OBJECTIVE: To study micromax mobiles in Indian market and to identify their marketing strategies. INDUSTRY PROFILE:

NOKIA 54.1% LG 6.4% SAMSUNG 9.7% MOTOROLA 5.9% MICROMAX 4.8% SONY 5.8% OTHERS 13.3%

Courtesy: IDC report on growth of mobile sales in India, 2009

 The growth has more or less flat [owing to low sales figure in Q1] – in total, 101.54 million units of sales were registered.  Local manufacturers have grabbed 18.1% market share [from 0.9% in 2008].  Only 5 local manufacturers in 2008 and the number stands at 28 now.  Nokia market share in India fell from 56.2% share in 2008 • to 54.1% in 2009.  Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd‘s share rose marginally to 9.7% from 9.5%.  LG‘s share dropped from 7.2% to 6.4%.  Of the local manufacturers, Micromax leads the race and holds a market share stands of 4.8%. COMPANY PROFILE: Micromax Informatics Ltd is a New Delhi, India based Telecom manufacturer and distribution partner to Nokia, Samsung, LG etc for their

high reliability resulting in repeated business. Miramax‘s products come with a quality seal meaning product satisfaction. MARKETING METHADOLOGY: .Micromax has been making supplies to the Indian GSM operators for their different telecom requirements and is now expanding their product range to the global markets. Micromax has their own 24 hour operational customer service centre just in case you need that small bit of information albeit at the wrong hour. With an annual turnover of INR 5000 million.IT / Telecom products in India. Micromax has offices in all major India cities and global offices in Dubai and USA.

It is readying several high-end handsets. started operations in 1991 as an embedded software design firm.―We hope to be present in at least one country each in Latin America. which includes tying up with MTV for co-branded phones. Nigeria and Dubai as target markets. Sony Inc. scanners from manufacturers such as LG.. Micromax is also working on a strategy to create awareness in the metros. the firm expanded to larger cities and now has a . Dell Corp. Distribution channels: ―Once you have established a good distributor network and sales are robust.‖ said Romal Shetty. The handsets are expected to be available in ―April or May‖. Middle East and Africa before the end of the financial year. confining itself to small towns and rural areas in the first 12-18 months. Having gained traction. Micromax is planning to expand its range in keeping with new market demands.Micromax. 800 and Rs2. when it branched out as a distributor of computer peripherals such as printers. the next logical step is branding exercises to ensure consistent brand re-call among your target consumer base.‖ Jain said. but was incorporated as a company in 1998. monitors. Geographical Segmentation: The firm has identified Brazil. Jain said. executive director and head telecom practice at audit and consulting firm KPMG India. One of the major aspects that contribute towards the substantial monthly growth of Micromax is its 80% sales in the rural areas. including phones that will run on Google‘s Android and Microsoft‘s Windows Mobile operating systems (market stretch). 400 when it started selling the devices in 2008. Micromax specialized in entry-level and mid-segment handsets priced between Rs1. Encouraged by its success.

Manufacturing is outsourced to about 11 factories in Taiwan. Production will be scaled up from an initial 50.distribution network of 55. Dubai and now in Nepal. and Infineon Technologies AG—the last two also count Nokia as a client.000 retailers. enliven customer aspirations and continue to make Micromax a trusted market leader amongst people. Branding: Micromax has also tied up with a Bollywood celebrity ―who will be announced shortly‖ as brand ambassador. Jain said. The company‘s vision is to develop path-breaking technologies and efficient processes that incubate newer markets.5 million handsets a month. With a futuristic vision and an exhaustive R&D at its helm.000 per month. Micromax has successfully generated innovative technologies that have revolutionized the telecom consumer space.000 by the end of March as part of its strategy to raise sales to 1. which it plans to scale up to 70. Micromax has invested Rs100 crore to set up a plant in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh as it feels outsourcing manufacturing completely leaves the door open for supplyside uncertainties.. The Micromax . USA. South Korea and China. The on-board chips come from MediaTek Inc. The Micromax phones are designed by the in-house research and development team. Bollywood star Aamir Khan endorses Samsung phones. Micromax is on a mission to successfully overcome the technological barriers and constantly engender ―life enhancing solutions‖. as is the embedded software. Qualcomm Inc. Micromax is one of the leading Indian Telecom Companies with 23 domestic offices across the country and international offices in Hong Kong.

