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2D 3D 4GL Two Dimensional Three Dimensional Fourth Generation Language

A A A.D. A/C A-A AAA AAM AAU ABL ABW AC ACA ACDD ACI ACP127 ACU ADC ADF ADFU ADI ADP ADU ADW AEISS AEW AF AFCS AFL AFT AG A-G AGC AGI AGR AHRS AIC AIP AIT ALAT ALDT ALE AM AM/FM AMA AMASCOS AMCW AMOP ANDC ANSI Verification by Analysis Ampere Applicable Document Aircraft Air to Air Anti Aircraft Artillery Air to Air Missile Airborne Antenna Unit Allocated Baseline Antenna Beam Width Alternative Current Associate Contractor Agreement Accuracy Control Data Document Allocated Configuration Identification Allied Communication Publication 127 Antenna Control Unit Analog to Digital Converter Automatic Direction Finding Amplitude Direction Finding Unit Attitude Direction Indicator Automatic Data Processing Air Data Unit Amplitude Description Word Automated Electronic Intelligence and Surveillance System Airborne Early Warning Audio Frequency Automatic Flight Control Systems Automatic Fault Location Acceptance Flight Test Accelerated Graphics Air to Ground Automatic Gain Control AGIlity Air to Ground Ranging Attitude and Heading Reference System Aircraft In-habited Carrier Aircraft Interface Processor Alternate Internal Technique Aviation Légère de l’Armée de Terre Administrative and Logistic Delay Time Automatic Link Establishment Amplitude Modulation Amplitude Modulation / Frequency Modulation Airborne Modem Assembly Airborne Maritime Situation Control System Amplitude Modulation Continuous Wave Amplitude Modulation On Pulse Agence Nationale des Documents Centralisés American National Standards Institute


Antenna Unit Angle Of Arrival Air Operation Department Aircraft On Ground Area Of Interest Autopilot Availability Performance Analysis Acoustic Processing Board ASTAC Processing Ground Station Application Programming Interfaces Auxiliary Power Unit Allied Quality Assurance Publication Armament Relay Box Appreciation Report Form Aeronautical Radio INCorporation Alphanumeric Read Out Antenna Rotation Period Automatic ReQuest ARTiculation Aircraft Survivability Equipment Authorized Storage List Antenna Scanning Period Analyseur de Signaux TACtiques (French Acronym) Air Traffic Control Automatic Test Equipment (ILS) Architecture de Transport Haut débit pour Réseau Embarqué Indépendant des Supports Asynchronous Transfer Mode Acceptance Test Procedure Acceptance Test Report Aircraft Un-habited Carrrier Airborne Universal Reconnaissance and Intelligence System Architecture Universelle de Réseaux de cOmmunications Embarqués AUTOmatic

BC BCV BEA BER BF BFE BFI BFO BFP BFS BII BIT BITE BLU BMP BNL BOA BPF Bps BRASS Bus Cable Boîtier de Commande et de Visualisation BEAmwidth Bit Error Rate Basse Fréquence Buyer’s Furnished Equipment Buyer Furnished Information Beat Frequency Oscillator Buyer Furnished Property Buyer’s Furnished Support Basic Issue Item Built-In-Test Built-In Test Equipment Bande Latérale Unique (Single Side Band) Bit MaP Bas Niveau de Lumière Basic Ordering Agreement Band Pass Filter Baud per second BRoadcast and Ship / Shore

D.BRF BSM/BL/BF BSR BTM BTR BURST BV BV BVR bw BW RF (or IF) bandwidth Boîtier de Surveillance Magnétique/Bombe Lisse/Bombe Fraissée Battle Space Radio (unité de THALES Communications) Bench Technical Manual Burn Through Range A burst is the formation of a reflective volume of chaff from an individual cartridge. C/F C3I CAD CAF CAN CAP CASE CATAS CBIT CBS CBT CCA CCB CCD CCIP CCIR CCITT CCLT CCME CCMS CCMS CCN : CCPI CCPL CCRP CCS CCTL CCTV CCU CCU CCV CD CDM CDR CDRL CDRL CD-ROM CDU CDU CDU . Bureau Veritas Video bandwidth Beyond Visual Range Black & White Bandwidth Command and Data Link Contractual Document Chaff and Flares Control Command and Communication Information Computer Aided Design Chilean Air Force Controller Area Network Computer Aided Publication Computer Aided Software Engineering Computer Aided Training And Simulation Continuous Built in Test Commercial / Cost Breakdown Structure Computer Based Training Circuit Card Assembly Configuration Control Board Charged Coupled Device Continuous Computation of the Impact Point Comité Consultatif International Radio International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee Calcul Continu de la Ligne Traceurs Contre-Contre Mesures Electroniques Communication & Control Monitoring System Communication & Command Management System Contract Change Notice Calcul Continu du Point d’Impact Calcul Continu du Point de Largage Continuous Computation of the Release Point Communication Control System Continuous Computation of Tracer Line Close-Circuit Television Centralised Control Unit Cockpit Control Unit Central de Cap et de Vertical Confidentiel Défense Cartridge Dispenser Module Critical Design Review Contract Data Requirement List Contractual Document Requirement List Compact Disk Read-Only Memory Control Display Unit Cockpit Display Unit Chaff and Flares Dispenser Unit C C&DL C.

