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Enlarged & Revised 1988

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scri t!re "!otations are ta#en $ro% the &ing 'a%es (ersion of the Bible.

Hypnotism )SB* +,9-./8+,+/,8 0o yright 1 1988 2y Lester S!%rall Evangelistic Association 3!2lished 2y LESEA 3!2lishing 0o% any 34 54 Bo6 17 So!th Bend, )ndiana 89978

3rinted in the United States o$ A%erica4 All rights reserved !nder )nternational 0o yright Law4 0ontents and:or cover %ay not 2e re rod!ced in whole or in art in any $or% witho!t the e6 ress written consent o$ the 3!2lisher

1 The ;y nosis )nvasion4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444/ 7 The ;istory o$ ;y nosis44444444444444444444444444444444444444449 - The 3ower o$ ;y notis%44444444444444444444444444444444444441. 8 Ed!cation and ;y notis%444444444444444444444444444444444447/ / ;y nosis as Thera y4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444479 9 Society and ;y notis%4444444444444444444444444444444444444444-. . The 0h!rch and ;y notis%4444444444444444444444444444444481 8 ;y notis% and the End o$ the <orld44444444444444448.



;E )MME*SE ower and growing o !larity o$ hy notis% co! led with the gross ignorance o$ the general !2lic concerning the real iss!es involved de%and that this 2oo# 2e written *5<4 <ith all the s!2tlety and sin!o!s intrig!e at hell=s co%%and, the !ns!s ecting %an in the street is 2eing 2o%2arded with the d!2io!s clai%s o$ hy notis%4 Brightly colored, cross,%y, al%,with,silver lea$lets e6tolling the rowess o$ this or that ro$essor o$ hy notis% dro ed !nas#ed into o!r %ail 2o6es4 Television and the o !lar ress are lending hy notis% an a!ra o$ res ecta2ility 2y $eat!ring the de%onstrations, lect!res and writings o$ a host o$ e6 onents4 Bi>arre ads a ear $re"!ently in a variety o$ occ!lt,slanted %aga>ines calc!lated to raise the goose, i% les o$ the da22lers in the !n#nown4


*o longer is hy notis% li%ited to the va!deville stage or the sea%y sideshows o$ the co!nty $air4 The attraction is dee er now than ?!st a $ew shyster st!nts with a retty stooge in a

Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

scanty cost!%e4 ;y notis% is now high society4 An e6cl!sive dinner or coc#tail arty is hardly co% lete nowadays witho!t the er$or%ance o$ a hy notist or sychic show%an4 @ollowing the c!rrent do,it,yo!rsel$ trend, eo le are $oolishly racticing ho%e,hy notis% as $a%ily entertain%ent4 Even %ore !>>ling is the increased in$l!ence o$ this so,called science in the real%s o$ %edicine, ed!cation and religion4 Aoctors, ed!cators and %inisters are s!cc!%2ing in dangero!s n!%2ers to the siren song o$ hy notis% as the #ey to the s!2conscio!s, the loc#ed inner %anBthe so!l o$ %an4 The conta%ination o$ sychic heno%ena is s reading thro!gh o!r land li#e the s ores o$ so%e sel$, roli$erating $!ng!s4 The eo le %!st #now the dangers involved4 ;y notis% is a oisono!s art4 )t is not an innocent, har%less arty $rolic4 )t is an e6 losive, destr!ctive and contagio!s %enace4


A Ba tist astor $ro% 0hicago visited o!r ch!rch in So!th Bend and told the $ollowing story4 ;e discovered when he was a child 9 or 1+ years old that he co!ld hy noti>e other children4

The Hypnosis Invasion

;e 2egan to st!dy hy notis% $ro% any 2oo#s or %aga>ines he co!ld lay hands on4 <hen in 'r4 ;igh and ;igh School, it was soon discovered that he co!ld hy noti>e and he was invited to all the arties4 <hen even the teacher co!ld 2e hy noti>ed, he was the ClionC o$ the arty4 )n Moody Bi2le )nstit!te he carried his hy notis% $!rther and again was invited to all school arties and as#ed to hy noti>e4 Then, in the *orthern Ba tist Se%inary he $!rther did hy notis% at their arties4 A$ter grad!ation and ta#ing a Ba tist ch!rch, he %et a 0hristian who invited hi% to 2rea#$ast4 ;e discovered it was a @!ll Dos el B!siness%en=s 2rea#$ast4 A$ter 2rea#$ast, one o$ the lay%en at his ta2le leaned very closely and said, CSir, e6c!se %e, 2!t yo! have two devils in yo!4C The Ba tist astor said he was enraged and told hi%, C)$ yo! are so s%art, tell %e what they are4C The 0hristian 2!siness%an was h!%2led and said, C)t is not %e, 2!t the ;oly S irit revealing yo!r condition4 The $irst de%on is a s irit o$ hy notis%4C

Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

The Ba tist astor said he was a%a>ed 2eca!se they were strangers, 2!t he s o#e 2ac# and said, C) %ay have one devil, 2!t ) do not have two4 <hat is the other oneEC The 0hristian lay%an res onded, C)t is a s irit o$ deno%inationalis%4 Fo! want every2ody to 2e a Ba tist4C By this ti%e the astor was h!%2led and said, C<ill yo! lease cast the% o!tEC The lay%an rayed $or hi% and he $elt instant relie$ and now raises Dod that he has 2een set $ree4



@ we are to ro erly !nderstand hy notis%, we %!st study its origins. To a reciate its association in the lives o$ %odern eo le, we %!st also o2serve !o !"s used it thro!gh the cent!ries and why4 <e will then co%e to #now the tr!e i% lications o$ this 2lac# art4


5!r word, hy notis%, co%es to !s $ro% a Dree# word, hypnos, which %eans Cslee 4C ;y nos was the winged god o$ Dree# %ythology4 The Ro%ans called hi% So%n!s, the god o$ slee 4 According to Dree# legend, he was the son o$ Ere2!s Gthe son o$ 0haosH and *o6, the goddess o$ night4 The Ro%an version o$ ;y nos= story GSo%n!s, as they called hi%H was that he lived in a %assive cave with his 2rother, the god o$ death4 5!tside $lowed the River o$ @orget$!lness, one drin# o$ which was re !ted to erase all %e%ories4 )nside the cave the light was di% and everything sle t4 3leasant drea%s and dar# night%ares $litted to and $ro li#e cheesecloth at a seance4 So %!ch $or the ;y nos $a%ilyI


