This Survival Guide is offered as educational material only, and is by no means complete nor all-inclusive. There is a wealth of information here which can be applied to any case where a government agency is bringing a criminal action against a Citizen, such as traffic and !S cases, the information in total may or may not apply to you. "nd there will always be more details and #nowledge that applies to your case. you are obliged to collect as much information as there e$ists for your purposes, from all sources. There are %ust too many parameters in the legal process, to ade&uately cover all possible scenarios for a given situation, in one manual. 'ence, this guide is general at best, and cannot be e$pected or be held to suffice as (legal advice( at the level e$pected from (licensed( attorneys. The main advantage here, however, is that the guide tends to illuminate much of what the %udges and attorneys do not want you to #now. )ou can cut right to the chase, if you want, and eliminate considerable time and confusion to win your case. *. f you have successfully followed the guidelines in the +ehicle Survival ,it and-or the Citation !efusal ,it, you may not need a Court Survival ,it, by virtue of not having to appear in court on some phony traffic charge. .. There is a lot to this guide, because each case is different/ however you may focus on the easy and &uic# method which re&uires only 1 court appearance. The rest of the guide covers other cases that have somehow slipped thru the crac#s. 0. 1e get a lot of calls from people who first get themselves into a traffic court, and then decide to find out about Sovereignty 2i.e. the cart before the horse3. So we have published this guide to offer help with these cases as well. 4. The fact that you have obtained this guide, suggests that something has gone awry in your path of Sovereignty. 5ither you have not been able or allowed to follow the procedures which #eep you out of court, such as found in the +ehicle Survival ,it 2+S,3 or the Citation !efusal ,it 2C!,3, or someone you #now has managed to get into a %am before establishing your Sovereignty. This guide addresses cases such as these, to help empower the 6eople who are coming from an obviously disadvantaged legal position, as there is no completely fool-proof techni&ue to always beat the system. So here we are attempting to improve the odds considerably.

7. The purpose of the Court Survival ,it is to help you effectively handle any court confrontation in which you ris# losing more of your rights, money, freedom, and-or property. t is assumed that you are somehow obliged to appear in court for something, and you want to protect whatever rights you have left. This guide contains techni&ues that can help in any traffic case, ta$- !S case, or any case brought against you by a government agency. 8. "lthough much of the information herein may also help in cases where you are the plaintiff-prosecutor who has filed a Common 9aw Suit against a public official, this guide is instead written from the perspective of defending yourself against a prosecutor who is going after you, because of charges that you #now are inherently fraudulent. :. f you really want to minimize your total ris#, and be done with your case "S"6, then you might consider %ust acting sorry and poor, and plead guilty to the charges. This is what the court e$pects, and this is what it is designed for. The only problem is that you will be obliged to re-integrate yourself bac# into the oppressive system of traffic slave laws that put you in court to begin with/ you will be e$pected or perhaps even ordered to abide by the rules of the system. )ou will lose the game by not standing up for your rights, but you will have minimized your immediate cost, financial and emotional. So, in this guide, we assume that you want to WIN your case. f you haven(t much to lose, then you have an advantage over the court, which has much more to lose than you do. ;. ,eep your Court Survival Guide in a safe place where you can easily get to it when you need it. <aintaining a complete #it is vital for showing up in court as fully prepared as you can possibly be. This Survival Guide is intentionally written as briefly as possible so that you can easily access and use it. ,nowledge of the Truth is a great tool here, but the more s#illfully you can apply it in court, the more empowered you will be, in any case that challenges your freedom. !emember, this is a situation in which the #nowledge alone is not enough. )ou must also be able to perceive things as they are happening, and to thin# on your feet, so that you will instantly #now what options are yours to use, when you have the opportunity. 10. MOST IMPORTANT: Mere knowledge o !"e#e !e$"n%&'e# (nd Tr'!"# w%ll no! )e eno'g". *'#! )+ ,en!%on%ng #'$" !"%ng# %n $o'r! w%ll no!- o %!#el "el. +o' w%n +o'r $(#e. A .%e$e o .(.er %# no! )+ %!#el (n ('!o,(!%$ #"%eld. /o' $(nno! de.end on !"e $o'r! !o .ol%$e (nd $orre$! %!#el . I! %# '. !o '#- We !"e Peo.le !o de!e$! (nd de,(nd $orre$!%on !o !"e $o'r!0# error# (nd r('d. /o' ,'#! )e ()le !o !"%nk on +o'r ee! (nd #!(+ on !o. o e($" (rg',en! (# %! $o,e# down- #o !"(! +o' $(n log%$(ll+ #!eer !"e 1'dge %n!o ( $orner. /o' w%ll

)e go%ng "e(d2!o2"e(d w%!" 1'dge# w"o (re 3er+ or w"o ,(+ )e %gnor(n! (# !o !"e re(l l(w- (nd "ow r('d'len! !"e%r #+#!e, o 01'#!%$e0 %#4 +o' w%ll "(3e !o do +o'r "o,ework.

<" =T" = =G C><695T5 =+5=T>!) )our Complete Court Survival ,it consists of? @. T'5 A9"G - 2you provide3 " small B.S, Alag on a stand 2CBT => G>9D A! =G53. This is your basic proof and e$ercise of your status and rights in court. )ou would bring it with you and set it on each table or bench where you stand, whenever you are going to directly challenge %urisdiction. 1. )>B! 65!S>="9 9 C5=S5D C>B!T !5C>!D5! - 2highly recommended3 )ou must ma#e sure that all of the court conversations are recorded without ris# of being erased by the %udge, so that the evidence which floats to the surface, can never be denied. Cring your own rather than rely upon the court to preserve the Truth. f this is not possible, ma#e sure you bring people. *. 95G"9 C>B=S59>!2S3 - 2not licensed attorneys3 These are your personal helpers or counselors to sit behind you in the courtroom, to help you stay aware of and record what(s happening and your options, while you are dealing with your emotions. <ore is better. .. True copy or >riginal 6aperwor# - "ll legal documents or evidence you can find, which relate to your case status, tic#ets, receipts, depositions, invoices, notices, letters, warrants, names, dates, places, etc. 0. Copies of "ll !elevant 9aws that apply to your case -- 6hotocopies of the statutes, codes, laws, and Constitutions, which bac# your position and defense. 4. C>B!T SB!+ +"9 GB D5 2provided by A.!.6. 3 7. 6en and paper. 8. 6oc#et tape recorder- Aor your own protection and cost savings, to be concealed, and not to be used as (admissible evidence(. Bse this as a bac#up for your own licensed court recorder.

Do not hire a licensed attorney if you intend to #eep your rights and your money. "nd there is no law preventing your friends from consulting with you during any court proceeding. you are establishing your status as your own attorney. or (pro per(3. without being misled. This means that you are not only the legal counsel representing the defense. you can always reply F n fact. and the Gudge may try to impose the same standards upon you. according to Clac#(s 9aw Dictionary. you will lose your case and your money. nor can he-she force you to hire one. . Cy asserting your Sovereign !ight to represent yourself in legal matters. you will not be allowed to e$pose the corruption. So in order to effectively represent yourself and your interests. f anyone tries to intimidate you or deny your rights by as#ing you if you are an attorney. you are free to e$pose any of the many fraudulent deceptions and procedures being used against you. and you will have a conviction record. if you want to %ust pay some money and get out. Cut remember. differently than it would treat you. Do not let this happen. There is no law that re&uires anyone to hire an attorney. Some %udges and prosecutors will e$pect you to precede (pro se(. because (pro se( means that you are legally representing yourself (# +o'r own (!!orne+.!56!5S5=T =G )>B!S59A "S " S>+5!5 G= C T E5= )ou should present yourself always (in propria persona( 2in your own person.This also means that the %udge cannot lawfully hold you responsible for conducting yourself or your case. trapped. So don(t let this happen. as a licensed attorney. )ou are free to proceed as you see fit. )ou will #now when to declare your pro per status. and overcharged by a (licensed( defense attorney. Cy representing yourself. )our legal counselors are %ust that. This alone &ualifies you as (an attorney in fact(. This is what you must sign on every court document ne$t to your name. to show your Sovereignty. as your own attorney. amF. The court can assign a public defender to you. your (mission( is to proceed (in propria persona( 2or (pro per(3. as are imposed on a licensed attorney. the public defender is %ust an officer of the court. Cring your flag with you wherever you appear in court. which the court can then pervert to mean that you can be told by the court how to proceed with your case. another method of representing yourself. trained to only reduce the fines in e$change for pleading guilty. f you do this. The court would be allowed to treat you. as the accused. who would only bind you into the very system which is dedicated to ma#ing you pay. Do not represent yourself any other way . but you are also the accused whom you are representing. as a sovereign citizen. in person. counselors.

)ou will be able to pause the case. T'5 C"S C ST!"T5G) = C>B!T "665"!"=C5S 1e always try to use the best. Some people have a natural ability as legal eagles. and to avoid anything to do with the legal system altogether. )ou guessed it. So the balance of this court survival guide applies only to other cases that have slipped thru the crac#s. while you are conducting your defense immersed in your own emotions. most effective. and outwit them. at any time to confer with your counselors. and to argue law logic with the best of them. to #now the laws and court procedures cold. <uch of your power comes from invo#ing your Common 9aw rights. Such people are born fighters and can masterfully find their opponents( wea# spots. and to have them around you in your time of need. most of us have gladly left the boring and-or offensive drudgery to the lawyers. the law. many times by pure attrition. t(s another game/ no more. The fact is. So. we win3. and humbling "T C5ST. <oney. no less. you probably don(t need any legal counselors with you in court. who are worth their weight in gold. and direct strategy. and 6roperty vs. "lthough your own %udgment may become occasionally cloudy or confused. most of us regular fol#s have made it a point not to get involved with the legal details. 'owever. %ust to stay out of court. and eventually win their case. up front at the 1st court appearance. "nd since (ll "(3e . your counselors( will be maintaining a much clearer understanding of the facts. and heaven help the lawyers that get in your way. and to #eep you aware of your legal options. "nd most people are sensitive to such an environment. intimidating. it ma#es a lot of sense to #eep the company of legal counselors. f you are one of this rare breed. your rights/ and they will be carefully watching the %udge and prosecutor for signs and indicators.BS =G 95G"9 C>B=S59>!S This is the single most helpful element of your survival in court. +ery much li#e po#er. is to #eep the logical thin#ing process going. the court(s false "uthority and 6ower over you 2for lac# of a better e$pression3. so that the case is dismissed 2i. t really pays to have e$tra opinions and to be made aware of options when you need them. So the purpose of your counselors. <ore power to you. and we never have to go bac#.e. not to learn any court procedure. the courtroom environment is naturally oppressive. The sta#es are essentially your Areedom. to the point of dealing with more emotions than they need at the moment. 9et(s face it.

you can depend on the prosecutor to be unfair. getting a &uic# dismissal.!o $"(nge o3er !o Ar!%$le III Co.S. the Gudge. maneuvers. and your$e%3ed #e(led order# ro. have absolutely no respect for the real law. n addition. as these have been eliminated. the >fficer. The arresting officer has already treated you as GB 9T). Gust your showing up and being there already stac# the dec# against you. !"e U. and ma#e a psychological e$ample of you to intimidate others. and playing without the home field advantage. using their private e$clusive membership in the Car "ssociation to manipulate court procedures.on L(w 1'r%#d%$!%on. tric#s. The only way you will win is by embarrassing the court. the 6rosecutor. The longer you stay in the court system. at any cost 2even lying3. and conniving in his-her efforts to win the game. devious. T7E PLA/ERS: )ou.. The Gudge and the 6rosecutor are both e$perienced players. Currently. 9awyers. the Gury 2if any3. and the more money you will lose. by getting the case dismissed or thrown out/ and the system is rife with glaring opportunities for doing so. will be interesting. we would go for the best strategy at the first appearance. and avoid having to fall . in general. challenging. They have both ta#en a secret oath to wor# as agents for the foreign ban#s. The %udge and prosecutor are both playing together against you. and legal points to (argue( about that are good to #now. The prosecutor(s >CG5CT is to prove the conviction that you are guilty. )ou can forget about Truth and Gustice. =either can be trusted to tell the Truth. O5*ECT O6 T7E GAME: To get out of the court system as soon as possible. The game. A!!orne+ Gener(l. in their efforts to maintain control over you and your money. as a minimum. The %udge(s >CG5CT is to convict you &uic#ly and collect your money. and educational. and your obedience to the rules that ta#e your money. Gust loo# in the phone boo# and see the disproportionate number of people in this profession vs. in order to steal money from others. and you have proven your GB 9T by signing the tic#et. T7E PLA/ING 6IELD: )ou are in a rigged game/ you are the visitor. the other professions in your area. the other 1itnesses 2if any3. the longer you are at ris#. This is a (cash registerH court. They consider themselves smarter than the 6eople. and e$tremely slippery. fraudulent. They %ust want your money. )ou are already convicted and presumed to be GB 9T). PLA/ING T7E GAME: There are many strategies. you may soon not need to wor# so hard to retain your rights. and they will most assuredly give the impression that their words are absolute Truth and 9aw. with absolutely no vested interest in proving your innocence. while maintaining the illusion of "uthority and 6ower over you.

especially in the initial stages of your case/ some of these rules apply to some hearings. . "nd how you play the game will affect how your opponents play. and ma$imize your chances of early Dismissal.)ou have the right to remain silent 2to stand mute324th "mendment3 .)ou have the right to call 1itnesses to assist your defense 27th "mendment3 .ed o !"e n(!'re (nd $('#e o !"e $r%. To argue most of the Constitutional rights.)ou have the right to >b%ect to any statement by the %udge and-or prosecutor. the lower courts do not recognize most of them.%##: !"e 1'dge .)ou have the right to represent yourself (pro per( . Depending on how far into your case you get. free from the professional restrictions imposed upon licensed attorneys.en!:.)ou have the right to say what you want and to be heard 21st "mendment3 .)ou have the right to Re$'#e 8d%#. so that you will be able to stand on the Constitution.)ou have the right to a fair trial .)ou have the right to specifically reserve any or all of your rights .)ou have the right to submit 1rits I "ffidavits . it must be challenged right up front. as you will see/ but here are some basics that you really should understand for any such appearance. you may wish to address a few of these? . since they are not Common 9aw courts.bac# on the rest of them. 0. .e 89!" A. and vice versa. =ot all of the factors will come into play in every court appearance. RIG7TS 2which they will try to cheat you out of3 These are some of your rights that are good things to #now in general. and some will apply to others. >therwise very few of your other strategies will wor# well. Since their %urisdiction over you is conveniently implied by your unspo#en consent. you would need to appeal to a higher or district court. .end.)ou have the right to conduct your defense (pro per(.)ou have the right to have legal Counsel for your defense 27th "mendment3 ./o' "(3e !"e r%g"! !o )e %n or.

)ou have the right to due process of the law "mendment .)ou have the right to %n or.)ou have the right to put the %udge on notice of your intent to preserve your rights .)ou have the right to "ppeal any %udicial decision . law.!"e%r r%g"!#.)ou have the right to put the %udge on notice of your intent to "ppeal any ruling or decision during the case . rule. any unrevealed contract.)ou have the right to change your 6lea any time before trial.. enforcement.)ou have the right to a speedy and fair trial by an impartial %ury 27th "mendment3 . fairness. on the basis of pleading (in forma pauperis( 2no money3 . and whether they Serve and 6rotect the 6eople of your State .)ou have the right to a face the in%ured party claiming damages 2"rticle 7th "mendment3 and . . under BCC 1-1@.)ou have the right to demand that the court place in evidence.(nd !"e%r d'!%e# 21st and 7th "mendments3 . interpretation. I BCC 1-*@.)ou have the right to argument of recourse and remedy. statute. !"e 1'r+ o !"e Tr'!". or money 24th "mendment3 .)ou have the right to 6rotest and >b%ect if any of your rights or demands are not being met .)ou have the right to challenge all relevant laws in this trial in terms of their intent.)ou have the right to challenge the %urisdiction of this court .)ou have the right to personal liberty under the 1.)ou have the right to face your accuser and witnesses against you 27th "mendment3.)ou have the right to waive court and transcript costs. property. or information being used against you 27th "mendment3 . . before you are deprived of any liberty.

>. always polite..or % +o' #%. and courteous. They are probably wanting you to agree to or say something that gives away more of your rights. you lose the!w(rd# (nd )($kw(rd##o !"(! +o' $(nno! )e o'! . The %udge and prosecutor are wor#ing together against you.)ou have the right to demand that the code be construed in 'armony with the Common 9aw. The Gudge is supposed to be %ust a referee. =ice Guy. Sometimes you can catch the prosecutor coaching the %udge along and trying to control the %udge(s answers. Cut the more you say.o#'re !o !"e $o'r! #+#!e. only the transcribed written record is admissible as evidence in a later hearing )ou can . although the hearings are taped. ?.or!%on# o !"%# g'%de +o' %nd '#e 'l+o' wo'ld do well !o le(rn !"o#e (re(# o $"o%$e. 1henever the %udge or prosecutor is overly polite to you.)ou have the right to re&uire translation of any citation of law or procedure into plain 5nglish A# +o' $(n #ee.end. it means that they want something from you very much. )ou are a very smart sheep going into wolf territory.!"ere (re ( lo! o de!(%l# (nd .(ne'3ered.%n%. under the 1st "mendment.l+ w(n! !o . diplomatic. the more you ris#. Cetter to as# &uestions.$ed're !o le(rn. So % +o' (re no! .en!%oned "ere%n !"(! #!(nd# on !"e 9!" A. @. you ris# the (contempt of court( charge.!"en we wo'ld #'gge#! '#%ng !"e #!r(!eg+ .#+$"olog%$(l !%.#: 1. "nd whenever a %udge hears something from you that blatantly challenges or threatens his-her position as a %udge.%.l(nn%ng !o !(ke on !"%# le3el o . )ou will see how they cover each other(s butt.. " dead giveaway is when the prosecutor proposes a motion and spea#s very fast so that you cannot understand. )ou are <r. )ou can say anything you want in court. And or w"(!e3er .(r(!%on. Ceware. 7ere (re ( ew gener(l . . The %udge and prosecutor both #now that. The %udge will always try to ma#e you believe that you only have the options that he-she is presenting to you. Do not trust for 1 millisecond that the %udge is telling the Truth or &uoting the real 9aw. f you lose your temper or clean language. =..e +o'r e<. )ou #now better.en! (nd )($k# !"e 1'dge %n!o ( $orner.

the %udge will assume that you don(t #now very much. 11. to see how much you #now about your rights. The %udge and prosecutor must. f you impress them as being very #nowledgeable as your own defense counsel. The %udge and prosecutor are very slic# in their techni&ue. . 5$aggerations. they will tend to be very careful not to e$pose themselves on the record. A. as they happen. and false conclusions are the primary tools of the prosecutor.So you must be even better at steering the %udge with your &uestions. Cut they seldom run up against 6eople with your #nowledge of the Truth. violate the 9aw in order to win the game. the psychology. from opposing viewpoints from the attorneys 2liars3/ who in turn e$pect the %udge to rule in their favor. in their (refined( and corrupted system. with a bone to pic#. They do it all the time. and they are good at it.suspect they will try to get you to believe something or communicate some lie or manipulation that will not appear on the written transcript 2>h. "nd they will both interrupt you while you are tal#ing. and the law. by ma#ing the other attorney appear to be a bigger liar. 1=. The %udge is conditioned to hear grossly distorted versions of reality. and the more fraud they will attempt to perpetuate. They(ve been pulling this stuff off for over 14@ years. by definition. . This tells him-her %ust how much they can get away with in court. he-she will probably ma#e things more difficult for you. B. "nd there is always a way to e$pose the violations. they are %ust so clever3. the more they will let their guard down. f you let the prosecutor wal# all over you. They will both ta#e advantage of any wea#ness you show. The tric# is to do so without being charged with (contempt of court( 2heavy fineJ3 )ou will be sliding them into it. )ou will not be allowed to ma#e very many 2if any3 Constitutional claims or arguments. The %udge will be watching and listening to you. The %udge is very good at avoiding &uestions when you put him-her on the spot . f the %udge determines you to be a fighting loudmouth patriot radical. They will both be playing according to what they thin# you #now. 9earn to ob%ect immediately and limit their abuse. false premises. 10. into a corner. 1?. The less they thin# you #now. 1>.

phony3. Cut based on your level of s#ill. and not genuine. This is entirely false. defined as the 1@ miles s&uare region of the District of Columbia. "lternately. God-Constitution Contract nternational Contract Compliance with 9aw 9ife-9iberty-6ursuit .. The %udge will try to convince you that you are in some (regional court of Statutory %urisdiction( or other such nonsense. you may need to go all the way to "ppeal. because it is using another name for its obvious "dmiralty military %urisdiction 2Gust loo# at the gold fringe on the flag3. WINNING T7E GAME: )ou win the game by getting a %udge or Gury 2if it gets that far3 to dismiss or throw the case out. then it is fraudulently operating as a FST"TBT>!) C>B!T >A C><<5!C5 1 T' =T5!="T >="9 GB! SD CT >=F.e GB 9T) as charged. . Cy holding the court to a legal %urisdiction. "ttorney General3. t is also fraudulent because it is operating outside of its geographical +enue.1@. you win the game by getting the %udge or %ury to find the accused GB 9T) as charged. in order to win. Some masochistic patriots are eating this stuff up %ust to get the full courtroom e$perience. if you are the prosecutor going after some public official. COMMON EDUIT/ ADMIRALT/ Type of 6enalties Criminal Civil Civil-Criminal Casis of 9aw.S. and-or your personal goals. There is enough Truth and strategy herein to hang them with your first appearance. in this case.. the %udge and prosecutor wins by the %udge or %ury ruling that you have indeed done something wrong. bogus. so that the 6eople can learn the procedure that the courts do not want anyone else to #now about. if your court hasn(t yet converted over to "rticle Common 9aw yet 2as per sealed e$ecutive orders from the B. i. Thirdly. The only . Compelled 6erformance Compelled 6erformance !e&uired proof of crime n%ured 6arty +iolated Contract +iolated nternational Contract (Colorable( means phony. for a traffic or ta$ case against you. you will automatically e$pose their fraud. legal %urisdictions allowed by the Constitution are summarized below with their respective basic properties. the court is operating (under color of law( 2i. Chances are. preparation.e. This is much harder/ and this is why there are Title 0* classes available.