Configuration Item Combat Information Center Critical Item Development Specification Centralized Intelligent Programmable Unit Communication Information System CocKpit Control Unit CocKpit DiSPlay Contract Line Item Number Closed Loop Simulation Closed Loop Simulation Testing Phase Closed Loop Simulation Testing Configuration Management Contract Manager Counter-Measures Control Panel Countermeasures Dispenser Counter Measure Dispensing System Component Maintenance Manual Configuration Management Plan Combat Management System Compatibility Management Unit Commutateur Certificate Of Conformity COMmunication INTelligence COMINT Operator COMmunications SECurity COnical Scan on Receive Only Commercial Off The Shelf Customization Phase Change Proposal Closest Point Of Approach Central Processing Unit Coherent Range False Target . The cartridge may contain several different cut lengths of chaff to optimise response over the required frequency band. A chaff cartridge is an individual package of chaff.CDU : CECMED CEF CEM CEOB CEP CEP CEP CF CFAR CFD CFDCU CFDS CFDU CFE CFI CFS Ch/s CHAFF CHAFF CARTRIDGE CI CIC CIDS CIPU CIS CKCU CKDSP CLIN CLS CLSP CLST CM CM CMCP CMD CMDS CMM CMP CMS CMU CMX COC COMINT COMO COMSEC COSRO COTS CP CP CPA CPU CRFT Command and Display Unit Commandant en Chef pour la Méditerranée Current Emitter File Compatibilité ElectroMagnétique Communications Electronic Order of Battle Circle of Error Probability Cercle Ecart Portable Centre d’Expérimentation du Pacifique Center Frequency Constant False Alarm Rate Chaff and Flare Dispenser Chaff and Flare Dispenser Control Unit Chaff and Flare Dispenser System Chaff and Flare Dispenser Unit Contractor Furnished Equipment Contractor Furnished Information Contractor Furnished Services Channels per second Chaff consists of aluminised glass fibre filaments which act as half wave dipoles and can thus reflect radio frequency electromagnetic energy.

CRLU CROC CRT CRV CS CSB CSC CSC CSCI CSOM CSP CSU CTR Board CU CU CVR CW CWBS CWP CWS Computer. Recorder and Localizer Unit Comptes-Rendus Opérationnels de Contre-Mesures Cathode Ray Tube Comptes Rendus de Vol Central Site Company Standard Baseline Computer Software Configuration Item Configuration of Source Code Computer Software Configuration Item Computer Software Operator’s Manuals Concurrent Spares Parts Computer Software Unit Digital Receiver Board Charge Utile Control Unit Crystal Video Receiver Continuous Wave Contractual Work Breakdown Structure Central Warning Panel Central Warning System D D D Level D.L. D/F DAM DAO DAR DAR DASA DASS DASY DAT dB DB dBi dBm DBMS DBS dBW DC DC DCA DCH DCN DCO DCW DD DD DDL DDS DDU DEMUX DERA DETDDS Verification by demonstration Depot Level Documentation Requirement List Direction Finding Détecteur d’Approche Missile Direction of Arrival DP Analysis Report Détecteur d’Alerte Radar Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG Defensive Aids Suite System Directional Antenna Sub-assemblY Digital Audio Tape Decibel DataBase Decibel referenced to isotropic radiation Decibel referenced to milliwatt Data Base Management System Doppler Beam Sharpening Decibel referenced to Watt Direct Current Inspection file (Dossier de Contrôle) Digitally Controlled Attenuator Detection Channel Direction des Constructions Navales Digitally Controlled Oscillator Digital Chart of the World Dossier de Définition Definition file (Dossier de Définition) Dispersive Delay Line Direct Digital Synthesizer Delivery Duty Unpaid DEMUltipleX Defence Evaluation and Research Agency Digital ECM Techniques Design / Development System .R.

g. not repairable LRU) Design Verification And Integration Phase E e. E.DF DF DF DFAD DGA DID DIFM DIFM DIRCM DIS DIS DJD DJD DL DLIU DLM DLRP DLVA DME DMI : DMM DOA DOD DOD-STD DOORS DP DQA DRFM DRL DRM DRM DRMDDS DRU DS DSA DSC DSD DSG DSHR DSL DSP DSS DSU DTC DTED DTG DTP DTPM DTS DTU : DU DVIP Direction Finding Definition File Manufacturing file (Dossier de Fabrication) Digital Feature Analysis Data Direction Générale des Armées (French MOD) Data Item Description Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Digital Instantaneous Frequency Meter Direct Infra Red Counter Measures Distributed Information System Distributed Interactive Simulation Dossier Justificatif de Définition Definition justification file (Dossier Justificatif de la Définition) Data-Link Data Link Interface Unit Depot Level Maintenance Data Link Report Point Detector Logarithmic Frequency Measurement Distance Measuring Equipment Directorate of Military Intelligence Data Management Mode Direction Of Arrival US Department Of Defense DOD StandarD Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System Data Package Direction de la QuAlité Digital Radio Frequency Memory Data Requirement List Direction du Renseignement Militaire Data Recorder Module Digital Receiver Design / Development System Data Recorder Unit Direct Sequence Digital Spectral Analysis Digital Selective Call (Appel sélectif numérique) Detailed System Design document Digital Signal Generator Digital Superheterodyne Receiver Document Summary List Digital Signal Processor Detailed System Specification Data Storage Unit Data Transfer Cartridge Digital Terrain Evaluation Data Distance To Go Deferred Time Processing Deferred Time Processing Mode Data Transfer System Data Transfer Unit Discardable Unit (e. Exempli Gratia (for instance) Electro-Magnetic .g.M.

EA EAR EAT EATP ECCM ECL ECM ECN ECP ECR ECS EDC EDMS EDOC EECM EESMS EEZ EGC EGIDE EHDM EIC EIP ELIB ELINT ELnot ELO ELT EM EM EMB EMC EMCON EMI EMI/EMC EMM EMP ENOB EO EOB EPDW EPDW : EPL EP-LIB EPM EQT EQTP ERP ERP ERRC ERS ESAS ESCP ESIB ESM ESMO ESP Engineering Analysis Engineering Analysis Report EWSC Acceptance Test EAT Procedure Electronic Counter-Counter Measures English Comprehensive level Electronic Counter-Measures Engineering Change Notice Engineering Change Proposal Engineering Change Request Environmental Control System Effective Date of Contract Electronic Document Management System Effective Date Of Contract Electronic Counter-Measures Engineering Evaluation Simulation / Modeling System Economical and Exclusion Zone Control Enhanced Group Calling (Service SMDSM au profit des navires) Ensemble de Goniométrie et d'Interception en ondes DEcamétriques Elektronik Harp Destek Merkezi (Electronic Warfare Support Center) External Intelligence Center EWSC Installation Plan Electronic LIBrary ELectronic INTelligence ELINT notification ELINT operator ELETTRONICA S.p.A ElectroMagnetic Electro Magnétique EMBallage (French name for packing) Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Emission CONtrol Electro-Magnetic Interference Electro-Magnetic Interference/Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Etat-Major de la Marine Electro Magnetic Pulse Effective Number of Bits Electro-Optics Electronic Order of Battle Extended PDW Extended Pulse Descriptor Word Emitter Parameter List Ejection Program LIBrary Electronic Protective Measures. Recoverable. dont l’EVF Environmental Qualification Test EQT Procedures Effective Radiated Power Exciter Receiver Processing Expandable. Reparable Category item EWSC Requirement Specifications ECM System Analysis System External Store Control Panel External Store Interface Box Electronic Support Measures ESM Operator Equivalent System Proposal .