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic


;y nosis, then, has long 2een held o!t as a delight$!l condition o$ $orget$!lness, allied to the careless slee o$ death where there are no worries or retri2!tions4 3ractically $ro% the 2eginning o$ ti%e, it see%s, %en have t!rned to hy nosis as an esca e %echanis% $ro% the ress!res o$ li$e4 )t has see%ed to %any as inviting as s!icide, witho!t the co% lete $inality o$ death4 Enlightened scientists, on the other hand, consider hy nosis to 2e controversial and warn that hy notis% 2y !n"!ali$ied ersons is dangero!s4 GTo which we addJ Hy(notis) *y A'' +inds o, (ersons is d"ngerous-H Medical doctors #now that hy nosis 2rings a change in a erson=s conscio!s awareness4 The conscio!sness narrows, %!ch as it does d!ring a drea% or a vision4 ;owever, the hy noti>ed erson is di$$erent $ro% a slee ing erson, in that he is active4 ;e can wal#, tal# or write4 ;e %ay re%ain "!iet, 2!t in %ost cases will o2ey s!ggestions 2y the hy notist in er$or%ing actions4 )n other words, a hy noti>ed erson is in a state o$ a2nor%al concentration, ind!ced 2y an o erator4 GThis descri tion co!ld 2e !sed with e"!al $orce to e6 lain the condition o$ a de%on, ossessed individ!al4H

The History of Hypnosis


There is a strong hint o$ hy notis% in the very %ists o$ ti%e4 Bac# in the Darden o$ Eden, is it not $easi2le that the Ser ent hy noti>ed Eve, even as a sna#e etri$ies a ra22it with its iercing ga>e and %agnetic rhyth%E L!ci$er, %aster o$ all $allen wisdo%, the hy notist, whis ered the illegal s!ggestion to Mother Eve4 Dri ing her %ind thro!gh his devilish eyes, did he ind!ce that state o$ !nconcern which %ade her $orget Dod=s co%%andE <e #now he lied to her4 CFe shall 2e as gods4 Dod doesn=t want yo! to eat o$ this tree 2eca!se ;e doesn=t want yo! to 2e li#e ;i%4 ;e=s holding in$or%ation 2ac# $ro% yo!IC Eve, aying heed to the sed!cer=s voice, did what he s!ggestedBand sin entered into the worldI

)n the latter art o$ the 18th cent!ry, @ran> A4 Mes%er, a (iennese hysician, introd!ced the ractice o$ hy notis% Git 2eca%e #nown as Mes%eris%H into the scienti$ic world4 ;e descri2ed it as an occ!lt $orce, which he called Cani%al %agnetis%4C Modern science see#s to discredit Mes%er=s 2elie$ that hy nosis is in the s here o$ the s! ernat!ral4 ;e had, however, %ore !nderstanding o$ the $orces that the


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

hy notist !nleashes than his %odern co!nter arts i%agine4 )n the %iddle o$ the 19th cent!ry, 'a%es Braid, an English hysician, gave hy notis% its %odern na%e4


Today there is a strong renaissance o$ the ractice o$ hy notis%4 Let !s see how this has co%e a2o!t4 @or cent!ries %an was an earth,2o!nd creat!re4 ;e co!ld not travel any $aster than a horse co!ld carry hi%4 ;e was tr!ly an earth%an, tied to the earth4 Later, as he develo ed the cra$t o$ 2oat, 2!ilding, %an too# to the great waterways and 2egan to sail the seven seas in %ighty 2oats4 Man had 2ro#en o!t o$ his landloc#ed di%ension4 *ow he co!ld visit the continents in voyages o$ discovery4 )n o!r cent!ry, %an 2ro#e $orth into yet another di%ension o$ travel4 ;e 2egan to $ly li#e a 2ird4 @ro% wal#ing ! right on the land, he learned to swi% li#e a $ish, and now he %oves thro!gh the air li#e a 2ird4 Man has %oved into his last di%ension in this worldK $ro% the earth, to the water, to the air4

The History of Hypnosis


These three arallel the trinity o$ %anK wal#ing on the land s ea#s o$ the 2ody, the $leshJ %oving thro!gh the water tallies with the so!lJ and $lying thro!gh the air is the real% o$ the s irit4 <e are now living in the Age o$ the S irit, or the Last Ti%es4 The 2attle, then, o$ the Last Ti%es will 2e a 2attle o$ the S irit4 The devil is clearly o erating in the real% o$ the s irit o$ %an in these days4 There are %any sy% to%s o$ this4 S iritis% as a religion is growing $aster in o !larity than any other $or% o$ religion #nown to %an right now4 Men are giving the%selves over to s irits4 5cc!ltis%, %ysticis%, 2lac# %agic, these things are enticing the h!ngry hearts o$ %en4 <ith the% has co%e this latter,day res!rgence o$ hy notis%4


At this oint, let %e go on record with a categorical and !nco% ro%ising state%entK ;y notis% is a 2lac# art4 )t is 2ad, always 2ad, never good, 2!t a2sol!tely 2ad, co% letely 2ad, wholly 2adI ;ow can ) 2e so e% haticE 0ontrol o$ yo!r %ind and yo!r will, ower is the greatest Dod, given rivilege yo! have4 Anyone who ro2s yo! o$ this rivilege is a thie$4 'es!s says that the devil


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

is a thie$ and a ro22er, and he co%es only to #ill and to steal and to destroy4 Anyti%e anyone ta#es yo!r %ind $ro% yo!, they are ta#ing the greatest thing yo! have4 <itho!t yo!r %ind yo! cannot $ind Dod4 ) have never heard o$ insane eo le $inding Dod4 <itho!t yo!r %ind yo! do not #now the way ho%e, yo! do not #now how to wor#, yo! #now nothing4


Fo!r %ind is yo!r treas!re to hold4 <hy wo!ld yo! give it to so%e2ody elseE <hy wo!ld yo! let a %an ta#e yo!r %ind o!t o$ yo!r control, so that he can totally co%%and what yo! are to doE ) do not #now i$ yo! have let yo!rsel$ 2e hy noti>ed4 <hat ) do #now is that i$ yo! have, yo!r so!l was and still %ay 2e in great danger4 )$ yo! were to o$$er %e L1++,+++, ) wo!ld not let any h!%an hy noti>e %e $or even two %in!tes4 Fo! say, C<hyEC <ell, once another has ta#en over yo!r %ind and yo! do not have control o$ it, yo! have o ened yo!rsel$ ! to the total s irit world4 The Bi2le tells !s that the devil is the rince o$ the ower o$ the air4 Under hy nosis, yo! have o ened the door to hi%4 The o erator who 2rings yo! into a trance cannot

The History of Hypnosis


rotect yo! $ro% the wor#s o$ the devil4 *o h!%an 2eing can ta#e care o$ yo! once yo! yield yo!rsel$ in this way to the s irit world4 ) do not care how %!ch ower and control the o erator thin#s he has, the devil is a lot 2igger than he is, and he is laying in the devil=s territory4 <hat a2o!t the o erator, the hy notistE )s he sa$eE )s he i%%!ne $ro% evil in$l!enceE *o, sirI ;e has to o en hi%sel$ ! to strange owers in order to gain control over another=s %ind4 The %o%ent yo! enter the devil=s territory to o erate on his lines yo! are o en to every evil $orce he cares to send along4 Ao not try to ractice hy notis% on anyone4 Fo! will 2e o ening yo!r so!l $or the devil to ossess yo!I