"nd there are as many adaptations for you as there are %udges. t will inevitably be a psychological contest between you and the %udge. 5very &uestion you answer in court. in order to ma#e your plan succeed. <". etc. 'ow you use your #nowledge. f you answer )5S. 0. This is a sure-fire way to control the case. because the %udge(s game depends on your ignorance.5 SB!5 T'"T )>B "!5 = " C>B!T >A !5C>!D.(r(!%on or . and s#ills against the tyranny imposed by the %udge and prosecutor will determine whether you win or lose. * A T'5) "S. the %udge can only use a few basic strategies because of the laws of court procedure and his-her duty to follow them.D5A5=S +5 T5C'= KB5S? >nce you have decided how to proceed with your strategy. )>B A )>B B=D5!ST"=D. . digs you deeper and deeper into the %urisdiction hole. "nd everything you say is already being used against you. or the %udicial decisions relating to your (lac# of understanding(. ad nauseum. and #eep as#ing &uestions. playbac#/ rewind/ playbac#. you are giving up your 7th "mendment liberties. rewind. Arom the above game rules. etc. and to employ the best strategy described herein. %ust li#e the officer to get you to admit things that incriminate you.. Cut as long as you can perceive what the %udge(s game plan is from a psychological viewpoint. before you say anything else. S") (=>(. it is in your favor to admit nothing. so that . So. this clearly violates the code. Aortunately. Gust as# the %udge if the recorder is on.l(+%ng +o'r w%nn%ng #!r(!eg+: 1. the 9aw. because of psychology. So %ust say =>.ore gener(l ($!or# (nd g'%del%ne# %n . and use this opportunity to embarrass the %udge into admitting more of the Truth. )our answers automatically give your implied consent to the court(s %urisdiction and authority over you. 69") S<"!T. "CT DB<C. you will be faced with having to adapt and ma#e ad%ustments as you go. They are trained. This will put them on notice that you mean business and you will not be hoodwin#ed. you can easily see that it is to your advantage to lull the %udge into a comfortable position. you did this or that. "D< T =>T' =G/ "S. KB5ST >=S.F So "ere (re ( ew . The prosecutor(s strategy can only follow one basic plan F)ou are guilty. This way you will control where the discussion and evidence is going. you are guilty. you will have the upper hand.

Go to a law library and loo# up (<otions( in the reference manual. f the %udge or prosecutor becomes uneasy in their haste to win. with the help of your counselors.(de ( 1'd%$%(l de!er. <ost of the e$amples in the details below are of this strategy. This is the main tactic to use for manipulating the %udge into dismissing the case. t(s li#e painting the %udge into a corner from which there is no legal way out that allows them to continue the case against you. "6>9>G E5. t wor#s because the %udge will form a favorable opinion about your honesty. The idea is to bait the court with &uestions concerning your (confusion(.1'#! #o I 'nder#!(nd +o' ."(# /o'r 7onor . "=D C>!=5!. "=D "S. consistent with L0 above. and then steer the Gudge into providing answers that force him-her to ma#e a %udicial determination or ruling. and uncommon3 .<>T >= T> D S< SS T'5 C"S5 2for any of many good reasons3 .now what your (menu( of motions is at each stage of your case. S< 95. " few of the more useful motions are/ . which e$poses his-her mista#e or fraud. :. and nothing to lose. 8 . they will tend to ma#e mista#es. 4. "lways maintain your awareness. .<>T >= T> D5C9"!5 < ST! "9 2because of obvious error in procedure3 . of what your choices are. )ou have everything to gain. innocence. . f you become confused.%n(!%on !"(! GGGGG HE 2)ou fill in the blan# with the only option left.. This will be your most challenging homewor# assignment. as# for clarification or time to consult your counselors. e$pose themselves. " classic cornering &uestion to as# is EOF now.<>T >= T> 6!>+5 GB! SD CT >= 2M dangerous. So one of the most powerful ways for you to play is to act dumb at first.=>1 )>B! >6T >=S/ 6"BS5 1'5=5+5! =5C5SS"!). and learn what each is for and when to use it. and then grant your re&uest without suspecting anything 2see details below3. This is one of the most successful strategies in the initial appearances. and then &uietly go for the throat when they slip$%#el+. or find themselves stuc# in a lie. and sincerity. G +5 T'"=.he-she will more li#ely e$pose or admit some (mista#e( on the record. 7. ST55!. something which clearly incriminates the %udge3 25$amples below3.S. )ou may even opt to have a <otions 'earing if your case is not dismissed right away.=>1 )>B! 1! TS I "AA D"+ TS? " writ is a formal re&uest to (move( the court into an agreement or understanding on how to proceed. C" T.

and %ury tampering 2failure to maintain an impartial %ury3. "nd you should find every reason. and every occasion.<>T >= A>! D SC>+5!) 2to produce "99 information against you3 . 5ven better is to maneuver the prosecutor to as# for Dismissal. 1@. They can %ust be in a rush to collect your money. failure of the court to uphold your Constitutional rights.<>T >= A>! C>=T =B"=C5 2to move the case to the ne$t stage3 . failure of the court to maintain a fair hearing or trial. So as# for clarification and-or legal consultation with your counselors.<>T >= A>! T! "9 C) GB!) >A 1* 2to let the 6eople decide. evidence of e$treme bias against the Defense. and up the costs3 . I !"e 1'dge den%e# +o'r Mo!%on- .<>T >= T> A =D T'5 6!>S5CBT>! = C>=T5<6T 2for contemptible or rude behavior3 . or the %udge to simply declare it. 11. Stop and confer with your counselors to deduce what it is.<>T >= T> !5CBS5 T'5 GBDG5 2for obvious bias or pre%udice against you3 .. D>=(T 95T T'5< !BS' )>B T'!>BG' "=)T' =G.<>T >= T> <". in the process of violating your rights. for anything that you don(t understand. +alid reasons are? lac# of %urisdiction..<>T >= T> !5ABS5 T'5 GB!) A>! C"BS5 2because of impartiality or ignorance3 . . failure of the officer to appear. that there is to use it. f they try this. unlawfully obtained evidence.5 5+ D5=C5 2to place missing information in evidence3 . Try to e$pose their fraud using strategy L7 above.<>T >= A>! A"CT A =D =G 2to e$pose their fraud and the real legal issues3 .O5*ECTION T"%# %# "ow +o' re$ord !"e $o'r!0# 'n (%rne## on !"e $o'r! re$ord. This is where they would &uic#ly ta#e advantage of you. D>=(T "G!55 T> "=)T' =G T'"T )>B D>=(T B=D5!ST"=D. lac# of evidence. O5*ECTION.<>T >= A>! !5T! "9 2to re-try the case based on particular court defects3 The <otions to Dismiss and to Declare <istrial should be the highest priority.<>T >= T> SBC65>=" 1 T=5SS5S 2to assist in your defense3 . they are up to something croo#ed.O5*ECTION. failure of the court to uphold the Constitution.

This is the %udge(s childish attempt to ignore the law or the evidence supporting your defense. This comes from paying attention to what is happening.=>1 1'5= T'5 6!>S5CBT>! >! GBDG5 S "TT5<6T =G T> D56! +5 )>B >A )>B! ! G'TS. So ta#e your copy up and put it right under his-her nose.. )ou will get much better at this with practice. I !"e . and what is being said/ this is why you have your counselors sitting behind you. and call a recess. #orr+. no! (llowed !o de end .er 6or'.ee$" %n !"%# $o'r!roo. E This is what you will often get when the %udge . f you let them get away with any offensive behavior. 14. o S..(# I onl+ en or$e !"e l(w. 1.O5*ECT (nd g%3e +o'r re(#on.. )ou might use strategy L7 to e$pose their in%ustice.. )ou might hear the %udge say EWell.+o' !"'# "(3e !"e e3%den$e on re$ord !"(! 3(l%d(!e# (n A.. 1*.. so that there will be no more e$cuse.!"en O5*ECT (nd g%3e +o'r re(#on. The %udge may even laugh off your embarrassing &uestion. >b%ect and get it on the record as to how it adversely affects your mood and composure.+#el .or !"(! I $(nno! "(3e 6reedo. <>!5 9"<5 5NCBS5S.+o'0ll "(3e !o !(lk !o !"e leg%#l(!or# ()o'! !"(!.or ET"(! %##'e %# no! rele3(n! !o !"%# $(#e.HE 6ut them on the$'!or (#k# or ( Mo!%on.E. and complete what you were saying/ e.. 95"!= T> =B99 A) T'5 GBDG5(S 9"<5 Don(t let it pass. I !"e 1'dge . . They are %ust trying to intimidate you into submission and silence..(de ( 1'd%$%(l de!er.%n(!%on !"(! I (.(ke# (n+ de$%#%on or r'l%ng !"(! +o' d%#(gree w%!". 17. in a display of false authority. These are grounds to dismiss the case for the cause of Cias and or <isconduct. Do not move on until you get the answers.O5*ECT (nd g%3e +o'r re(#on. in an attempt to change the sub%ect when the court re-convenes. E7(# !"e $o'r! .. I !"e . f the prosecutor interrupts out of turn.. D>=(T 95T T'5 GBDG5 >! 6!>S5CBT>! G5T "1") 1 T' =T5!!B6T =G )>B.O5*ECT (nd g%3e +o'r re(#on. D>=(T 95T T'5 6!>S5CBT>! >! GBDG5 G5T "1") 1 T' !BD5 >! >AA5=S +5 C5'"+ >!.e(l. even a demeaning tone of voice. E.$'!or #(+# (n+!"%ng !o 3%ol(!e +o'r $(#e.when you attempt to state legal proof.)e$('#e I $(n0! g%3e +o' leg(l (d3%$e. or (ddre##%ng !"(! &'e#!%on.eep the issue in his-her face until it is ade&uately resolved.or !"e Tr'!".or ET"%# %# no! !"e . !ub the intimidation right bac# into their faces.I don0! "(3e %! 8!"e l(w or !"e e3%den$e: "ere %n ron! o .e. 10. Ta#e e$ception to their rude behavior. )ou might get EI0. <otion the %udge to find him-her in contempt.E.E.or F/o'0ll "(3e !o !(lk !o ( l%$en#ed (!!orne+ ()o'! !"(!. Reg(rdle## o "ow !"e $(#e goe#.

!"en I Mo!%on !"e $o'r! !o .. can easily get your case thrown out. #%.. as it happens. Now .e Leg%#l(!%3e 5r(n$".(nd%ng !"(! +o' %n!er. and thin#ing things through.. E E/o'r 7onor. Now . The %udge may ris# e$posing some embarrassing Truth. I "(3e . )ou may not always get an answer. And I (!%ng.le(#e (n#wer !"e &'e#!$eed. I (. )ou must not let them get away without giving an answer or ma#ing a legal determination . that they will be surprised when they are suddenly challenged on it. (#k%ng +o' !o do +o'r 1o) (# re eree. every incidence of <isconduct.E!%ng .le(#e (n#wer !"e &'e#!%on.I (.or!# +o'r r'l%ng.#nows that he cannot answer your &uestion without incriminating himself-herself.(r! o !"e #(. every disparaging remar#.l+ (#k%ng +o' !o do +o'r 1o). E E/o'r 7onor. 1:.Cl('#e 1A4 (nd !"ere (re no leg%#l(!or# "ere !o %den!% + !"e l(w (nd (r)%!r(!e ( (%r $(#e4 !"%# %# +o'r 1o).+o' (nd I )o!" know !"(! !"e leg%#l(!or# (nd +o' (re (ll .ro.l+ !"e %##'e or !"e %r#! !%. .le(#e (n#wer !"e &'e#!%on.% !"%# %# no! !"e 6or'. especially if your <otion is denied or over-ruled. Now . #%. "91")S "S. no! $on!e#!%ng !"e l(w (# +o' #'gge#!. This is the most important reason for ta#ing your time. (#k%ng +o' !o %den!% + !"e $ode o wr%!!en l(w w"%$" #'..!"e $o'r!0# leg(l 1'r%#d%$!%on. because they have been getting away with all this fraud for so long. and choose to dismiss your case. (#k%ng +o' !o do +o'r 1o).erel+ de.(nd !o %den!% + !"e #o'r$e o !"e l(w +o' (re %n!er. I (. with a clear head/ and with your counselors. is an opportunity to record evidence in your favor.Se$!%on B. E E/o'r 7onor. this is misconduct.o. but you deserve one.ro3%#%on(ll+ 'nder Ar!%$le I.I (. every abuse of power. 'ere are a few more tips to #eep in mind. I (.. every subtle threat to your well-being.ro3%de !"e 6or'.re! %! %n ($$ord(n$e w%!" +o'r own O(!" o O %$e. .I (. C"TC' T'5< = T'5 "CT. no! (#k%ng +o' or leg(l (d3%$e.. Catching them at it. or (ddre##%ng !"%# %##'e.The Gudge is =>T the 6rosecutor/ f he-she acts li#e one.(nd !"e n(!'re (nd $('#e o !"e ($$'#(!%on.l+ (#k%ng +o' !o k%ndl+ %den!% + +o'r#el .. re&'%red !o re#ol3e !"%# %##' 6or'. (1')O(. .Some award-winning comebac#s are? E/o'r 7onor.!"en "ow $(n +o' now leg(ll+ (.)e ore we . "nd your as#ing will notify the %udge that all the (linen is li#ely to be aired out( in your case. 5very violation of your rights...e !o !"%# $(#eH I !"%# %# no! !"e .(nd I (.+ leg(l $o'n#elor# or !"(!.

it is the right of the 6eople to alter it. Constitution. "ll statements.The burden is on the 6!>S5CBT>! to prove Guilt beyond reasonable your rights and Constitution. in your maneuver and cornering techni&ues described above. They are there for the protection of the citizens and their property.6olice powers 2law enforcement officers. )ou can use your #nowledge of those terms that apply to your case. 'ang them with it. with a %udicial determination. BS5 T'5 S5<"=T CS = )>B! A"+>!. 1ithout the 6eople(s consent.e L(w o !"e l(nd4 (nd !"e 1'dge# %n e3er+ #!(!e #"(ll )e )o'nd !"ere)+ (n+ T"%ng %n !"e Con#!%!'!%on. of the B. Section * ET"e *'d%$%(l Power #"(ll e<!end !o (ll $(#e# . 65! >DP . given by the B S.. 6ar*? Governments derive their GBST powers from the consent of the governed..E i. to empower your confidence and authority 2not to argue about3.E "lso applicable is the general statement made in "rticle + .E&'%!+. %n L(w 8Co. #"(ll )e !"e S'. Declaration of ndependence.. .e. => 9"1 6"SS5D C>=T!"!) T> T' S C>=ST TBT >= S'"99 '"+5 "=) +"9 D T) 2 f there is a conflict. you will see that the entire legal system and statutes are rife with ambiguous. sheriffs3 are =>T intended for sources of !5+5=B5. This is also unfair. and contradictory terms and definitions.on L(w:. is it legalO3.%r(l!+ 1'r%#d%$!%on#. rulings. "rticle . Clause *. and directives issued by the %udge are sub%ect to your careful scrutiny. 6ar*? 1hen a government becomes destructive. Constitution. and legal implications Don(t budge away from it until it is completely resolved to your satisfaction.S..The 6rosecutor is =>T allowed any more rights in legal procedure than you are .re.(nd Ad.1hen a %udge prevents the accused from introducing evidence tending to establish a defense. the State 9>S5S 3 . the law is B=GBST. deceptive. ET"e Con#!%!'!%on (nd !"e l(w# o !"e Un%!ed S!(!e# 8w"%$" #"(ll )e . *@.e. e what happened3 and 9aw 2i....'r#'(n$e !"ereo :. Declaration of ndependence. >nce you have done your research and homewor#.. "llowable Gurisdictions. interpretations. the %udge is ma#ing a mi$ed determination of Aact 2i. 1.(de %n . "DD T >="9 BS5AB9 =A>!<"T >= .

(ke no l(w ()r%dg%ng !"e 6reedo. ET"e $ode %# $o."mendment 1.on+ w%!" !"e Co... ECongre## #"(ll . i.. )ou can show that the court is operating outside of its geographical venue 2i. Gustice.(nd !"e r%g"! !o . a member of the Sovereign Cody of 1e the 6eople. and your sincerity to heal the old system. Cetter for you to raise the condition of the Court.E "mendment 11 ET"e *'d%$%(l . Cy your efforts to #eep as#ing &uestions. but steadfastly standing up for your rights. and the statutes must then be E$on#!r'ed %n "(r. well informed. Continue with your breathing !emind yourself that you are Sovereign.$o. Try to #eep your thoughts and spirit as positive and well wishing as possible.. polite. )ou are a smart sheep prepared to outwit a corrupted wolf. responsible. courteous.en!(r+ !o !"e Co.E M=ote? This means that once you can prove that the prosecutor and-or %udge are citizens of a foreign state under title of$'!ed (g(%n#! one o !"e S!(!e# . the case cannot be prosecuted against you as the State.)l+. )+ $%!%.en$ed or . )ou are here to help the Court recognize the errors of their ways. intelligent. )ou are not here to buy into and react to any Guilt trip or shame or wrongdoing that the nice prosecutor or %udge may try to establish. )ou are politely.l($ed )+ !"e $ode.(%n# %n or$e e<$e.. e District of Columbia3. even from prison. but sternly asserting your rights.e.ower o !"e 'n%!ed S!(!e# #"(ll no! )e $on#!r'ed !o e<!end !o (n+ #'%! %n L(w or E&'%!+..on L(wE. and is therefore a foreign state BCC 2Bniform Commercial Code3 1-1@.on L(w w"%$" re.e!%!%on !"e Go3ern.o#ed. but only in the process of your getting out of the system "S"6.. you are committed to Truth. o S.E "mendment :? EE<$e##%3e %ne# (nd . calmly.e($e 'l (##e.en(l!%e# #"(ll no! )e %. A"C =G T'5 GBDG5 "=D 6!>S5CBT>!? "TT TBD5 C'5C.en! or ( redre## o gr%e3(n$e#.l%$%!l+: d%#. despite their efforts to strip them away from you.l%. than for the Court to drag you down to a lower spirit.E The &uestion of sub%ect matter GB! SD CT >= may be raised at any point during the case. .. and free.! w"ere 8e<.ee$"!"e r%g"! !o .7 commands the court to retain Common 9aw rights and remedies. honest.en# or #')1e$!# o (n+ ore%gn #!(!e.

such that he-she will never have to see you in court again. f you then lose the case. T'5 S5KB5=C5 >A C>B!T "665"!"=C5S !emember. while you get (on-the-%ob e$perience(. f you go all the way to Trial. for the record. unless you are the prosecutor-plaintiff going after a public official. =ot to worry. you can than# the court and your information sources for your valuable education. for the e$perience and education. So it is generally best to bail out with your (win( as early as possible. the full range of se&uences 2of appearance3 is represented by ? <"N <B< < = <B< "rraignment 2re&uired3 "rraignment Special "ppearanceM 6lea Cargain.t will probably ta#e some practice. before you master this. <any patriots and Sovereigns are effectively using the lower traffic courts. in order to win the game. Aor now. preparing them to win bigger cases in the higher courts. 'earing 2re&uired3 <otions 'earingM 6re-Trial Conference 2re&uired3 Trial 2re&uired3 Sentencing 2re&uired3 . you would li#e the %udge to dismiss your case with your first few &uestions. =o one is e$pected to perform perfectly his first time out. you will have to go all the way to "ppeal. possibly in front of a %ury. you must be prepared to formally prove your innocence 2or disprove your guilt3. deally. There is no reason to personally go through all of the issues and arguments. Therefore. unless you want the e$perience. your first priority is to get the case dismissed 2or thrown out3 with the fewest court appearances.

!etrial <otions 'earingM "ppeals 'earingM M 'alf of the appearances are ones that you would initiate yourself. f they deprive you of this procedure. you have agreed to appear to answer to the officer(s charges against you. and-or if the Gudge and prosecutor are par1icularly shrewd in manipulating you and your case. 1e sure did. in order to win your case. 1e hope you en%oy them. The court simply wants your money with the least amount of time and e$pense on their part. f you have difficulty asserting your rights and following the guidelines. Sometimes. then you will probably have to go all the way to "ppeal. The court is re&uired by its own rules to hold an arraignment. and Sentence. "ll the court is interested in is "rraignment. but certainly not too difficult to handle by yourself with your counselors. and begin prosecution. The following descriptions of se&uential court appearances contain applications of the General guidelines listed above. Still. PURPOSE: This is the initial appearance written on your citation or (summons-complaint( form from the officer. * or more of these appearances are combined. it is much better to win right away. 6C 2personal computer3. beyond the scope of this guide. Trial. f they conveniently (forget(. your 6lea. The court is set up to ma#e it !5"9 5"S) for you to plead guilty. pay your fines. or other Areedom <achine. or act guilty and afraid li#e most people. A !ST C>B!T "665"!"=C5? "!!" G=<5=T This is the most important step to ta#e. they have committed a much more serious crime. The purpose of the "rraignment is to present the charges and find out how you intend to deal with them/ they are testing whether you will stand up for your rights. . and hopefully the only appearance you will need to ma#e. Somehow. !est assured that the "ppeals 'earing is the most difficult to prepare for 2cost-wise and paperwor#-wise3. because the court does not want to drag out your case. then you must demand to hold one. and not have to go thru it. 1here applicable we have included e$amples of some of the paperwor# you would need to generate on your 16 2word processor3.

