM KLIM There are also e%tensions of panchadasi mantra like Sa0t.4 L$tt$r "antra) OM AIM KLIM SAU KA E I LA HRIM SAU KLIM AIM .a +'da+i (*5 &$tt$r "antra) OM SRIM HRIM KLIM AIM SAU OM SRIM HRIM KA E I LA HRIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SA KA LA HRIM SAU AIM KLIM HRIM SRIM Para!-idya (.a Ya"a&a Vidya (*# &$tt$r "antra) KA E I LA HRIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SA KA LA HRIM STRIM AIM KROUM KRIM KLAM HUM Ma.HA LA KA SA HRIM KA SA HA LA HRIM HA HA KA LA HRIM 1) Ind$t$r"inat$ +tat$(nira2.

. The first of them is called %a&a-Tripura sundari. Sri-idya There are many deri$ati$e deities from the Sri$idya. She is also called Shyama&a (dark in comple%ion) and "athan'i(or aja"athan'i. is AIM KLIM SAU Or AIM KLIM SAU SAU KLIM AIM The second di$inity is "antrini (conseller to the mother+!oddess).a Matan!i .u$enile condition.oddess 'ala+Tripura sundari Mantra of 'ala+Tripura sundari. in her capacity to function like the !ate"ay to Sri$idya). She is ima!ined as youn! maidenor as a !irl of si%teen the mother !oddess in her . .a shymala or (a.a Matan!i mantra takes the follo"in! form AIM KLIM SAU AIM HRIM SHRIM OM 4( alternati$ely HRIM SHRIM KLIM AIM 4( a!ain AIM HRIM SHRIM AIM KLIM SAU OM NAMO BHAGAVATI RAJAMATANGES8ARI AIM She symboli5es the second unit of panchadasi mantra and therefore she hasthis formula form HESTRAIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM HESTRAUH .$r D$iti$+ Mantra6+ a++')iat$d 7it.OM AIM KLIM SAU HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SAU KLIM AIM OM AIM KLIM SAU SA KA LA HRIM SAU KLIM AIM OM In all these instances the basic structure is that of panchadasi and care is al"ays taken to !roup the letters and other seed syllables into three e%plicit units "ith fourth unit either spelt out or implied.oddess (a. Ot.oddess (a.a shymala or (a.

The third di$inity is )anda-natha(lady commander of the forces of the mother !oddess symboli5in! mi!ht of sri$idya). She is also called Varahi (the ho!+faced one or the !reat consumer) "ho destroys the e$il forces that obstruct the de$otee’s pro!ress and leads ultimately to Sri$idya. She is consider as a po"erful repellent of the influences !enerated by "itch+craft. . "hose in$ol$ement is mainly "ith ma!ic and sorcery.oddess Varahi mantra is AIM GLOUM AIM OM NAMO BHAGAVATI VARTALI VARAHI VARAHAMUKHI 1s she represents the third unit of the panchadasi mantra her formula form is HASAIM SA KA LA HRIM HASTRAUM 1nother di$inity associated "ith sri $idya is Pratyan'ira. In sri$idya sadhana she protects the de$otee a!ainst all odds and !uides him alon! the path. . .oddess Pratyan!ira mantra is HRIM KSHAM PRATYNGIRE KLIM HRIM KSHAM HUM PHAT SAU She is represented by many forms.oddess Varahi . 'ut has si!nificance is uniformly to dri$e a"ay the hordes of enemies sins and e$il desi!ns.oddess Pratyan!ira .

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