F3*5T)SM is a heno%enon which ossesses ower either to c!r2 or create ain4 )t can rod!ce reality or !nreality4 )t has ower4 oo! "a#a$ine, in an article 2y Ral h Aiagh, said, CBe$ore a gro! o$ doctors at a %edical convention in Atlantic 0ity, *ew 'ersey, a hy noti>ed doctor was told that he wo!ld 2e to!ched on the $orear% with a red hot iron and that a 2lister wo!ld $or% as a res!lt4 The hy notist to!ched the doctor on the ar% with an ordinary wooden encil4 The doctor ?er#ed his ar% away in o2vio!s ain, and a 2lister $or%ed, as i$ he had act!ally 2een 2!rned 2y an iron4C 'oan Brondon, the o erator who hy noti>ed the hysician said, CA erson !nder hy nosis is e6tre%ely s!sce ti2le to s!ggestion $ro% the hy notist4 Any s!ggestion ) give the s!2?ect, with very $ew e6ce tions, is acce ted 2y hi% as reality4C


The !nnat!ral s!ggesti2ility ind!ced 2y hy nosis can ca!se the s!2?ect to 2eco%e dea$, d!%2, 2lind, hall!cinatory, disoriented, or


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

anestheti>ed4 Under hy nosis, the average erson can do a%a>ing $eats not ossi2le in the conscio!s state4 A hy noti>ed %an %ight "!ite easily %!lti ly 79. 2y -897 in his head 2y %ental arith%etic in a %atter o$ seconds4 A s!2?ect=s %e%ory %ay 2e ?ogged to where he can recite ver2ati% the $irst age o$ his $irst school reader4 The %ental as ects o$ hy notis% are what $ascinate %odern ed!cators, who are toying with its !se as a teaching %edi!%4 5ne o$ the %ysteries o$ hy nosis is the s!2?ect=s a%a>ing a2ility to esti%ate osthy notic ti%e with 2a$$ling acc!racy4 5ne s!2?ect was told !nder a trance that he wo!ld ring a 2ell si6 ho!rs a$ter 2eing awa#ened4 Bro!ght to hi%sel$ in a co% letely dar#ened and windowless roo%, he was introd!ced to the 2ell and told to re%ain where he was4 Si6 ho!rs and two %in!tes later, witho!t contact with the o!tside world, he rang the 2ellI )t has 2een said that no s!2?ect can 2e ind!ced to do anything contrary to his own %oral rinci les4 ;owever, scientists have roved that hy noti>ed ersons can and will er$or% antisocial and even sel$,distr!ctive acts4 To achieve this, the o erator %!st deceive the

The %o&er of Hypnotism


s!2?ect4 @or e6a% le, !nder hy nosis a nor%ally %odest wo%an wo!ld re$!se oint,2lan# to re%ove her clothes i$ the s!ggestion were %ade directly4 ;owever, i$ the o erator s!ggested that she was in the secl!sion o$ her own 2athroo%, $or e6a% le, she %ight well disro2e 2e$ore the whole a!dience4 The s!2?ect, then, is at the %ercy o$ the o erator to a greater degree than any one erson sho!ld er%it hi%sel$ to 2e in$l!enced 2y another ersonI ;ow does a hy notist s!cceed in getting a s!2?ect to s!rrender his willE @irst, he %!st get the s!2?ect rela6ed4 ;e then erha s instr!cts the s!2?ect to close his eyes and to 2reathe dee ly4 <hen the s!2?ect is concentrating ro erly and has acce ted these s!ggestions, he is given the $inal s!ggestionsK CFo! are slee yJ yo! are going to slee J yo! are aslee 4C The s!2?ect is then in a hy notic trance4 *o erson can 2e hy noti>ed against his will4 ;y nosis %ay 2e avoided si% ly 2y re$!sing attention to the hy notist=s words, or 2y deli2erately thin#ing o$ so%ething else, li#e reciting the %!lti lication ta2le or %entally h!%%ing a t!ne4 Science, however, is not willing to leave things there4 Research is !nder way to investigate techni"!es that will allow ersons to 2e hy noti>ed witho!t their #nowledge, desire or


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

consent4 Ar!gs li#e sodi!% entothal Gthe Ctr!th ser!%CH and certain 2ar2it!rates are already in !se to 2rea# down a s!2?ect=s resistance to hy nosis4 A!ring hy nosis a s!2?ect is o en to two #inds o$ s!ggestionsK hy notic and osthy notic4 The hy notic s!ggestions he will er$or% there and then4 They %ay incl!de hall!cination, in which he will see, hear, or $eel things that are not act!ally resent4 ;e can 2e ind!ced to $eel i%aginary ants crawling on his s#in, and %ay go $rantic trying to 2r!sh the% o$$4 0atale sy, a state o$ %!scle rigidity, can 2e ind!ced as a hy notic s!ggestion4 This is a o !lar tric# o$ stage %agicians, who will s!s end a sti$$ened s!2?ect head,and,heel 2etween two chairs li#e a 2oard4 Aoctors have !sed this techni"!e to #ee atients in one osition $or long eriods o$ ti%e, es ecially when intricate s#in gra$tings are involved4 A erson has 2een #nown to hold his ar% $ast in one osition $or several wee#s !nder hy nosis, with no disco%$ort4 Age in ti%e, By this atients regression, the ta#ing o$ the s!2?ect 2ac# too, is the res!lt o$ hy notic s!ggestion4 %eans sychiatrists endeavor to have relive the tra!%atic e6 eriences o$ their

The %o&er of Hypnotism


childhood4 Un$ort!nately, "!ite o$ten, i$ the o erator $ails to release the erson co% letely $ro% the age regression s!ggestion, they co%e o!t o$ the trance with worse ne!roses than when they went !nder4 A si%ilar danger is resent with the catale tic condition ind!ced 2y hy notis%4 ;ere again, a s!2?ect co!ld $ind hi%sel$ with an !nres onsive sti$$ li%2 a$ter the trance, d!e to the $ail!re o$ the o erator to re%ove the s!ggestion entirely4 There have 2een victi%s with osthy notic da%age a$ter the well, !2lici>ed visits o$ so%e va!deville hy notists4 )t=s a dangero!s 2!sinessI Altho!gh there is nor%ally no re%e%2rance 2y the s!2?ect o$ what too# lace !nder the hy notic trance, there is the re%ar#a2le heno%enon o$ osthy notic 2ehavior as a res!lt o$ s!ggestions given 2y the hy notist while the s!2?ect was !nder hy nosis4 <e have already s o#en o$ the %an who was a2le to ring a 2ell acc!rately on ti%e si6 ho!rs a$ter the osthy notic s!ggestion was %ade4 By this %eans, the o erator can control the $!t!re actions o$ a s!2?ect, even tho!gh se arated 2y distance4 )t %ay well 2e that the lot o$ the re%ar#a2le 2oo#, The "anch(rian )an*i*ate, %ay not 2e too $ar$etched4 Thro!gh co%%!nist 2rainwashing


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

and hy nosis an A%erican D4)4 risoner,o$,war was conditioned to answer to a osthy notic s!ggestion and to #ill on co%%and4 ;e was conditioned to o2ey the $irst instr!ction given hi% a$ter seeing a certain laying card4 This card triggered the osthy notic re$le6 in hi%4 The ai% was to have hi% assassinate the residential candidate4


