Periodic Data Your task is to choose something that can be modeled with a periodic function.

You will gather data, represent it graphically, write an equation that fits the data and describe your process. You may work independently or with a partner. 1. Choose a topic a. Temperature (average temperature by month) b. Daylight (hours of daylight on the 21st of each month) c. Moon Stages (amount of moon visible each day) d. Tides (depth of water each hour) (ask Ms. Cardone to use her tide app) e. Your Choice - anything you can find that is periodic 2. Gather Data Use the links provided or your internet research skills to find enough data to get a sense of what the function looks like. 3. Graph Data a. Go to b. choose the ‘+’ on the upper left corner, choose ‘table’ from the drop down menu. c. enter your data into the table d. adjust the window (using the wrench in the top right) e. save your desmos file! (but don’t close it) 4. Write Equation a. Use everything you know about graphs of trigonometric functions to determine the important information about your graph. b. Use the information to write an equation c. Test the equation by typing it into the blank line under the table d. adjust as needed until your function fits your data as well as possible e. save your desmos file! (but don’t close it) 5. Summarize In an email to [Teacher Email]: a. Describe your topic and what your data represents. b. Discuss how your equation makes sense in context (what does each coefficient and constant represent?) c. Evaluate the accuracy of your model. (Does it fit the data perfectly? Why or why not?) d. Include the link to your desmos file e. Sign with your name(s)

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