TV and print media) and marketing strategy sketched out. the company plans to have an aggressive market incursion to reach out to its customers through 70. It was the first to introduce: Handsets with 30 days battery backup.000 stores across the country. Micromax ventured into the telecommunication industry with an end-to-end solution of Fixed Wireless Devices and Wireless Data Cards. . OMH CDMA Handsets. Micromax Informatics Limited has created a niche for itself in the telecommunication industry. Handsets with Dual SIM / Dual Standby.ideology stems from its rooted belief in ‗Innovation‘ and delivering “nothing short of the best”. With young enthusiasts as its anchor. etc Promotion: With a 360 degree advertising (media. In the year 2008. the company forayed into one of the most predominant genres of telecommunication – Mobile handsets. where the prominence of both subscribers and operators is rapidly increasing. Operator Branded 3G Handsets. after delivering upon the technology of fixed wireless-powering desired products. Aspirational Qwerty Keypad Handsets. After building a strong presence in the rural market. Micromax‘ is now progressively moving towards establishing its foothold in the competitive urban towns as well. Product line: Micromax has a lot of ―firsts‖ to its credit on their versatile product portfolio. internet. Handsets Switching Networks (GSM CDMA) using gravity sensors.000 operational stores in the coming year. Currently present in more than 40. Since then Micromax has received commendable response for its unique and interesting handsets. the company has an optimistic outlook for the telecom consumer space.

have now become synonymous to Micromax in the telecom vertical. Vision Micromax India's Vision entails helping people improve the quality of their lives by providing them with superior quality. we strive to contribute to the development of the electronics and components industry in India by enhancing the knowledge levels of our workforce through the introduction of . Credible and an Insightful R&D. At Micromax. state-of-the-art technology products at the right time and the right price.Innovation. But beyond its role as a purveyor of quality products in India. Cost-Effective. Micromax seeks to contribute to the economic growth of the country though its export commitments and large scale production facilities generating secured employment for hundreds of Indian people. Today Micromax has become a brand which people relate and look up to for realizing their individual device preferences and other out-of-the-box solutions.

. but as an 'Indian Company' operating here." "Priority to human resources." "Pursuit of rationalism. Value & Philosophy What makes MICROMAX one of the world's leading companies? How we got here Ever since it was founded in 1938. We want and to be seen as the 'Most Respected' Indian Company. we believe in returning to the community some of the profits we earn from it. We view ourselves not as an MNC operating in India. MICROMAX has continually refined its mission statement to respond both to change in itself and in the world: "Economic contribution to the nation.our advanced management systems and production know-how in our manufacturing facilities by introducing our Indian vendors to our world class quality systems and helping them in improving them in their own quality systems and production processes and setting benchmarks for the industry both in terms of after sales service for our products. reflecting different stages of the company's growth from a domestic industrial leader into a global consumer electronics powerhouse. through the social causes we espouse. conforming to the laws of the country and committed to working for the Indian community. At Micromax." Each slogan represents significant moments in MICROMAX's history. quality systems and management techniques at our facilities or our products themselves.

In addition to working on global R&D projects. whose talent and creativity are dedicated to doing their best at all times.a single human society. Technology also plays an important role in making it possible to achieve higher standards of living. While the Micromax India R&D Centre has around 300 employees. SISO currently employs over 800 highly skilled professionals. and escalating competition from well-established rivals.In the 1990's. we once again acknowledged the need to transform our mission statement to keep pace with our growing global operations. Research & Development The company‘s thrust on Product Innovation and R&D have given the company a competitive edge in the marketplace. Key to our efforts is our own people. Our determination is growth . Micromax has set up Micromax India Software Centre (SISC) and Micromax India Software operations unit (SISO) for software development at Noida and Bangalore respectively. SISO is working on major projects for Micromax Electronics in the area of telecom: wireless terminals and infrastructure. . Our Management Philosophy "We will devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services. Networking. rapid changes in the world economy. We believe that the success of our contributions to society and to the mutual prosperity of people across national boundaries truly depends on how we manage our company. And superior products and services are what we are all about. SISO is also helping Micromax India‘s CDMA business by focusing on product customization for the Indian market.a perpetual challenge . SoC (System on Chip) Digital Printing and other multimedia/digital media as well as application software. Thus." Our management philosophy represents our strong determination to contribute directly to the prosperity of people all over the world .but always working within the context of cooperation and inclusion of our customers. thereby contributing to a better global society. While the Micromax India Software Centre in developing software solutions in Micromax‘s global software requirements for hi-end television like Plasma and LCD TVs. we challenge the world to create the future with our customers.