A art $ro% the $act, then, that hy notis% o ens ! the so!l o$ a %an to the wor#s o$ the devil, it also !ts hi% !nder the control o$ %en who %ay 2e evil in the%selves4 Under hy nosis a erson is !na2le to carry o!t his own desires or $!lly %aintain his own %oral standards4 ;is reasoning rocesses are rendered hel less4 ;e will 2elieve anything the o erator tells hi%4 So $ar as e6ercising his own will is concerned, he is no 2etter o$$ than a >o%2ie while in a trance4 <hatever the ower o$ hy notis% is, then, its res!lts are very real4 )t is o2vio!s that science is still gro ing $or its tr!e %eaning, and that, des ite the all!ring C2ene$itsC it see%s to o$$er, the dangers are $ar greater, the conse"!ences $ar graver, and, as the Bi2le says so lainlyK the

The %o&er of Hypnotism


wages o$ sin are deathI There is no do!2t in %y %ind that ta ing the ower,so!rce o$ hy notis% is in direct con$lict with Dod=s wishes4
+e#ar* not them that have fami,iar spirits, neither see! after &i$ar*s, to -e *efi,e* -y them: I am the .+D yo(r /o* 0 evitic(s 1':3112



<;5 is leading this revival o$ hy notis%E To a large degree, it is 2eing ro%oted 2y a arently res ecta2le sychiatrists, hysicians, dentists, ed!cators and religio!s leaders4 <hole %asses o$ eo le swallow the c!lt o$ hy notis% witho!t a %o%ent=s hesitation, %erely 2eca!se it is given a see%ing Cseal o$ sa$etyC 2y these learned gentle%en4


These %en all ractice their ro$essionsJ and in the case o$ hy nosis, C racticeC is the o erative word4 Aelving into the !n#nown and ro2a2ly !n#nowa2le recesses o$ the h!%an %ind, even the 2est,intentioned ractitioner is only e6 eri%enting4 The atient or s!2?ect is nothing %ore than a h!%an g!inea ig4 *o2ody #nows $or certain what the o!tco%e o$ the treat%ent will 2e4 The e6ternal signs %ay see% $avora2le a$ter hy nosis, 2!t the da%age done to the so!l o$ the %an and the s!2tle derange%ents o$ his inner e%otions, are incalc!la2le4 ;erein lies the danger


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

o$ hy notis%I 3erha s the %ost $rightening as ect o$ hy notic ractice is in the $ield o$ ed!cation4 3rone as they are to de%onic attac# in any case, what #ind o$ war ing and twisting co!ld 2e done to the %ind o$ an innocent, !n%olded child thro!gh s!ggestionsE <o!ld yo! 2e content to have yo!r child at the %ercy o$ so%e teacher: hy notist, %ani !lating the yo!ngster=s %ind li#e liant clayE Fet ) have in %y ossession a news cli ing which tells o$ an )talian ro$essor in a 2oys= school who too# a gro! o$ ! ils and hy noti>ed every one o$ the%4 ;e gave the% a lect!re and read the% a long oe%4 <hen he 2ro#e the ower o$ the trance, each 2oy was a2le to re eat the oe% word $or word, altho!gh they had only heard it once in their livesI The $act which %ost ca t!red the ro$essor=s i%agination was that, a$ter the trance, the d!ll 2oys were as 2right concerning that lect!re and oe% as the 2right 2oys4 Fo! can see the aw$!l te% tation here $or ed!cators to ta#e a short c!t thro!gh the nor%al ro!gh,and,t!%2le %ethod o$ i% arting #nowledge to a gro! o$ average or 2elow average st!dents, 2y t!rning to hy notis%4 )t is the ro!gh,and,t!%2le $eeding and e6ercising o$ yo!ng %inds that is the very rocess o$

3*(cation an* Hypnotism




The ower$!l $orces o$ good which these %en are see#ing to release and harness within the heart o$ other %en thro!gh hy notis%, are only gen!inely released thro!gh the wor#ings o$ the ;oly S irit4 Every worthwhile thing hy notis% see#s, and !s!ally $ails to acco% lish, can 2e acco% lished thro!gh rayer4 Let a %an 2e 2orn again o$ the S irit o$ Dod, thro!gh $aith in o!r Lord 'es!s 0hrist4 Let hi% 2e 2a ti>ed 2y the ;oly S irit and 2e e% owered $ro% on high4 Let hi% ray the rayer o$ $aith, and he will acco% lish wonders !ndrea%ed o$ in the sha#y real% o$ hy notis%4 Re%e%2er the words o$ 'es!s, when ;e said,
4(t the )omforter, &hich is the Ho,y /host, &hom the 5ather &i,, sen* in my name, he sha,, teach yo( a,, thin#s, an* -rin# a,, thin#s to yo(r remem-rance222he &i,, #(i*e yo( into a,, tr(th: for he sha,, not spea! of himse,f6 -(t &hatsoever he sha,, hear, that sha,, he spea!: an* he &i,, sho& yo( thin#s to come 07ohn 14:266 16:1312

)$ 0hristian arents wo!ld teach their children to 2elieve those ro%ises and loo# to Dod $or hel in their st!dies, there wo!ld 2e $ewer


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

classroo% 2rea#downs and a lot 2etter grades4 ) #now o$ one girl, the da!ghter o$ %issionary arents, who has 2een to over twelve di$$erent schools in $ive di$$erent co!ntries4 She is not e6ce tionally gi$ted nor re%ar#a2ly intelligent, yet 2eca!se she has 2een ta!ght 2y her arents to a roach each school day de ending on the Lord, she has 2een a consistent honor roll st!dent in each school4



3R5M)*E*T !2lisher o$ scholarly treatises says, C;y notis% is widely acce ted today at its ro er levelBas a legiti%ate $ield o$ scienti$ic in"!iry and a !se$!l tool o$ sychothera y4 )ts otential has 2een recogni>ed 2y the British Medical Society and the A%erican Medical Association, and co!rses on the s!2?ect are a earing in %edical schools and in training rogra%s $or sychiatrists4 Many sychologists, too, have t!rned to hy nosis as a $ertile $ield $or research and thera y4 This wides read interest dates only $ro% the Second <orld <ar4 3revio!sly hy nosis had a chec#ered career over a eriod o$ cent!ries, going thro!gh cycle a$ter cycle o$ general a roval and then total ecli se4 )n one o$ these cycles, ioneer doctors er$or%ed s!rgery on hy noti>ed atients, s!ccess$!lly !sing hy nosis as an anestheticJ 2!t the %edical societies insisted the atients were only retending not to $eel ainI Be$ore that iss!e was settled, chloro$or% and other che%ical anesthetics were develo ed, and interest in hy notis% died4 5$ co!rse, $or 0hristians, there is no C ro er levelC nor Clegiti%ate $ieldC so $ar as hy notis% is


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

concerned4 As $or having recogni>ed its otential, the doctors o$ the BMS and the AMA o!ght to #now that in s ite o$ s! er$icial C2ene$itsC whose worth has never yet 2een $!lly assessed, the otential o$ hy notis% is evil4 5!t o$ all the !2lisher=s %isconce tions and %isstate%ents, there re%ains one clarion $actK hy notis% is 2eing widely acce ted today in the %edical world4


