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Prosperity Ritual

Prosperity Ritual

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Published by leslie
This is a Prosperity Ritual I wrote.
This is a Prosperity Ritual I wrote.

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Published by: leslie on Sep 20, 2009
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Prosperity Ritual by Leslie Proffitt Perform during the waxing moon Silver Candle Water Salt Matches Gold

Candle Pine Incense

Cakes and Ale Green Candle Wand Within Reach: Fire proof Bowl, 1 Green Candle, small bag, 1 penny, small piece of paper, Pen Pre Ritual Instructions Do a ritual bath by adding bath salts and ½ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to your water to Balance out the Aura. Do meditation after bath and just before ritual. Prosperity Meditation Make sure you are undisturbed. Sit or stand somewhere that you are comfortable. Take in a few long deep breaths. Then close your eyes and see all the tension leave from your body, soon you will feel totally relaxed. Once you start feeling relaxed visualize a white ball in the middle of your abdomen. Take this white ball down your hips, legs, ankles, feet, and on into the ground. See your feet rooted firmly to the floor. Concentrating on you abdomen again see the white ball of light going up your body to the torso, arms, neck and finally the head. Now you are surrounded by the white light. Now picture another ball of light this one is a pale green color. See this ball over your head. Now let that ball completely cover the white light and then the two will mingle together. Now you are finally grounded and centered. Find a quiet place, lay or sit down and close your eyes. Find a comfortable position. Try to empty your mind of all thoughts and worries. Sometimes this can be hard but with practice it will become easier. Keep you breathing as even as possible. Remember to breath in and out slowly through meditation. Once you have cleared your mind as well as you can, concentrate on your toes. Concentrate on relaxing and feel the tension drain from them. If this is difficult, it may help to visualize the tension leaving. Picture the tension in your mind and watch it leave your toes as you concentrate on relaxing them. Repeat this process with each area of your body, moving up from your feet and ending with your face. You can concentrate on a small body part at a time or larger areas, depending on your preference. Once every area is relaxed, focus you mind on quieting your thoughts. Once you are relaxed, imagine you are at the beach, or your own special place, feel the breeze blowing, smell the air, hear the waves. Stay relaxed as you walk around in the sand or even meet someone and walk together. Have yourself visualize what it is you are wanting. When you are ready to finish with your meditation, concentrate again on each body part to essentially wake them up. Start with your toes and move them slightly, moving up your body until you feel comfortable getting up.

With your wand and starting in the east and moving clockwise to the south visualize a green light going around you. Turn slowly clockwise in a circle until you reach the north and say: This is my scared space! Do this two more times and on the third turn to the north say: This is my scared space! So Mote It Be!

Starting in the east, light pine incense and say:

Now moving to the south, light the green candle and say:

Goddess Arianrhod, goddess of the east and air, welcome to Goddess Brid, goddess of the south and fire, welcome to this this circle tonight, circle tonight, Hail and Welcome! Moving now to the west say: Hail and Welcome! Now going to the north say:

Goddess Isis, goddess of the west and earth, welcome to this Goddess Rhea, goddess of the north and water, welcome to circle tonight, this circle tonight, Hail and Welcome! Hail and Welcome!

Light the gold candle and say: God Odin, the great god of wealth, please join us in this circle, bring us inspiration tonight, Hail and Welcome! Prosperity Bag Blessing

Light the silver candle and say: Goddess Lakshmi, the great goddess of wealth, please join us in this circle, bring us your wisdom tonight, Hail and Welcome!

Mix water and salt together to purify it. Put penny in bag and close it. Sprinkle water on the bag and say: Dear Goddess Lakshmi, please bless this little bag of mine. Please grant me my wish for more wealth. Carry the bag with you everywhere you go for the blessing to draw money for you. Pour water and salt on ground for an offering. Simple Prosperity Spell Place the green candle in front of you with a cauldron or fire-proof bowl in front of that and bring out your pen and paper . On your piece of paper write down only what you are needing. Fold the paper three times and say: May the Goddesses and Gods grant to me my wish So Mote It Be! Hold paper over candle and set on fire and place in a fire safe bowl. Snuff out candle. After the ritual take ashes and wax and bury beside your house for an offering. Hold up your ale and say: We toast tonight in your Honor Goddess Lakshmi and God Odin! Take a drink of your ale and eat your cakes. Snuff out your gold and silver candles and say: Goddess Lakshmi and God Odin, Thank you for your blessing you gave to us tonight. Stay if you will, leave if you must, Hail and Farewell! Moving counter clockwise now and starting in the north say: Moving to the west say: Goddess Rhea, goddess of the north and element of earth thank you for being here with us, Hail and farewell! Goddess Isis, goddess of the west and element of west, thank you for being here with us, Hail and farewell!

Moving to the south, snuff out the green candle and say: Goddess Brid, goddess of the south and element of fire, thank you for being here with us, Hail and farewell!

Now moving to the east say: Goddess Arianrhod, goddess of the east and element of air, thank you for being here with us, Hail and farewell!

With your wand and going counter clock wise starting in the north and moving slowly to the west then to the south and finally to the east see the green light fading slowly. Do this two more times and on the third turn see the green light go out and say: Now the circle is open! Merry we meet, Merry we part, Merry we meet again! Take wax, ashes, water, and salt and pour on the ground for an offering. Remember to take your blessed bag and carry it with you.

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