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Crossword - Customer Touch Points

Crossword - Customer Touch Points

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Published by: Nits_0105 on Sep 19, 2009
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Presented bySandhya Rana (31228) Nitya Hajela (31263) Rohan Kulkarni (31268) Vishal Lodaya (31269) Ruchika Tayal



In India, shopping for books has always been thought of as a book-lover's hobby. The traditional bookstores, with their dreary, dusty and browser-unfriendly atmosphere, have discouraged all but the serious book-buyers Crossword was launched on August 15, 1992 by Mr. R Sriram in Mumbai Before Crossword, there were well known bookshops but none of them had a national presence. The initial store set up dedicated sections for children, a concept that was unheard of in the bookstores that were around. The risk paid off, with children contributing about 35% of sales and 25% of the volumes It also was the first bookstore to have seating spaces where customers could actually sit and read an entire book with no questions asked

Crossword Bookstores Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Shopper's Stop Ltd. With 52 stores spread across 12 cities, Crossword today is India's fastest growing chain of bookstores Crossword is positioned as a lifestyle bookstore, with large, spacious, well laid out stores and bright cheerful interiors that encourage people to stay and browse The stores offer the widest range of books for the young and old alike along with magazines, CDs, stationery and toys A welcoming café, reading tables, chairs and toilets within the store (some of the innovations pioneered by Crossword in India help to ensure that customers are able to browse in comfort for several hours without having to leave.

Crossword is really much more than words can tell.

The name Crossword was chosen to reflect the dual fun & learning experience of a visit to Crossword. The name embodies the vision of Crossword as a place & space for people who seek information, knowledge or just the pleasure of reading.

Parking Shop Front Entry Sales people Shop space & Layout Price Tag Ambience
‡ Convenient, part of the complex ‡ Anchor Store ‡ Corner Location, Good frontage & Visibility from outside ‡ Good Baggage Counter ‡ Spacious, convenient ‡ Very few, inconspicuous ‡ Not very friendly, knowledgeable ‡ Spacious Stores , Broad aisles, Good space utilization ‡ Two floors ‡ Price tags clearly displayed on most ‡ Certain books have price in other currencies ± value in Rupee not given ‡ Well lit, soft music ‡ Relaxed environment, conducive to read in-store

Billing/ Invoice Product Packaging Stacking/ Display Availability of Products In-store Search/ Order Seating In-store Rest room Customer Engagement

‡ One counter, two terminals ± Easy Billing ‡ Have a policy of ± ³Goods once sold WILL be exchanged within 15 days of purchase´ ‡ Fresh stock ‡ Some books carelessly kept ± folding of pages/ damaged sides ‡ Good for books in Bestseller and Fiction / Classics section ‡ Random arrangement for books on µManagement¶ ‡ Wide variety, recent books available ‡ Certain popular magazines not available ‡ Through a salesperson ‡ Not too clear or communicative ‡ Good facilities for sitting and reading in-store ‡ Comfortable stools and sofas placed for browsing ‡ Not maintained well ‡ Cracked glass, water on the floor ± not appealing ‡ Membership available on payment of Rs 175 ‡ Promotions and Events intimation inside store only

ICC TOWERS, S.B. Road, Pune

Areas of concern

Existing Opportunities for Service Enhancement

Potential Opportunities for Service Enhancement
Online Application for search by the customers across all Crossword stores

Friendly, knowledgeable & engaging sales staff - passionate about reading, converse, suggest authors etc. In store café should be re-opened to enhance browse time Improve availability of stationary products, magazines etc Stacking should be orderly in all categories More relaxed seating arrangement on the side not just between aisles Price Tags should be clearly displayed in INR

Use of paper bags instead of polythene ones ± environment friendly In store café can keep board games like Scrabble, Pictionary etc. ³Book Review of the Month´ Award ± for customers Make the store Wi-Fi enabled Generate awareness & fan following through blogs etc. Offer free bookmarks etc with purchase Trivia about famous authors/ characters Kid¶s Section with puzzles, word blocks, storybooks etc. for Customer Engagement

Existing Opportunities for Revenue Generation
In store Café ± Brio ± enhanced store browsing time Membership Program ± Book Rewards; Exclusive Preview, Discounts, eWORDS (newsletter) Categories present ± Books/ Movies/ Music/ Stationery etc

Potential Opportunities for Revenue Generation
Billing Counter ± POS Feature Stationary, Bookmarks, Custom made key chains Special Emphasis on purchase of Gift Vouchers etc as means of promotion Increase availability of games (Play Station/ X-Box), Stationery items Install gaming machines in a separate noise proof section within the store next to the café Monthly Newsletter Publication for all customers ± with crosswords, books information, upcoming release etc. ± can be available with other Shopper Stop owned subsidiary stores also Tie-up with Shopper¶s Stop First Citizen Program to promote awareness & reading habits among a broader base Provide points to existing members for new member recommendations (e.g. Reader¶s Digest)

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island«and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life.´ ± Walt Disney


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