Act!ally, the %ost co%%on !se $or hy nosis 2y %edical doctors is not strictly thera e!tic, that is $or the healing o$ disease4 )t is as an anesthetic4 3atients have 2een hy noti>ed $or child2irth, $or dental s!rgery, d!ring the setting o$ a $ract!re, and $or other ty es o$ s!rgery4 )n a dee trance a atient is s! osed to lose all $eeling and 2eco%e i%%!ne to ain4 ;owever, this can only 2e as a res!lt o$ ca!sing so%e art o$ the 2rain to cease to $!nction correctly4 The ca!se o$ the ain still re%ains4 The atient o!ght to $eel ain4 )$ he does not, it is 2eca!se his 2rain has 2een $orced to "!it inter reting the in$or%ation the c!t or diseased nerve ends are sending to it4 This is a dangero!s %ental condition to 2e in4 A hy notist, !sing the anesthetic ro erty o$ hy notis%, %ight easily

Hypnosis as Therapy


re%ove the conscio!sness o$ a %an to ain so that the ain sy% to%s o$ his illness cease4 The atient %ight thin# he is c!red, when in $act, the disease co!ld 2e ravaging his 2ody !nchec#ed, witho!t the danger signals o$ ain which are intended to warn hi% that his 2ody is 2eing attac#ed4 Unless his sic#ness also has so%e e6ternal, visi2le signs to alert hi%, he %ight i%agine that he is healedBand die in his dece tion4

;y nosis is a deceiver4 The devil is a deceiver4 Fo! can tell they 2elong together4 ;y nosis doesn=t c!re anything4 )t ?!st %a#es yo! thin# so%ething doesn=t e6ist4 The AMA has so%e strong words to say a2o!t sy% to% re%oval thro!gh hy nosis4 )t is very de$initely dangero!s, C artic!larly when the $oc!s o$ the treat%ent is on the sy% to% rather than the !nderlying ca!se o$ the sy% to%4C They go on to tell how a wo%an chain s%o#er was treated 2y a hy notist4 She "!it s%o#ing, 2!t 2eca%e a co% !lsive eater and gained 8+ o!ndsI She went to another hy notist who Cc!redC the overeating ro2le%4 She 2eca%e an alcoholic insteadI )$ she had tried one %ore hy notic Cc!reC


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

she %ight have sli ed $ro% alcoholis% to dr!g addiction or even s!icideI Another s!$$erer had a severe 2ac# ain ca!sed 2y what sychiatrists call Cde ressive e"!ivalent4C )n other words, the ain was only a s!2stit!te $or an !nderlying de ression4 A hy no, thera ist "!ic#ly c!red the 2ac# ain, 2!t the atient=s de ression then too# over and he co%%itted s!icideI ;y no,thera e!tics in the $ield o$ sychiatry is a s!2?ect too co% le6 and con$!sing to deal with here in detail4 The %ore one loo#s at sychiatry the %ore one is inclined to thin# that hal$ the sychiatrists the%selves are not s!re what they are ! to4 )t is al%ost a case o$ every %an $or hi%sel$, and the devil ta#e the hind%ost4 <e have already to!ched ! on age regression, or the ta#ing o$ the s!2?ect 2ac# into childhood4 ;ere again, no one can 2e certain how %!ch o$ what is re%e%2ered !nder hy nosis is reality, how %!ch is $antasy, or how %!ch is %erely the res!lt o$ insin!ations and s!ggestions %ade 2y the ro2ing sychiatrist4 An overeager o erator can easily i% lant his own ideas and inter retations into a s!2?ect, so that the atient not only has his own ro2le%s, 2!t %ay end ! with so%e o$ the hy notist=s tooI

Hypnosis as Therapy


The hy no, sychiatrist !ses s!ggestion in a variety o$ ways to !nloc# a atient=s tro!2led %ind, re%ove a %ental 2loc#, or alleviate his sychosis or %adness in so%e way4 This whole so,called science is so ine6act that no one can antici ate the end res!lt o$ s!ch hy notic sessions4

A!tohy nosis, or hy noti>ing onesel$, is also easily er$or%ed4 The AMA warns, Ccan however 2e dangero!s to the erson !sing it4C )t has 2een !sed s!ccess$!lly $or the relie$ o$ ain, 2!t those who !se it have a tendency to withdraw $ro% the world o$ reality4 They !se a!tohy nosis as an esca e %echanis%4 Many, say the AMA, have 2ro!ght on sychoses G%ental disordersH thro!gh sel$,hy nosis4 C0are$!l st!dy 2y a hysician trained in the dyna%ics o$ hy nosis is essential 2e$ore allowing sel$,hy nosis4C B!t what %an !nderstands the dyna%ics or the ower str!ct!re o$ hy nosisE Li#e electricity, technicians have a $air idea what it does, 2!t no one really #nows what it is4 )t is clear that a!tohy nosis leads to te% orary de%on ossession4 The Balinese o$ )ndonesia ractice it e6tensively in their


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

traditional rit!als4 ;ow else can one e6 lain the sel$,ind!ced trance o$ the de%on,c!lt riestesses o$ Bra>il and Aaho%ey, <4 A$rica, who 2eco%e ossessed 2y $ren>ied de%ons as art o$ their religion, than that this is sel$,hy nosisE Ma#e no %ista#eK this sel$,hy nosis is only to 2ring on the trance4 5nce the de%ons ta#e over there is no "!estion o$ hall!cination or i%agination4 The devil=s resence is REALI Are the $ren>ied dances o$ the $etish rincesses any %ore devilish than the ossession which ta#es lace in an A%erican s iritist %edi!% at a Cres ecta2leC seanceE The sa%e rocess o$ sel$,ind!ced trance $ollowed 2y the ta#ing over o$ the vocal chords o$ the %edi!% is in evidence4 )s this not, then, a!tohy nosis at its worstE Are yo! still in do!2t a2o!t whether the devil wants to ta#e over yo!r li$e i$ only yo! will let hi%E )$ yo! hy noti>e yo!rsel$ or let so%eone else do it $or yo!, the devil will ste inI A signi$icant state%ent $ro%= an e%inent ractitioner o$ hy nothera y, Ar4 ;i olyte Bernhei%, Galtho!gh not intended 2y hi% as a warningH, sho!ld 2e s!$$icient to reveal the dangers involved hereK CSo%eti%es the s!2?ect resists4 <e have noticed that even in hy notic slee his will is not always destroyed4C This, then,

Hypnosis as Therapy


is the 2asis o$ hy notic s!ggestionK the destr!ction o$ another h!%an 2eing=s will4 0an yo! thin# o$ a %ore !ngodly !nderta#ingE As the A%erican Medical Association says, C)t is i% ortant to oint o!t that dangero!s co% lications can res!lt $ro% the indiscri%inate !se o$ hy nosis4C ) 2elieve this to 2e a tr!e state%ent4