Finnish Air Force Headquarters Finnish Aviation Industry or First Article Inspection First Article Inspection Force d’Action Navale Failure/Discrepancy Analysis Reports False Alarm Rate Factory Acceptance Test Factory Acceptance Test Procedure Functional Baseline Fully Complies Frequency Converter Fully Complies Functional Configuration Audit Fire Control Radar Frequency Converter Unit F F F FAA FAAT FACh FAF FAF ESMG FAF.ESPU ESS ETA ETDC ETM ETS ETWS EUCLID EVF EVT EVTP EW EWC EWSC EWDB EWDM EWIP EWL EWMPS EWOC EWR EWS EWS EWSC EWSC EWS-H EWS-H EWS-H EWTD Ex EXPENDABLE ESM/ELINT Sensor Processing Unit Environmental Stress Screening Estimated Time of Arrival ECM Techniques Development Center Equipment Technical Manual Engineering Technical Services : Electronic Track While Scan European Co-operation for the Long term In Defence EVasion de Fréquence Environmental Verification Test Environmental Verification Test Procedure Electronic Warfare Electronic Warfare Center Electronic Warfare System Controller Electronic Warfare DataBase Electronic Warfare Data Module Electronic Warfare Interface Processor Electronic Warfare Library Electronic Warfare Mission Programming System Electronic Warfare Operational Center Electronic Warfare Receiver Electronic Warfare System Electronic Warfare Suite Electronic Warfare Support Center Electronic Warfare System Controller Electronic Warning System for Helicopter Electronic Warning System for Helicopter Electronic Warfare Suite H Electronic Warfare Threat Database Exchange An expendable is an individual unit of chaff or flare which after deployment cannot be recovered. FAF HQ FAI FAI FAN FAR FAR FAT FATP FBL FC FC FC : FCA FCR FCU . Frequency Factory reparable Federal Aviation Agency First Article Acceptance Test Fuerza Aérea de Chile Finnish Air Force FAF Electronic Support Measures Group Finnish Air Force.

is designed to produce intense electromagnetic output in the IR region. Analysis and Corrective Action System Failure Review Board Flight Readiness Review Functional System Item Frequency Shift Keying Frequency Set On Fast Settling Oscillator . Fit. A flare cartridge is an individual package of combustible material which. Effects and Criticality Analysis Frequency Modulation On Pulse Flight Management System Failure Not Confirmed Finnish Navy Head Quarters Finnish Navy Material Command Free On Board French Official Services Follow On Support Field Of View Final Phase: Production.FDD FDDI FDM FDR FDW FEA FEBA FEC FFF FFT FH FH FHIT FHITP FIMC FIP FIRA FL FL FLARE FLARE CARTRIDGE FLIR FLM FLM FM FM FMAA FMC FMCW FMEA FMECA FMOP FMS : FNC FNHQ FNMC FOB FOS FOS FOV FP: PIDP FPB FPGA FPIP FQR FR FRACAS FRB FRR FSA FSK FSO FSO Floppy Disk Driver Fiber Data Digital Interface Frequency Domain Multiplex Final Design Review Frequency Descriptor Word Fully Equipped Aircraft Forward Edge of the Battle Area Forward Error Correction Form. Function Fast Fourier Transform Frequency Hopping Flight Hour First Helicopter Installation Test FHIT Procedure Finnish Industry Modification Center Final Installation Plan Finnish Intelligence Research Agency Flight Level Forward Link Flares are pyrotechnic devices which are designed to emit IR energy. Installation and Delivery Phase Fast Patrol Boat Field Programmable Gate Arrays First Phase Installation Plan Formal Qualification Review Frequency Range Failure Reporting. Forward Looking Infra Red radar Factory Level Modulation Factory Level of Maintenance Frequency Modulation Functional Monitoring Finnish Military Aviation Authority Full Mission Capability Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Failure Modes. when deployed.

ft FTDPAR FTM FTMP FTP FWD Feet Final TDP / OR Analysis Report Flight Testing Methodology Flight Testing Methodology Phase Factory Test Plan ForWarD G GaAs GAC GAM GCA GCP GEO GF GFE GHE GHz GIF GIPF GMDSS GMT : GND GO GO/NOGO GOT GPS GPTE GPU GRD : GS GSE GSI GUI GV Gallium Arsenium Gulfstream Aircraft Corporation Guerre.Air. Mer (French MOD Standard) Cyro Compass Alignment Graphic Color Printer Geographical Overview Ground Fixed Government Furnished Equipment Ground Handling Equipment GigaHertz Graphic Interchange Format Ground Integrated Processing Facility Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Greenwich Mean Time GrouND GOod GOod/NOGOod Government of Turkey Global Positioning System General Purpose Test Equipment Ground Power Unit Ground Resolved Definition Glide Slope Ground Support Equipment Ground Control Interceptor Graphic User Interface French acronym for "Grande Visite" (=Major Inspection) H H H/C H/W HAT HB HBJ : HCI HDB HDD HEWS HF : HFR HGND HHC HLA HLL HMI HN HOTAS HPOI Horizontal HeliCopter Hardware Harbour Acceptance Test High Band High Band Jammer Human Computer Interface High Drag Bomb Hardware Design Documentation Helicopter Electronic Warfare System (Helicopter Electronic Warfare Suite) High Frequency High Frequency Repetition Housing GrouND Hand Held Camera High Level Architecture High Level Language Human Machine Interface Hellenic Navy Hands On Throttle And Stick High Probability Of Intercept .