"nd it is simple enough for anyone to master/ but there are some details that you will have to . you will be giving over your formal implied consent that you are under their Gurisdiction. if you have money3. W7AT TO EIPECT: During this proceeding. they will deny you another chance. is present/ and you will be able to sense their attempt to process you li#e a head of cattle on the way to the cash register slaughterhouse.when he-she realizes that they can(t lie if they need to. and the %udge has already established a court of record. it is recommended that you challenge %urisdiction right away. or if you intend to represent yourself. you are allowing them to have %urisdiction over you if you enter a 6lea. f you intend to win in court.%## !"e $(#e r%g"! "ere. There should be no legitimate ob%ection. be sure to bring plenty of friends with tape recorders. STRATEG/ 0: 7IRE /OUR OWN LlCENSED COURT REPORTER 2 Bse this basic regardless of. any other strategy you use. because if you don(t. T"ere %# ( good $"(n$e !"(! !"e 1'dge w%ll d%#. Then you will be carefully informed of the charges against you. Shoot down any lame e$cuses.e. 'e-she should not be connected with the court you are going into/ there must be no ris# of record tampering by the %udge. all of which are designed to assert and e$ercise your legal rights. 1hen your case is called.=>1 C>9D. %ust announce that there is an undoubtable need to appeal and that you want the record to start =>1/ and you insist on using your own court reporter. C"!5AB9? "s soon as you open your mouth to answer their &uestions. )ou will notice that the officer. f this is not possible. some of which you may feel comfortable using. STRATEG/ 1: STAND ON T7E 9T7 AMENDMENT AND EIPOSE T7E TRUT7 2 This is by far the most effective and successful strategy we have seen. They will try to ma#e you believe that you have to do e$actly what the %udge tells you to do. The %udge will also ma#e it a point to find out if you intend to hire an attorney 2i. 'ire your own licensed court reporter. <a#e a stand here. and the %udge will attempt to steer your into entering a plea. you are using the fact that they can(t reveal their own fraudulent "dmiralty %urisdiction. there are still many ways you can win the game. t is their most important secret to protect . 'ere. and if you recognize your signature on the citation. the %udge will politely as# you to stand up and identify yourself.and then leave in fear and ignorance. if at all possible. who cited you. 'owever. then re-assure the court that your reporter is licensed by the State. Celow are a few strategies that we have learned. There is no law that prohibits bringing your own court reporter or tape recorder. and then get away with it by altering the court record. and that you have no other options. W7AT TO DO: )ou have many options at this stage. f the %udge tries to weasel out of it. and in addition to.

and the authority to re&uire the court to e$plain. and there are some decisions and answers to be made. There is no way around it. <ost of them are in fear of losing their licenses and %obs. and the court has the duty to e$plain. for they have all been secretly sworn by the Car never to reveal it in open court. The %udge will try to evade your plan by not really answering. %ust to proceed with the case against you. when you are so clear that you don(t even have to stop to thin# about your own moves. They cannot legally proceed against you until you ac#nowledge the charges 2e$plicitly3 and their %urisdiction 2implicitly3.A>!C =G T'5 GBDG5 T> "=S15! KB5ST >=S? W"en !"e 1'dge (#k# % +o' 'nder#!(nd !"e $"(rge# (g(%n#! +o'. W"en !"e+ (#k +o' % +o' 'nder#!(nd !"e $"(rge# (g(%n#! +o'. "nd you are going to be real polite and courteous. provided you stand your ground.and #eep off the record. cause. So. so that you completely understand how it all wor#s. There is simply no other ways for them to deal with this strategy. by your declaring that )>B D> =>T B=D5!ST"=D T'5 C'"!G5S you will steer the %udge 2court3 into a legal position where he-she must answer all of your &uestions.'#! #(+: ENOJE )ou will be standing on your 7th "mendment right to be informed of the (nature and cause of the accusation(. because you must have answers to your &uestions. t is the duty of the court to inform you of the nature and cause of the accusation 27th "mendment3.%## !"e $(#e.+o' #(+ ENOJE. Cut with this strategy. or by outright lying. T'5 S5TB6. 'ere is where you must politely .+o' . The 7th "mendment says that you have a right to #now. So you must steer him-her bac# into the plan. The %udge will then probably try to intimidate you by e$plaining them again in a condescending or stern voice. )ou will be able to see and respond to the fraud in his-her every move. t must ma#e sense to you from all angles. there are going to be several possible ways for this to go. they have to reveal it. T'5 69"=? The following diagram is a (picture( showing a summary of this strategy and several (paths of argument( that it may ta#e. and this is your greatest strength. Aollow and study the logic described below according to the diagram? ST56 1 . Since every %udge is different. so that you will always be able to out-thin# the %udge. )ou are going to force the %udge to e$pose the court(s fraud in order to proceed with the case against you. Then you will hang the %udge up on the &uestions. This is where the sheep outsmart the wolves. Then you will be steering the %udge thru a very careful series of &uestions about the nature. 1e suggest you study this plan until it becomes crystal clear. using his-her own rules of procedure. and %urisdiction. T"e 1'dge w%ll "(3e !o d%#. or by implying that you are lying. T"e+ "(3e !o (#k +o' % +o' 'nder#!(nd !"e $"(rge#.

.E The %udge will have to allow you to as# him-her your &uestions.. etc.. criminal action.e. The %udge will probably say? EW"(! %# %! !"(! +o' wo'ld l%ke !o knowHE "!!" G=<5=T start here -.. 1hich one is this OF %udge panicsP %udge stalls %udge tells truth %udge lies .OF G? criminal civil F>b%ection .. =o problem..G? D> )>B B=D5!ST"=D T'5 C'"!G5SO F=oPF G? 1'"T D>=(T )>B B=D5!ST"=DO "==>B=C5<5=T 1? F)our 'onor. T"e 1'dge w%ll "(3e !o (#k +o' e<($!l+ w"(! %! %# !"(! +o' do no! 'nder#!(nd..etc. FThe Constitution grants * criminal %urisdictions .e..!"e d'!+ !o !ell . E/o'r 7onor...F Gudge agrees to answer &uestions G? >.!"e 9!" A.en! !o !"e 'n%!ed S!(!e# Con#!%!'!%on gr(n!# . =o e$ceptions.etc.(nd %! gr(n!# +o'.5 T> . 1'"T S T )>B 1>B9D 9 . the 7th "mendment grants me .e !"e r%g"! !o know !"e n(!'re (nd $('#e (! !"%# ($!%on +o' (re )r%ng%ng (g(%n#! .end.e. Gust reply? "==>B=C5<5=T 1.F F95T T'5 !5C>!D S'>1 . I do no! 'nder#!(nd !"e n(!'re (nd $('#e o !"%# ($!%on w"%$" "(# )een )ro'g"! (g(%n#! .=>1 O KB5ST >= 1? F s this a criminal or civil action.F 1rong Court <>T >= T> D S< SS KB5ST >= *.present your need to have answers so that the %udge must decide to answer your &uestions..!"e $o'r!.

.etc..OF F<>T >= T> D S< SSF G? D S< SS5D F95T T'5 !5C>!D S'>1 .etc. or sworn complaintQF KB5ST >= 0? 1ill you instruct the prosecuting attorney to place the interrogational contract in evidence .. F.F 69"= C F95T T'5 !5C>!D S'>1 common law %urisdiction.... in%ured party..failure to perform duty..G? D S< SS5D 69"= " "9T5!="T5 F95T T'5 !5C>!D S'>1? criminal action comprising condition of contract under criminal aspects of "dmiralty.F G? D S< SS5D more stalling F95T T'5 !5C>!D S'>1 this court has declared the criminal action to be a condition of international contract under "dmiralty %urisdiction.... secret %urisdiction....H "==>B=C5<5=T *? F>b%ectionP =o evidence...oath of office. F G? "99 ! G'T. T(S ST"TBT>!) GB! SD CT >= <>T >= T> D S< SS .

.F deny valid contract. Start out with a simple and indirect &uestion about the nature and type of the case..'#! (n#wer (ll o !"e.. then you must immediately ob%ect. )ou will lead the %udge into a corner...etc.EI# !"%# go%ng !o )e ( CIVIL ($!%on or ( CRIMINAL ($!%onHE f the %udge answers that it is a C + 9 action 2not li#ely3.OF. no interest... .(P G? D S< SS5D 6rosecutor moves to dismiss.until you are satisfied that you are fully informed of the (nature and cause(.criminal action under F. The reason here is that you are now = T'5 1!>=G C>B!T/ the State cannot bring a case against you and .. KB5ST >= 1 . and then move for dismissal .since "merica only owes debt by an invalid contract. then you must point out that the agreement has already been made and you intend to #eep it. how am F compelled to perform to it under the "dmiralty %urisdiction of this court . etc.9aw <erchant. G? D S< SS5D STEP = 2 STEERING WIT7 T7E DUESTIONS: =ow that the %udge has agreed to answer your &uestions...? F1ill you show me the Statutory !ules Criminal 6rocedure.. statutory %urisdiction. f he-she tries to bac# out of this decision..G? D S< SS5D "==>BC5<5=T . "eK#"e .. etc. F95T T'5 !5C>!D S'>1 ..F <>T >= T> D S< SS G? D S< SS5D KB5ST >= ..

Gudge its own case, it cannot be both party to, and %udge of, their own action. >n the other hand, if the Gudge answers that it is a C! < ="9 action 2most li#ely3, then you can ma#e the following announcement on the record. ET"(nk +o' /o'r 7onor- LET T7E RECORD O6 T7IS COURT T7EN S7OW !"(! !"%# ($!%on (g(%n#! GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 8+o': %# ( CRIMINAL ACTION. Now I "(3e (no!"er &'e#!%on: ...E DUESTION = 2 E/o'r 7onor- !"e Con#!%!'!%on gr(n!# !"%# $o'r! = d% eren! $r%,%n(l 1'r%#d%$!%on#: One %# ( $r%,%n(l 1'r%#d%$!%on 'nder ( Co,,on L(w(nd !"e o!"er %# ( $r%,%n(l ($!%on !"(! $on#!%!'!e# ( $ond%!%on o $on!r($! 'nder !"e $r%,%n(l (#.e$!# o ( $olor()le Ad,%r(l!+ 1'r%#d%$!%on. Under w"%$" o !"e#e = 1'r%#d%$!%on# doe# $o'r! %n!end !o !r+ !"%# $r%,%n(l ($!%onHE =ot wanting to answer this, the %udge might %ust dismiss the case now, but most will still try to go ahead with it The only choices now are to admit to which %urisdiction applies, or to avoid answering. Get an answer. f the Common 9aw criminal %urisdiction were to be declared, then you win by default of no sworn complaint by an in%ured party, and no in%ured party present. There is no evidence at all of your interfering with anyone(s 9ife 9iberty, or 6roperty. The case must be dropped. f instead, the "dmiralty criminal %urisdiction were to be declared 2foolishly3, then you must be prepared to follow "9T5!="T5 69"= C 2below3. T"ere ore- ,o#! l%kel+- "ere %# w"ere !"e 1'dge w%ll .ro)()l+ #!(r! #&'%r,%ng (nd 1'#! !r+ !o (3o%d (n#wer%ng- )+ (d3%#%ng +o' !o ge! ( l%$en#ed (!!orne+ or #'$" 0leg(l (d3%$e0. So here is where you would ma#e a stand by saying? "==>B=C5<5=T *. ET"(nk +o' +o'r 7onor- )'! I don0! !"%nk !"(! +o'0d )e 3%ol(!%ng +o'r O(!" o O %$e % +o' d%d +o'r d'!+ 'nder !"e Con#!%!'!%on. /o' #ee I (, no! #eek%ng leg(l (d3%$e4 w"(! I w(n! !o know %# +o'r leg(l %n!en!4 (nd I "(3e !"e r%g"! !o! ,+#el 0%n ,+ own .er#on0 w%!"o'! ( l%$en#ed (!!orne+. And %n order !o %n!ell%gen!l+ de end ,+#el - I "(3e !o know !"e 1'r%#d%$!%on !"(! !"%# $o'r! %#!%ng 'nder4 )e$('#e !"e R'le# o Cr%,%n(l Pro$ed're 'nder ( Co,,on L(w 1'r%#d%$!%on (re 3er+ d% eren! ro, !"e R'le# 'nder (n Ad,%r(l!+ 1'r%#d%$!%on. I need !o know w"%$" 1'r%#d%$!%on +o' %n!end !o !r+ ,e 'nder- %n order or ,e !o .re$ede w%!" !"%# $(#e. Now !"e 9!" A,end,en! gr(n!# ,e !"e r%g"! !o know !"e 1'r%#d%$!%on )e%ng (..l%ed- (nd %! gr(n!# +o' !"e d'!+ !o %n or, ,e4 (nd I don0! !"%nk +o'0d )e 3%ol(!%ng +o'r O(!" o O %$e or do%ng #o. So .le(#e (n#wer !"e &'e#!%on.E

The %udge might dismiss the case here, but will probably continue stalling. 'e-she is most li#ely to reprimand or threaten you for not getting a licensed attorney. T"e 1'dge w%ll %,.l+ !"(! onl+ l%$en#ed (!!orne+# "(3e !"%# %n or,(!%on- !"(! +o' "(3e !o go #ee ( l%$en#ed (!!orne+ %n order !o ge! !"e &'e#!%on (n#wered. 1hen this happens, say? ET"(nk +o' /o'r 7onor- LET T7E RECORD O6 T7IS COURT T7EN S7OW !"(! I GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG !"e ($$'#ed %n !"%# $r%,%n(l ($!%on (g(%n#! ,e"(3e (#ked !"%# $o'r! !o d%3'lge !"e n(!'re (nd $('#e o !"e ($$'#(!%on- '.on !"e ('!"or%!+ o !"e 9!" A,end,en!- (nd !"(! !"%# $o'r! 7AS 6AILED %n %!# d'!+ !o %n or, ,e o !"e n(!'re (nd $('#e o !"e ($!%on. 6'r!"er,ore- LET T7E RECORD ALSO S7OW !"(! !"%# $o'r! %n!end# !o )r%ng !"%# $r%,%n(l ($!%on (g(%n#! ,e UNDER A SECRET *URISDICTION- T7AT IS FNOWN ONL/ TO LICENSED ATTORNE/S.E >>6SP 'ere is where a lot of %udges will dismiss the case for whatever phony e$cuse. Cut there are still some diehards as#ing for more embarrassment. f the %udge is still onto the case here, he-she will have to come up with an answer for Kuestion *. 'e-she will probably ma#e something huffy up li#e? ET"%# w%ll )e ( #!(!'!or+ 1'r%#d%$!%on (nd I "o.e +o'0re #(!%# %edJE So now, you reply? ET"(nk +o' /o'r 7onor- LET T7E RECORD O6 T7IS COURT T7EN S7OW !"(! %! %n!end# !o $ond'$! ( $r%,%n(l ($!%on (g(%n#! ,eGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG - 'nder STATUTOR/ *URISDICTION. 5'! !"e .ro)le, %# !"(! I "(3e ne3er "e(rd o #'$" ( !"%ng (# ( $r%,%n(l ($!%on 'nder #!(!'!or+ 1'r%#d%$!%on. I wo'ld )e "(..+ !o ($$e.! !"%#- /o'r 7onor- % +o' $o'ld .le(#e !ell ,e w"ere I $(n %nd !"e .')l%#"ed R'le# o Cr%,%n(l Pro$ed're 'nder S!(!'!or+ *'r%#d%$!%on.E <ost %udges are li#ely to give up and dismiss the case here, but some might still be hanging on. f your case isn(t dismissed yet, then you might as#?

DUESTION >2 EDo +o' "(3e ( $o.+ o !"e R'le# o Cr%,%n(l Pro$ed're 'nder S!(!'!or+ *'r%#d%$!%on %n +o'r o %$e !"(! I $o'ld )orrowH W"ere doe# !"%# n(!'re- $('#e- (nd 1'r%#d%$!%on %n or,(!%on e<%#!H Do +o' know o ( l(w l%)r(r+ (n+w"ere !"(! "(# ( $o.+ o !"e#e r'le#H S%n$e I (, de end%ng ,+#el .ro .er- %#n0! %! +o'r d'!+ !o #.e$% + w"%$" R'le# o Cr%,%n(l Pro$ed're w%ll )e '#ed- #o !"(! I ,(+ $ond'$! ( (%r de en#e %n ( (%r !r%(lH /o' ,'#! !ell ,e w"ere I $(n ($$e## ( $o.+ o !"e R'le#.E

This is where you will win, the %udge must either lie or dismiss. The Truth is that they have %ust committed to a statutory %urisdiction, and there is no such thing, not to mention no official published rules to use. n some cases the %udge will ma#e faces at the prosecutor, and the prosecutor will motion to dismiss, for some other phony reason. 5ither way, you win.

S55 D "G!"< "9T5!="T5 69"= C? This is where the %udge has actually answered truthfully bac# at Kuestion *, and however unli#ely this may be, you must be prepared to go the distance. The %udge has now admitted that the criminal action will be brought as a condition of contract under the criminal aspects of "dmiralty %urisdiction. 'ere is where you will be digging into the very origins of the fraudulent "dmiralty %urisdiction, i.e. the fraudulent international money contract that !oosevelt signed bac# in 1;... So pic#ing it up at the .rd outcome to Kuestion *, you would then say ? ET"(nk +o' /o'r 7onor- LET T7E RECORD O6 T7IS COURT T7EN S7OW !"(! !"%# $o'r! %n!end# !o .ro$eed w%!" ( $r%,%n(l ($!%on (g(%n#! ,eGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG - (# ( $ond%!%on o $on!r($! 'nder !"e $r%,%n(l (#.e$!# o ( $olor()le Ad,%r(l!+ 1'r%#d%$!%on. E

Still not dismissed yetO KB5ST >= 0 E/o'r 7onor- +o' ,'#! re(l%;e !"(! no $o'r!# %n A,er%$( "(3e Ad,%r(l!+ 1'r%#d%$!%on w%!"o'! (l#o "(3%ng 3(l%d %n!ern(!%on(l $on!r($! %n d%#.'!e. And I0, no! (w(re o "(3%ng en!ered (n+ %n!ern(!%on(l $on!r($!. So I den+ !"(! (n+ #'$" $on!r($! e<%#!#. Now w%ll +o' %n#!r'$! !"e .ro#e$'!%ng (!!orne+ !o %n or, !"%# $o'r! !"(! !"ere %# ( 3(l%d %n!ern(!%on(l $on!r($! %n d%#.'!e- % !"ere %# one4 (nd !o .l($e !"%# (lleged %n!ern(!%on(l $on!r($! %n e3%den$e- % %! e<%#!#4 (nd e<.l(%n "ow I $(n )e ( .(r!+ !o %!- % I (,4 (nd "ow I (, $o,.elled !o .er or, 'nder %!- % I (,HE This is an opportunity for the %udge to bail out, and let the prosecutor go down in flames. Technically it is the prosecutor who must prove %urisdiction once it is

so now he-she is in the hot seat. I (# (n A.elled !o . that the ban#ers own everything.'nder !"e $r%.%n(l ($!%on (g(%n#! . or +o' .(nd !"'# 3o%d )+ !"e %n!ern(!%on(l l(w o N(!%on#.. 7e )orrowed )(nk $red%! on !"e . /o' . T"ere ore A.l(n(!%on o Ad.%# ( $ond%!%on o %n!ern(!%on(l $on!r($!..(r! 8)'! ool%#": 'll "%#!or%$(l e<. They can(t afford to let us #now that our country has been ban#rupt since 1.eGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG . And now #%n$e A....)e$('#e !"e+ d%dn0! lo(n (n+!"%ng o 3(l'e. !o (n %n3(l%d $on!r($! 'nder !"e Ad. "t this point the %udge will probably dismiss.leg(ll+ $$( owe# no leg(l de)!.ro#e$'!or.%n(l (#.!"ere (re $er!(%n !"%ng# !"(! $on#!%!'!e ( 3(l%d 3# (n %n3(l%d $on!r($!. and that we are all held compelled to perform under "dmiralty. LET T7E RECORD O6 T7IS COURT T7EN S7OW !"(! !"%# $o'r! "(# de$l(red !"(! ( $r%. they are going down for the full count. ST") =G 1 T' T'5 69"=? )ou must contain the discussion within the plan.(%d: %! w(# ( 0no %n!ere#! 0$on!r($!. =o$(n C%!%. in default of paying off the phony debt that !oosevelt rac#ed up. you can reply? E6%ne. Cre(!%ng $red%! o'! o !"%n (%r!"e )(nker# "(d no r%#k (nd no %n!ere#!.:.E Still not dismissed yetO . 1hen you get to a (corner( &uestion that the %udge answers improperly 2i. !"e .!"e 3er+ l(w !"(! !"%# $on!r($! w(# ..%r(l!+ 1'r%#d%$!%on."ow (. away from the plan or issue3.($$ord%ng !o !"e L(w Mer$"(n! or.!"(! no $o'r! "(# !"e ('!"or%!+ !o en or$e (n %n3(l%d $on!r($!4 (nd I den+ !"e 3(l%d%!+ o !"e $on!r($! !"(! Roo#e3el! en!ered %n!o w%!" !"e %n!ern(!%on(l )(nker#. Now /o'r 7onor.(+ ge! ( #. or the prosecutor will move to dismiss. 'e-she might unwittingly spill the beans and get fired later.e$!# o (n Ad.E KB5ST >= 4/ E.'#! re(l%.%#e !o redee. f this happens. you must repeat or emphasize the issue that gets the . e. because this is the big secret that they don(t want the 6eople to #now. "==>B=C5<5=T .en.%r(l!+ 1'r%#d%$!%on o !"%# $o'r!HE Get the answer and-or get dismissed. %n gold $$( onl+ owe# !"e de)! )+ (n %n3(l%d $on!r($!.challenged.(nd !"'# "(d no %n!ere#! %n !"e lo(n )e%ng .e.%r(l!+ 1'r%#d%$!%on ro.(de 'nder.