)$ a %an needs healing in his s irit, in his %ind, or in his 2ody, let hi% co%e to Dod, <ho says, C) a% the Lord that healeth thee4C Dod does not de%and that a %an 2eco%e an a!to%aton, a %ental cri le, a creat!re witho!t a will o$ his own, in order to c!re hi%4 ;y notis%, with all its ga!dy ro%ises, de%ands ?!st thatBand cannot g!arantee a c!re at allI Let %e say it againK there is no lace in a decent, Dod,$earing society $or the ractice o$ hy notis%, even disg!ised in the ca and gown o$ a doctor o$ degree4



;E AURA o$ res ecta2ility which ro$essional %en are giving to hy notis% is $ast winning it a lace in the war and woo$ o$ o!r %odern society Even the legal ro$ession is 2eing te% ted to %a#e !se o$ hy nosis as a %edi!% $or arriving at evidential tr!th4 There see%s to 2e a %ista#en theory that hy notis% can 2e !sed li#e a lie,detector or tr!th ser!%4


A close st!dy o$ Ar4 ;4 Bernhei%=s classic te6t2oo# on the s!2?ect, Hypnosis an* 8(##estion, sho!ld disill!sion anyone4 Bernhei% tells how he set ! a s!sce ti2le yo!ng %an 2y s!ggestion, !ntil the atient was ready to swear in co!rt to what he had Cwitnessed4C 0harles R4, an )talian %ason, twenty years old, was in the hos ital $or t!2erc!lar le!risy4 ;e had no nervo!s history, 2!t Bernhei% discovered he was very o en to hy notic s!ggestion4 The doctor as#ed 0harles i$ he had witnessed a $ight 2etween two dr!n#en %ale n!rses, d!ring which one had his leg 2ro#en4 The yo!ng %an


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

res onded that he wasn=t #now4

resent and did not

The o erator then %ade the strong s!ggestionK CFo! told %e a2o!t it this %orning444C and went on to descri2e the details4 Bernhei% goes on recordK C)n a2o!t two %in!tes the hall!cinatory %e%ory had dawned on his %ind4 ;e saw it4C The s!2?ect went on to descri2e in great detail the incident he had never seen4 C) as#ed hi% $or the %an=s na%e, in order to give it to the olice co%%issioner,C writes Bernhei%4 C;e sho!ld tell what he had seen and sho!ld ta#e his oath4C Telling the s!2?ects that they were %ista#en only %ade the% angry4 The s!2?ects ersisted in 2elieving the $alse evidence 2eca!se they saw a retroactive hall!cination that had 2een created4

)$ society acce ts hy notis% into o!r law co!rts a$ter testi%ony li#e this, we are headed $or chaos Gcalled a$ter ;y nos= grand$ather, re%e%2er 0h4 1HI Listen to the learned doctor once %oreK CSo%e s!2?ects relate the $acts with s!r rising acc!racy o$ detail4 Li#e a ro$essional liar, they invent o!t o$ whole cloth, with i% ert!r2a2le coolness and er$ect conviction4

8ociety an* Hypnotism


Their i%agination s!ggests all the circ!%stances o$ the sel$,conceived dra%a4C The Lord 'es!s 0hrist said that Satan is the $ather o$ all lies4 <hat #ind o$ devilish we2 do %en weave when they $irst start o!t to deceive the assive s!2?ects o$ their hy notic artsE Anything that will get a %an=s %ind into the state where he cannot tell tr!th $ro% $alsehood, reality $ro% !nreality, $act $ro% $antasy, is a wor# o$ the devil4 3a!l, writing to the E hesians, nails it $air and s"!areK
9n* have no fe,,o&ship &ith the (nfr(itf(, &or!s of *ar!ness, -(t rather reprove them 03phesians 5:1112




;E* the 0h!rch o$ 'es!s 0hrist was a ower in the world and when the 0h!rch had so%ething to say a2o!t the way nations lived, there was very little hy notis% in 0hristian lands4 )t was 2anned and 2anished and $o!ght as a tool o$ the devil4 The Early 0hristians conde%ned hy nosis4 They 2elieved that the s!2?ects ca%e !nder the ower o$ the devil4


Today the 0h!rch has lost its a!thority4 *either %en nor govern%ents ay heed to its word any %ore4 ;y notis% rides thro!gh the land !nchallenged, li#e a dar# horse%an, deceiving eo le in every wal# o$ li$e4 B!y the average %aga>ine, and yo! will $ind a do>en laces to write $or lessons on how to 2eco%e a hy notist4 5rdinary eo le are 2eing !rged to %eddle with the delicate 2alance o$ the %inds o$ their $riends and $a%ilies, all in the na%e o$ C@U*4C 0hristian, yo! had 2etter have nothing to do with this #ind o$ $!n i$ yo! do not want to da%n yo!r $riends into the devil=s


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic



The 0h!rch o!ght to s ea# o!t on hy notis%4 )t o!ght to have an o inion4 *ot the o inions o$ ch!rch%en, 2!t Dod=s o inion s o#en thro!gh ;is 0h!rch4 <hat the world needs to hear $ro% the 0h!rch is not a co%%ittee re ort, 2!t a %essage $ro% ;eaven4 <e need the oracles o$ Dod, not the o$$sco!ring o$ %odern %an=s intellect4


Ae!terono%y 18K1+, There sha,, not -e fo(n* amon# yo( any one that ma!eth his son or his *a(#hter to pass thro(#h the fire222 This $or2idden ractice was a heathen rit!al to de%onstrate s! eriority over $ire, and to rove that they were i%%!ne to $la%es4 There are still $ire wal#ers in )ndia, Malaysia, )ndonesia and A$rica4 They !t the%selves into a trance, ro2a2ly 2y a!tohy nosis, and 2eco%e o2livio!s to ain in a very strange way4 Dod $or2ade ;is eo le to do this4 ;e wo!ld not tolerate it or er%it it at allI

The )h(rch an* Hypnotism


Then verse 1+ goes on, or that (seth *ivination222CdivinationC is $oretelling the $!t!re 2y other than h!%an %eans4 A diviner is one who can tell things that are going to ha en 2y a ower other than h!%an reasoning4 This $or% o$ s iritis% is racticed a%ong heathen eo le e6tensively4 )t is 2eco%ing wides read in A%erica, too4 Even 0hristian eo le are 2eing te% ted to delve into the !nlaw$!l see#ing a$ter #nowledge o$ the $!t!re4 0rystal 2alls, al% reading, horosco es, reading the cards, $ort!ne telling, ES3 Ge6tra, sensory erce tionH, these are the ri2,tic#lers so%e eo le are t!rning to $or ass!rance, $or co%$ort, $or entertain%ent4 Dod says that yo! %!st not do it4 Ao not go to $ort!ne tellers $or s irit!al, %aterial or any #ind o$ advice4 That is a good way to get a c!rse ! on yo!r li$e4 ) have had eo le tell %e that they 2egan to lay with a 5!i?a 2oard ?!st $or a thrill or ?!st to !nloc# a $ew secrets4 To their sorrow they discovered that the Char%lessC 5!i?a 2oard had gotten hold o$ the%, and they co!ld not t!rn it loose4 As i$ drawn 2y so%e !nseen ower, again and again they were !lled 2ac# to another session with the s oo#y 2oard4 They had 2eco%e


