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Pam Coburn[] MKapoustin "Marianna Radoulova" Re: Quote and Pics Tuesday, June 26, 2007 12:39:28 PM

Hi Mike, I didn't get the word file. Would you please send again. Also Marianna, please email the pictures to this email address - it should be ok. Take care, Pam

----- Original Message ----From: MKapoustin To: 'Pam Coburn' Cc: 'Marianna Radoulova' Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 11:10 AM Subject: Quote and Pics

Hi Pam, You asked for a quote and pics. Well Marianna will be sending you a lot of pictures, about 200 meg. Is your box big enough? At hotmail you get 2 gig and Gmail 3 gig. So if your IT provider’s box is to small them Marianna can send it to another one. There are a lot of pictures of me through the different phases of this, you pick the ones you like. Me, well I can’t decide and should not decide – rarely are we good judges of ourselves – as for quotes. I sent you a small word file with a lot of quotes I have come up with over the years – sometimes I really like what I said – ego! – and then would write it down for my posterity. Again pick one. Here’s on from my diary September 13 1996 – From a bed in Intensive Care at Sofia Bulgaria Interior Ministry hospital “I will, in the Lord’s name…succeed over evil men…and fight for the truth” And a quote I really like, written Charles W. Colson, a “Nixon” man and imprisoned for the Watergate scandal and on leaving prison the founding father of the Christian Prison Fellowship International from his book “Life Sentence” “How often God chooses the powerless to touch the mighty”. This says it all. No matter how powerless we might think we are we still should not, and must not remain indifferent or silent when confronted by injustice, corruption and lawlessness committed by the very men and woman charged to protect and observe that same law. To lay claim to having “Faith in God” and to then remain silent is to own a faith that is for all practical purposes

is dead. Because faith without any action to accompany it is indeed a faith long dead. I was, and remain powerless, except for my faith and so I am ready to act. Everybody did that then injustice would be very rare indeed. Anyway pick whatever you like. And in last place, thank you for everything. I will send comments on White Paper in a couple of days. It’s hot, I have been in court and need a day to recuperate. I love you ALL you Coburn’s!!!! Mike

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