and #eep him-her in a corner.!"en we . so that you will appear more personable and less confrontational in court. This is where you defeat any of the %udge(s lame e$cuses.=>1 how it wor#s. I +o' (re #!rongl+ %n!ere#!ed %n !"e re. STRATEG/ =: *UDICIAL CON6ERENCE 2 This is a way 2albeit less successful3 to soften up the %udge before the hearing. on the court record3. before being put on the spot 2i. e. This way. but the %udge needn(t #now that. and so that the %udge gets a small idea of what he-she is up e<.argument bac# into the plan.(%nder o !"%# g'%de.en!..l+ !o +o'r $(#e. or made up phony e$cuses for dropping the case.le!%on. )ou could be bluffing. 'ere.(!r%o! .ro$eeded . t doesn(t matter that they lied about it. This is why you must #now this strategy inside-out to a point where you really . "CC56T =G T'5 1 =? 1hen the case is dismissed.(#o$"%#!%$(ll+ %. "s# the %udge to read the last sentence of B. !o !"%# .er%en$e. or !"e ed'$(!%on (nd e<..(#!er+ o w"(! %# g%3en ()o3e.o%n! %n !"e g'%de. the %udge has ample opportunity to find a way to dismiss your case without losing face..(nd +o' (re l(%l%ng or #ol'!%on#4 or +o' (re ( "(rd2$ore .C. 1-1@. /o' #"o'ld )e ()le !o w%n +o'r $(#e w%!" !"e .er#ed %n !"e $o'r! #+#!e. )ou are going to politely inform the %udge that he-she is at grave ris# in allowing the case against you to continue. that the %udge may even be open to a liable suit for violating your rights under Common 9aw. you deliberately schedule some friendly &uality time in conference with the %udge. to discuss some (&uestions about the upcoming hearing(. We (re o er%ng !"e re. <a#e an appointment to see the %udge privately/ oftentimes they are happy to receive any visitors beyond (business as usual(. with thoughtfulness. t is a$e. it doesn(t matter that you have been insulted or that Gustice wasn(t truly served. and his-her illusion of authority.e +o'r $(#e "(# (lre(d+ .re#'. This is where you adapt your &uestions to stay in control.. by whatever means it is achieved. and it doesn(t get any better than this with the current system.C.%g"! no! (. This also gives him-her another way out of bringing formal charges against you.!"en +o' know !"(! !"e re#! 8)elow: .en! or #"(re o'r own . .7 which says that the code cannot be read to preclude a Common 9aw section.(nd !o do$'. Smile and leave &uietly. <ention. you have won. by using the wrong statutes against you. STOP 7ERE: I +o' 'nder#!(nd w"(! +o' "(3e re(d '. at your re&uest.(#! (rr(%gn.(%nder or !"e #(ke o $o.

. there is a ris# of being charged with (contempt of courtH. #orr+. which is a direct challenge to the fringed flag 2military symbol of authority3. before you even mention anything else. STRATEG/ >: WIN 5/ DE6AULT 2 n any appearance. as described l%()le or d(. The officer usually shows up. Cut this is only a small glimpse of the embarrassment the %udge could face. the court will want to dismiss the case before it gets that far. according to the body of law which the court is legally allowed to govern. Cut since the courts ma#es millions of dollars on traffic cases.)'! I re$ogn%. 1hen you appear to supposedly enter a 6lea. Cut then you can always come bac# with EW"(! Co'r!H I0. because the %udges have all ta#en a secret oath never to reveal the true %urisdiction of the court.e no ('!"or%!+ "ere )'! .(ged . and he-she may easily get the message to dismiss your case at once.on+ w%!" Co. and all you need to do is ma#e a !eservation of !ights. you are going to challenge the court(s authority to even hear the case.(r!+ .+ own. which establishes you as a foreign entity to their fraudulent system of 9aw. e "dmiralty %urisdiction. as you open your mouth for the very 1st time in court.ed+ (nd +o' w%ll "(3e !o $on#!r'e !"e U. %n "(r. because there is no witness against you. 'ere(s the drill. right up front. "ll you have to do is point out the officer(s absence. i. if necessary. the *nd =otice is a Gudicial =otice of <ilitary Alag and Challenge of Gurisdiction. you cannot always depend on using this strategy.C. The %udge will have to dismiss the case.e or!" w%!" ( d(.(ge#. >ne notice is a =otice of Special +isitation and of Aoreign 9aw.(nd +o' w%ll "(3e !o $o. you instead wal# right up. and present the %udge with * written =otices 2see "ppendi$3. So here is the time and place to use the ne$t best general strategy. and the officer gets yelled at 2not your problem3.on L(w. and the military %urisdiction that they are trying to pull over on you."t this point the %udge will #now that you have a remedy of recourse. the case into a district court where you will be allowed to argue Constitutional issues. STRATEG/ ?: C7ALLENGE *URISDICTION 2*nd best plan3 . once you get into court.. and your God-given right to argue Constitutional issues.E Cut it is better to be very polite about it .This is a good strategy to use. if your accuser 2the officer3 does not show up. you go home free. This techni&ue will allow you to ta#e. "s always.C. Cut ideally.E This could admittedly be a bluff on your part/ you may not even consider suing the %udge. The prosecutor has the burden of proving . or +o' w%ll )e . So now you say something li#e? E/o'r 7onor I w%ll )e e<er$%#%ng !"(! re.. place your "merican flag on its stand. you automatically win. 'ere.

<a#e your stand on these two =otices. that you insist on putting them into the court !ecord. numbers3.!.6. such as finding your State(s e&uivalent of C. )ou will have to modify the e$ample forms 2names.E . and other such details. so that #now one else will hear the Truth of their fraud. and that you will present as much evidence as it ta#es to e$pose them. and he-she will have to lie. and or violate something to do it. by insisting that neither your case. and doctor them up with your name. so ma#e it good. nor do anymore with your dismissed case.C. The 1st =otice establishes your legal basis for arguing any Constitutional issue in the ne$t higher 2district3 court/ the *nd =otice specifically challenges the fraudulent nature of the court(s %urisdiction. for your (artillery shells( 7AGANS 3# LAVINE 8?1@ US @>> N2>-no!e @:: EOn$e *URISDICTION %# $"(llenged %! . 6repare and modify your * =otices similarly to those shown in the "ppendi$. >f course you already #now that this is impossible. and do a little research. dates. f all goes well. Colorado !evised Statutes3. repeat this Strategy every time you appear in court. <a#e a photocopy of the * e$ample =otices mentioned above. Gung 'oP 'ere are some bac#up notes. )ou will not spea# of anything nor participate in your case until the 6rosecutor has legally and completely proven that the court even has %urisdiction over you.%urisdiction. nor the accusations may be heard until these two overriding issues are resolved. in the %udge(s face if you have to. )ou must present these notices and enter them into the court record before you say anything about your particular case. cheat. "ll further strategies will depend on this one. Set your flag up where everyone can see it. Sit on them. 00 1 2e.'#! )e . Ce sure that there is nothing falsely stated on these =otices when you present them. So you can tell them you are prepared to go to Trial on these * issues alone. case number. you will not have to (dig in( any further.ro3en )+ !"e Pl(%n!% . and they will %ust try to intimidate and disempower you for challenging their false authority/ and they will try to haul you off to a private room 2off the !ecord3.!. nor the 9aw.g. =ail them. )ou should only have to appear once/ but if you are not dismissed right away.S.g. Colorado !ules of Criminal 6rocedure3 and C. <a#e them sweat and embarrass them into dismissing your case. Title *0 2e.

you simply stand on your 7th "mendment right to #now the nature and cause of the accusation against you. or drop the charges against you. these cash register courts and D"s all fraudulently impose their laws and accusations upon us. because they are certainly not representing 1e the 6eople. They presume to represent the 6eople of your State. they represent the corporate State 2ban#s3 under the false e$tension of the corporate Bnited States 2foreign ban#s3. <otion. The point!. no! e3en #'re !"(! !"e Pl(%n!% %# . (nature and cause(. if the %udge as#s you if you are (ready to proceed(. they hide behind that title. if Strategy L1 above is not wor#ing. <otion for Dismissal3 because %urisdiction has not been proven. weren(t you simply minding your own business to begin with. (foreign state(. as#. Then you will really understand how their whole illusion and ball game rests on giving your consent to their fraudulent . STRATEG/ @: RE6USE TO RECOGNILE T7E PLAINTI66 2 This is perhaps a fallbac# strategy. under the (color of law( 2bogus3. (inured party(. So when they as# you if you understand the charges. etc. and it is you that is a member of the Sovereign Cody of the State. it is you who really represent the 6eople. The system is deliberately dysfunctional. So in this strategy. 1>CB. and the 6eople are paying for it. and then e$pect you to feel intimidated and guilty for offending the 6eople. as a de %ure member of 1e the 6eople. at any court appearance.ere good (%!" (##er!%on# o . n reality. 'ere. because the charges arise from laws which re&uire the 6eople(s compliance without their consent.1CB0:: ET"e .E >r.I0.OWENS 3# CIT/ O6 INDEPENDENCE 8100 SC!. you must also stand on your 11th "mendment right to be protected from their foreign %urisdiction. (State(. "fter all. (foreign interest(. remind the %udge that the 6rosecutor still has not proven anything.%n ($!. without in%uring any party. f the 6rosecutor attempts to bluff his-her way through by shooting down your written evidence with lame verbal e$cuses. you say ? ENo.E )ou can also use the missing plaintiff argument to further e$pose the court(s error.ower (nd ('!"or%!+ 81'r%#d%$!%on: "(3e )een ()ol%#"ed. and-or demand the %udge to order the 6rosecutor to prove %urisdiction with hard evidence. Get the case dismissed 2i. repeat those words again.e. Study the Constitution and the Clac#(s 9aw Dictionary definitions of (plaintiff.

representation of the case against you.#o !"(! I .+ r%g"!# (re4 #o I (#k 8de.I !"(nk !"e $o'r! or e<!end%ng (n$eed ($$ord%ng !o .or!'n%!+ !o ge! (n (!!orne+. Cring photocopies of everything to court. The %udge may try to intimidate you by warning you that a %ury is re&uired to establish birthright evidence. and demand that the prosecutor produce a legal and legitimate 6laintiff or else the case must be dismissed.(+ . The %udge now has an opportunity to dismiss the case in order to prevent you from e$posing the Truth and the court(s fraud in front of a %ury.+#el 0. the date or time of the stop could be wrong.l($ed %n e3%den$e.+ r%g"! . >f course. )our correct address could be misrepresented. or other legal instruments. you realize that you must be willing to follow up on whatever the %udge rules.olog%.+ $on '#%on. when you are as#ed to enter a plea.e or . Aor instance. The officer may have written something on the bac# of the original.er04 (nd I (. Ce a good detective.)'! I 1'#! don0! know w"(! . f a trial date is set.)'! I w%ll de end . re&uiring %urisdictional compliance/ and then recuse the %udge for not complying 2Details in the following section2s33.(nd: !"(! . you say E/o'r 7onor. >f course. then you have plenty of time to file a series of =otice and Demand letters. because so far there is no written proof of the court(s %urisdiction over you. the %udge must allow your birthrights and birthdate to be admitted into court. something could be spelled wrong. Cy law. and saves his-her face on the record. and minimal confrontation . and the %udge will have to bluff in some other way. the original may have been altered after you signed it. The officer may have filled in false or misleading information. evidence which has been withheld from you. now that you have re&uested 2demanded3 it. 'ere. "t ..+ )%r!" $er!% %$(!e )e . "ny such mista#e renders the tic#et null and void for cause. because of its simplicity. STRATEG/ 9: C7ALLENGE T7E TICFET 2 Bse this if you #now that there is some technical error in the way the tic#et is filled out. to avoid doing this. "s# to compare the original with your copy. this is %ust what you want. effectiveness. a number could %ust one digit different. STRATEG/ A: PLEAD IGNORANCE 2 This is the one of the easiest overall methods we(ve learned to date. such as entering Fphone number? re '#edF instead of FnoneF.E This puts the %udge on notice. you may have written something onto it that renders it null and void.

+ $(#e w%!"o'! )e%ng ( l%$en#ed (!!orne+HE >! EO" re(ll+."(# !"e $o'r! . The fact is that there really are no such licenses? the %udge is merely trying to intimidate you into losing the game and-or paying more into the (system( by paying the attorney(s fees.AN/ 3(l%d (!!orne+0# l%$en#e #o !"(! I . you may postpone the trial date to greater than 7 months from the date of citation.en! r%g"! !o ( l%$en#ed de en#e (!!orne+HE >! 0W%ll !"e $o'r! k%ndl+ ."(# !"e $o'r! .+ r%g"! !o "%re ( l%$en#ed (!!orne+.le(#e #ee +o'r l%$en#e. %ust politely hang in there and carefully shoot down the %udge(s lame e$cuses with more &uestions.end.(+ know "ow !o %den!% + ( l%$en#ed (!!orne+HE >! E7(# !"e $o'r! .%n(!%on !o den+ .'#! %nd ( l%$en#ed (!!orne+ ($$ord%ng !o !"e $o'r!0# r'le# w%!"o'! !"e $o'r!0# %r#! de %n%ng w"(! (n (!!orne+0# l%$en#e %#HE >. This entities you to dismiss the case on the basis of violating the (speedy trial( clause in the 7th "mendment. %ust in case. are members of a Car "ssociations. )ou get the ideaO Good. including the court appointed defender. unless they have renounced their Car membership and title of nobility. So.. Ce prepared to deal with this factor..the very least.en!. which are nothing more then elitist clubs ordained by the foreign ban#s under foreign titles of nobility.+ e<!en#%3e #e(r$" !o %nd (n (!!orne+ w%!" ( l%$en#e4 #o !"(! %n order or . and may even dismiss the case outright.(de ( 1'd%$%(l de!er.This is a strategy to use when the %udge as#s you about getting a licensed attorney. but possible3 . but before you decide to represent yourself (pro per(.#o !"(! I w%ll know w"(! (n (!!orne+0# l%$en#e look# l%ke. Ce nice. ET"(nk +o' or '.%n(!%on !"(! !"e 1'dge . STRATEG/ B: C7ALLENGE T7E *UDGE0S STATUS 2low probability of success. "ll attorneys and %udges.e !o $o. you can use this in your favor as follows.(+ . f this happens. .(+ I . but don(t let the %udge off the hoo# easily.l($e %n e3%den$e.+ 9!" A. >r you may get some e$cuse that the %udge is not obliged to show you anything. Strictly spea#ing.l+ w%!" !"e $o'r!0# (d3%#e. they are all foreign agents committing treason against the Citizens of the united o3er .E The Gudge will surely be sweating bullets now. The only ris# you ta#e here is the (contempt of court( ruling from the %udge../o'r 7onor4 )'! I "(3e (%led %n ."old%ng . li#e/ EO" re(ll+.(de ( 1'd%$%(l de!er.%n(!%on !"(! I .(de ( 1'd%$%(l de!er.

then as# for continuance based on the re&uest for Discovery.r($!%$%ng l(w ro. 10A 2 )ou can always start with E5'! +o'r 7onor./o'r 7onor. when you first open your mouth. )ou essentially assume Common 9aw %urisdiction with your &uestions. and then carefully watch how this assumption fails.)+ !"e r'le o 0$or. 5mbarrass them into a default. if you refuse to pic# one of their options 2'ow nice they areP3.'# dele$!%0. STRATEG/ 10: ENTER NO PLEA 2 'ere you are setting yet another trap for the court 2%udge3 to fall into. and you can inform the %udge that since the prosecutor is falsely claiming to represent the 6eople. )ou can use these options at the time when the %udge is demanding that you enter a plea. f the %udge denies your motion. Then as# the case to be dismissed for the cause of fraud. )ou would start by as#ing.le( )e ore d%#$o3er+ o (ll !"e ($!#HE 2The 9aw states that a plea cannot be re&uired before the rule of discovery is allowed3 1hen you get a =>. Then announce EWell !"en.%##ed or l($k o %n1'red . This is where you must argue that the corporate State of RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR cannot lawfully participate as an inured party in this case/ then demand the evidence supporting the prosecutor(s claim.ro3e 1'r%#d%$!%on. Good 'ere(s where you immediately as#? E5'! +o'r 7onor.)ou would also use this at the very beginning. before you even give your name.)%ne !"%# w%!" (no!"er #!r(!eg+ w"%$" or$e# !"e $o'r! !o %den!% + or .E Some prosecutors might argue that the State.I . and you will have several options with which to win. EW"ere %# !"e %n1'red .%#n0! !"(! .'nder !"e r'le# o !"%# $o'r!(.o3e !"(! !"e $(#e )e d%#. )our purpose is to dismiss the case by e$posing 1') the court is failing to comply with Common 9aw %urisdiction. "nd you gamble 2or prefer3 that the %udge will default you to =>T GB 9T). or 6eople of the State of RRRRRRRRRRRRRR is the inured party. because it is the 6eople that are held liable for the statutes in &uestion. Then you can point out that you yourself represent the 6eople in this case. "s# anyone in the courtroom to come forth as an in%ured party. 105 2 The court will always try to enter a plea for you. And +o' "(3e !o $o.(r!+. "s# the officer. then <otion for Dismissal based on the rule of corpus delecti. !"e )en$"H . and try to set a trial date. I re&'%red !o en!er ( . This strategy indirectly implies that the court(s %urisdiction is out of order. "s# the prosecutor.STRATEG/ C: C7ALLENGE UNDER COMMON LAW 2marginally successful3 . +erify with the %udge that you in fact stand accused of being a criminal.(r!+HE "s# the %udge if he-she is the inured party. then his-her claim against you is void for fraud. up front.

but without giving your permission to do so. )ou can then silently go home. 10C 2 f the %udge enters a plea for you of => C>=T5ST 2which is more li#ely3. 10D 2 "nother elegant option is to simply not enter any plea. then the %udge is now caught in a contradiction of error. in this case. f the %udge then says /ES to the above &uestion. Cecause you have not given the %udge your power of attorney to enter a plea on your behalf. the ne$t day. you now have legal grounds for !ecusing 2dismissing3 the %udge before Trial. 6oint out that you demand the court to comply with the law which guarantees that you are ==>C5=T until proven GB 9T). which you can detect. They are not really doing you any favors. as if you are GB 9T).I#n0! en!er%ng ( .. then it has ruled that you really are not guilty. in fact this is %ust satisfying a phony court re&uirement to con you out of your rights. and file a =otice of Special "ppearance. because they don(t li#e to admit having made an error3. )ou must also protest that the ruling is not acceptable. and defrauding you out of your power of attorney. turn around the ne$t day. )ou will then turn around. has made a technical mista#e. regardless of its decision to continue the case against you. because if the court enters your plea of =>T GB 9T). follow up on. then &uic#ly as# E . )ou win. because of %udicial misconduct. So (re +o' . and that they have no right to constrain you. =ot to worry. The court. nor have you decided whether to contest the charges. "ll this because you want the %udge to enter your (no plea( as a plea of =>T GB 9T). because the court will treat you with your => C>=T5ST. so even with the => C>=T5ST. )ou have won. and a <otion to Dismiss the case. Stic# to it. and as# for resolution 2Cut a => is unli#ely. and file a =otice of Default. and silently let the %udge enter any plea that he-she wants.%n(!%onHE f NO. then say your than#s and leave. point out that the court is deliberately constraining you to unfair plea choices.le( . and file a =otice and Demand. f necessary. he-she is illegally practicing law from the bench.+ 1o) or . "nd if the %udge then ignores or overrules your <otion. =ow whatever the answer was 2and if the %udge has not yet changed your plea of =>T GB 9T)3. then you could protest that the ruling is unfair because you do not understand the nature of the charges. you will then turn around. to change your plea and outmaneuver the court 2see details below3. )ou can always change your plea before the trial.(k%ng ( 1'd%$%(l de!er.. the ne$t day. . holding the court to its %udicial determination that you are =>T GB 9T).+ (!!orne+0# 1o)HE )ou have distracted the %udge with this &uestion.