HPRF HQ : HRRS HRS HSDP HSI HSP HTIT HUD HUMINT HW HWCI Hz : High Pulse Repetition Frequency Head Quarter Hybrid Radar Receiver Simulator Hardware Requirement Specifications High Speed Data Processor Horizon Situation Indicator High Band RF Switching and Preamplifier Helicopter Type Installation Test Head Up Display HUMan INTelligence HardWare HardWare Configuration Item Hertz I I I I i.Transponder Instantaneous Frequency Measurement In-Flight Report IF Receiver and Processing Unit .P. Friend or Foe Identification Friend of Foe . I.e. I/O IAF IAGC IBIT IBIT IBIT IBIT ICD ICMS ICS ICTB ICW ICWG ID IDD IDW IEEE IEMM-BA IEMM-HA IETM IETP IEV IEWS IF IF IFAT IFB IFDC IFDU IFF IFF-T IFM IFR : IFVR Verification by Inspection Input ILM reparable Id est (that is) Industrial Participation Input / Output Indian Air Force Instantaneous Automatic Gain Control Initiated BIT Interruptive Built in Test Initial Built-In-Test Initiated Built In Test Document de maîtrise des interfaces (Interface Control Document) Integrated Counter Measures System InterCommunication System IMEWS Common Test Bench Interrupted Continuous Wave Interface Control Working Group IDentification Interface Design Document Intrapulse Data Words Institute of Electronic and Electronics Engineers Impulsion électromagnétique d’origine nucléaire –détonation à basse altitude Impulsion électromagnétique d’origine nucléaire – détonation à haute altitude Interactive Electronic Technical Manual Interactive Electronic Technical Publication Installation d’Essais en Vol Integrated Electronic Warfare System Intermediate Frequency Inspection File In Field Acceptance Tests Intention For Bids Intermediate Frequency Down Converter Intermediate Frequency Distribution Unit Identification.

IG IGN IHM IHS IHSS/HMD ILBG ILM ILS ILS ILSR IMC IMEWS IMEWS-H IMINT IMM IMO IMOP IMS INS INTEL INU IOS IP IPAT IPC IPER IPL IPS IR IRCM IRS IRS IRS IRS IS IS ISA ISA ISAR ISM ISO ISP ISSL ISSL ISST ISSTP IST ISU IT IVP IVQ IWBR IWG Image Generator Institut Géographique National Interface Homme-Machine Interface Homme Système Integrated Helmet Sight System / Helmet Mount Display Irrevocable Letter of Bank Guarantee Intermediate Level Maintenance Integration Logistic Support Instrument Landing System Integrated Logistics Support Requirements Instrument Meteorological Conditions Integrated Multimission Electronic Warfare System Integrated Multimission Electronic Warfare System for Helicopter IMagery INTelligence International Maritime Mobile International Maritime Organization Intentional Modulation On Pulse Interface Management Software Inertial Navigation System Electronic INTELligence Inertial Navigation Unit Instructor Operating Station Initial Point In Plant Acceptance Tests Illustrated Parts Catalogue Indisponibilité Programmée pour Entretien et Réparations Initial Provisioning List Inch Per Second Infra Red Infra-Red Counter Measures Interface Requirements Specification (Engineering) Inertial Reference System (Avionic) Inertial Reference System Interface Requirements Specifications Interception Site Interphone System Interconnect Standard Architecture (Computer) International Standard Atmosphere (Avionic) Inverse SAR Integrated Sensor Module International Standards Organization Integrated Support Plan Initial Supply Support List Interim Support Spares List Integrated Suite Specification Compliance and Simulation Test ISST Procedure Integration Sample Test Intermediate frequency Switching Unit Instructions Techniques Integration and Validation Plan Integration / Validation / Qualification Instantaneous Wide Band Receiver Installation Working Group J JDP Jammer system Data Package .

JDPAR JEWC JIU JSU JTG ECM System Analysis Report Joint Electronic Warfare Center Joint Interface Unit Jamming Source Unit Jamming Technique Generator K KAF KARTEK kbps KDU KHz KSA KT KVA Kuwait Air Force ECM Development Program Kilobits per second Keyboard Display Unit KiloHertz Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KnoT Kilo Volts Amperes L LAN LAT LB LB LBA LBI LBIAB LBJ LBR LBTS LC LC LCB LCC LCD LCDF LCM LCN LD LD LD LDB LDF LFK LFR LH LHBA LHBA LHC LHCP LHRS LICOM LICOP Lin : LM LMALC LNA LO LOAP LOB Local Area Network Location At a given Time Low Band Local Bureau Low Band Antenna Long Base Interferometer Long Base Interferometer Antenna Block Low Band Jammer Laser Beamrider Land Based Test Site Local CU Walkthrough (Lecture Croisée) Logistic Configuration Baseline Life Cycle Cost Liquid Crystal Display Local Complete Data Fusion Laser Counter-Measures Logistic Code Number Local Doc/Archivage Laser Designator Lateral Display Low Drag Bomb Local Data Fusion LenkFlugKörpersysteme GmbH Low Frequency Repetition Left Hand Left High Band & K band Antenna block Left High Band Antenna Left Hand Circular Left Hand Circular Polarization Low and High band RF Switching unit LIaison de COMmandement LIaison de COopération Linear Local Magasin Loockheed Martin Alenia Corporation Low Noise Amplifier Local Oscillator List Of Applicable Publication Line Of Bearing .

M/F MACE MAG MAG MAG MAN MAN MARIE MASTER MAW Mb MBI : Mbps : . This supply is not broken by the aircraft's weight-off-wheels switch.LOC LOC Log LOGIC SUPPLY LORA LORO LOROP LOS LPC LPF LPI LR LR LRF LRt LRU LRWS LSAR LSB LSB LSC LSD LSP LSP LSP LSU LT LTA LTASP LUF LVL LVL LVT LVTP LW LWR LWS LOCalization Localizer Logarithmic The logic supply is a 28V dc supply used to power the Vicon 78 system with the exception of the firing circuits. Level Of Repair Analysis Lobe-On Receive Only Long Range Oblique Photography Line Of Sight Logistic Planning Conference Low Pass Filter Low Probability of Intercept Local Réserve Long Range Laser Rangefinder Listening Report Line Replaceable Unit Long Range weapon System Logistic Support Analysis Record Least Significant Bit Lower Side Band Logistics Support Costs Localization Simplified Data Logistic Support Plan Low band RF Switching and Preamplifier Logistic Support Plan Laser Sensor Unit Local Technique Logistics Technical Assistance Local Target Situation Picture Lowest Usable Frequency LeVeL pulse LeVeL LRU Validation Test LRU Validation Test Procedure Laser Warning Laser Warning Receiver (Détecteur d’Alerte Laser) Laser Warning Simulator Manufacturer Document Maintenance / Float Months After Contract Effectivity Magazine MAGIC II mode Magazine MANual MANufacturer Messagerie d’AutoRité et Informelle Embarquée Milint Advanced Sigint Tactical Electronic Raptor Missile Approach Warning Megabyte Medium Base Interferometer Megabits per second M M. The term 'powered up' refers to the situation that normally exists directly after application of this supply.D.