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

s irit!al slavesI Fo! can go to gy sies and $ort!ne tellers see#ing g!idance !ntil yo! 2eco%e so entangled with it that yo! will 2e scared to %a#e a decision witho!t $irst cons!lting the s irit4 Fo! will 2e the awn o$ a $a%iliar s irit who can tell yo! ?!st a2o!t anything and yo! will 2elieve itI Dod says this sho!ld not 2e racticed a%ong ;is eo le4

Then Dod adds, or an o-server of the times222 An o2server o$ the ti%es is one who watches the stars and tries to tell what is going to ha en 2y astrology4 These are the #ind who read yo!r horosco e4 ;itler was co% letely do%inated 2y the advice o$ one o$ these starga>ers4 So%e o$ the worst 2l!nders he ever %ade d!ring <orld <ar )) were as a res!lt o$ the wic#ed advice this %an gave hi%4 Dod says it is not har%less $!n4 )t is 2lac# %agic4 Dod #nows yo! can 2eco%e addicted to this #ind o$ thing ?!st as yo! can to dr!gs4 Fo! can 2e deceived co% letely4 That is the wor# o$ the devil4 Dod will not allow this #ind o$ thing in ;is $a%ily4

Dod then says, or an enchanter222 This is one

The )h(rch an* Hypnotism


who ractices the secret arts, char%ing ser ents, casting de%onic s ells over other eo le4 These are the #ind who stic# ins in dolls to 2ring on ains in the erson to 2e enchanted4 <hat di$$erence is there 2etween that #ind o$ enchanter and a hy notic o erator who casts a s ell over his s!2?ect4 Fo! say, C<o!ld yo! call hy notis% casting a s ellEC ) re ly, C<hat else wo!ld yo! call itEC

(erse 1+ $inishes and goes into verse 11, or a &itch, or a charmer, or a cons(,ter &ith fami,iar spirits, or a &i$ar*, or a necromancer2 That ?!st a2o!t covers the whole !tre$ying 2!nch, doesn=t itE Dod $!rther declares in verse 17,
5or a,, that *o these thin#s are an a-omination (nto the .+D: an* -eca(se of these a-ominations the .+D thy /o* *oth *rive them o(t from -efore thee2

)n case anyone is still in do!2t a2o!t Dod=s o inion, let %e "!ote $ro% the *ew Testa%ent, $ro% 3a!l=s letter to the E hesians, cha ter /, verses 9 thro!gh 18, et no man *eceive yo( &ith vain &or*s: for -eca(se of these thin#s cometh the &rath of


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

/o* (pon the chi,*ren of *iso-e*ience2 4e ye not therefore parta!ers &ith them2 5or ye &ere sometimes *ar!ness, -(t no& ye are ,i#ht in the or*: &a,! as chi,*ren of ,i#ht: 05or the fr(it of the 8pirit is in a,, #oo*ness an* ri#hteo(sness an* tr(th61 provin# &hat is accepta-,e (nto the or*2
9n* have no fe,,o&ship &ith the (nfr(itf(, &or!s of *ar!ness, -(t rather reprove them2 5or it is a shame even to spea! of those thin#s &hich are *one of them in secret2 4(t a,, thin#s that are reprove* are ma*e manifest -y the ,i#ht: for &hatsoever *oth ma!e manifest is ,i#ht2 :herefore he saith, 9&a!e tho( that s,eepest, an* arise from the *ea*, an* )hrist sha,, #ive thee ,i#ht2



F3*5T)SM has a clearly ro hetic relationshi to the end o$ the world4 )n $act, to !nderstand the resent heno%enal s!rge o$ hy notis%, it %!st 2e st!died dis ensationally4 )n Matthew 78, the Lord 'es!s s eci$ically said to ;is disci les, et no one *eceive yo(2 This was ;is $irst res onse to the "!estion as#ed a2o!t ;is co%ing again to this earth and the end o$ the world4 ;y nosis is a condition o$ dece tionE ;y notis% has no divine li$e that can %a#e a %an 2etter, or cleaner or ha ier4 All it can do is o en the so!l=s door to de%on invasion4

%IN$ SA.'5S &O0NFA''

Dod $ir%ly esta2lished ;is attit!de toward this s irit!al heno%enon4 )n ) 0hronicles 1+K1-, 18 we read,
8o 8a(, *ie* for his trans#ression &hich he committe* a#ainst the .+D, even a#ainst the &or* of the .+D, &hich he !ept not, an* a,so for as!in# co(nse, of one that ha* a fami,iar spirit, to in;(ire of it6 an* in;(ire* not of the .+D222


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

)srael=s $irst #ing was re?ected, and died at his own hand, to 2e eternally lost, $or the si% le reason that he too# co!nsel o$ a $a%iliar s irit4 )t was a grave o$$ense against Dod4 5!r %inds are sacred4 <e %!st not o en the% ! to any other ower than the ower o$ Dod4

)n ) Ti%othy 8K1 the A ostle 3a!l said,
<o& the 8pirit spea!eth e=press,y, that in the ,atter times some sha,, *epart from the faith, #ivin# hee* to se*(cin# spirits, an* *octrines of *evi,s2

Every intelligent erson reali>es that we are nearing the end o$ so%ething4 At this ti%e, the thin#ing %en o$ o!r generation sense so%ething o$ the at%os here which e6isted in Ba2ylon the night the e% ire was dissolved and the $inger o$ Dod wrote Belsha>>ar=s doo% ! on the wall, 444Tho( art &ei#he* in the -a,ances an* fo(n* &antin#2 GAaniel /K7.H 5!r %odern world o!ght to $eel the r!%2lings in the $o!ndations o$ civili>ation that were $elt in the Ro%an E% ire when 8+ M o$ the nation=s inco%e was s"!andered on !2lic orgies o$ 2lood in the circ!s arenas4 As the h!ngry $la%es 2ro#e o!t to cons!%e the ha!ghty world

Hypnotism an* the 3n* of the :or,*


ca ital, Ro%e cr!%2led and $ell thro!gh her own licentio!sness4 )t o!ght to shoc# !s to reali>e that o!r generation is also s ending %illions o$ dollars see#ing thrills and Ctr!thC $ro% soothsayers, $ort!ne tellers, crystal,ga>ers, clairvoyants, hy notists and %edi!%s4 )n o!r social li$e we are s ending %illions o$ dollars $or s!ch trash as 5!i?a 2oards and Tarot cards and anything that ro%ises to tell !s the $!t!re4 )n the ! er echelons o$ society, rognosticators li#e 'eane Ai6on %ingle with great ease, even catching the ears o$ o!r oliticians and ad%inistrators with their lying vanities4 A%erica is on the 2rin# o$ the it o$ disaster into which the nation )srael $ell when &ing Sa!l cons!lted a witch $or advice4 <hen %an re$!ses to hear or o2ey the voice o$ Dod, inevita2ly he is $orced to see# so%e other voice to g!ide hi%4 That other voice is the voice o$ the devilI