(de ( 1'd%$%(l de!er. f the %udge becomes impatient or irritable enough with your non-compliance with his-her directions. be sure to as# why. you say? ENO. n addition to one of the above strategies. this puts their fraud right on the record.e. it(s hard to believe they can still get away with it. or retract the threat or command.E )ou can then get right in as#ing more &uestions relating to the contradictions that you already see with the case as it is being presented to you.STRATEG/ 11: PLEAD CON6USION 8NO PLEA: 2 )ou can also use this strategy whenever the %udge is as#ing you to enter a plea. So if the %udge as#s you if you understand the charges. you can then turn around the ne$t day file a =otice and Demand. you can easily get the standard speech about getting a licensed attorney/ the %udge may even give you more time to consider getting one. This is the perfect time to as#? E7(# !"e $o'r! . you are setting another trap by e$ercising your 7th "mendment rights to be informed of the nature of the charges. or change of status. to address issues which must be resolved. f you appear too confused to enter a plea. such as a change of plea. )ou can even change your mind about how to defend yourself. you might even corner the %udge with his-her own speech. and a <otion for Dismissal because of %udicial misconduct. i. f you don(t understand the charges. f the %udge has refused to file and process .re#en! .+#el HE )ou see. There are so many ways they are cheating. or if the %udge believes you don(t understand the charges. and the %udge will have to either dismiss the case. So then if the %udge insists on entering your 6lea. Special "ppearance 2or Special +isitation3 may occur any time up until the Trial. f there are any such contradictions left unanswered by the %udge. 'ere. This is especially good for delaying your whole case with an additional hearing. "=D whenever the %udge as#s you if you understand the charges. ma#ing a decision for you. then the court cannot legally continue the case against you. because you have a specific reason for doing so. he-she may actually threaten or command you to get an attorney. STRATEG/ 1=: S65C "9 "665"!"=C5 This is a court appearance that is not re&uired by the court itself/ you must file the re&uest yourself. because the %udge has acted upon your defense without properly written and signed (power of attorney( 2i e your permission3.%n(!%on !"(! I do no! "(3e !"e r%g"! !o re.

and your Gudicial =otice of <ilitary Alag and Challenge of Gurisdiction. So your purpose. S5C>=D C>B!T "665"!"=C5? 695" C"!G" = =G 1ith any s#ill and luc# at all. and they are prepared to collect less money from you than they had originally tried to get away with. and control. is to minimize your liabilities 2fines3. and pay up. even with reduced charges/ and it will be more than the court has invested in convicting you. They are aware that you #now something about your rights. They may even graduate you to facing the District "ttorney.your =otice of Special +isitation and of Aoreign 9aw. <a#e sure that they receive their copies well ahead of anything else scheduled for your case. So this section applies to cases which have slipped thru the crac#s. there is no other purpose. they #now e$actly how much money they will get from you. Ceyond getting you to submit to fear. in a flagrant attempt to intimidate you. and-or to create more opportunities for the %udge to dismiss your case. so that the court has time to re-schedule if necessary. W7AT TO EIPECT: They will probably even offer to reduce the charges against you. or have already got past you. f you wish to ma#e a formal !eservation of !ights. then you can follow the e$ample given in the "ppendi$. by virtue of having won at the arraignment by dismissal. by this time. This is not such a bad deal. then now is a good time to file these notices. plead GB 9T). you will no longer have to appear. thereby forcing the court to respond and schedule a special hearing date. if you will only bend over and submit to the system. fraud. Cecause the court has given you a chance to lower your fines. thereby reducing your fines. 1hatever =otice and Demand paperwor# you serve upon the court. Cut rest assured. PURPOSE: This usually follows the initial arraignment right away. using the Special "ppearance hearing. in place of the Deputy District "ttorney. they are ac#nowledging that you are not going to be completely ta#en advantage of by their fraudulent system. . Cecause you have pleaded =>T GB 9T). the court is graciously providing you yet another opportunity to change your mind. They will try to bargain some of the penalties in e$change for your guilt and obedience. other than losing the game. must also be served upon the prosecutor. with certified mail.

your case. rules. demand to instead have a <otions 'earing. Cefore the %udge gets around to setting a trial date. ST!"T5G) 1? !565"T " ST!"T5G) A!>< T'5 6!5+ >BS S5CT >= 2such as refusing to ac#nowledge the plaintiff. as described in the ne$t section. without giving you a chance to contest any of the procedure. So it is better to win the game before trial. The %udge will probably loo# surprised that you even #now about this and may attempt to discourage you. <otion for Dismissal at every available opportunity. ST!"T5G) 4? <>T >= T> 1 T'D!"1 )>B! 695" -.3. you want to ta#e every advantage of your #nowledge and preparation. or challenging %urisdiction. before trial. ST!"T5G) .eep in mind that you can possibly let the case go to trial.This is one of the best ways to buy more time.!eview the available strategies from your first appearance 2arraignment3. 2no data yet3. Bse any techni&ue you can find to embarrass the %udge into dismissing the case. and directly affecting. ST!"T5G) 0? G5=5!"9 . 6ic# out 1 or more that still apply to your situation. )ou will need to type up your motions and send them to the court and prosecutor ahead of time. every last bit of information. so that you can ma$imize your opportunities to win your case. but it will be much harder to win there. W7AT TO DO: Generally. So here . including unrevealed government contracts 2such as the driver(s license3 that the prosecutor is using against you. because you have already allowed %urisdiction over you from the previous arraignment hearing.? <>T >= A>! D SC>+5!) . technically the venue and Gurisdiction is removed. to get the case dismissed. to e$pose the %udge(s and-or the prosecutor(s fraud. or options. ST!"T5G) *? D5<"=D " <>T >=S '5"! =G -. )ou must resolve some pivotal and #ey legal issues in your case in order to continue.This is to force the court to place in evidence. )ou will have fewer options now. Gust e$plain that you wish to e$ercise your (pro per( right to present several <otions relating to critical issues relevant to. you must focus on cornering the %udge with your legitimate &uestions. . because of the ways that the trial and %ury are rigged. Bsing same of the strategies listed in the previous sections.This is a slic# tric# to temporarily remove your implied consent to the court(s %urisdiction. Cy vacating your plea of =ot Guilty. they will try to assign you a trial date as &uic#ly as possible. etc.f you hold to your plea of =>T GB 9T).

er(!%ng 'nder Ar!%$le I. then >b%ect. and you have terminated the game so that you will no longer be in court. at least you have reduced and minimized your fines. it no longer has your consent to their implied and assumed %urisdiction. ST!"T5G) 7? C"!G" = )>B! 695" . and place him-her on notice of your intent to "ppeal his-her %udicial error. you can ma#e a speech similar to? E/o'r$%(l Code.+o' . as soon as they try to dance around it.(nd !"(! %! %# ($!'(ll+ !"e Cor.'$" o +o'r 3(l'()le !%.e. mmediately <otion for Dismissal for lac# of %urisdiction. This is their mista#e for where you can again use the =otice of Special +isitation and of Aoreign 9aw.Cl('#e 1A o !"e Con#!%!'!%on#.(nd . Cecause it no longer has your plea.. Cefore you are re&uired to enter a new 6lea.on L(wE&'%!+.!"%# .'#! )e #%!!%ng M%n%#!er%(ll+ (nd NOT *'d%$%(ll+. And #%n$e !"e S!(!e o GGGGGGGGGGGG d%#$"(rge# %!# de)!# w%!" nego!%()le %n#!r'.This is what you should do when it loo#s li#e they(re %ust going to roll right over you and continue with the case against you.. =ow the court will now be up against the wall. ST!"T5G) 8? !5S5!+5 )>B! ! G'TS -. although you must change you plea to GB 9T)..This is a strategy to use only if you have changed your mind about standing up for your rights and-or you find that being in court is %ust too stressful to deal with. f the %udge doesn(t dismiss the case now.r%#e !"e #!(!'!e8#: .#o )+ now +o' .(de ( 1'd%$%(l de!er.or(!e S!(!e o GGGGGGGGGGGGG w"%$" %# )r%ng%ng !"%# $(#e (g(%n#! .en!# %n#!e(d o gold (nd #%l3er!"en !"%# $o'r! .'#! $o. or !ecuse 2dismiss3 the Gudge for obvious bias against you.e(n# !"(! !"ere . #o . because it must stop everything and ma#e a legal determination as to whether the court even has %urisdiction.'#! "(3e .%r(l!+. and the Gudicial =otice of <ilitary Alag and Challenge of Gurisdiction 2see "ppendi$3. Co. present these * notices and demand the resolution of %urisdiction.e.'#! e<%#! ( $on!r($!. =ow ma#e sure the court recorder is >=. T"ere ore. #orr+ !o !(ke '.e )'! I #!%ll do no! 'nder#!(nd !"e NATURE 8no! Le!!er: o !"e L(w )e%ng $"(rged (g(%n#! . <a#e sure the court agrees to vacate your previous 6lea. /o' "(3e e%!"er re '#ed or den%ed !"(! !"%# $o'r! %# o!%ng 'nder !"e nego!%()le l(w# $od% %ed %n!o !"e Un% or.%n(!%on !"(! !"%# $o'r! %# o.I0.'#! !"ere ore )e o.or Ad.Se$!%on B. regardless of your motions to dismiss based on the other strategies you have tried.+ o)l%g(!%on !o !"(! $on!r($! . before you say anything more. The best news is that. 6'r!"er. )ou have settled for a partial win.

.ed+ or re#er3%ng .elled !o .er$%(l (gree. and then ma#e a formal =otice of !eservation of !ights EUnder U..Vol'n!(r%l+.en!no! !o )e $o.(nd w%!" In or. 12=0A #"ow# on !"e re$ord.. re.C. this is an attempt to deny your rights.en! (gen!#. procedure.(nd w%ll no! ($$e. )our purpose is to maneuver the court into a more favorable position to dismiss or to hear the case in trial. This is where you are going to have the ball in your court..%n$l'd%ng . n the event your case hasn(t been dismissed yet. W7AT TO EIPECT: Coth the %udge and prosecutor stand to be sweating bullets and-or losing sleep over what you have in store. and get the case$%(l (gree. he-she must admit all of them into the court record.(nd w"%$" (ren0!:. E 2Then %ust list all of the rights you want to reserve3 Then demand the court to place in evidence.en! !"(! I "(3e no! en!ered %n!o Fnow%ngl+..C.on (ll $or. because there is nothing for the court to gain. 12=0A.+ r%g"!# 'nder U.on L(w r%g"!#.! !"e l%()%l%!+ (##o$%(!ed w%!" !"e 0$o.+ e<er$%#e o re#er3%ng . and then rule on all of them at once.In!en!%on(ll+. ARE T7ESE DETERMINATIONS CORRECTHE 8I NO !"en (#k w"%$" (re $orre$!.)ro'g"! (g(%n#! .end.C.!"(! I "(3e e<er$%#ed !"e U. They simply don(t e$pect and don(t want 6eople to #now how to do this. and then must ma#e a %udicial determination on each one. Simply reply? E/o'r 7onor. "nd this is your last good chance to challenge %urisdiction and-or procedure. all such contracts mentioned above.or(!e go3ern.E ST!"T5G) :? <>T >=S '5"! =G f you(re still into it this farQ PURPOSE: The court has no vested interest in your <otions 'earing.I re#er3e !"e ollow%ng r%g"!#: .en!..C. The %udge may fa#e ignorance. and-or the statutes in &uestion.. %urisdiction. because once the %udge has agreed to hear your motions. . and-or to contest the court(s interpretation of the laws that have targeted you as a criminal. and as# you what you mean by using the B C C L%)er!+ 'nder !"e 1>!" A.ed Con#en!4 (nd !"(! no!%$e %# #er3ed '. 'nder (n+ $on!r($! or $o. f )5S. then than# the %udge for clarifying your understanding.C. you are e$ercising this additional appearance in order to contest the very nature of the case itself.+ Co. The %udge will probably try to railroad you into presenting all of your motions up front.e.!"(! I "(3e no!.C.elled )ene %!0 o (n+ 'nre3e(led $on!r($! or $o.

? C'"995=G5 T'5 T C. )ou will need to thin# about how to present your re&uests. 6!56"! =G <>T >=S . each get a copy. legal definitions of terms used in the accusation. Aor instance.Don(t let this happen. W7AT TO DO: Type up your motions ahead of time 2well before the scheduled hearing3. or if it has already been 7 months since your citation was issued. etc.it3. )ou will also need to use a letterhead containing your court(s proper title and address. 'ere are a few ideas? ST!"T5G) @? D5A"B9T . &uestioning the unlawful actions of the officer. violations committed by the officer. and should completely describe the issue that you are dredging up to the surface.<a#e a list of all of the things that are wrong with your case. 5ach motion should be separately typed and numbered. <a#e very sure that you are in a C>B!T >A !5C>!D before you say anything about your motions. to ta#e formal advantage of any possible error written onto the tic#et 2See +ehicle Survival . and in which order. Sample <otions are included with the "ppendi$.5T . you win by default. placing applicable contracts in evidence. and ma#e sure the court. so that you will be able to thin# clearly."gain. "lso. if the officer doesn(t show up. and space for the %udge to write and sign. =ot to worry/ since the case against you is held together with fraudulent band aids to begin with. 9oo# at the e$ample <otions in the "ppendi$. Ce sure to include your case number. each <otion needs to be followed by its own %udicial >!D5! form.Bse this 2if you haven(t already done so in your previous appearance3 <otion to Dismiss as a first priority. Do not proceed any further until the %udge agrees. Get out your 6C or Areedom <achine and cran# out the <otions. Such things to consider are? proving %urisdiction. 5$plain to the %udge that each motion stands on its own and must be treated and ruled separately from the rest. . but only if you #now that there is some technical error in the way the tic#et is filled out.2using previous strategies3 ST!"T5G) *? !5S5!+5 )>B! ! G'TS 2same as before3 ST!"T5G) . The prosecutor will obviously try to shoot down all of your motions that he-she feels will threaten the case against you. introducing statue law that defends your position. it is relatively easy to shoot more holes in it. ST!"T5G) 1? C'"995=G5 GB! SD CT >= . "s# to compare the original with your copy. placing your birthrights in evidence. 5verybody involved must get a copy of any paperwor# you generate. and state why the court should honor each re&uest. )ou are simply going to present your re&uests to resolve these issues. with %ust the letterhead. Study your motions and strategies the night before you appear. and the prosecutor.

instead of serving and protecting you. . The main problem with this picture is that there is 2most li#ely3 no inured party. because they all want you to believe that the officer is always in the right. with the officer lying in wait for you. The list of offenses against you are potentially e$tensive. the accused. failure to show identification as an officer. The officer may have filled in false or misleading information. They all pretend that the District "ttorney 2D"3 or the Deputy 2DD"3 and the officer represent the 6eople of the State of RRRRRRRRRRRRR as the plaintiff 2accuser3. violated your rights.This <otion to Dismiss is perhaps the biggest can of worms to e$pose. )our correct address could be misrepresented.something could be spelled wrong. the date or time of the stop could be wrong.Bse this <otion to Dismiss to inform them that you are aware of their fraud. unlawful procurement of evidence against you. depriving you of 9iberty and-or 6roperty without due process of law 2violating your 4th "mendment rights3. no motive. evidence which has been withheld from you. failure to state or prove probable cause for the stop. lying in wait3. failure to show commission. this motion should be a <otion to Dismiss based on error or <istrial. such as. illegal search and seizure 2without a 0th "mendment warrant3. ST!"T5G) 4 C'"995=G5 T'5 6!>S5CBT >= . you may have written something onto it that renders it null and void. such as entering Fphone number? refusedF instead of FnoneF. treating the suspect as criminal before due process 2e. failure to protect and serve. a number could %ust one digit different. showing that the officer has bro#en some law. Ce a good detective. you were probably %ust minding your own business. no criminal intent. ST!"T5G) 0? C'"995=G5 T'5 >AA C5!(S "CT >=S . )ou can formally type up logical arguments 2separate motions3. and demand that the prosecutor produce a legitimate plaintiff or drop the charges. violation of 4th "mendment rights to remain silent. and-or violated his-her own >ath to >ffice by not upholding the Constitution. use of e$cessive force. and that you are poised ready to e$pose their game. Conse&uently. intent to harass and-or intimidate a free Citizen. "ny such mista#e renders the tic#et null and void for cause. and yet you stand accused of committing a crimeP n fact. the original may have been altered after you signed it. Declare that you recognize no legal plaintiff in your case. "ll of these challenges are <otions to Dismiss because of <istrial or illegal 6rocedure against you.g. etc. poised ready to violate your rights. failure to produce an inured party with a sworn complaint. failure to show probable cause by not showing evidence 2contracts or status3 that you are liable for the statutes you are charged of violating. filing charges against you. The officer may have written something on the bac# of the original.

and travel-related sources you can use. Bse these motions to support your resulting verbal <otion to Dismiss. include these with each <otion that you are using them for. The statutes are deliberately written to deceive us into a fraudulent state of agreement and compliance/ so you must get into the semantics. So your purpose is to logically present these contradictions. his-her certificate of title of nobility. that he-she %ust gives up and dismisses the case. ST!"T5G) 7 C'"995=G5 T'5 9"1 . . your logical reasoning and references where you are &uoting the statutes from. or no evidence of your status as a government slave. to reinforce your logical arguments. )ou can see that they will not want you to win the game here. <a#e sure that each written motion completely describes.n reality. ma#e a photocopy of each legal reference from the law library.This <otion to Dismiss is where you dig into your State(s statutes and find all the holes that they are entrapping you with. so that you can place it in the %udge(s face. or <otion to Dismiss for Cause of Araud. and legal documents that say the same things you are claiming to be true. n this fashion. )ou may get several <otions out of this strategy. )ou may %ust prove the D"(s or DD"(s fraud simply by as#ing to see his-her (license( to practice law. watch them try to s&uirm around the real issues and offer lame e$cuses 2See the strategies stated above3. and to rule in your favor. defending yourself against fraudulent agents of the government who actually represent the ban#s and the corporations hidden behind them. you are the one who actually represents the 6eople. and they will not want to let the word get out. definition. on the basis of not having the statutes in front of him. court decisions. cannot possibly apply to you. no property damages. in person3. and wal# the %udge through every argument. and conclusion. traffic. or that there is insufficient evidence to support the charges. "lso. 2The %udge will try to ignore the legal evidence you present in person. in detail. because this is the basis for their whole game plan. "lso. no contract binding you to the statutes. to construct a deductive conclusion that the statutes that you are charged with. or being too pressed for time to hear your entire presentation/ so be ready to shoot down the lame e$cuses. Aind a logical relationship between the statutes and the definitions of terms. you may %ust be able to swamp the %udge with so much evidence. and <otion to Dismiss because the case is misrepresented 2<istrial3. )ou must have each referenced case typed separately at the top of each page. you may decide to &uote several cases. This will oblige the %udge to ac#nowledge the decisions of other %udges. So %ust be sly as a fo$ and hang in there. 9oo# up the definitions used and established in the beginning of the chapter2s3. 'ere are a few more Constitutional. or his-her green card. such as no inured party.

.on (nd 'nd(.=@ AM *UR 81#!: 7%g"w(+#.E Fen! 3# D'lle# 8>@A U..(r!+.K"er !"e #ole 1'dge (# !o (ll !"(! ( e$!# "%.on !"e %nd%3%d'(l%!+ (nd %n!ell%gen$e o !"e $%!%.or!(!%on %# no! ( ..!"e #!(!e doe# no! $l(%.K"er.99 ALR B>?. WRONGJ EVER/5OD/0S RIG7TS ARE LIMITED.!%on !"(! !"e#e #!(!'!e l(w# (re .?9.SUPREME COURT: ECon#!%!'!%on(l r%g"!# .ere . 19>:: E!"e '#e o !"e "%g"w(+ or !"e .S.ed )+ ( )ell%geren! $l(%.E De$l(r(!%on o Inde.=d C?9:: 6or ( $r%.E M%r(nd( 3# Ar%.r%3%lege )'! ( $o. C"%$(go Mo!or Co($" 3# C"%$(go 8>>A Ill.:: 2 L%g(re 3# C"%$(go 81>C Ill.on( 8>B? U.le(3%ng "%.ower# ro. !o $on!rol "%..1=@:: ET"e r%g"! !o !r(3el %# .=: EGo3ern. @19:: ET"e S!(!e $(nno! d%.enden$e.en.en $(nno! )e de. o go3ern.E S"er(r 3# C'llen 8?B1 6.S.1=@:: EW"ere r%g"!# #e$'red )+ !"e Con#!%!'!%on (re %n3ol3ed.19C NE ==.E ( M'gler 3# F(n#(# 81=> U.E M%ller 3# U.e !o e<%#!.E .E M(n+ .'#! )e (n %n1'red .en!.(!%$(ll+ .P(r.(ke !"e (##'.')l%$ (nd %nd%3%d'(l# $(nno! )e r%g"! 'll+ de.(##ed !o re#!r%$! !"e r%g"!# o onl+ !"e 5AD GU/S.S.(+ )e $l(%.en(l!+ %.S.=9 NE C>?.#el K"er#el .e. 9=>.le.en! '.(k%ng or leg%#l(!%on w"%$" wo'ld ()rog(!e !"e. ET"ere $(n )e no #(n$!%on or .(n! %n . !"e $on#en! o !"e go3erned.(r! o !"e L%)er!+ o w"%$" !"e $%!%.E 7er!(do 3# C(l% orn%( 8110 U.le ('!o.! (# "%#K"er $ond'$! !o o!"er#.9@C290:: EUnder o'r #+#!e.Se$.e<$e.r%3ed. (nd e<er$%#e o Con#!%!'!%on(l r%g"! $(nno! )e $on3er!ed %n!o ( $$e## o l(w 'nder !"e 6% !" A.:: 2 5oone 3# Cl(rk 8=1? SW 90A. 8=>0 6 =nd ?B9-?BC:: ET"e $l(%.!"ere $(n )e no r'le2.r%3ed w%!"o'! d'e .!"ere .er#on 8PRO2PER:.'r.S.end.en!(l r%g"! o w"%$" !"e .o#e o !r(3el (nd !r(n#.=00.o#ed on one )e$('#e o !"%# e<er$%#e o Con#!%!'!%on(l r%g"!#.en!# der%3e !"e%r 1'#! .%n%#" !"e r%g"!# o !"e Peo. ?>9. 119.eo.