MBWF MC MC MC MCM : MCMV MCO MCPA MCTA MCU MDD MDF MDJ-H MDR-H MDS : MDSU MDU MDU MET MEUTE MF MFC MFD MFHBF MFR MHS MHSU MHz MIBIT MIDS MIL STD MILDS MILDS MILDS  MILDS AN/AAR60 MIL-HDBK MILINT MIL-STD MIP MIPS ML ML1 ML2 MLD MLD MLDSU MLP MMF MMH MMH MMH : MMH/FH MMH/OH MMH/OH Manufacturer’s Bare Weight Empty Mission Computer Mission Commander Main Computer Multi Chip Module Mine-hunter Conter Measure Vessel Maintenance in operational condition (Maintien en Condition Opérationnelle) Methodologie de Conduite de Projet et d'Affaire (Methodology for Proposal and Project Management) Multi Channel Technical Analyzer Management and Compatibility Unit Multirole Digital Detection Mission Data Files Multi-role Digital Jamming for Helicopter Multi-function Digital Reception for Helicopter Multi Distance Sensor Missile Detection Sensor Unit Management Dispenser Unit Management and Distribution Unit Meteo / Weather Module d’Insertion de Paramètres (MIP) Moyenne Fréquence Multi Function Console Multi Function Display Mean Flight Hours Between Failure Medium Frequency Repetition Message Handling System Mast Head Sensor Unit MegaHertz Manually Initiated Built In Test Multi-function Information Distribution System Military Standard MIssile Launch Detection System Missile Launch Detector System Brand Name for the MW: Missile Launch Detector System MIssile Launch Detector System MILitary HanDBooK MILitary INTelligence MILitary STandard Module d’Insertion de Paramètres Mega Instruction Per Second Maintenance Level Maintenance Level 1 Maintenance Level 2 Missile Launch Detector Mean Logistic Delay Missile Launch Detector Sensor Unit Moyen Local de Programmation Mass Memory Function Man Maintenance Hour Mean Man Hour Man Maintenance Hour Mean Man-Hours per Flight Hour Man Maintenance Hour per Operation Hour Mean Man Hour per Operation Hour .

MMI MMIC MMPFH MMSS mn MND MOB MOD MODA MOP MOTS MP MPA MPM MPR MPRF MPRGS MPS MPS MPS MPS MPS : MRT MRWS ms MSB MSC MSE MSP : MSPS MST MST MTBCF MTBF MTBF MTBM : MTBMA MTBOMF MTBPM MTBR MTD MTD MTI MTOW MTP MTTR MUF MUR MUSE MUX MW MW MW MWC Man Machine Interface Millimetric Microwaves Integrated circuits Maintenance Manhours Per Flying Hour Modular Mission Support System minute Ministry of National Defence Main Operating Base Ministry Of Defense Ministry Of Defense and Aviation Modulation On Pulse Military Off The Shelf Mission Preparation Maritime Patrol Aircraft Mission Preparation Mode Module for Programming and Recording Medium Pulse Repetition Frequency Mission Planning and Restitution Ground Station Mission Planning System Maritime Patrol System Mission Preparation System (ou MLP) Mission Preparation Simulator Mission Planning System Mean Repair Time Medium Range Weapon System Millisecond Most Significant Bit Mission Support Center Mission Support Equipment Mission System Package Mega Samples Per Second Multi Sensor Tracking Main STructure Mean Time Before Critical Failure Mean Time Between Failure Moyenne de Temps de Bon Fonctionnement Mean Time Between Maintenance Mean Time Between Maintenance Action Mean Time Between Operational Mission Failures Mean Time Between Preventive Maintenance Mean Time Between Removal Module de Transfert de Données Moving Target Detector Moving Target Indicator Maximum Take Off Weight Master Test Plan Mean-Time-To-Repair Maximum Usable Frequency Mock Up Review Messagerie Universelle SEcurisée MUltipleX MicroWave Missile Warning Missile Warner (MLD) Mission and Weapon Computer .

Biological.MWG MWR MWS MWS Management Working Group Missile Warning Receiver Missile Warning System Missile Warning System (ou DAM) N NA NA : NATO NAV NAVITER NAVITER NBC NC NCO NDA NDB NDI NDR NDS NDTS NF NFOV NG NHA NIIRS NM NMCU NOGO NON COM NOR NQAA NR NRT ns NSN : NSP NSR NSS NTSC NVG NWS : Not Applicable Not Applicable North Atlantic Treaty Organization NAVigation liaisons NAVires vers la TERre Liaison HF NAVIre TERre Nuclear. Chemical Not Connected Non-Commissioned Officer (Sous-officier) Non-Disclosure Agreement Navigation Data Base Non Developmental Item Narrow band Digital Receiver Non-Developmental Software NATO Tactical Display System Noise Figure Narrow Field Of View New Generation Next Higher Assembly Nato Imagery Interpretation Rating Scale Nautical mile Navigation Mission Computer Unit NO GOod Non Communication Notice Of Revision National Quality Assurance Authority Not Reparable Near Real Time nano second Nato Stock Number Non Shortage Probability Narrow and medium band Superheterodyne Receiver North Seeking System US video standard Night Vision Goggles Navigation Weapon System O O OAT OBS OC OEM OET OEW OFP OH OHIT OHITP OJT OLM Output Operational Acceptance Test Organization Breakdown Structure On Condition Original Equipment Manufacturer On Equipment Training Operating Empty Weight Operational Flight Program Operating Hours Other Helicopter Installation Test OHIT Procedure On-the-Job Training Organizational Level Maintenance .