)n Revelation, cha ter 1-, the Bi2le says that the Antichrist will s!$$er a deadly wo!nd and 2e %irac!lo!sly healed4 Then he will show hi%sel$ to 2e a wonder to the world4 ;is religio!s leader,


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

#nown as the @alse 3ro het, will ca!se a stat!e to s ea# and the eo le to 2ow down to it4 ;e will even ca!se $ire to co%e down $ro% heaven in the sight o$ %en4 This will 2e the greatest 2attle o$ all ti%e4 The devil will 2e see#ing with every %eans in his ower to con"!er the %ind, so!l and s irit o$ %an#ind4 The last great 2attle on this earth is to 2e a 2attle $or the s irit and %ind o$ %an4 Fo!r %ind %!st not 2e clo!ded 2y $ear and ho2ia4 )t %!st not 2e con$!sed 2y con$licting ideas4 )t %!st not 2e yielded ! to strange, sychic owers4 At all costs, yo!r %ind %!st not 2e destroyed, 2eca!se it is the seat o$ yo!r will, the lace where yo! %!st %a#e all the ro er decisions a2o!t how yo! sho!ld live and re are yo!rsel$ to %eet with Dod at the co%ing o$ o!r Lord 'es!s 0hrist4 )t is an a%a>ing thing to %e that what the hy notist see#s to do, is ?!st what the devil has always wanted to do4 The devil wishes to ossess the %ind o$ a erson, to control his will4 That is what he atte% ted to do in the Darden o$ Eden4 The terri2le cri%e wave that is eng!l$ing the world today is certainly the res!lt o$ devilish in$l!ence on the hearts and %inds o$ %en4 Many ti%es when e6 laining so%e aw$!l deed they

Hypnotism an* the 3n* of the :or,*


have done, eo le tell %e, CA s irit told %e to do itIC The Lord 'es!s wishes to 2e the &ing o$ o!r %ind4 5!r tho!ghts sho!ld 2e a2o!t ;i%4

) ro hesy that in the days ahead, 2e$ore 'es!s 0hrist ret!rns, %illions will have t!rned to every #ind o$ s iritis%, incl!ding hy notis%4 They will try to esca e the $rightening reality o$ li$e witho!t Dod4 Fo! %!st 2e on yo!r g!ard4 So%e doctor will see# to hy noti>e yo! or yo!r child4 So%e ed!cator %ay try to 2ring yo! !nder hy nosis to teach yo! so%ething4 G) hate to thin# what yo! will learnIH )n 2!siness yo! will have to g!ard against the s!2tle in$l!ences o$ sales%en who !se %otivating color sche%es, CtriggerC words, and every device i%agina2le in order to ind!ce a %ild $or% o$ Cno, sales,resistanceC hy nosis4 Fo! %ay 2e o$$ered a religion that soothes the conscience, s%ooths the r!gged ath o$ sin, and leads yo! into sweet $orget$!lness and eternal reincarnating 2liss witho!t the Blood o$ 'es!s 0hrist and ecstasy witho!t eternal li$eI


Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic

) !rge yo! never to have yo!r $ort!ne told4 *ever cons!lt astrologers a2o!t yo!r $!t!re or o$$er yo!r %ind to anyone who wishes to hy noti>e yo!4 *ever attend a %eeting o$ oriental c!lts, which are de%on,ins ired4 &ee yo!rsel$ clean and !re 2e$ore Dod to wal# in ;is ways and to serve ;i%4 ) $eel this warning, along with the warning o$ others, %ay 2e al%ost too late $or the world in which we liveI That is the !r ose o$ this 2oo#, to re rove hy notis% as an !n$r!it$!l wor# o$ dar#ness4 0hristian, this is yo!r res onsi2ility, too4 Det this 2oo# into the hands o$ i% ortant eo le in yo!r co%%!nity, eo le with in$l!ence, eo le who %ight otherwise 2e te% ted to go along with the doctors, ed!cators, and lawyers who wo!ld %a#e hy notis% acce ted in o!r society4 )$ we, as enlightened 0hristians, do not warn the world o$ the danger, who willE ) tr!st that yo! will !nderstand that ) a% s ea#ing the tr!th4 ) ray that yo! will ri>e yo!r %ind as a treas!re $ro% Dod4 ) 2eseech yo! not to lend yo!r %ind to so%eone else who %ight a2!se it, de$ile it or o en it ! to the devil to ossess4

Hypnotism an* the 3n* of the :or,*



) challenge yo! to have the %ind o$ 0hrist, a strong %ind, a dedicated %ind4 Denesis 1K79,7. records that Dod created %an to have do%inion on earth4 This do%inion is achieved thro!gh yo!r s irit and trans%itted thro!gh to yo!r %ind4 May yo! $eel the ower and strength o$ this do%inionI <ith 0hrist in yo!r heart, no other g!idance is needed4 ;e will g!ide yo! to a ha y to%orrow4 The Bi2le declares that o!r 0hristian li$e is to 2e a wal# o$ $aith in which 'es!s has ro%ised to 2e with !s every ste o$ the way4
In these ,ast *ays may the or* 7es(s )hrist !eep yo(, yo(r spirit, so(,, an* -o*y, -y His mi#hty po&er2 5ina,,y, -rethren, &hatsoever thin#s are tr(e, :hatsoever thin#s are honest, :hatsoever thin#s are >(st, :hatsoever thin#s are ,ove,y, :hatsoever thin#s are of #oo* report6 if there -e any virt(e, an* if there -e any praise, THI<? .< TH383 THI</82 0%hi,ippians 4:81


Fo! need a ersonal Savior, a ersonal co%%it%ent to ;i% who is a2le and willing to $orgive yo! o$ ALL yo!r sins4 3ray this Sinner=s 3rayer, and really %ean it4 ;e will give yo! eace, ?oy, and ho eI
@ or* 7es(s, I am a sinner2 I -e,ieve that yo( *ie* an* rose from the *ea* to save me from my sins2 5ather, for#ive me for yie,*in# the contro, of my min* to anyone other than Ao(2 :ash me &ith Ao(r -,oo*, an* I sha,, -e c,ean2 I as! Ao( into my heart ri#ht no&2 4e my 8avior an* my #(i*e forever2 9men2@

)n yo!r $lesh, yo! %ay not @EEL any di$$erent4 B!t, the <ord o$ Dod tells !s that yo! are now a *ew 0reat!re, and old things are assed away and $orgiven4 Fo! are no longer !nder conde%nation4 Fo! are in 0hrist 'es!s and yo! now wal# a$ter the S irit GRo%ans 8K1, )) 0orinthians /K1., ) 'ohn 7K17, L!#e .K8.H4 *ow that yo! have 2eco%e a child o$ Dod, lease write !s and we=ll send yo! so%e literat!re to hel yo! wal# daily with the Lord4 <rite toK LeSEA 34 54 Bo6 17 So!th Bend, )* 89978 78,ho!r 3rayerlineK G719H 791,1+1+4