(!!er )e ore !"e $o'r! 2 e<!r( 1'r%#d%$!%on(l 2 (nd !"ere ore . then this is what(s really holding you liable for complying with the statutes.#on 3# S.(ke# (n+ #')#e&'en! 3erd%$! o g'%l! So given that you haven(t yet rescinded your!+(nd !"e P'r#'%! o 7(.e$% %$(ll+ w%!" re#.%ne##. with your new and improved techni&ue and strategies.)'! ( $o. Do this especially if you have reserved this right.E f the %udge accepts this.1hen it is your turn to introduce evidence and testimony.('!"or%!!+ !"ereon.)'! %# #o !o!(ll+ 'n%n or. ST!"T5G) . t is your driver(s license and application 2i.(# !o .re1'd%$e (g(%n#! !"e ($$'#ed.(ke (n+ 'r!"er "e(r%ng o !"%# .T"o.on !"e .? <>+5 A>! " A =D =G >A A"CT .on r%g"! w"%$" "eK#"e "(# 'nder !"e r%g"! !o L% e.en !o !r(3el '. and demand that the court place in evidence the contract that they must be using to enforce laws upon you without your consent or #nowledge.(+ .e(l.)+ !"%# $o'r! or )+ 1'r+. a government contract3 which binds you to the traffic statutes. e$plicitly.This is perhaps your last chance to avoid going to trial. then <otion to Dismiss because of failure to ma#e evidence to establish %urisdiction.E ST!"T5G) 8? D5<"=D T'5 5+ D5=C5 . 1hen the %udge refuses.ed (nd %gnor(n! !o %!# N(!'re. f they refuse to budge...ed%(!e re3er#%)le error %n A. this is where you are bluffing the court into e$posing their fraudulent %urisdiction over you.%# no! ( .This is for any time you have successfully cornered the %udge into ma#ing a &uestionable %udicial determination of some (rule( or issue affecting your case.#')1e$! !o %.r%3%lege w"%$" ( $%!+ . and . you are demanding the %udge to dismiss himself-herself from the case.ere . they don(t want to reveal that to anyone.or! "%#K"er .(nd #.e$! !o 1'r%#d%$!%on(l ($!. So here you must simply declare that the court has yet to prove its %urisdiction over you 2under the insidious 10th "mendment3. )ou can use this strategy now 2at plea bargaining3 or anytime up until the Trial 2see below3.on#%)%l%!+.o)%le.. ob%ect and as# the %udge if he-she has made a %udicial determination that violates your 2reserved3 right to introduce evidence relating to your case.(.%!" 81@? SE @AC:: ET"e r%g"! o ( $%!%. >f course. ST!"T5G) :? <>T >= A>! !5CBS"9 .. Cecause the %udge has steamrolled over all your previous attempts to educate the court in its errors.ed+ (nd o L(w.e%!"er )+ $(rr%(ge or ('!o..%! (! w%ll.l%$(!%on o Re. then you get to start all over with a new %udge.')l%$ "%g"w(+# (nd !o !r(n#. )ou are sure that he-she is trying to hide something 2such as evading your &uestions3 that is fraudulent. 'ere(s the drill ? ET"e ($$'#ed eel# !"(! !"%# $o'r! %# no! onl+ w"oll+ . at the beginning of the"%)%! or .

)ou have the right to call any witness to the stand during trial. So here is where you verbally put the %udge on notice that you intend to "ppeal his-he/ ruling. so %ust get it all on record. or the law. because you #now that he-she is violating your rights.eE or anything E%n l%. you need to formally identify who they are. and-or is committing fraud. as a result of the <otions 'earing. you are e$posing the %udge(s lie. but if there is someone who does not want to be there for you.This is your reserve plan to buy more time before trial 2if any3. the other way. >CG5CT "DD T >="9 ST!"T5G 5S? There are some procedural options that you can motion for. to use with all of the above strategies. ST!"T5G) 1*? "G!55 T> =>T' =G -. They cost about J14 each.This is an absolute must. and-or e$plain that you will not let him-her cheat you out of your 7th "mendment rights. <otion for the Court to 6ay for Costs . on e&ual footing.%.eE. <otion for Gury of 1* 2instead of 73. and serve them from the sheriff(s department. ST!"T5G) 1@? <>T >= T> SBC65>=" 1 T=5SS5S . %ust in case the 6rosecutor attempts to pull a fast one. The %udge may try to deceive you into believing that you somehow aren(t allowed to do this 2li#e intimidation3. and state >= T'5 !5C>!D why you believe the %udge has made an error. <otion to 6articipate in the Gury Selection. and to summon (hostile( witnesses for you to &uestion during trial. The court must then issue the warrants. and e$plain that their testimony is vital to your defense. you can(t lose/ you can only embarrass them toward Dismissal. ST!"T5G) 11? 6BT GBDG5 >= =>T C5 T> "665"9 . such as <otion to Trial by Gury. and their addresses. any of them. Do not agree with anything or any motion that the 6rosecutor has to are prepared to e$pose it whether the finding is E/ESE or ENOE. >ne way. 5ither way. Dig into the details of the real 9aw and the real issues. mista#e.%. the <otions 'earing is your show. The main purpose is to >CG5CT to the ruling. n fact. The %udge will try to intimidate you by ignoring the legal issues you present with your motions. corner the %udge. f the 6rosecutor should 5+5! propose a EMo!%on In L%.)ou must use this courtroom strategy every time the %udge rules against your 2presumably valid3 <otion. do not agree to anything that the 6rosecutor deliberately says fast so that you do not understand. thereby recording useful evidence against him-her. you are reclaiming one of your rights that will prove your Defense. or must flat out >CG5CT and !5ABS5. This is an attempt to prevent you from introducing your evidence and properly defending yourself. Cetter yet. Do not agree to any such motions by the prosecutor.

be sure to bring all your friends and personal legal counselors with you to the <otions 'earing. intimidated you. So mostly. the %ury. So your purpose.2because you are bro#e3. )ou are there only because they need and want something from you. and you should do %ust fine. the more it will feel that the legal system is some large corporate bureaucratic nutcrac#er. the procedure. and you may already have been arrested as a criminal. insulted you. which will consist of Conference. Testimony. and sizing you up to see %ust how much they can get away with. They(re going to #now who you areP T'5 T! "9 2including 6re-Trial Conference3 PURPOSE: The official purpose of the Trial is to test and determine if a crime has indeed been committed. Gury Selection. and the final decision. >f course. as described in the beginning of this guide. and Deliberation. since you have sun# into it this far. 'ere is where they will politely try to con you out of your rights. 'ere is where you will see %ust how vital is for them to control you. and then politely threaten you off-the-record. is to get the case dismissed before the %ury 2or %udge3 ma#es a formal decision on your guilt. now fully under the fraudulent statutory %urisdiction. W7AT TO EIPECT: The longer your case is in court. They are %ust testing if you #now how to defeat them. you already #now that they have already decided you are guilty. The %udge will probably attempt to hold . "nd ma#e sure to read up on your general rights in the courtroom. The prosecutor will attempt to deceive everyone into believing his-her illusions. Ainal Statement. >pening Statement. )our vehicle may have already been impounded. threatened you. all things considered. thereby threatening the system and the rac#et. and more firmly clasped to some most delicate part of your anatomy. this big to-do about the trial is to ma#e a grand showing to the 6eople. to (prove( %ust how dangerous and evil you are for standing up for your rights. "nd again. such as your list of possible witnesses. have already harassed you. by now you are probably at ris# of losing the chance to challenge %urisdiction in the eyes of the %udge. they will tell you that there are important (matters( to agree on before the %ury selection. and treated you as being guilty. Gust remember that you are now swimming upstream and dealing with particulars of your case. So you should ma#e this your highest priority. as follows? Pre2Tr%(l Con eren$e 2 in the %udge(s office. The %udge will pretend to be a fair referee during the entire trial. Gury nstructions. etc. the %uryHs rights. and whether you are indeed guilty of that crime.

to e$plain the nature and cause of the accusations. )ou will as# them specific &uestions.en!2 'ere is where you summarize what has happened in court. )ou will be as#ing your own witnesses specific &uestions that you have prepared ahead of time. 2See strategy below3 O.en%ng S!(!e. f you have a %ury. all have the right to propose formal instructions for the %ury to have copies of. This is called Fvoir direF. as is stands. Te#!%. So you need to have this typed up ahead of time. this is where you must emphasize and re-emphasize your few basic points. Then you will be politely as#ed to F6ass the Gury for CauseF. what conclusions have obviously been revealed. and what they can e$pect to hear as evidence and testimony. . which means you accept the %ury. what you have logically shown. and then interview prospective %urors. why you are here. summarizing the essential understanding of why your defense is superior to the prosecutor(s offense. "fter the prosecutor as#s his witnesses & responsible for conducting your case as a licensed attorney 2hah.)ou. to rule on your case. 6%n(l S!(!e. and the prosecutor. )ou may %ust decide to put the prosecutor on the stand. hah3.on+ 2 This is where both sides ta#e turns calling witnesses to testify on their behalf to establish their respective positions. then you can shoot down their evidence by as#ing them your own &uestions during your cross-e$amination. *'r+ In#!r'$!%on# 2 2 f you have a %ury3 . They 1 99 be dictating to the %ury 5N"CT9) what they want them to #now about. )ou will be able to dismiss some of those that you feel will decide against you. and why the %udge 2or %ury3 must therefore reach a verdict of =>T GB 9T). what they intend to show. relating to how they feel about the issues relating to your case. *'r+ Sele$!%on 2 2 f you have chosen to have a %ury3 )ou will agree on the procedure. one-by-one. which means you want some idea of how they intend to perceive your case. why they are here. 'ere you must also remind them of your %ury instructions and their duty to bring the %ustice into court that is representative of the 6eople. what the witnesses have clearly established.en! 2 This is where the %udge and %ury 2if any3 hear from both sides. to determine whether you want them to decide your case. the %udge. and >=9) what they want them to #now/ so you should also prepare some %ury instructions ahead of time. They will not tell you that you can refuse the Gury for Cause.

Try to win the case before the trial/ if not possible try to win before Deliberation/ the closer you get to that. here is where you ma#e your stand.Del%)er(!%on 2 =othing to do here but wait. such as obvious bias against you. be prepared. So. because you have discovered something about him-her that compromises the trial being fair. misconduct in a previous hearing. and shoot down their lame e$cuses.Bse this if the current date. ta#e every opportunity to your stuff/ #now your rights. This strategy gives you more time to prepare for trial. These %udges are all so croo#ed/ you(re bound to hit a tender spot. if they try to pull any of this fraud.2They really don(t want you to #now about this one3 This is a delay tactic. a #nown record of hostility toward the accused. 1hen they try to threaten you with Contempt of Court. in which you are dismissing the %udge. so you can say anything you want. failure to show evidence of status 2e. stating that the court has already violated your 7th "mendment right to a speedy trial. )ou are off the court record. thereby voiding the case against you. failure to record such an >ath with the proper office. embarrass. and however you want 2"fter all. and a chance to try for the previous Strategy 1 again. the morning of your trial/ and have it in record mode 2with a fresh tape and batteries3 as soon as you wal# into the %udge(s office. before your trial date. )ou are going to let their implicit conversation 2and their hidden real intentions3 unfold and develop. W7AT TO DO: . that(s what they(re doing3. attorney(s license.g. C5A>!5 T! "9 . several days before the scheduled trial. and-or to deceive you into giving away your rights 2such as trying to hold you to conduct your case as a licensed attorney3. from getting away with fraud and abuse. 'ere are a few more ideas? ST!"T5G) @? <>T >= T> D S< SS C) D5A"B9T. )ou win. and-or warn you not to tell the %ury certain FthingsF. ST!"T5G) 1? !5CBS5 T'5 GBDG5. the less li#ely your chances of winning. Guess at this if you have to. title of nobility. violation of his-her >ath to >ffice. and #eep the prosecutor. )ou(re done/ the %udge or %ury is deciding your case. ST!"T5G) *? C"99 T'5 C9BAA = C>=A5!5=C5 . Tell them that there is no law that compels you to . is already more than 7 months after the citation date. e$pose it immediately. e$pose. 1hatever you left un-addressed in court is now %ust hypothetical history. green card. Cring your hidden poc#et tape recorder with you into the Conference.'ere is where you are turning their own addiction to power and control against them. and the %udge. C5A>!5 T! "9 . wor# out your plan ahead of time. and-or certificate of status3. Get it all on tape. Send in this motion with a =otice of Default.

>h. and watch them sweat for a change. be 6laced in 5vidence by . )ou can wait longer than they can/ it(s your trial and your nec# on the lineP )ou have infinite time. >therwise. 1hen all the Truth has been e$posed. Bse the Constitution if you have to. Tell them that there is no law that prohibits the Gury from being informed of the Truth. Tell them that you will e$pose their fraud in court. >= T'5 !5C>!D. Then loo# at them straight in the eyes and tell them that what they are doing is fraudulent and illegal. Gust ma#e sure you give your hot tape to a friend for safe #eeping. which apply to licensed attorneys because you have no such license or >ath to the Car "ssociation. they(re going to regret being in court with you. Then. and their power of authority. no problem. the right to be informed of the =ature and Cause of the accusations. f they want you to even thin# that there are such laws. )ou are going to conduct your case according to how you see fit. %ust tell them that you have no time to conduct your defense until your &uestions are answered/ sit on them. the right to a Aair Trial. they will have to show you the written law. their full rights. then tell them that the entire conversation is on tape. now that they are trying to use their secret treasonous tric#s against you. to bac# up their bluff with legal evidence. green cards. the right to 9egal Counsel. as your own (pro per( defense counsel. This way you can still eventually win the game. Gust read your list of every right that you feel applies to the conduction of your Defense.This is your insurance policy against any attempt. tell them they can forget it. They may avoid your &uestions by stating that they have no time to answer them. when it(s your first turn to spea#. when you wal# out of the %udge(s office. or titles of nobility. the right to an Bnbiased Gury.waive your Constitutional rights. including Contracts. The %udge or prosecutor may then offer to dismiss the case right there. and Conspiracy to Commit Araud and Treason. Bse the list at the beginning of this guide as a start. you %ust get up and announce your intent to ma#e a reservation of rights. and >= T'5 !5C>!D. the right that all 5vidence being used against you. f they put up a fuss. and that now they #now that you #now. "s# them what they are attempting to hide.? !5S5!+5 "99 >A )>B! ! G'TS B6 A!>=T . to force you to waive your rights. by %udge or prosecutor. when you first enter the court for %ury selection. f they insist they are right and that you have to obey the rules that the %udge dictates to you. <a#e sure to include Areedom of Speech. ST!"T5G) . if they even dare threaten you with Contempt of Court for e$ercising your rights. demand to see their licenses. then demand to see such rules. Tell them that there is no law that compels you to obey any of their rules. even if you go all the way to "ppeal. So all you do is reserve them up front. Tell them that they both could easily be facing charges of Treason.

. then you must demand that the court now place in evidence.the court. then <otion for Discovery to place the missing document2s3 in evidence. ST!"T5G) 0? =A>!< T'5 GB!) C) C95+5! KB5ST >= =G -. you can then remind the %udge that you have already reserved your rights. the right to Travel. or some legal instrument which (binds you to the state of the forum( 2e.-0@1. you will them #now them and address them by name. )ou want to establish a good rapport. so you can write in the names of the %urors when they are introduced.leHE . their true function m the courtroom. they would lose their control and false authority over the %ury. )our valid and e$plicit reservation of rights removes any implied consent. Tooth and nail. <a#e them wor# for it. They want the %ury to be %ust as fearful and ignorant as possible. i e * rows of 7 bo$ +o' eel +o' (re (n %n#!r'. and then force him-her to ma#e a %udicial determination whether you have those rights or not. as re&uired by B. )ou %ust catch them in the act. So if they don(t cough up the evidence. f you motion is denied. and see that you really represent them as the 6eople. all of your &uestions. Tooth and nail. and be all done and home in time to ma#e dinner.en! o !"e $o'r! or (n %n#!r'.en! o !"e Peo. so if they still want to pursue the case against you. Get itO >. )ou see. 9iberty. 'ere are a few good &uestions? 1. then <otion for Dismissal by default. so that they will %ust do what they(re told. and a small amount of time to do it. Cecause. and the 6ursuit of 'appiness. )ou want to select a %ury that can understand the real issues.C. the right to ntroduce 5vidence.This is where you carefully construct your (voir dire( &uestions so that they inform the %ury of their true and full rights.(# ( 1'ror.C. <a#e a bo$ diagram of *$7. a contract that you signed. plus they will be nowhere near as #nowledgeable of the Truth as you are.. the right to Call 1itnesses. it the %udge should instruct you not to do something.g. ne$us. so that they will all hear the information contained in the &uestions at least 1* times each. i e waive your right to do it. find you guilty. This way. and #nowledge of their full authority and power/ yet so cleverly that you are not charged with Contempt of Court. f you are not bound to the (state of the forum(. on record. the problem is that the %udge and prosecutor cannot afford to let the %ury #now what their rights are. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG . which re&uires your compliance3. "nother problem is that there is a relatively large amount of information to convey. a document. EMr#. one by one. and the right to 9ife. you are basically a (non-resident( to the court(s %urisdiction. or their true power of authority. So the best way to use this strategy is to as# every %uror.

GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .ore . EMr#. !"e re#! o !"e 1'ror#HE ?.%n$l'd%ng !"e 1'dge. EMr#.d'!+"!%ng !"e Peo.owered !o 3o!e +o'r $on#$%en$e.(# ( 1'ror re.ed !o 3o!e +o'r $on#$%en$eH ($$ord%ng !o +o'r own #en#e o r%g"! (nd wrongHE C. EMr#.(re +o' (w(re !"(!.owered !o 3o!e $o. EMr#.=..le.Do +o' know !"(! +o'r de$%#%on# o3err%de !"e 1'dgeH .re#en!%ng !"e Peo. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG . EMr#.enden!l+ ro. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .le.(nd ('!"or%.E 8T"e . GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .(# ( 1'ror re. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .e o !"e $"(rge#HE @.Do +o' know +o'r 'll r%g"!# (nd .+o' (re e. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .ower %n !"%# $o'r!HE B.(re +o' (w(re !"(!. EMr#..(re +o' (w(re !"(!. EMr#.le!el+$'!or %# l%kel+ !o O5*ECT: 9...(# ( 1'ror re.or (re +o' "ere )e$('#e +o' eel !"re(!ened )+ !"e l(w % +o' don0! $o.!"(! +o'r #%ngle 3o!e o NOT GUILT/ %# eno'g" !o ($&'%! .7ow do +o' eel ()o'! 1'r+ d'!+H 8#er3%$e.(re +o' "ere )e$('#e +o' eel ( $%3%$ d'!+ !o 3o!e +o'r $on#$%en$e. EMr#.reg(rdle## o (n+one el#e0# $oer$%on or %n#!r'$!%on#.+o' (re e. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .dr'dger+:E A. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .l+ !"e $o'r!0# w%#"e#HE >.Do +o' know !"(! +o' (re en!%!led !o.owerHE .re#en!%ng !"e Peo.