Pulse Analyzer Unit Performance Bond Programmable Broadband Digital receiver Power on Built-In Test Production Base Line Personal Computer (Computer) Physical Configuration Audit Printed Circuit Board Calculateur PC Industriel Product Configuration Identification Pulse Code Modulation Personal Computer Memory Card International Association Project Control Office Poste de Commandement TELECommunications Poste de Commandement Télécommunication de Secours Probability of detection Pulse Duration Preliminary Design Pulse Description Block Preliminary Domain Controller Preliminary Design Documentation Software Development Plan ( Plan de Développement Logiciel ) Pulse Descriptor Message Phase Direction finding Processor Preliminary Design Review Program Design Review Meeting Passive Detection System Portable Data Store Passive Detection System Pulse Description Word Pre-Equipped Aircraft Plug-in Module Personal Equipment Connector Plug-in Module Plan d’Emploi des Moyens Militaires de ROEM .OM 100 OMNA OPTINT OR ORSR OS OS OS OSAT OSU OTAN OTS OWS Ocean Master 100 Omni-directional Antenna OPTronic INTelligence Operational Requirements Operational Requirement Specifications Review Operating Software Operation Supplement orders Operating System On Site Acceptance Test Optical Sensor Unit Organisation du Traité de l’Atlantique Nord Off The Shelf Operator Workstation P PA PABX PAFLAT PAGAT PAN PATTERN PAU PB PBDR : PBIT PBL PC PCA PCB PCI PCI PCM PCMCIA PCO PCTELEC PCTS Pd PD PD PDB PDC PDD PDL PDM PDP PDR PDRM PDS PDS PDS PDW PEA PEC PEC PEC : PEMMROEM Pulse Amplitude Private Automatic Branch eXchange Prototype Aircraft Flight Acceptance Testing Prototype Aircraft Ground Acceptance Test PANoramic A pattern is that portion of a dispensing programme that is specific to a given expendable type.

Installation and Delivery Phase Plan Integration / Validation / Qualification Pulse Level Program Loader Unit Phase Modulation Program head manager Management Plan (Plan de Management) Préparation de Mission / Restitution de Mission Program Management Database Prime Mission Equipment Program Management Meeting Program Management Office Phase Modulation On Pulse Program Management Plan Receiver Main Processor Program head Manager Representative Program Management Review Program Management System Program Master Schedule Pseudo Noise Part Number Plan National de Renseignement Probability of Nil Stockout Probability of Non-Shortage Program Office Point Of Contact Probability Of Detection Probability Of Interception Probability Of Intercept Probability of Emitter Interception Position Plan de Recherche Electromagnétique pixel per inch Pulse Position Interval Preflight Programmable Module Pulse Position Modulation Preflight Program Memory Page per minute Periodic Program Report pulses per second Pulse to Pulse Spot Noise Software quality plan (Plan Qualité Logiciel) Program Quality Plan Progress Review Progress Report Poste Radio de 4ème Génération Pulse Repetition Frequency Pulse Repetition Frequency/Pulse Repetition Intervals .PF PFa : PFM : PFRt : PGAR PGRI PI PID PIVQ PL PLU PM PM PM PM/RM PMDB PME : PMM PMO PMOP PMP PMP PMR PMR PMS PMS PN PN PNR PNS PNS PO POC POD POI POI POI POSN PPE ppi PPI PPM PPM PPM Ppmi PPR pps PPSN PQL PQP PR PR PR4G PRF PRF/PRI Production File Probability of False alarm Pre-Flight Message Position Fixing Report Production Go-Ahead Review Pulse Group Repetition Interval Pulse Interval Production.

A programme consists of a chaff pattern and flare pattern. Programmable Read Only Memory Pulse Repetition Period Production Readiness Review Portable Radar Simulator Phase Shift Keying Passive Surveillance Network Processeur du Signal Programmable Production Sample Test Production Sample Test Procedure Power Supply Unit Production Test Preliminary TDP/OR Analysis Report Pressure and Temperature Measurement Unit Pulse Time Of Arrival Production Test Procedure Preliminary Test Plan Push-To-Talk Plan de Validation Pilot Vehicle Interface Pulse Width PoWeR FAILure Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Manager Quality Assurance Program Quality Assurance Program Plan Quality Assurance Representative QA Record Quality Assurance Representative Quality Assurance Status Report Quality Conformance Verification Matrix Quantity per Higher assembly Quantity per Next Higher Assembly Quality Plan Quantity Per Assembly Qualification Program Plan Quadration Phase Shift Keying Qualification Review Quick Reaction Capability Qualification Sample Test Quantity TOTal Total Quantity in The Equipment Qualification Test Procedure Quantity Repairable Research & Development Radio Altimeter Reference Document Project manager or project manager delegate (Responsable Affaire ou Q QA QAM QAP QAPP QAR QAR QAR QASR : QCVM : QHi QHNA QP QPA : QPP QPSK QR QRC QST QTOT QTOT QTP Qty : R R R&D R.D. RA or DRA . Alt R.PRI PRM PROGRAMME PROM : PRP : PRR PRS PSK PSN PSP PST PSTP PSU PT PTDPAR PTMU PTOA PTP PTP PTT PV PVI PW PWRFAIL Pulse Repetition Interval Program Review Meetings A dispense programme is a pre-determined sequence of deployment for both chaff and flares.

RAD RAID RAM RAM RAP RAQ RCA RCE RCH RCM RCM RCo RCPA RCRB RCS RCS RCS RCU RCVR RDBMS RDMS RE Rep REP RF RF Jammer RFC RFDC : RFDU RFFE RFI RFI RFP RFQ RG RGB RGPI RGPO RGPO(I) RH RHBA RHC RHCP RISC RITA RIU RL RLN RLT RMN RMP RMP RMS RMS Délégué au Responsable Affaire) Rapid Application Development Redundant Array of Independent Disks Random Access Memory Reliability / Availability / Maintainability (ILS) Draft project manager ( Responsable Avant-Projet ) Règlement sur l'Assurance de la Qualité (AQAP in English)) Responsable Chargé d’Affaire Rear Cover Equipped Reference Channel Reliability Centered Maintenance Radar & Contre-Mesures (Thomson-CSF subsidiary) Contract manager (Responsable Commercial) Régles de Conduite de Projet et Affaire Role Control Rule Base Radar Cross Section System Design Review (Revue de Conception System) Radar Cross Section Remote Control Unit Receiver Relational Data-Base Management System Relational Database Model System Reserve Repair Recommended Equipment Planning Radio-Frequency Radar Frequency Jammer Request For Change Radio Frequency Down Converter Radio Frequency Distribution Unit Radio-Frequency Front End Request For Information Radio Frequency Interference Request for Proposal Request For Quotation Renseignements Généraux Red. Blue Range Gate Push In Range Gate Pull Off Range Gate Pull Off (In) Right Hand Right High Band and K-band Antenna Right Hand Circular Right Hand Circular Polarization Reduced Instruction Set Computer Réseau Intégré de Transmissions Automatiques Radar Interface Unit Return Link Réseau Local Naval Cost Account Manager (Responsable de Lot de Travaux) Réseau Multi-service Naval Receiver Main Processor Risk Management Plan Root Mean Square Recce Management System . Green.

