‘Simple Support’ A Somatic Movement/Restorative Yoga Workshop

at Every Body appy Y!"A # ealing $enter
part o% Aprill Wellness $enter& '() Aprill *r+& Suite ,& Ann Ar-or& M.

A post6holiday gi%t o% movement %or your muscles& 7oints& and nervous system8

Sunday& /anuary '0th& 1(', ' 2 ,pm 345

9sing simple and very gentle movements called Somatics& nerve path:ays ;:ake up< and can -egin more direct communication :ith the musculoskeletal system& inviting deeper healing+ $om-ining this :ith Restorative Yoga& a rela=ing and -alancing yoga practice& invites sensitive areas o% your -ody to %eel supported and deeply nouished+ Allo: yoursel% this loving sel%6care o% -ody& -reath& mind and spirit& guided -y >atty’s compassion& skill and intuition+ Workshop size is intimate, space reservation is helpful and appreciated! $ontact? >atty art& )4,6@,56)15' or pattyAevery-odyhappy+net %or more in%ormation or to reserve your space+
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;Simple Support< Yoga Workshop Registration Borm Came?DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD>hone?DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD >ayment? 345 Ecash or check onlyF check paya-le to? Every Body
Mail registration %orm # payment to? Every Body '() Aprill *rive& Ste ,

appy Yoga

appy Yoga 2 Workshop

Ann Ar-or& M. ,G'(4 )4,6@,56)15'


art& E6RYH& Workshop Bacilitator

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