10..le o GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .le.H T"e 1'dge %# onl+ ( go3ern. 1hy have a %ury at all if they are programmed to do what the %udge would do on his-her own without a %uryO The answer is that. EMr#. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG . . 7ow $(n we .or(ll+ wrongH or no! #er3%ng !"e Peo. if you observe from the &uestions above 2especially the 1st one3. and we suggest you find everything you can on the sub%ect. Bnfortunately very few have any idea that they are duped into being mere instruments of the court.Do +o' know !"(! +o' (re ()o3e !"e l(wH no! $on#!r(%ned !o l(w or ($!# H . although the %ury was originally intended to bring the Conscience and Gurisprudence into the court as a chec# against the tyranny. they will %ust follow the %udge(s fraudulent directions to vote according to the laws dictated to them. you now have every reason to !efuse the Gury for Cause. so that you wal# into court with your &uestions fully prepared. thereby proving the %ury to be robot e$tensions at the %udgeHs orders. but unless you educate them. a political appearance.Do +o' know !"(! +o' "(3e !"e r%g"! !o ($&'%! (nd NULLI6/ (n+ l(w !"(!2+o' eel %# 'n1'#!H . EMr#. or what their full rights or !"e Peo. )our %ury will be deciding your case. So. you may as#.leHE M=ote above. because they are not your peers.en! e. This is why you need an informed %ury. f anyone complains. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .. There are many ( nformed Gury pamphlets and reference boo#s to utilize for this.o##%)l+ g'(r(n!ee !"(! !"e 1'dge %# !ell%ng !"e Tr'!" (nd !"e W"ole Tr'!".re#en!ed )+ !"e 1' !"(! +o' "(3e !"e r%g"! !o 1'dge !"e 1'#!%$e o !"e l(wHE 11.(nd no!"%ng )'! !"e Tr'!"HE "lso note how all of these &uestions inform the %ury that something is very wrong with what they have been told by the courts. the court still needs them to ma#e a showing.lo+ee.)el%e3e onl+ w"(! !"e 1'dge !ell# !"e. they don(t understand the issues as well as you do/ they don(t even #now what their civic responsibilities are why they are there. EW"+ #"o'ld !"e Peo. that the 1st &uestion deliberately puts each %uror on the spot for &uestioning and deciding their true purpose as a %uror.. that the %ury simply does not really #now what their true function is.

ro$ed'r(l d'e . in cornering the %udge. and they are not going to give up easily. e$plain to the %udge that T'5!5 S => 9"1 which prohibits the %ury from #nowing their right to ac&uit and nullify laws that they disagree with. .on !"e .enden! 1'"%$" re le$!# !"e nor. if he-she has indeed made a %udicial determination that the %ury is prohibited from #nowing about their rights to ac&uit and =B99 A) the law. 6ut him-her on notice that this is a treasonable %udicial error and that you intend to "ppeal it.. The prosecutor will cho#e on the word =B99 A).end. for clarification. according to conscience.!(ken ro. T"e Den%(l o (n %nde..enden! 1'r+ %n r%nge# '. 1.# (nd 3(l'e# o !"e $o. as re&uired by the 7th "mendment.!o (n %nde. f this doesn(t wor# then refuse the %ury for cause.E *.. 6ress the %udge into e$plaining why he-she is deliberately #eeping the %ury ignorant. f ENOE then the case must be dismissed because of the 6rosecutor(s ob%ection 2above3.. because he-she can(t afford for the %ury to #now their$e## o !"e @!" A. 'e-she must now place legal proof in evidence that somehow %ustifies the fraud. then as# the %udge. O5*ECT if the %udge evades the &uestion. combined with L0 2above3 gets right down to the heart of their fraud.'n%!+.)ou will have to word the &uestions such that you don(t upset the %udge enough to charge you with Contempt. !"e $ro##2#e$!%on o !"e $o.end.This strategy. f E/ESE then <otion for a Ainding of Aact. ST!"T5G) 0"? C" T T'5 6!>S5CBT>! 1 T' )>B! GB!) KB5ST >=S -.en!. you must immediately challenge their efforts to silence you. 0. f your <otion is denied.en! r%g"! o !"e ($$'#ed. . to prove or disprove the %udge(s bluff. Corner the tyrant. Then move for Dismissal because the %ury is now obviously no longer impartial. )ou must <>T >= T> D S< SS on the grounds that ET"e Pro#e$'!%on "(# $o. and because it undermines the very critical foundation of their tyrannical control of the %ury and outcome/ so you must study this carefully. f the case is not dismissed 2motion denied3.%#ed !"e 9!" A. f the %udge orders you to discontinue this line of &uestioning. t could easily win your case regardless of the charges. then loo# the Gudge straight in the eye and >CG5CT.'n%!+. because of their obvious bias against your defense. This could be your most s#illful techni&ue still available. 1hen the prosecutor >CG5CTS to &uestion 11 above 2 t 1 99 happen. The %udge is trying to deceive everyone that his 1ord is 9aw because he-she says so. t is complicated because it is your most powerful general techni&ue.$".en!.!o d%#reg(rd !"e #')#!(n$e o !"e l(w %n !"e . by dismissing %urors who admit to #nowing you. )our friend selected for %ury duty might %ust want to show up and pretend not to #now you and then vote =>T GB 9T).(nd !r%(l. disruptive influence on the %udicial matter at hand.5 " 1st "<5=D<5=T 6>9 T C"9 GB!) S655C' -This is also a trap that you set for the 6rosecutor. The definition of F%ury of peersF includes Fpeople who #now you in the communityF. ST!"T5G) 0C? <". Then <>T >= A>! " A =D =G >A A"CT to determine if the %udge can legally get away with it.I re#er3e . and => 9"1 that prohibits any %uror from #nowing that .4.en! g'(r(n!ee !"(! !"e 1'r+ )e !"e 1'dge# o ($! AND o !"e l(w. f E/ESE.+ r%g"!. then say ET"(nk +o'4 Al#o. ST!"T5G) 4? S55D T'5 GB!) C5A>!5 T! "9 .ro!e$!ed #.en!$lo#%ng #!(!e. !"e 1'r+ d'r%ng o. then <otion for the Gudge to ma#e a 9egal Determination as to whether the political speech of %ury nullification is a direct. inform the %udge that he-she may be 6racticing 9aw Arom the Cench.(!!er (! "(nd. <a#e the %udge s&uirm to Gustify his-her fraud if ENOE.ol%!%$(ll+ .E * f your <otions are D5= 5D. inform the %udge that he-she may be 6racticing 9aw Arom the Cench. Then <>T >= A>! " A =D =G >A A"CT to determine if the %udge can legally get away with it. unrelated to the case. 1hat(s even worse is when a %uror admits #nowing you. The truth is that there is => 9"1 that prohibits %urors from #nowing the accused.. then call the bluff and <>+5 A>! " A =D =G >A A"CT. essentially ignoring your <otions.+o'r "onor. essentially ignoring your <otions. "s soon as you start informing the %ury. then !5ABS5 T> 6"SS T'5 GB!) A>! C"BS5 because of a corrupted independence of the %ury and C "S in the favor of the prosecution. used in con%unction with Strategy 0 above. but only if you #now someone on the %ury list.en%ng #!(!e. 1hen the prosecutor ob%ects.(# . the prosecutor then proceeds to insult and abuse their honesty by as#ing about intimate and personal details. .This is an arrangement you can wor# out ahead of time.'r#'(n! !o !"e 9!" A. without &uestions. The problem comes when the %udge and prosecutor unfairly violate this. 1. f %udge then tries to 6"SS T'5 GB!) A>! C"BS5. They aren(t playing fair so neither should you. simply because he-she #nows the Truth.!o %n or. f %udge tries to 6"SS T'5 GB!) A>! C"BS5.. and this is the one sure way to neutralize the court(s fraud. the 6rosecutor will >CG5CT.

ower !"(n !"e Pre#%den!. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. Don0! g%3e +o'r# (w(+.'#! . you are instructed that? ENo 1'ror $(n e3er )e . 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. T"%# . t(s your pro-per right as your own Defense counsel. )ou and your apposition will be formally reviewing and agreeing on each of the instructions the %ury is going to be allowed to read.they can vote =>T GB 9T).ore .%d(!%on (nd w"(! "e doe#n0! !ell +o'.ower !"e 1'dge "(# o3er !"e *'r+ %# !"e .e(n# !"(! % +o' #'#.E * 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.E 8. <a#e sure your instructions are each typed up on separate pages.le "(3e .re#en!ed !o +o'.(nd +o'r de$%#%on %# IRREVERSI5LE (nd IRREPROAC7A5LE. I!0# no! re(l . 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.. you are instructed that? ET"e onl+ .E 4.e(n#. ST!"T5G) 7? SBC< T )>B! >1= GB!) =ST!BCT >=S .. /o' (re no! ( r'))er #!(. Demand and <otion to postpone the trial until you have been given ade&uate time to review the prosecutors instructions.E .E . and ma#e copies available for the %udge and prosecutor.%$!'re (# .eer .ro3e !o /OU g'%l! )e+ond (n+ Re(#on()le Do')!. you are instructed that? ET"%# %# w"ere !"e Peo.E 0.l+ (gree. 1.(1or%!+. Don(t let them railroad over you.I .ore %.. t(s another phase of the game that(s rigged against you. then say so.ower o %n!%. f you have not had enough time to review the prosecutor(s instructions.'n%#"ed or "%#K"er 3o!e.This is where you place the Truth in front of the %udge and prosecutor. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. God (nd !"e 1'ror0# own $on#$%en$e %# !"e onl+ ('!"or%!+. /o'r own $on#$%en$e %# . you are instructed that? ENe3er +%eld +o'r #($red 3o!e %n (3or o .ro#e$'!or .re##'re or .e$! !"(! AN/T7ING %# wrong w%!" !"e .. you are instructed that? ET"e 1'r+ ge!# !o de$%de w"(! re(#on()le do')! . you are instructed that? EA #%ngle %n(l 3o!e o NOT GUILT/ %# (ll %! !(ke# !o n'll% + (n 'n1'#! or &'e#!%on()le l(w. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. but you can ma#e sure that all of their fraud and bias against you gets onto the record.ower.or!(n!. /o' (re no! "ere !o #%. for the purposes of ac&uittal and-or revo#ing a bad law..'#! )e %nno$en!.E 7. you are instructed that? ET"e . and then watch them s&uirm out of allowing the %ury to read it.

9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.ower !o ($&'%! (nd n'll% + !"e l(w.ower !o ($&'%! (nd n'll% +.(+ NOT %n#!r'$! (nd .E 17.7o'#e o Re.en! #+#!'re !"e *'r+ !"(! !"e+ MUST re($" ( 'n(n%.: 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.(+er#:. you are instructed that? ET"e *'dge .5/ T7E PEOPLE.*AMES MADISON. you are instructed that? E*'ror# no! onl+ "(3e !"e r%g"!. o $%!%. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. you are instructed that? ET"e 1'r+ %# !"e ($%d !e#! o w"e!"er !"e go3ern. @ !r%)'n(l# w%!" !"e .or w"(!e3er re(#on %! dee.O6 T7E PEOPLE. you are instructed that? ET"e 1'r+ "(# IRREVERSI5LE . 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. T"e *'r+ "(# !"e %n(l #(+ %n !"e le!!er o !"e L(w.E 1*. %# re(ll+ do%ng %!# 1o).E . *O7N *A/.le.(# well (# !"e ($!# %n (n+ $(#e.E 10. T"%# wo'ld $o..r%n$ you are instructed that? ET7INF: I !"e 1'r+ w(# $on#!r(%ned !o !"e Le!!er o !"e L(w (# d%$!(!ed )+ !"e 1'dge.E 1@ 9adies and Gentlemen of the!(!%3e#.E 1.E 14. you are instructed that? ET"ere %# NO LAW or COURT DECISION !"(! "(# de$%ded !"(! 1'ror# DO NOT 7AVE !"e .*O7N ADAMSALEIANDER 7AMILTON.o'# de$%#%on SOON 8w%!" #o.olog%e# or !"e ($$'#ed.T7OMAS *E66ERSON.3o!e (g(%n#! "%# $on#$%en$e. you are instructed that? EO'r $on#!%!'!%on "(# #e! '.%#g%3%ng# (ndKor (. you are instructed that? ENo 1'ror #"o'ld%n .(nd !"e *UR/.*'d%$%(<e$'!%3e. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. you are instructed that? ET"e wr%!er# o o'r $on#!%!'!%on DE6INED ( 1'r+ (# gro'.en# w"o were !o 1'dge !"e r%g"!ne## o !"e l(w.6OR T7E PEOPLE..ower !o 3e!o (n+ L(w: Sen(!e.(nd l(!er "(3e . 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.# (..o#e o !"e *'r+.e (l#e $on$ern or )'rden%ng !"e !(<.E .r%#e T/RANN/.we wo'ldn0! need ( 1'r+ !o )eg%n w%!": !"(!0# !"e 1'dge0# 1o).'r. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.r%(!e.($$ord%ng !o !"e%r own $on#$%en$e.E 11. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury..)'! (l#o !"e DUT/ !o n'll% + )(d l(w# )+ 3o!%ng NOT GUILT/.(nd de#!ro+# !"e .%!e !"e l(w or !"e ($!# o !"e $(#e.

en!(l . 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.!"(! %! w(# )(d l(w#. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.or$ed . you are instructed that from? C"%$(go Mo!or Co($" 3# C"%$(go 8>>AIll. Re.)er.o.E *0.r%3(!%on o r%g"!# !"(! )ro'g"! o'r (n$e#!or# !o !"%# $o'n!r+ !o )eg%n w%!".!"ere .5+ !"e Peo.ower w"%$" %# . 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.'l(r ('!"or%!+ !o )e en or$ed.(r!%(l l(w#.E *1 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.=B NE C>?.o#ed on one )e$('#e o "%# e<er$%#e o Con#!%!'!%on(l r%g"!#.:: 2 L%g(re 3# C"%$(go 81>C Ill.1=@:: ET"e r%g"! !o !r(3el %# .99 ALR B>?.7.(nd !"ere)+ "(# #'rrendered !"e .!ed !"e ()#ol'!e ('!"or%!+ o ( GOVERNMENT EMPLO/EE.end.e.E *@ 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.ower w(# e#!()l%#"ed w%!".le.=@ AM *UR 81#!: 7%g"w(+#.en(l!+ %.)er: O !"e Peo. you are instructed that? ET"e )(#e o (ll go3ern.18.=00.le.19C NE ==.'#! )e (n %n1'red .')l%$ (nd %nd%3%d'(l# $(nno! )e r%g"! 'll+ de.(r!+.en!. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.E ** 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. 19>:: ET"e '#e o !"e "%g"w(+ or !"e .(nd (lw(+# %n!ended !o re.ere .ro$e## o l(w 'nder !"e 6% !" A.(r! o !"e L%)er!+ o w"%$" !"e $%!%.$orr'.=d C?9:: 6or ( $r%. you are instructed that? ERe. 1*43? EW"ere r%g"!# #e$'red )+ !"e Con#!%!'!%on (re .o#e o !r(3el (nd !r(n#.r%3ed w%!"o'! d'e .'#! .r%3%lege )'! ( $o.:: 2 5oone 3# Cl(rk 8=1? SW 90A.!(<e# w%!"o'! $on#en!(nd de.(## )e ore %! (##'.en!(l r%g"! o w"%$" !"e .(%n w%!" WE T7E PEOPLE.!"en !"e 1'ror "(# ($$e.E *.E 1. 0.!ed $o'r!#. you are instructed that from? S"er(r 3# C'llen 8?B1 6. you are instructed that from? Fen! 3# D'lle# 8>@A U.!# (# L(w !"(! w"%$" !"e 1'dge #!(!e#. you are instructed that? EI ( 1'ror ($$e.e# eno'g" .on (nd 'nd(.?9.e.le.:0 B.S. ET"ere $(n )e no #(n$!%on or . you are instructed that from <iranda vs "rizona 2. 119... you are instructed that? EO'r ore (!"er# %n!ended !"e 1'r+ !o #er3e (# one o !"e !e#!# ( l(w .'r..Se$.S.en $(nno! )e de.r%3ed.e(n! or T7E PEOPLE.or!(!%on %# no! ( .e !o e<%#!.(nd 6or !"e Peo.E 1: 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.

S. f the %udge tries to dismiss an instruction because of not being relevant. . you are instructed that from. *8.le(3%ng "%.! (# "%#K"er $ond'$! !o o!"er#. 2*. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.E *7.on r%g"! w"%$" "eK#"e "(# 'nder !"e r%g"! !o L% e.on !"e %nd%3%d'(l%!+ (nd %n!ell%gen$e o !"e $%!%.%n3ol3ed.r%3%lege w"%$" ( $%!+ . you are instructed that from? Declaration of ndependence..E *4. 1hen they try to dismiss each one of yours."%)%! or .E The prosecutor will submit some instructions and you will submit some.S. 6ar.ansas 21*.K"er !"e #ole 1'dge (# !o (ll !"(! ( e$!# "%. !"e $on#en! o !"e go3erned. f you have an ob%ection to what they are trying to pull off. f there is nothing particularly wrong with an instruction.e%!"er )+ $(rr%(ge or ('!o.on !"e . you are instructed that from <iller vs B..e<$e.')l%$ "%g"w(+# (nd !o !r(n#. you must >b%ect to each instruction separately.en !o !r(3el '. !o $on!rol "%. and they will try to discredit and dismiss yours in favor of the or leg%#l(!%on w"%$" wo'ld ()rog(!e !"e. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury. the %ury must be allowed to read it.(+ . then <otion for a Ainding of Aact to determine the definition of (relevant( and whether the instruction is relevant to your case. you are instructed that from Thompson vs Smith 2140 S5 48.3? ET"e $l(%. 7*. <a#e them wor# for their corruption.%# no! ( . 'ere are some more bac#up &uotations that you may use for evidence and-or! "%#K"er .en! '..(nd !"e P'r#'%! o 7(!+ !"ereon.E *: 9adies and Gentlemen of the Gury.#el K"er#el . Don(t let them get away with any vague or generic e$cuses.K"er.!"ere $(n )e no r'le2.3? ET"e r%g"! o ( $%!%.@ A *nd 0:7. <ugler vs .)'! ( $o.*? EGo3ern.o)%le.!"e #!(!e doe# no! $l(%.%ne##. B. and you must present specific argument and-or evidence that proves specific violations of law.%! (! w%ll..L%)er!+. (nd e<er$%#e o ( Con#!%!'!%on(l r%g"! $(nno! )e $on3er!ed %n!o ( $r%.-7@3? EUnder o'r #+#!e. demand to hear specific legal %ustification for doing so.ower# ro.e.en!# der%3e !"e%r 1'#! .ere . o go3ern.

re#er3(!%on o !"e #($red %re o L%)er!+ (nd !"e Re. . 3# Mo+l(n 8?=A 6=.or or (n+ re(#on w"%$" (.')l%$(n .E ST!"T5G) 8? >65= =G ST"T5<5=T 69"=T .ower !o ($&'%! (nd !"e lower $o'r!# .no! !o o3er!"row !"e $on#!%!'!%on.e.le (re !"e .ower o !"e 1'r+ !o ($&'%!.en w"o . I !"e 1'r+ eel# !"(! !"e l(w 'nder w"%$" !"e ($$'#ed %# ($$'#ed %# 'n1'#!.#!(n$e# 1'#!% %ed !"e ($!%on# o !"e ($$'#ed.. )ou can easily use this if you can present evidence or testimony that contradicts or e$poses the fraud in the prosecutor(s case against you.=d 111> 11>C.e(l# !o !"e%r log%$ or ..E U.)+ w"%$" ( go3ern.S.!"e 1'r+ "(# !"e . you(re still on for trial..en! $(n )e "eld !o !"e .re.er3er! %!E George W(#"%ng!on: ET"e .S.'!ed .d 100= ?!" C%r.odel o go3ern.e !"e 'nd%#.E *o"n Ad(. 3# Do"er!+ 8?A> 6.(##%on..E *o"n *(+ 81#! $"%e *'#!%$e US S'.1ABC:: ET"e 1'r+ "(# ( r%g"! !o 1'dge )o!" !"e l(w (# well (# !"e ($! %n $on!ro3er#+. 1C9C:: EWe re$ogn%.E A)r("(.E U.en! %# en!r'#!ed !o !"e "(nd# o !"e A.(#!er# o )o!" Congre## (nd !"e Co'r!#.le.)'! "%# d'!+ !o %nd !"e 3erd%$! ($$ord%ng !o "%# own )e#! 'nder#!(nd%ng.1CA=:: ET"e 1'r+ "(# (n 'nre3%ew()le .(# *e er#on: EI $on#%der !r%(l )+ 1'r+ (# !"e onl+ (n$"or +e! %.o#%!%on !o !"e d%re$!%on o !"e $o'r!.le# o %!# $on#!%!'!%on.!"o'g" e3en %n d%re$! o.r%n$%. negatively planted in the minds of the %ury 2or %udge3.or !"(! !"e e<%gen! $%r$'.T"o. 1:: ET"e *'r+ "(# !"e r%g"! !o !(ke %! '.#: EI! %# no! onl+ !"e 1'ror0# r%g"!..E S!(!e o Georg%( 3# 5r(%l# ord-8 e! (1 > D(11.e3en % %!# 3erd%$! %# $on!r(r+ !o !"e l(w (# g%3en )+ !"e 1'dge (nd $on!r(r+ !o !"e e3%den$e .(n.ower !o ($&'%! %n d%#reg(rd o !"e %n#!r'$!%on on !"e l(w g%3en )+ !"e !r%(l 1'dge.1'$(n Peo.)'! !o o3er!"row !"e .(g%ned )+ . and you are now going to ma#e your >pening Statement. somehow.en!.(# well (# (n+ ($! %n $on!ro3er#+.>.'#! ()%de )+ !"(! de$%#%on.#el3e# !o 1'dge )o!" !"e l(w (nd !"e ($!# o !"e $(#e. L%n$oln: ET"e Peo. This strategy is %ust a way to e$pose the prosecutor(s strategy.on !"e.(nd $on#$%en$e.

etc.So with the format given at the beginning of this section.This is perhaps the best way to educate and inform the %ury.e.le. they don(t want to reveal that to anyone. /o' w%ll #ee !"(! (ll "eK#"e $(n do %# ( k%nd o REWIND AND PLA/5ACF:.!"(! !"e . the statutes. >f course.(nd w%!"o'! (#k%ng +o' !o e3en !"%nk ()o'! !"e $on!r(d%$!%on#. 1hen the %udge refuses.. the officers actions.. )ou can bet your life that the prosecutor has already made such . f necessary.+o' w%ll #ee ro. o $on!r(d%$!%on#.!"(! )e$('#e o !"e#e $on!r(d%$!%on# (nd e3%den$e !"(! !"e .)er !"%# . your actions. then this is what(s really holding you liable for complying with the statutes. as well as getting evidence against the %udge and prosecutor on record. Do this especially if you have reserved this right. 7owe3er.l+. what they would do if they were the %udge or %ury. you may even as# them about the court procedure itself as itHs going down.(nd I w(n! +o' !o re. !emember to include in your opening statement a strong reminder that you are not obliged to prove innocence/ it is instead the prosecutor(s responsibility to prove guilt. perhaps even your legal counselors. then <otion to Dismiss because of failure to ma#e evidence to establish %urisdiction. and demand that the court place in evidence the contract that they must be using to enforce laws upon you without your consent or #nowledge. how they feel about the law. . at the beginning of the hearing.o%n!: No #!(!'!e $(n l(w 'll+ )e en or$ed w"ere %! doe# no! (.(nd %! #(+# "ere !"(! !"%# %# ( $$'!or0# (rg'. for the sole purpose of (spilling the beans( with their testimony. this is where you are bluffing the court into e$posing their fraudulent %urisdiction over you. e$plicitly. So here you must simply declare that the court has yet to prove its %urisdiction over you 2under the insidious 10th "mendment3.l+.en! (nd ($$'#(!%on# (re STUCF4 STUCF %n (n 'n (%r #+#!e. 'ere you are going to call some of your friends..? "D< SS >= >A T!BT' C) T5ST <>=) .ro#e$'!or doe# no! w(n! +o' !o #ee.Well +o' d%d !"%# or !"(!. but be emphatic. t is your driver(s license and application 2i e a government contract3 which binds you to the traffic statutes. ST!"T5G) .e!$.1hen it is your turn to introduce evidence and testimony. f they refuse to budge.e. So given that you haven(t yet rescinded your contract. "ll you are obliged for is to show reasonable doubt as to the validity of the prosecutor(s accusations. ST!"T5G) :? D5<"=D T'5 5+ D5=C5 . you can add something li#e E/o' w%ll #ee. )ou are going to as# &uestions relating to your case.eep it simple and to the point.Peo.!"e #!(!'!e# I #!(nd ($$'#ed o CANNOT POSSI5L/ APPL/ !o !"%# $(#e.+ De en#e. to the stand.E . ob%ect and as# the %udge if he-she has made a %udicial determination that violates your 2reserved3 right to introduce evidence relating to your case.4 w%!"o'! (l#o #"ow%ng +o' !"e o!"er e3%den$e (nd l(w# !"(! (. "ll you have to do is wor# out ahead of time. with each of your witnesses your plan of &uestions and answers.