Testability Review Notification Réseau Numérique à Intégration de Services Republic Of China Republic Of China Air Force Rough Order of Magnitude Recording and Programming Module Revolutions Per Minute Receiver and Processing Unit Quality Project Manager (Responsable Qualité) Revue de Qualification Préliminaire Reserve Replaceable Subassembly Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces Royal Saudi Air Forces Radar Signal Generator Royal Saudi Land Forces Royal Saudi Naval Forces Review Summary Report Radar Synchro Unit Radar Sensor Unit Real Time Response Time Reaction Time Réseau Téléphonique Commuté Real Time Memory Real Time Processing Real Time Processing Mode Repair Turn Round Time Receiver Unit Range Velocity Gate Pull Off Radar Warning Radar Warning Receiver Receiver S S S/W SACRE SALVO SAM SAP SAR SAR SAT SATCOM: SATURN SAW SB SBI : SCI SCM SCN : SCPU Single shielded wire Software French acronym for “Système d’ACquisition des Radars Ennemis” (Acquisition System of Enemy Radars) A salvo is an individual group of chaff bursts which are separated by predetermined intervals.RMT RN : RNIS ROC : ROCAF : ROM RPM RPM RPU RQ RQP RS RSA RSADF RSAF RSG RSLF RSNF RSR : RSU RSU RT RT RT RTC RTM RTP RTPM RTRT RU RVGPO RW RWR Rx : Reliability. Surface Air Missile Système d’AutoProtection Synthetic Aperture Radar Search And Rescue Sea Acceptance Test SATellite COMmunications Second Generation Anti-jam Transmission Uhf Radio for Nato Surface Acoustic Wave Service Bulletin Short Base Interferometer Système de Communications Intégré du MINREM Software Configuration Management Specification Change Notion Suit Control Processor Unit . Maintenability.

a sequence is a defined series of events to deploy chaff and/or flares in accordance with a programme. Spurious Free Dynamic Range Secrétariat Général de la Défense Nationale Silicon Graphics Incorporated Software Generation System Stored Heading Alignment Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine Storage Handling Transportation and Packing Smart Head Up Display System International Système Information et de Commandement Standard Industry Category Shipborne Integrated Electronic Warfare System SIGnal INTelligence The system proposed by Thomson-CSF for MODA JEWC System Integration Laboratory SIL Design Documentation SIL Requirement Specifications Station d’Interface de Mission Short Integration Platform System Integration Rig SITuation Awareness System Interface Unit Surface Leader Ship Soutien Logistique Intégré Side Looking Radar Side Lobe Suppression Smart Multifunction Display Système Mondial de Détresse et de Sécurité en Mer System Management Mode Simple Management Transfer Protocol Single Mail Transfer Protocol System Monitoring Unit Simple Network Management Protocol Signal to Noise Ratio Signal to Noise Ratio at Input . Synthetic Environment Suppression of Enemy Air Defense Support Equipment Acceptance Test Specific Emitter Identification Sensor Electronic Module System Engineering Management Plan System Engineering Plan In the context of dispensing chaff and flares.SCSI SCT SCTP SDD SDF SDLA : SDP SDR SDR SDR SDU SDU SE SEAD SEAT SEI : SEM SEMP SEP SEQUENCE SFDR SGDN SGI SGS SHA SHOM SHTP : SHUD SI SIC SIC SIEWS SIGINT SIGMA SIL SILDD SILRS SIM SIP SIR SITA : SIU SLC SLI SLR SLS SMD SMDSM SMM SMTP SMTP SMU SNMP SNR SNRI Small Computer System Interface Subsystem Specification Compliance Test Subsystem Specification Compliance Test Procedure Software Design Document Software Development File Successive Detector Logarithmic Amplifier Software Development Plan Super High Frequency System Design Review Sous Direction Recherche System Debugging Unit Safety Disarm Unit.

supply and Safety Unit STANdardization Agreement Standard NATO Agreement Spécification Technique du Besoin STand BY Sensitivity Time Control STandarD Software Test Description The Turkish defense company Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Tic A. .SNRO SOF SOI SOLAS SON SOP SOW SPEWS II SPJ SPM SPR SPS SPS-H SPU SPU : SPU SQA SQL SQPP SQUIB SR SR SR SRAAM SRAD SRP SRR SRS SRU SRWS SS SS SSAT SSB : SSD SSDD SSM SSM SSM SSR SSS SSS SSTU SSU STANAG STANAG STB STBY STC STD STD STM Signal to Noise Ratio at Video Safety Of Flight Signal of Interest Safety Of Life At Sea Scope of Operation Needs Standard Operation Procedure Statement Of Work Self Protection Electronic Warfare System Procurement Program Self Protection Jammer Software Programmer’s Manual SPaRe Software Product Specification Self Protection System for Helicopter Safety Pin Unit System Processor Unit Signal Parameter Unit Software Quality Assurance Structured Query Language Software Quality Program Plan A squib is an electro-explosive initiator.S. Short Range Specification Review System Requirement Short Range Air to Air Missile Short Range Air Defence Superheterodyne Receiver and Processor System Requirements Review Software Requirement Specification Shop ReplaceableUnit Short Range Weapon System Spread Spectrum Safety Supplement orders System and Software Acceptance Testing Single SideBand System Specification Document System / Segment Design Document Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (Savunma Sanayii Müsteşarlığı) Undersecretariat for Defense Industries Savunma Sanayi Müsteşarlığı (Undersecretariat for Defense ) Software Specification Review System / Segment Specification Software Support System Solid-State Trans-receiver Unit Sequencing. Application of the "all fire" current to the device will cause it to explode and generate sufficient gas pressure to eject an expendable.