SISO plans to continue its focus on Multimedia & Protocol development. The network elements MSC and GMSC belongs to CS domain whereas the elements SGSN and GGSN belongs to PS domain. with its current focus being in the 4G & Multimedia area. From colour televisions designed for higher sound output. WIRELESS INFRASTRUCTURE Overview Architecture point of view.UMTS logically is divided into CS Domain and PS Domain. Micromax India is also carrying out Hardware R&D at its Noida R&D Centre. build a strong competency in technology and focus on WCDMA technology and User Interface. SISO has already applied for 145 patents based on the software development carried out here in India. UMTS will deliver low-cost. SISO is charting out major growth plans in the country. SISO has a special Intellectual Property Team working on securing Patents for its breakthrough projects. PS Domain refers to the set of all CN entities offering PS type of connection for user traffic as well as all the entities supporting related signaling. UMTS UMTS Core Network is a Third Generation (3G) mobile communications systems being developed by Micromax within the framework defined by the ITU and known as IMT-2000. DNIe vision series of Flat CTVs especially designed for the Indian market to Micromax mobiles with regional language menus. 3G . to washing machines with special ‗Saree Wash Course‘. The focus of the R&D Centre is to customize both Consumer Electronics and Home Appliance products to better meet the needs of Indian consumers. In fact. the Micromax R&D Centres in India are helping the company to continuously innovate and introduce products customized for the Indian market.With an investment of over USD 100 million. CS Domain refers to the set of all CN entities offering CS type of connection for user traffic as well as all the entities supporting related signaling. high-capacity mobile communications offering data rates as high as 2Mbit/sec under stationary conditions with global roaming and other advanced capabilities.

and even moving images. fax) services. Heavy demand for remote access to personalized data is fueling development of applications. In order to realize these services. Since its inception SISO has grown to over 500 Software Engineers working on R & D projects in the latest technology areas. COMPANY PROFILE Micromax Electronics India Software Operations (SISO): Micromax Electronics India Software Operations (SISO) was set up in February 1996 in Bangalore as a liaison office. 3G improves the data mission speed up to 144Kbps in a high-speed moving environment. video. and software downloading. transmission of large-scale data and moving contents photographed by digital cameras and videos. and 2Mbps in a stationary environment. data. The concept of 3G wireless technology represents a shift from voice-centric services to multimedia-oriented (voice. SISO as an organization is involved in the business of developing software for Micromax Electronics Corporation technology solutions in a variety of different areas. CS Domain refers to the set of all CN entities offering CS type of connection for user traffic as well as all the entities supporting related signaling. Micromax Electronics R & D organization. SISO is part of the . Architecture point of view. data. to complement the 3G protocols. such as the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and multimedia management. PS Domain refers to the set of all CN entities offering PS type of connection for user traffic as well as all the entities supporting related signaling.core network system enables users to transmit voice. The network elements MSC and GMSC belongs to CS domain whereas the elements SGSN and GGSN belongs to PS domain. 384Kbps in a low-speed moving environment. 3G provides services like Internet connection. logically is divided into CS Domain and PS Domain.

'Networking' and 'Embedded Software'. Cutting edge technologies like 3G Wireless. The company is striving hard at getting such recognition in other areas as well . Networking etc. Intelligent Appliances for Home Networking. has contributed to Micromax's success in the global market since 1996. Today. SISO has contributed in a big way towards a number of key projects.. . quality underlines every aspect of our organization. Therefore. SISO's well defined goal of 'Being a partner today and a Leader tomorrow' is being aggressively pursued by the management. This commitment to quality combined with innovative technology designed for Indian conditions and an infrastructure second to none. SISO as an organization is being identified as a key development center within all of Micromax's global 'Home Networking/Intelligent Appliances'. the organization has grown in strength in terms of numbers as well as in terms of the expertise that it possesses in certain key technology domains. The company boasts of a highly talented and motivated work force who have been constantly enriching their knowledge and skills.. in certain areas like 3G Wireless. have been some of the focus areas for the company. SISO's engineers are involved in many of Micromax's highly strategic and important projects. OUR CONTRIBUTION In the short period of a little over half a decade that the organization has been operational.As a CMM Level 5 Assessed and an ISO 9001 Certified company. Broadband. Multimedia. During this period of about 7 years.

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