(nd !"%# $o'r!. ST!"T5G) 1@? 69") 95G"9 C>B=S59 . or intimidation by the prosecutor or %udge. the %ury. So here(s your chance to even the score. after the testimony.This is your last chance to win the trial part of the game 2if you are still in the game3. because of lac# of evidence against you. . and your legal counselors. Do it.arrangements with the officer. at this time. your witnesses. your strategies.+ O(!" o Tr'!". your self-esteem. ST!"T5G) 1*? A ="9 ST"T5<5=T 69"=T . and they are sworn to tell the whole Truth. Bse any of the stillavailable strategies to #eep the prosecutor on a short leash. ST!"T5G) 11? '"9AT <5 <>T >= T> D S< SS . )our tools are your intelligence. you are going to plant a negative perception of the prosecutor in the minds of the %ury 2or %udge3. Gust as in the opening statement. and corners the %udge into a fraudulent legal determination. not %ust what the court wants to hear. The prosecutor gets the last word in. your #nowledge. So what you(ll want to do here is to remind the court 2%ury3 of e$actly what you as#ed them to loo# for in your opening statement. educates the %ury of their rights. )ou are allowed to <otion the court to dismiss the case. outmaneuver and bac# the %udge into an embarrassing position of having to ma#e a determination. to outwit. your evidence.(nd 'nle## +o' $(n leg(ll+ de r('d . the witnesses have the right to say whatever they want. you can >CG5CT tell them they are out of order. !emind them of how your defense actually shows that you actually represent the 6eople.!"en !"%# %# e<($!l+ w"(! I %n!end !o do.!"e w"ole Tr'!". They are faithfully answering the &uestions put to them. f they try to silence your witness. and testimony cannot be denied.During the Testimony. )our witnesses can even reprimand the %udge? E/o'r 7onor. . and described in the <otions strategies 2previous section3. insinuation. and anyone wanting fair laws. )ou are not going to let anything get by you this time.I "(3e #worn !o !ell !"e Tr'!".This is a freebee.E nstruct your witnesses to verbally defend themselves against any insult. and you can bet that he-she will be shooting your case down also.e. the Truth. offensive remar#. this is %ust you conducting your brilliant defense as planned.(nd no!"%ng )'! !"e Tr'!".o'! o . Then remind them of the prosecutor(s feeble attempt to rewind-playbac# his-her illusion. Sum up the results of your defense as you have so brilliantly presented it.eep it simple and emphatic. the court record. The main purpose is to admit all the evidence that supports your defense arguments 2including law3.

that they have too many holes in them to prove guilt beyond doubt/ and that we are ==>C5=T until proven guilty beyond doubt. is =>T GB 9T).(+ e3en #!oo. Cecause .(# #l(3e#.w%!"o'! o'r 3o!e.ened "ere !od(+. independent of the others.ro3(l.. Get plenty of sleep the night before.#o. g'%l!+ )e$('#e GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .on '#.)+ .w%!"o'! o'r (. M6%n(l No!e#: !emember to use all of the general strategies at the beginning of this guide.le o !"e S!(!e o GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG "(# 1'#! de.. Ainally. !"(! I (.one+ (nd o'r l($k o re#%#!(n$e. in order to deal with the prosecutor and %udge.on#!r(!ed "%#K"er $"o%$e !o INSTEAD 7ARASS AND INTIMIDATE ALL O6 US %n!o o)e+%ng l(w# w"%$" (re or$ed '.e o)3%o'# $on!r(d%$!%on: )e !r'eHE Convince them that has been more then enough (reasonable doubt( presented that the accusations are unfounded.. the vote does not need to be$'!or . T'5 S5=T5=C =G PURPOSE: The Sentencing is %ust a formal slapping of your hand.+ own )'#%ne##.(r!+. In ($!.%nd%ng .CLAIMING TO REPRESENT /OU. for any valid reason they see fit.. #nowing that you are well prepared to defend your rights and e$pose as much of their fraud as necessary to win your case.!"e Peo. Tell them that the only fully informed and fully responsible vote possible. #o low (# !o $l(%.+ .ro#e$'!%ng (!!orne+. Sleep and rest is much more valuable than staying up late cramming.le (re. as your survival tools. ma#e sure each %uror understands that each can vote =>T GB 9T). Stic# to your convictions.w%!"o'! o'r $on#en!. W"(!0# wrong w%!" !"%# . because you have been (naughty(. in light of what we have all seen and heard. T"%nk ()o'! !"%#.o##%)l+ )el%e3e 8 (ll: or !"%# %ll'#%on. O'r (lleged .or !"(! +o' Peo. I +o' $(n . t could go something li#e? E*'#! look (! w"(! "(# "(.Then ma#e a guess at which illusion he-she will try to shoot down this final statement with. so that everyone will abide by the rules that enslave them.nor %n1'red . !eview your entire courtroom plan the day before the trial.!"e onl+ !"%ng# !"(! !"e+ "(3e !o en or$e !"e#e l(w#. They are teaching you a (lesson( that the 6eople will soon learn about.e"ow %n1'red )+ GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .!"en "ow $(n GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 8#o.%$!'reH T"e .%# o'r .

The rationale should be based on how you feel. because many cases are won bac# in "ppeal. or to bail out and cut your losses. 6ay careful attention.($$e. then you might as well stand firm.. The prosecutor will try to ma#e the %udge believe that you have been a particularly vile and contemptible criminal.on !"e ($$e..This will absolutely be your last chance to win without going to !etrial or "ppeal.(l!"o'g" !"e ($!# o !"e $(#e . W7AT TO DO: )ou must decide whether to continue standing up for your rights.. and then go with the flow of how the %udge responds.(+ "(3e )een de$%ded. #'re +o'0re (w(re..!(n$e o .+ O)1e$!%on.I w%ll r(%#e .ell(!e $o'r!.!"e re(l %##'e# o L(w (re #!%ll %n &'e#!%on4 (nd I g%3e no!%$e !o !"%# $o'r! !"(! % I (. )our purpose should be to either minimize your e$penses. During this hearing.!"(! '.you have been found guilty.ed%(!el+ #(+ /ESJ This is where you can ma#e a concise speech? E/e#.e )e$('#e.I O)1e$! !o !"e #en!en$%ng (! !"%# !%. They all want to #now how stiff they can ma#e the fines.+ O)1e$!%on !o !"e (.(ke# . and as# for ma$imum penalties. you must (pay( some penalty bac# to the corporate State.+ O)1e$!%on %n !"e NATURE o ( wr%! o error4 !"%# . 1hen the %udge as#s you EC(n +o' !"%nk o (n+ re(#on w"+ I #"o'ld no! #en!en$e +o' nowHN or EDo +o' "(3e (n+ O)1e$!%on# !o )e%ng #en!en$ed nowHN +o' %.E The Gudge might try to shoot you down by saying that writs of error have been abolished. So then you would respond.%n !"e N(!'re o ( wr%! o error. )ou must weigh your pluses against your minuses. Then the %udge will as# you &uestions about how guilty you feel and how much money you have. And (# I0. the %udge will politely and cleverly as# for your consent to pronounce sentence against you./o'r 7onor. #en!en$ed (! !"%# !%. Spea# with conviction. or to defer the case to !etrial or "ppeal.!()le !o ( $olor()le $o'r!. ST!"T5G) >? 5N5!C S5 )>B! ! G'T >A "99>CBT >= . W7AT TO EIPECT: The %udge will ma#e a condescending speech to ma#e you feel guilty or (responsible( for what they did to you.. E/e# I know4 !"(!0# w"+ I w%ll r(%#e . )ou are essentially going to refuse giving your implied consent to the Sentencing. in order to bring more money into the (cash register( court. and you can tolerate the waiting period.!"e !r(n#$r%..+ O)1e$!%on ( $olor()le wr%!.e.E Then say finally? E.! o !"%# $(#e #"(ll )e )ro'g"! or!" )+ !"%# . and what you can hope to gain either way. f you haven(t paid them anything yet.

(nd !"(! e($" (nd e3er+ leg(l de!er. and-or ignorance.$o'r!. but also a moral and civil crime against 1e the 6eople. innocence. "s you can see.%n(!%on #"(ll )e re3%ewed )e$('#e o . )ou may have to . because you have already allowed them to ta#e advantage of your ine$perience. but because of the e$tent of their fraud and corruption. This lets them #now that they have very little to gain by harassing you at penalizing you any further. but now you #now the Truth about them.en#e.E This should intimidate the %udge into reversing the verdict and ac&uitting you of the case. A>! !5T! "9 . )ou are indigent/ and you simply cannot afford to pay any of their fines or tributes. Tell them you are aware of their controlling manipulations of procedure to create the appearance of being above the law. f. "nd the only way to prevent the 6eople from #nowing the God(s Truth that you have discovered is to murder you. has always been about ta#ing your money under color of law.This is a what to try for if you feel you could do much better to win the game a *nd time. using the corruptions of the system against you.+ . They #now that you #now how fraudulent they are. because you have e$posed the fraud that they must use to penalize you. and under color of law. ST!"T5G) *? "S. The %udge will be thin#ing twice about pronouncing sentence. and prison. ST!"T5G) 1? 695"D C!>. from the very start. they have forced the %udgment of Guilty upon you. but you have no money to give them. Tell them that you understand that the whole e$ercise. and you can definitely identify and document specific defects in how the court handled your case.(! %!# own e<.5 -. fines. )ou might even win by getting the case suspended indefinitely. and that he-she is obliged to instead find a legitimate procedure to resolve the charges against you. Tell them up front that you are sorry. and that they could easily soon be facing charges of Treason. and only if they still want to pronounce Sentence you can continue your >b%ection as follows? 9ogically argue that what they have perpetrated upon you is not only an!%on o !"e leg(l %##'e# (! "(nd. but it(s worth a try. Then tell them that the only power they have over you is that what you have freely given them. 1hen you as# for or <otion the court for !etrial. 9et the %udge #now that you will not give your consent to being sentenced.This helps you regardless of which way you decide to go. there is %ust no way to conceal it all completely from any reasonable investigation. and because you might finally win. this is a (desperation( strategy. and there is nothing more that you can possibly learn by virtue of their harassing and penalizing you. it may not be granted. Than# them for the education. because of the e$tra time.

the %udge will try to intimidate you with the (transcript costs( and filing fees. but only because they want to ma#e sure that you lose money every step of the way. then it is obviously the court which should pay for it. The %udge will give you some time to give your notice. because you prefer that the district %udge listen to the obviously superior original tape. until your "ppeal is resolved. because they will insist that you need a written transcript of your trial. because of all the fraud in the lower courts. you do not need permission/ it is your right.? "665"9 T'5 C"S5 . in order to "ppeal. This is a strategy to be used before you decide to appeal. remind them that you have no money. and the court(s original taped transcript will do perfectly for your needs. 1hen this happens. and for filing. in order to e$pose this tyranny 2more time3 before your case can be finally resolved. >nce you decide to "ppeal.This is your best plan if you want to hang in there and win the game. 1hen the court hears your motion.schedule a separate <otions 'earing %ust to present your reasons why you should have a !etrial. then you can file a formal =otice and Demand and-or a separate <otion for Transcript 6rovided by the Court. Then you can politely e$plain that since the original tape has more accurate information. This is because you will be placing in evidence. all of the appealable issues you placed the %udge on notice for during the trial. but that you will still be appealing your case/ you do not need a written transcript. "nd this ma#es the court wor# even harder to steal your money/ plus. The good news is that you can defer the payment of your Sentence and 6enalties for a long time. Gust ma#e sure that you <otion the court for a (stay of e$ecution( on your Sentence and 6enalties until the resolution of your "ppeal. at the very least. you are more li#ely to win in your "ppeal. )ou will first have to write up an "ffidavit of 6overty. The %udge may force you to ma#e bail as collateral for showing up in court when they call you. and get it witnessed or notarized. The %udge will be unnerved when you resist paying the stiff fees for the written transcript. Then use the appropriately labeled information in the "ppendi$ for your (=otice and Demand for =atural !ight to Court Transcript( and-or your (<otion for . )ou can hire a bail bond person to guarantee you appearance. <a#e sure one of the motions as#s for a (stay of e$ecution( on your Sentence and Aines. f the %udge refuses to cooperate further. which re&uires an additional written transcript. and that since it is the court 2not you3. ST!"T5G) . especially if you feel you have a good chance to e$pose the unfair treatment you received by the lower court. and that you give your permission for the district %udge to listen to it.

The challenge is to type up your "ppeal Crief without paying the cost of the written transcript 2see above3. This means that you need to be able to &uote ward-for-word e$actly what was said during the trial. you should have pleaded guilty up front at the plea bargain/ because they tend to ma#e you pay less if you confess right away. )our first preference should be to e$ercise your natural right to have the court provide the transcript and fees. Cut this way. ST!"T5G) 0? 695"D S>!!) "=D 6") B6 . under supervision. The court will send you bac# confirmation that they ac#nowledge your intent. made by you and your counselors at the trial. so that you can get the e$act conversations used into your "ppeal Crief. for either you or . and the %udge will give you so many days to somehow get a copy of your trial transcript and submit your "ppeal Crief. is %ust a single page notice that you send with the same type of letterhead as any of your <otions that states you intent to file for "ppeal. but helps you to cut your losses and aggravation. Then you can <otion the court to allow both you and the district %udge listen to the tape. above. emotional stress. without ta#ing up their time. nsist that your right to appeal is being denied its Due 6rocess unless the court complies. Ce sure to include your case number. The law says that you must refer to the trial proceedings (with particularity( when you describe the court(s defects and the %udge(s decisions that you are contesting in your "ppeal Crief. transcript fees. f this becomes too much trouble. ST!"T5G) 4? =>T C5 T> "665"9 )our notice to appeal.Transcript 6rovided by the Court(.This admits defeat. and the ris# of losing. from Strategy . " second preference is to use the court tape recordings and notes. if you abort the mission now. to wor# out your "ppeal strategy. at least you(re not facing the additional court costs. t is possible to play the court record into a portable tape recorder/ and it would not ta#e too long for you and the bailiff to find the portions you are loo#ing for. They always try to penalize you for standing up for your rights. "t least it gets you out of the legal system. Then you can estimate where on the court record tape to find the e$act conversations involved. as described above. once you have estimated where to find them. The downside is that if you had really wanted to cut your losses.

then %ust pay the stenographer the fee for the written transcript and get it over with. The Table of Contents is self-e$planatory. concise. %ust as they try #eep all of the standard legal information secret and (proprietary(. or "CKB TT"9 2cancel the whole show3. and the issues that you are appealing. The good news is that if this is your first appeal in this particular court system. 1! T =G "=D SBC< TT =G T'5 "665"9 C! 5A This is the most effort you will need to put out to finally win your case. and e$acting. !5T! "9 2try again3. let alone a good one. This should be !5+5!S"9 2=ot Guilty3. is the detailed "rgument supporting your case. The "ppendi$ provides an outline and samples for you to follow. )our "ppeal Crief must be as factual as you can ma#e it. Ainally. or a friend have a personal computer 2Areedom <achine3. )ou are carefully . cut. Do not e$aggerate or imply anything. under each Statement of Case. %ust li#e in your <otions. laws and case decisions3. but with the new case number issued by the district court. The "rgument is a step-by-step legal and logical description of how the %udge(s or court(s decision is in error. because of alt the typing involved. )our logic should be emotionless. Cut if you. followed by its own Conclusion. but very complete. and do not use any offensive or sub%ective language. The Cover 9etter simply states your intentions and reasons for submitting the appeal. they wi11 not e$pect you to #now how to write the "ppeal Crief. 5ach issue is then summarized in a Statement of Case. and what ruling you e$pect from the district court of "ppeals. The Table of "uthority simply lists the legal documents you are using to ma#e your points and conclusions with. =aturally you will have to develop your "rguments and customize your Crief to the details involved with your case. )ou may even include an optional >pposing "rgument. The Statement of the issues section simply summarizes the relevant legal &uestions implicated and raised by each issue. because all the lawyers carefully guard the #nowledge of how to do it. then you can easily copy. which briefly e$plains why the issue is in &uestion. and paste the common and repeated sections. to cover both sides.the court. The Conclusion is a brief statement of which of the %udge(s decisions has been contested by the previous discussion. "nd the last page of your appeal brief should be an >rder form. beginning with a list of legal references 2i e.

as your appeal pac#age. to let them #now which missing items need to be included. The rationale is that since the %udge(s salary is based on hearing so many cases per year. Aind out what your State statutes say about Gudges and their limitations.@ days/ and if the %udge e$ceeds this time limit. )ou may also have available the following bonus option? Some States( statutes impose a time limit on how long the district %udge may sit on your case before deciding. 1hen you submit your appeal to the court 2and the prosecutor3. They will give you so many days to review the list and-or contest it. as long as your sentence and fines are indefinitely suspended. it(s . the lower court will assemble prepare a list of all the paperwor# they thin# or want the district %udge to see. they do not want you to #now about this one. by ignoring your case. before they decide what to do with your case. sometimes indefinitely.leading the district %udge to the same obvious deductive conclusions that you have reached. So ma#e sure that every last shred of court records and paperwor#. <a#e sure all of your written <otions and notices are included. They have all gambled that you would never have the sense. Sometimes. for them to be interested in. t(s %ust a matter of waiting for a decision. that you want the district %udge to see. inclination. he-she is supposed to forfeit his-her salary for that &uarter in which the . !est assured. or wherewithal to bring the case all the way to "ppeal/ now they must deal with their false assumption. and you may be perfectly willing to leave your case in limbo. is on that list. )ou are dispassionately e$posing the Truth. Some courts ma#e you wait a long time. <any of the county %udges have very little grasp of how croo#ed the entire legal system really is/ and it is the district "ppeals court(s %ob to rectify most of the fraud and corruption. there is %ust too much embarrassment for their e$pected payoff. A>99>1 =G B6 T'5 "665"9 =ow it is their turn to sweat. )ou may need to send them or file a 9etter of Deficiency and Demand. f you file a =otice of Default and Demand re&uesting the %udge to forfeit his-her salary.@ days e$pired. )ou have faithfully e$ercised your duty as an "merican Citizen to stand up for your rights in the face of civil in%ustice. The district court now faces all your evidence of the corruptions and fraud of the lower court. they should not be paid the full amount if they haven(t earned it. you have . once you submit your appeal. and they must resolve all of the issues and court decisions that have been placed in evidence. n "rizona.

and %udges with your (innocent( but revealing &uestions. Cut if you can appeal to their sense of worth and respect. could be a guaranteed ruling in your favor. eventually they see that you have helped them learn something of value. Cut the fact remains that it is still your system as much as anyone(s. and you can then !ecuse. and compassion for all 6eople involved and affected. they will shut you down and become more militant. and repeat the process. 'appy trails. f you beat them over the head with it. so that they will eventually figure it out for themselves that you are in the right.nothing to lose/ because even if the %udge were to now rule against you. !5S>9BT >= So when you are finally done with your case. ta#e pride in whatever the outcome. invalidate the decision. you ma$imize your chances of inspiring favorable responses in those around you. even if you have been forced to lose. purpose. So there is no point in arguing or becoming militant )ou do not need to prove anything relating to 5go. attorneys. )ou are most li#ely sharing your . "nd you will soon be a master at this when you can consistently steer the officers. left to play by whatever rules you are allowed by those who are in control. corruption. )ou have done well in your efforts to win the game. )ou have ta#en on a brave mission to stic# up for your rights in the face of unfairness. and that the system is unfair and stac#ed against you. and that you are in it. )ou deserve congratulations for having the courage to stand up for your rights with integrity. . with the strategy of a chess game. with a hec#-of-an education. it would be in e$treme Cias against you. to the best of your ability. abuse of power. and tyranny. in how they are dealing with the 6eople. C5 =G = T'5 ! G'T )ou already #now that you are in the right. doing your best to cover your ris#s at every step. and demand another %udge. )ou have played your cards in the po#er game. and the opposition is most li#ely coming away with their llusion partially dismantled.nowledge and 5$perience with a smile. Ta#ing advantage of such a limitation on the %udge. )ou have done your homewor#. Cy focusing on the Truth and standing in it.

<a#e notes as necessary to clarify e$actly what you want to adopt as your techni&ues. NOTE: text on page from http://www. )ou will be prepared whenever the time comes.geocities.htm . get your hands on everything you can find that relates to your case.6!56"!"T >= Congratulations. )ou #now that you will be facing professional vultures. 6leasant and powerful %ourneys. . without having to stop to loo# them up. and a different understanding of law. <a#e use of it. be sure to &uestion and verify everything in this guide. Crush up on your #nowledge of its contents periodically to refresh your memory. you have done well to come into and embrace this #nowledge. . before you ma#e any court appearance. Spend some &uality time in a law library. Cetter yet. )ou deserve your procedure and what your options are at every step. (browsing( and finding answers and this Survival Guide inside and out. 5veryone has a different idea how best to do something. for each situation. "lso.

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