Weight And Power Software Configuration Item T T T T&E : T/R TA TACAN TACAN TACCO TAF TAP TAR : TAS TAS TASP TASP TAT TBD TBDL TBR TC TCAS TCF TCI TCP-IP TCSF TCU TD TDB TDL TDOA TDP TDP TDP TDP : TEAT TEATP TECHNIQUE TEMP TEP Verification by Test Twisted wire pair Test and Evaluation Transmitter Receiver Technical Analysis Tactical Air Navigation System TACtical Air Navigation Tactical Coordinator Turkish Armed Forces Threat and jamming strategy Analysis Phase Technical Analysis Receiver Thales Airborne Systems Threat System Analysis Target Situation Picture Tactical Situation Picture Turn Around Time To Be Defined To Be Defined Later To Be Reviewed Technical COMINT Operator Traffic Collision Avoidance System THALES Communications France Tableau de Composition Illustré Transfer Control Protocol – Internet Protocol Thomson-CSF Time Domain Multiplex Target Designation Technical Data Base Tactical Data Link Time Difference Of Arrival Technical Data Publications Tactical Data Computer Threat Data Package Technical Data Publications EWSC Tools and Equipment Acceptance Test EWSC Tools and Equipment Acceptance Test Procedure A technique is a dispense programme that has been designed to counter a given threat. Test and Evaluation Master Plan Test Evaluation Plan .STP STPA STR STS STTE SU SUM SURICATE SVT SVTP SW SW SWAP SWCI Software Test Plan Service Technique des Programmes Avion System Technical Review Spécification Technique du Système Special to Type Test Equipment Safety Unit Software User’s Manual Thomson-CSF Detexis ESM/ELINT Sensor Name Software Verification Test Software Verification Test Procedure Spectrum Width SotfWare Size.

Tactics and Techniques Database Transmitter Unit Threat Warning Equipment Track While Scan Traveling Wave Tube Traveling Wave Transmitter Transmitter U U twisted wire triplet . Technical Interchange Meeting Technique Implementation Phase Tracking and Indentification Software Turkish Land Forces Command Tracking Localization Processor Training Mode Tactical Management Subsystem Training Needs Analysis Time Of Arrival Target Operation Angle Target Of Interest Time Over Target Take Off Weight Training Plan Technical Progress Meetings Test Program Set Transceiver and Processing Unit Track Quality TRansmission avec Adresse Multiple TRANsmission SECurity TRIAXial cable Test Readiness Review Twisted Shielded wire pair Tactical Situation Awareness Trouble Shooting Test Terminal System of Operation Unit Target Situation Picture Tangential Sensitivity Thomson Training & Simulation Time To Go Tactical Transport Helicopter Time To Impact Time Totalizing Meter Threats.TERL TES TFG TFL TFT TG TGP TGT THR THREAT TIM TIP TIS TLFC TLP TM TMS TNA TOA TOA TOI TOT TOW : TP TPM TPS TPU : TQ TRAM TRANSEC TRIAX TRR TS TSA TSH TSOU : TSP TSS TT&S TTG TTH TTI : TTM TTTDB TU TWE TWS TWT TWT Tx : Test Equipment Requirement List Techniques Emulator System Test For Good Test for Failure Localization Thin Film Transistor Technical General unit Techniques Generation Phase Targeting THR eshold A threat is a weapon system that is perceived to be hostile. tracking or guidance systems. In the context of this document a threat may be associated with radar (or IR) search.

UAE : UAMOP : UART UAV UDF UEJ UFCP UFMOP UHF UIT UK UMOP UMPT UPMOP URL US USB UTDPAR UUT UV United Arab Emirates Unintentional Amplitude Modulation On Pulse Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter Unmanned Air Vehicle User Data File Unexpected Expandable Jammer Up Front Control Panel Unintentional Frequency Modulation On Pulse Ultra-High Frequency Union Internationale des Télécommunications United Kingdom Unintentional Modulation On Pulse Unité de Mesure de Pression et Température Unintentional Phase Modulation On Pulse Unité Remplaçable en Ligne United States Upper Side Band Updated TDP/OR Analysis Report Unit Under Test Ultra-Violet V V V V/UHF Vcc VCO VDD VDU VERTREP VGA VGPO VGPO(I) VHF VICON VLB : VLBA VLCD VMAP VMC VME VME VOR VOR VOR/ILS VP VS V-SAT VSRAD VSRWS VSWR VTOL Twisted wire quartet Vertical Very / Ultra High Frequency Video coax cable Voltage Controlled Oscillator Version Description Document Video Display Unit VERTical REPlenishment Video Graphics Array Velocity Gate Pull-Off Velocity Gate Pull Off (In) Very High Frequency Vinten product name Very Low Band Very Low Band Antenna Visualisation Liquid Crystal Display Vector MAP Visual Meteorological Conditions Versatile Modular Eurocard Versa Module Europe VHF Omnidirectionnal Range Very High Frequency Omni-directional Radio VHF Omnidirectional Radio range/Instrument Landing System French acronym for "Visite périodique" (= Aircraft inspection) twisted shielded wire quartet Very Small Aperture Terminal Very Short Range Air Defence Very Short Range Weapon System Voltage Standing Wave Ratio Vertical Take-Off and Landing (Atterissage et décollage à la verticale) W WAN WBIFM Wide Area Network Wide Band Intermediate Frequency Measurement .

Vinten Ltd Within Visual Range X XCRIP Transcriptor Z ZFW ZS Zero Fuel Weight Zone Scanning .WBR WBRR WBS WCR WDIU : WDNS : WFOV WOW WP : WPM WS WS WST WTAB WTAB WTH WVL WVR Wide Band Recorder Wide Band Receiver Recorder Work Breakdown Structure Wide band Compressive Receiver Wide band Digital IFM monopulse receiver Unit Weapon Delivery and Navigation System Wide Field Of View Weight Of Wheels Work Package Work Package Manager Weapon System Work Station Weapon System Trainer Wing Tip Antenna Block Wing Tip Antenna Block Weather W.

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